I sometimes find money...


and HERE

or sometimes HERE

NOW our change is growing HERE

Love Grows Here : The New Day Foster Home Blog

This weekend one of our Scavenger Hunt projects was to FIND a place to put our change for Love Grows Here Foster Home

Since our budget is small we
went downstairs-found a glass jar we had { originally from the Dollar Tree }
I cut out a bird, glittered the edges, wrote the foster home name on it

THE most special part though-- was the silver ribbon...why?
it was tied around this

sweetly given to me this week...

 now it's tied around this

so as to remind
prayers are circling around this simple jar
silver ribbon has special meaning to me...i'm praying
God's moving 

"sometimes you feel different from other people 
and sometimes you feel like  .. you feel different from everybody else
because they were probably born from their mom...sometimes you don't feel like you were born from a mom...
you feel like you were just born"
Grace age 9 
China's Lost Girls-National Geographic with Lisa Leng

I think at some level I engaged the words of this little girl
I don't think we have to be adopted to feel like we were just born..
we all want to belong...and we all ultimately do...
but there is an unrest until we find it

What IDEAS could you do with a change jar to change a life/lives around you?

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My heart is open for any ideas - blogs - anything 
There is a story behind this...in the future maybe:)

Joining Jen and all my sisters here today will you come?