thankful prayers & a free journal printable

I have been behaving like an orphan..a child with no least in my head
but let’s be honest.  What’s in my head comes out in my daily living.  Have you noticed that too?

perusing through several books I use during my quiet times a theme seemed to emerge

don’t quit
I AM here – very real
very present
you are not alone

and in the way only my Abba who knows my heart intimately can do
I immediately sensed my hand in His
as His Spirit breathed new life into these two little words

Thankful Prayers

as I’ve shared here many times Jesus Calling is my favorite devotional ever.  This is my third year using it
so I’ve read these words three times- I know them but how easily I forget it!


When you bring Me prayer requests, lay out your concerns
before Me.  Speak to Me candidly; pour out your heart.  Then thank
Me for the answers that I have set into motion long before you can
discern results.  When your requests come to mind again, continue to
thank ME for the answers that are on the way.  If you keep on
stating your concerns to Me, you will live in a state of tension.
When you thank Me for how I am answering your prayers, your
mind set becomes much more positive.  THANKFUL PRAYERS keep your
focus on My Presence and My promises–Jesus Calling January 11


so there is my direction for today.  KNOW that He is already answered and I am to be thankful ( whether I feel it or not )
so instead of redundant asking for the same things throughout the day i will instead say thank you and go about my

i am soooo not God..
and i laugh because so often i think i am

I made this for you.. I believe it is an excerpt from a book that changed my life and I wrote it in front of
my journal last year and recently typed this up to tape in this years journal.  I tweaked some of the words to make it personal and
added a few words but I LOVE starting out my quiet time reading it.  It seems to get my focus in a  good space and I pray it
will bless you too:)


I intentionally move into your space…Your presence

and listen to recognize Your Voice..Your Spirit and

move into the Light of Your Being

in my consciousness

and open my mind to share all

my thoughts, plans, pain, joys and worries

as I look to You as

my teacher

my guide

my sanctifier and

my Giver of assurance

concerning my “daughter”ship before you—

click HERE to print the Journal Prayer


do you ever find yourself living like an orphan?


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7 thoughts on “thankful prayers & a free journal printable

  1. This hit me hard also, but apparently not hard enough as I read it here again on your blog. Thank you for listening to Him and sharing. I needed it again. It is such a refreshing feeling to know that God has solutions and His plan in motion. I need them all. Constantly.

  2. Thank you for this reminder that once I turn something over to HIM to really turn it over and let it go. Trust that he will work his will and whatever that is it’s what is best for me so not to worry about it. I tend to dwell and worry and it’s done a lot of damage, health wise, when it’s unnecessary. A lovely reminder to let him do his job and just have faith.

  3. I love opening to a page and reading something that resonates with your heart and soul. This was it for me this morning. My greatest desire, spiritually for me, is and has been more so recently, to strengthen my faith in him. I am struggling with feeling my faith at times so devoted, so pure, so strong, so fierce… And then I hit a wall and I feel like that {orphan}. Thankfully, I am finding this occurs much less than past times. But still… It is there. Especially when something that hurts, saddens and/or worries me lands in “my world”. I am indeed a great worrier. I have indeed found that praying during my bedtime, helps me fall asleep in the midst of thanking Him for all the blessings. For all the answers. Rather than to fall asleep, spinning my brain about all the things I worry about without having much control over them. Thank you for sharing this piece of your heart and soul with us. I am going to practice thanking Him for the answers that he has already found for me, even if it is not time for those answers to be received by me yet. May today be kind and sweet to you amiga.

  4. I love this devotional as well. I feel as if God is speaking directly to me in a way that I can understand.

    Love the devotion you shared from Jan 11. What a wonderful reminder to trust, believe, and expect.

  5. Hooray for 3 years of Jesus Calling. It never gets old! Love this particular one about thanking God that He is already at work answering your prayers instead of repeating and rephrasing your requests all the time. I remembered it SO well from last year. I’ve been practicing it more and more, but from time to time, there’s still this tendency for me to try my words like a combination lock…as if there’s a “magical” combination that will bring blessing. So not the case. God doesn’t make it hard to receive His blessings. We are the ones who make it hard. We get in our own way so often. Lord, help us!

  6. I have a book that a friend wrote called Craving Grace like Chocolate…weird title but it is ALL about orphan living and how to break that cycle.

    when I finish it, I’ll send it your way….she’s a friend from Orlando who came along beside me there….helped me understand grace so much more.

    you may like it…if not, you could pass it along to someone else. 🙂

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