HELP!! { How do you ORGANIZE your INSPIRATION? }

What do you use to keep all of your inspiration organized?

I am thinking of a 3 Ring Binder and Sheet Protectors 
 then labeling each protector with a room
such as

Master Bedroom

 I want it to look PRETTY TOO!

We are talking with my mother in law about purchasing her home.  She is retiring and building a home on her land.  She's had this home for 30+ years....rare in these days.
So needless to say I am VERY EXCITED.  

I am looking for input from YOU all on what you do thinking there maybe a BETTER way!!??


Here is a snippet of what my stash looks like...I just tear things out of magazines that I love and put it in a pile.

Have a fabulously fun weekend everyone....see ya on Monday:)