my heart for her…& a tutorial

she was prayed for before she was ever conceived.  i prayed for a girl.  she was the fifth.  i prayed for my heart:)

i heard a muffled talking the other day.  i crept up to the door and listened.  smiled.
she’s doing a tutorial.  on makeup application!  and it got me to thinking.

she came forth sparkling i swear.  always smiling and eyes that sparkle.
she has loved fashion and makeup and hair since i can remember.

she doesn’t care to do what everyone else is doing or
wear what everyone else is wearing.  i love that about her.  a lot

in fact – i encourage that in her.  i didn’t with my oldest kids who are now grown.
i was much older when i had grace.

my heart for her is that she will learn that her journey is where she will become strong
her strength is from God not within herself.
that she waits for a man that will love her heart, her mind and dream her dreams as well as his own
one that will respect her true love waits ring because he too is waiting
that she explores her God given dreams with no pressure to marry before her time
that she opens her heart to God’s invitation to be transformed by Him in her reality..

that she stands when no one else does
that she speaks for those who cannot
that she be the light when everything else is dark
that she has the eyes to see the lovely in the unlovely for that is so often where we see God
that she lives loved .. because she knows she is loved by God
the she hears His song over her each and everyday

that she is able to forgive because she knows the depth of her forgiveness
that family always matters
the keeps  she keeps God first, others second and herself third
that her trust is always safe with God
that even if she had no one she is not ever alone because God is always with her.

that she has a heavenly Father who gives good gifts to His children
and the gifts He has given her have been hand chosen for a purpose and
that she is able to see them and i – her momma – will be able to see them
and with each day encourage them and not squash them..even when they are not
“like me”

and that i remember that she is created and knitted together not to be another me
but to be her
oh…and her future husband have enough money to support her clothes and makeup


disclaminer:) – her video is like 20 minutes so i shortened it to 14 minutes!  i thought the video sweet and smiled so i told her if she can cut them down that i would love to have her on the blog twice a month or so to talk about fashion and makeup etc. for tweens

and she smiled. big.


13 thoughts on “my heart for her…& a tutorial

  1. What a beauty, your Grace!
    Love your prayer for her.
    Don’t you wish that sometimes you could just stop time – and keep them young, innocent and close?
    What a wonderful time for her. I love it that she is full of grit.
    She has spunk!

  2. It’s she just a doll! She has great choice in makeup too 😉 Never met her and I feel like she is just the sweetest. What a spirit! Can’t wait for more tutorials

  3. oh my goodness. i love this post.
    i’m learning the art of allowing my oldest to be who HE was created to be instead of like another me.

    we are alike in a few ways, but he doesn’t need or like people the way I do. i’m shocked at how hard it has been for me. when he was little, i just made him go along on all my playdates and such, but as he has gotten older, he has much more of an opinion.

    i’m learning to listen to him. it is making ALL the difference in our relationship.

    it’s so funny, i’m different with the other two. i don’t put the pressure on them…maybe because they’re more like me. anyway. i have a lot to still learn, and i’m determined to learn it before he leaves home!

    i’d love to hear more from Grace…what a DOLL.
    is she still doing gymnastics?

  4. This sounds so like
    my own girl, who is
    a senior in hs this year:

    “that she has the eyes to
    see the lovely in the unlovely”

    She takes photos of things
    many would not consider
    beautiful, then brings out
    their beauty in her art : )

    I also love that you have
    shared the real secret to
    parenting: They are not US.
    They are them. They were
    born THEM. I think so many
    parents clash with their kids
    because they don’t or won’t
    accept this.

    Grace is a lovely little soul,
    who has the same in her
    very special mama!

    xo Suzanne

  5. Well, now I just ruined my makeup!! As a new momma (my little girl just turned one), you’ve just about summed up all my prayers for her!

    your daughter is beautiful–and I love seeing examples of how to be a momma! It’s so inspiring and uplifting for me! Thank you!

  6. I have one who came forth sparkling, too. Love the way you said that! Your girl is such a natural with those brushes! I paid someone to teach me and show me and still don’t know how to do it! Some girls just have the gift! So fun!

  7. How cute!! I think my daughter has some of the same traits she defiantly beat to her own drum, She’s so much braver, and courageous than I ever was. I can’t wait to see how she grows inside and out

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