Rachel Zoe Here I Come!

:::::{ Are you a 40 year old still in teenage clothes or sweats, jeans and tshirts }:::::
I am...and I want to begin to dress like the woman I am becoming. 
Here's the problem. I don't know how. 
My only hope is buying what is on the mannequin...but it goes deeper than that
I am sure it stems from insecurities I have had since childhood resulting in me feeling
like a fish out of water when I try and "dress older".  I don't want to dress like an older woman and I don't want to keep dressing like a teenager so what do I do? 
::::::Here is My Solution ::::::

Make a Fashion LOOKBOOK  { this is very cheap version...lol...one I just went a grabbed out of our school supply drawer }
I have been cutting out pictures from some of my favorite magazines/catalogues...{ mind you I don't buy from these company's I just wish over them }
I am learning what I like so when I see it ~ I am cutting it out and gluing it down!
NOW ...the story gets better.  My daughter Grace did the gluing and the captions...I shared two of them with you.  The CAPTIONS are my favorite part!
I am keeping my LOOKBOOK in the car so when I am out shopping and need inspiration .... I have it.  I don't need my daughters anymore.  I don't care if people look at me funny with my cheap LOOKBOOK...it was created in love.  I can learn to shop like the grown up woman that I am not the scared little girl that my "HEART LIES"  tell me I am. { they aren't true :}
I will grow in confidence in my ability to pick out a new wardrobe.
NOW - what about you girls...anybody else like me?
I do shop the clothing section at the thrift stores as well and am finding a few brand name, nice quality clothes.  Having a LOOKBOOK will help you even on a budget.  You and I can recreate any look for much less.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas and feedback.
Can't wait to go shopping can you?

P.S. ~ check out one of my favorite blogs I found through http://www.chattingatthesky.com/ called Encouraging Words for Writers  she is having a BOOK GIVEAWAY!   Please go check it out!