LOOK at my GUNS!!

  ~~~~~{ MY 2 Daughters }~~~~~
Both love cameras
One takes the pictures
The other poses
Just a sneak peak at Grace's FALL photo shoot Nikki did last weekend to capture the last traces of summer....and our MUSE:)
See My GUNS?  Wish YOU had these don't ya??  You KNOW I look good....lol!
POW ~ POW as Grace would say
C'mon Nikki...I was born for this
I dreamed a DREAM...one day it WILL come TRUE
Silly Girl....you make our HEARTS laugh...
Oh , by the way ~ I can't sing opera....wink, wink
Those boots....
Thank you Nikki for taking our pictures and capturing the magical moments of life on " film "  You TRULY are blessed with a gift.  You at one time dreamed a DREAM.  Dreams are created in the heart of God and put in you to live out.  I love you girls....Mom