Out with the OLD ~ In with the NEW

Things do not change; we change
--Henry David Thoreau

I have a " soul deep " feeling things are changing....I can't put my finger on it....but it is there  - like a quiet companion.

 :::::: Be Watching ::::::

New Table - yes, it is coming.  I even changed it's color.

Girls Field Trip....aka adult shopping :) today to Nell Hill's.  I will be posting about it.

New Blog Design - which I am tickled about working in.  It is like my office space - while I loved the one I have now...I am so new that once I began writing I wanted..no needed... something that inspired me every time I was here.

New Series....I think this maybe the direction I am heading....along with remodeling my whole house.... one room or thing at a time. ...lol!  

I am just having a mid life crisis and revamping EVERYTHING...Heart and HOME .... lol! 

SO ~

Out with the OLD and In with the NEW!

Keep moving forward...keep going ... keep going ... keep going ... persistence will pay off :)

Happy Field Tripping ~