Can you REDO a REDO??

The Nester says, " It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"
 {and I say}
"If you don't succeed the first time, try, try again. If still you don't succeed, nuts to it!"  LOL ;)
this is not my original quote just one that came to mind:)
{ the beginning }


what started out being my {inspiration} the book that is...sanding table...laying out letters
RE-sanding over painted on letters...
{ this is why you will still see all of the dust under my dining table in the finished! }
I painted the legs Heirloom White that I had Home Depot mix in latex paint...instead of a spray can...{ I am not good at spray painting....sorry blogland:)
I painted the edges of the table in this color that I found on {Cowboy} Phraseology...she painted her sweet new baby girls bed this color..I loved it.
{ Behr Cloud Burst }
I didn't like the words...I know...I am sad about that:(
So the table lived there in a state of anonymity for almost a week.
 Nikki ROLLED her eyes...I know Nikki...I saw it :)
It came to me...Mod Podge!!  For a genetically dysfunctional crafter like myself
Mod Podge is like chocolate when your are PMSing..REALLY!
I had some sheet music from ... yes a thrift store... so I laid it out randomly
and Mod Podged to my little hearts content.
I glazed over the whole table and then gave it a good coat of MP
Just a few pictures form different angles
yesterday we took down the bambooish blinds { they are nice in summer to keep the heat out though }
and immediate happiness filled the area...yeah!
{The picture below shows the blinds}
{ Phase I of Eat in Kitchen }

 {my favorite part of this picture collage?  BLESS THIS HOUSE }

The pictures above are without the blinds... can see how much " happier" it is?
I am playing with some chair decor...I am going to tie on fabric just not sure what " kind " of fabric yet.  I used some muslin I had just to see what it would look like.  I am leaving it there for awhile to get a feel for it first.
This is PHASE I of the Eat In Kitchen....whew! 
Now for the painting of the walls....I DON'T think I will be stenciling any letters anytime soon...LOL!
Wink Wink ;) ;)  I DO have a couple of FUN things I am going to try though...go ahead...roll them eyes!!  Ain't nothin a littleREDO won't fix..
DOES anyone have any REDO stories of their own to share??
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