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————————MY hospital stay

It is in YOU that I move, breathe, write, create, dream, feel and have my being. I honor YOU today .our CREATOR .. my ALL..when nothing is going the way I think it should- when all is falling apart .. or maybe falling together..when letting go is the only thing left to do so one doesn’t fall completely apart.
I am so full of high dose inravanous steroids and pain meds that it has my nerves and emotions all over the place.  It is like PMS on SPEED. I’ve been sent home on a no taper high steriod until we can get into the surgeon  for a consult on having a colectomy.  I think I am done fighting and it is here I hold up the white flag.  Just another place to stop and build an alter to God–how gracious He is to let me find my own way there.


HOPE you girls are ready to follow me along getting a poop bag…I know! but it is what it is and you have to learn to talk about hard things right?:)  I will fill you in on more when it isn’t a holiday…I just want to let you know I am home and doing as good as can be expected:) thankful for your prayers and love…..

(yes..the white things were on BOTH sides of the socks..this was a funny.  I sat the alarms off…oh geesh it was hilarious)

——————————MY HEART

the two most important days 
in your life are the day you
were born and the day you
figure out why.”
mark twian 

I feel as if I have let so many down with signs
all kinds of projects for Grace and I to do to
decorate the house on Friday for Christmas
going to the nursery to get our fresh greens
cooking Thanksgiving together
black friday shopping
and I am being rawly honest I am groping to find the gratitude tonight.  I know steroids are powerful and I am trying to give myself grace but I am so disappointed and feel as if all my plans and dreams for this holiday are just crashing down and then I think– I don’t have cancer, I am not homeless, I can move and on and I KNOW in my head what my heart struggles to catch up too.
and this is where I am… life right now is maybe a new opportunity for me to listen…God wants to speak to me and I can be to busy to hear.
Maybe it is another leg of the journey I need to get briefed on maybe it is a new leg of the journey..a change in direction or maybe it is just a place of rest and trust…watching and seeing how HE will work on my behalf and how I am going to handle the changes..the letting go.
but can I share one more thing before I go?
how much i love each and everyone of you?  if you could see me you would see real tears rolling.  I am over abundantly blessed to have all of you walking with me.  I feel it everyday.
Most of my life consists now of online…why?  don’t know yet.  Time will tell –but I pray each of you a thanksGIVING blessing: that you find JOY peaCe and TRust this holiday season…no matter where you find yourself sitting today…KNOW we are not alone and HIS PEACE really is available.  I love you…and eat lots of food for me will you?

———————————————SHOP news! BLACK  FRIDAY

we are opening the shop out of love for our customers.  we’ve had many ask for a sign and we are participating in a black friday round up of sorts.  FYI – these orders will not begin until the new year..we are finishing up all of the patient friends who have ordered and are shipping out for Christmas.  The orders on black friday and on will begin production on January 7and shipped 4 weeks from the date of production. We are finishing up our new blog design & Etsy shop design so things will be changing soon….super excited for that!  … see I DO have things to look forward to! We do have new signs to share so be watching for those….a wee bit behind:/

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17 thoughts on “hospital stay-poopbag-heart-shopnews

  1. Ah, sweet Tiffini,

    It is a hard thing you are going through, and during the holidays and your busy sign business … it is okay to be disappointed. I hear your pain and your faith. Reminds me of one of my favorite verses … “I believe, help now my unbelief.”

    You are much in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for letting us know how you are doing.


  2. It is Thanksgiving! I am giving thanks that you ae relatively o.k. Bless your little heart, Tiff.
    Nothing happens without reason. We just do not know the reason for this fork in the road. I’m sure it will become clear in the next few days or weeks. Right now, we all just boost you up a bit.
    Remember……don’t dispair. God has a plan for you. He will protect you. Give it to God. For today …..and tomorrow……..concentrate on making family memories……..and then have FUN with your sign business!
    We are all behind you, baby!
    P.S. I was SO relieved to see your post this morning.

  3. Oh sweet friend…..only you would be counting your blessings right now. You are so amazing and such an inspiration to so many. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your friendship and what a blessing you are to me! Wishing you the most joyous and blessed of Thanksgivings!

