Being Brave @ the Hospital

Have you ever had a moment of ...shall we call it- vomit of the mouth?
Only to have to run into that person again?
I did...with Grace - about two weeks ago.
She has asthma that flares with every contagion stalking around
A intimidating male Dr. came in, examined her and ordered
to come back in and say...basically...there is nothing wrong...just a VIRUS
( she'd been home sick in bed for over three days )
Every mothering instinct I usually keep to myself-- just came racing
right out of my the intimidating male Dr....that I strongly
OUT him...then to add the cherry
I said , " I'll just take her to Children's Mercy "
To make a long story short
3 days later...still very sick in bed...I took her to our nurse practitioner
who worriedly said...take her to the ER...I think she has pneumonia
BACK to the hospital where I basically told the Dr. I knew more than he did?!
Yep - and guess what?
We got the SAME DR!  I was sweating bullets...
He ordered more xrays only to tell me what I already knew
SHE had pneumonia!
I had to tell the momma in me to sit down - there was no room for pride here
we had a sick little girl
but i must felt kinda good to have a voice...even now I can't believe I said
I said what my heart felt and the whole world didn't fall apart because of it
It wasn't even mean I'm just FELT that way because I normally just acquiesce and
let it go analyze it for the rest of the day.
I need to find and use this voice more often...with a little fine tuning that is:)
I felt this would be best filed under Intentionally Brave Mondays
This was BRAVE for me

Photo Credits:

Chris Everard - Lovely Little Things