Always seem to be torn between Being and I am going to start write down all the things I am grateful for...more of the BEING things not the usual cleaning house, kids, family, church, work things
All the BEING things..that is where the beauty lies.
I am LOVED just because I am.  I have to do NOTHING to earn it....thankyou
breath...a gift...totally not in my control...thankyou

ALL of my LIFE that has brought me to now...the lessons....thankyou THE want in my heart to live authentically....thankyou I am grateful for the gift of CHOICE PARTICIPATION...I can

If it seems I can't change my present circumstances at least I can choose how I respond to them.  Honor more moments of BEING rather than active rather than passive.  Have no agenda and let my guard down to see what happens today. BE conscience of these things today and who knows:)  I continue to write my grateful list....

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