Consume Less - you won't die

How are you WORD-women doing?

my hope for you today is that out of a changed heart the mouth will beautifully speak words of life to all who are around you...xoxo

My friend Tara at Between You and Me shared her word for 2011 - HOPE.

Do you have your word for 2011 yet?  If not - I encourage you to find the end of this year it will be SO STIRRING to look back and see what a difference a word has made in our lives.

Have nothing in your

house that you do not

know to be useful, or

believe to be beautiful...

William Morris

Week 1

This week we will be taking small steps towards Consuming Less.  The first step for me has been awareness..  Then after we are aware of something... we are often able to take little steps to be a part of the SOLUTION and not the problem.

My nature is to do everything ... all at once...and I want to do it right.  He is teaching me that starting small and doing those things faithfully will lead into more but FIRST we are starting SMALL...heading out in a POSITIVE direction.

I don't want to get into all the in depth reasons why our family is choosing to begin taking responsibility for our actions concerning our " going green "  That is not the reason for this blog.  I am going to just share a real life story of a common grass roots family. We are going to make small & lasting lifestyle changes that will impact our today's and our tomorrows.  Starting with...

Our Word of the Month is

Consume less

Purging and giving - going through every nook and cranny of our house STUFF this week.
Consume less food by not eating out for a whole month, choose to eat local ( which is hard here in MO right markets mostly closed ) and choose min. processed foods..saves packaging.  It means I have to learn to COOK all over again...I didn't realize how much eating out keeps you from REAL COOKING!

UNPLUGGING by canceling cable tomorrow.  We are keeping Netflix which will save us a little over 100 a month.  We have started watching documentaries...I'm hooked on those.  You learn so much.  I am also going to get some puzzles.  { Not sure how I am going to buy those " used"}  Reading more...spending more time doing things with each other.  Today we are going ice skating!  This is the hot button here.  I'm not sure how we will come to an agreement but I will let you know.  I'm not a TV person AT ALL but I do have the laptop quite a bit!  We will work on this one but cable will be going bye bye..hopefully for good;)

We are committing to buying used goods whenever possible now. I've already been doing this in small ways with furniture.  Now I am going to kick it up a notch.  I am sure over time I am going to have some interesting stories to tell.

What are my kids are saying?

" I'm excited to do something new, and i think that this would be a fun journey for me! I also think its a good learning process for me and I'm really excited to see how it goes! i hope my mom and family show you that it is possible to live without T.V and JUNK FOOD for a whole THIRTY Days! So lets ROCK this:)!!!!! "
This is Grace by the way!
Dakota - He said, "what's in it for me"?  He's not getting it YET...Lol...he's 16:)   In time...In time.  It is embarrassing that he feels that way.  It is so selfish.  Wonder if the majority of teenagers feel that way?  Not really - I shyly admit I feel that way about many is human.  I am human...God is not and I remember that I a work in progress and so is Dakota..:)

UPCOMING Naked Moments

( for the meaning of naked see here )

January 5 - guest post from Jen at Finding Heaven LinkUp party Don't forget to come and visit Jen this Wednesday for WORD-women Wednesdays and link up something you would like to share with all of us WORD-women!

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January 12 - Tara from Between You and Me will be guest posting for WORD-women Wednesday & LinkUp party.  Come  share your story of an area you have cleaned out....



My 1st FAVORITE CD of 2011

I just have to share as of now my favorite artist of 2011.. Kerrie Roberts!!  I know a little early in the year to be saying THAT..but her heart just matches mine right now and I LOVE every single song....  You wanna raise your BPM when running??  Listen to Outcast!  It is one of my faves on my running play list.  Click watch?v=OLu5bOihzvo to hear it.

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Had to share this picture from Cowboy Phraseology that just came as I was finishing this post!  Dan came home!  The picture says it all doesn't it?