Simple Cookie Exchange

Here is something SIMPLE that doesn't cost much...that you can do to think of others this time of year
get a couple of study friends..and put your brainstorming caps on
and come up with creative ways to share LOVE this season.
It DOESN'T have to COST much!
When money is tight..God can REALLY move:)
I am invited to a family cookie exchange this weekend so
I have been looking at various recipes...don't you just LOVE to
look, salivate and need I say...EAT cookies?:)

I ran across this adorable blog and the colors drew me in.  I wish I could create 
treats that looked that good!  ask my family...we don't have the best of
luck in the kitchen ..wink...wink!
Keep your fingers crossed for me ok?  seriously!  I wanna rock this 

just stinkin adorable...the packaging just makes it

I LOVE addicted SWEETS....happy dance

Are you participating or hosting a cookie exchange this year?
If so - what is the yummy recipe you will be using?
Here is my recipe { that I'm taking } from Picky Palate
{ btw a scrumptious place to visit...often:}

??wondering if I could cheat and use a roll of sugar cookie dough??
I will let ya know:)

Enjoy ALL the sugar now...cause January 1 it is going BYE BYE !!

Just found this cookie exchange! Pleasant Home

the frog prince paperie is a really cute site as well.  They have a double chocolate chunk cookie recipe with a free printable recipe card...super duper sweet!