Are you a dream smasher?

God writes big stories, stories that seem impossible. And they are, if you think about it. He seems to take great interest in impossible stories, and I think they’re interesting, too. But I rarely raise my hand to live them. God makes oceans rise up like two great walls, and invites people to walk on dry ground between them.

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Did you ever read love stories as a young girl? I did.  Most not suitable for the age I was.  That being said, it was in these books that I dreamed how my life would look.  What if I had someone who taught me how to dream God's way by showing me with their words?

42 years later I sit amongst the ruins of finding my own way.  Trying to live out a fairytale life in a world constructed of lies.  Never dreaming I would end up here. Someone is nagging me to dream...not only dream but to dream BIG IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS.  There is much that is covered in the sands of time...some things thought ruined.

Our God is able to take ruins and make them beautiful! That is the place I am inviting God to work in my life right now.  It has to have an effect on my children.  When I think of my own dreams I can't help but think of my children and the dreams I dream for them.  Do they have dreams for themselves?  Are they reading the right books/people or sticking their heads in books that are not edifying and full of lies? I guarantee they are reading you and me.

I can easily dream really BIG for them..don't you? You just full heartedly believe that they can do and can be anything that they want to be and you would do anything to make sure they succeed right?

What about yourself?  we might shift our position to ourselves and put more of that energy we put into our children into ourselves.

What if we  started now...from this day forward.  Put down the fairytale..happily ever after books that are just lies from the pit and pick up the greatest love story ever told and and knock on God's heart until He answers.

What if He is looking to and fro for people who will dare to dream BIG dreams themselves so that their children see God for REAL in the lives of their mommy's and daddy's.

Maybe we aren't being BIG dream believers ...are we looking in the wrong book?  Are we to caught up in our American culture of consume..get..achieve..comparing and forgot that we are believeing in the wrong things?  Are we no longer risk takers? Are we dream smashers?....saying by the words of our lives that our God is not big enough to deliver, to change, to rescue....are we putting Him in a box...and really shrinking back from what He is calling each one to uniquely do in their own circle of influence? To afraid of what people will say...who we go to church with would say...neighbors might talk...Is that me? I'm asking myself all of these questions.

Have we become just become to afraid to live out loud...totally sold out for a God who loves..who forgives..who is REAL...are we to busy preaching and not writing our own letters?  Am I? How are things ever going to change unless we let God in to the secret places? The places where we are held captive.  Nine times out of ten our children will be held captive in the same ways.    How am I going to show my children...the next generation what a HUGE God He is at the same time so real and personal that He can be involved in the minutest part of our lives?

How do we show a broken people there is freedom and healing and forgiveness and security and peace if BROKEN people.... cannot show our realness?  our nakedness?  What would happen if there were safe places to share our deepest fears and secrets so we could find healing amongst the flesh of naked people?  Maybe this is where real church happens?

I- full of fear and trembling say....I want to walk on the dry ground between the two ocean walls...I want to be the recipient of an impossible dream...I intensely pray that the kids and I will dance in the over spray from the ocean walls and be washed in His water. I pray my children can and will learn from what I live and write from this day forth.  THAT is what they will remember when I am gone from this earth. Not what came out of my mouth but what I lived out in words...

God that you would rend the heavens and come down in a mighty wave of change. That hearts would be stirred and moved to use the gifts you've given your children.  That we ... full of grace and truth ... go forth on this dry ground that you have gone before us and lead our families...our offspring...your heritage to higher ground. To BIG dreams. To the God of impossible...A God who still acts on behalf of those who believe our unbelief Father.

You are a God who delights when we come to you with everything.  We come to you today with not only our own dreams that may have been buried years ago..but on behalf of the dreams you have placed in our children. That the evil one cannot kill steal and destroy what you have already written in their hearts.

What dreams have been buried in your heart? What dreams are you going to pray into life for your children?  Are you ready to get a little wet?  To believe that He is the God of IMPOSSIBLE Dreams?  Can you see youself carrying your kids on the shoulders of your dream?  I can

xoxo...sending my love your way

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