Weekend Christmas Scavenger Hunt...wanna join?

SCAVENGER -  somebody who seeks or looks through discarded items in the hope of finding something usable { isn't that a cool definition? }

Necessity is the mother of invention right?

What do YOU do when life isn't the way you thought it would be at the holiday?
well here is what I am doing
IN REAL life the floor really does drop out from under you...often unexpectedly...through no fault of your own...you find yourself in the middle of Christmas...with kiddos...no money...and we really know Christmas is not about the gifts...and skin and heart wrestle...lots of sweat and tears...moments of insanity
the heart wins

Time is ticking ... only 7 more days till Christmas { your welcome:) }
I have
let's turn our frown upside down and put on our thinking caps shall we?

it can defeat me and spiral me into a depression
it can challenge my creativity ( I"m choosing the later with MUCH humbleness )
OK. ENOUGH of that and on to the fun stuff
AND here is what popped in my mind
ENTER the Weekend Christmas Scavenger HUNT idea

GO TO THRIFT STORES-closets-basements
attics-tool sheds..wherever you store "stuff"
 give gifts that cost little to no money
have to be hand made..as much as possible
kids involved
and we have one weekend
{ discuss and make your own mission }
they don't have to be anything alike:)
picture frames
old vintage jar
treasure box
heart moving quotes...or words moved for each person
use felt around house to make lots of flower pins
things around house I don't need....others would love
{ insert your own list }

as plan B...have a Christmas exchange with things you already have.  Not a white elephant one....one like this

Mom I have always wanted a Keurig...how about you give me yours and I give you something you've always wanted of mine...kinda like that?;););)
If anyone watches Kendra I would LOVE to insert a soundclip of her laugh right about here!

We've come up with some really neat ideas I can't wait to share
Happy Searching!
Photo Credits : Country Home