a momma's job...

in a time of hurry hurry faster faster is
I can stop
 be needed
 to taking care of a sick...


Here is what I have been doing the last 3 days

there have been literally PILES of these

Daddy got out some dvd's she hasn't watched in a LONG time

almost forgot these...must haves:)

Here is my attire as we speak...can't show you my hair that hasn't been
washed for two days....kinda scary:)
I haven't been feeling all that great either so my routine has gone
out the window for a few days as well


On the upside...I am getting lots of computer time...yippee!
Gotta go...the bell is ringing...she "needs" me:)
Grateful today to be needed.to stop.think.breathe.for Grace { yes His grace too }
What do you do when your child is home sick?