Are YOU a pessimist?

No pessimist ever discovered the secrets of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new heaven to the human spirit.

--Helen Keller

What is one change you are not going to run from this year?

It's time we put thoughts of lack behind us. It's time for us to discover the secrets of the stars, to sail to uncharted land, to open up a new heaven where out spirits can soar.  But first we'll have to makes changes. And lasting change does not happen overnight?  { Sarah van Breathnach }

Is that what scares most of us away?  It's HARD? SO - we don't open ourselves up.  A couple of week's into the NEW YEAR...2011. We've had time to think and settle in.

What uncharted land are you going to pioneer?

What or Who are you going to RUN TO?

Would you mind sharing with me today?  JUST ONE:)

fearlessly living-

T { I promise I am working on a signature...:)

I LOVE all of you...thank you for your hearts, your bravery...vulnerability...fellowship and your friendship...xoxo

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30 Day Challenge - Day 3... I'm stressed and PMS is raging and I could really use some chocolate!

Day 3 - note to self: do not open your reader..there are pictures of food there.  Brownies, orange brownies, weaknesses.  I haven't had anything cakish, cookieish or gooeyish for 3 days!

I did however have 3 mints...gosh does that count?  30 days without eating out...30 days without sugar...was this my crazy idea?  I think I am eating more of everything else...sigh!  I did make some rockin Chicken Ranch & Rice soup from Picky Palate.  Only I substituted brown jasmine rice.  The Tabasco added that kick...It got a thumbs up ... even from hubby and Dakota!  It is a keeper.   To sum up my night:  All I can say is it is a good thing I'm not keeping junk in the house right now because I would be sitting in the bathroom shoving my face so  no one would know....and that is the truth!