:::blog change FYI:::

Last night my generous daughter Nikki..... has changed me from Blogger to Wordpress!:)

photo source: tumbler

AWESOME + frustrating = Nikki is going to kill herself...lol

I am super excited but there are a few bugs we are trying to work out so I am begging your patience. I don't think you will be disappointed:)

We are still trying to get the feed switched over for google reader so please if you are viewing this in a reader PLEASE let me know because it is RIGHT!

All my post are not coming over yet...........SO

Nikki will be out of the " office " tomorrow due to a funeral on her side of the family

crossing our fingers the few bugs will be worked out by Friday.

After that we will be continually be making more mistakes aesthetic changes over the next couple of weeks.

There is SO much to learn!!  SO much to do.  MANY many changes coming

I will post the follow up post to Cleaning House tomorrow.

As always - thank you for you continued support and prayers

talk soon


PS - If anyone prays could you please pray for clear direction as to a " specific " house...I'm not sure whether to pursue it or not...please:)  If I could pray for you I would be humbled...