{ How to make a " Sticky " Pumpkin }

This is SUPER EASY... even for a beginner like me
I am sure these are everywhere but I didn't follow any tutorial or anything so sorry about the simplicity I don't think that is the word I want...maybe a person who doesn't craft much does it  of the " how to"
{ Supplies }
 1 Pumpkin
Spray adhesive
Sheet Music {I got mine from thrift store for 1.00}
Ralph Lauren Tobacco glaze
Clear gloss spray
scrap of an old tshirt and paintbrush
I tried Mod Podge first....to slow AND I had NO PATIENCE : )
what came to my mind??
Spray Adhesive....I tore out a sheet...sprayed one side and then sprayed the pumpkin where I was going to haphazardly lay the sheet music and SLAM..down it went.
I just pressed all over the paper until it was stuck and repeated the process around the SIDES of the pumpkin.
For the top I just cut a hole in the middle of the sheet music { I eyeballed it } I know ~ NOT the professional way :)
stuck the sheet over the pumpkins head...sprayed adhesive under the page and smashed it all down....hang in there we're ALMOST DONE
I then sprayed the bottom of the pumpkin and sat it down on top of a piece of sheet music and smoothed the paper upwards a little...let dry a bit then took scissors and trimmed the extra off.


Let Dry awhile
THEN ~ I took a paintbrush and brushed on the glaze a section at a time and wiped some off.  Just wanted to " age " the paper a bit.
I did this over the entire pumpkin.

I sprayed 2 coats of Krylon's clear gloss spray over the entire pumpkin ~ stem and all.

That is how you get a sticky pumpkin  Why Sticky ~ try it and see...LOL! 
I am sure you could use any glaze or papers you want...have fun with it:)
Always Building ~