    Have a great day rock star!

  4. Oh Tiffini—even though I’ve never met you my heart goes out to you! I’m beginning to see in other people’s lives how trials are an outworking of God’s grace in our lives. James 1:2-4 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” I’ve been at the place where its hard to find joy & thankfulness before (many times), but just keep trusting, Tiffini! Thanks you your wonderful attitude and your inspiring blog & your “realness.” Grace & peace to you today in our great God! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

  5. I completely understand. I am sitting here with a broken right foot. No driving myself anywhere for at least 3 more weeks (it’s already been 3) and I have to depend on everyone for everything – I can do little bits from my perch with my leg up, but for somebody who is used to being Queen of Holiday Fun this is not how I saw the holidays coming along. All that to say that I have found blessings in slowing down, as well as frustrations and tears. There have been both for sure. Hang in there friend – all will be well and there will be joy found in the most unexpected places from your new position. Lots of love and prayers.

  6. glad to hear from you. sorry you will have to go this route BUT it is possibly the means by which your health will be much impo=roved. I know the idea of the poopbag is not very appealing. With your “pulpit” you will probably be the vessel for helping others with this to be more accepting and for understanding by those not having to have one and how they can be helpful to those having one. It is a means of improving your life and perhaps it will rid you of these unfortunate and upsetting setbacks with trips to the hospital. Might be a relief to those closest to you also–less worry and anxiety for your situation.
    happy thanksgiving.

  7. Tiff, so thankful you are home. Lifting you up in prayer. Hold onto our Father’s hand and he will guide you through it all. Hugs!

  8. God always has a way of slowing us down doesn’t He? We may realize the reason or we may not but He definitely has you wrapped in love and healing. I’m sorry you’re going through this…I have friends that have poopbags and you’d never know it if they didn’t tell. I just feel this will be an end to your health issues and nothing but the best will result.

    Lots of prayers and positive, healing energy sent your way! Trust in Him…it will be ok.


  9. God always has a way of slowing us down doesn’t He? We may realize the reason or we may not but He definitely has you wrapped in love and healing. I’m sorry you’re going through this…I have friends that have poop bags and you’d never know it if they didn’t tell. I just feel this will be an end to your health issues and nothing but the best will result.

    Lots of prayers and positive, healing energy sent your way! Trust in Him…it will be ok.


  10. Tiffini – So sorry this has been such a rough time! But I know a few folks who have dealt with Crohn’s – and this is what it is is like. And the two who are doing the best with it? They each have – yes! – a poop bag. And it is fine. If this proves to be doable for you (I know it won’t work in every case) then go for it. I think you will be amazed at how much better you might feel. In the meantime, praying for recovery, for a good consult with the surgeon, for some tapering off of the steroids ASAP. Lots of love.

  11. sweet friend,
    i read this earlier today, but didn’t have time to comment then.
    you have been on my mind all day and i have been/will be praying for you. i know that through the valleys in my life, i was drawn ever so close to Him, and i am confident that He will bring good out of this. just can’t wait to see what it is…it’s right around the corner! i will pray for comfort, peace and wisdom for you and that you don’t feel to overwhelmed or guilty about your shop. you have a lot of eyes on you and you have such a great perspective on this and an opportunity to SHINE! you really do shine, you know that? i mean, HE really shines through you!
    love you!

  12. I have been there- so sick, feeling like you are letting so many down. I went through a full year of surgeries, one after another, 6 in total, that left me bed ridden for an entire year. Unable to care for myself or my children. They actually cared for me and learned more from that experience than almost anything else I have taught them. I was rewarded in the end- by knowing myself better, knowing how STRONG I truly am, knowing who my friends are, knowing my GOD better, and learning to trust! Be patient, don’t be hard on yourself, and give yourself permision to feel all that you are feeling. There is a lesson here- you may not know it now, but it is there. Good luck and my prayers and thoughts are with you.

  13. I just read parts of your story about your health and wanted to say I’ve been down this road with my mother. She suffered for years with colitis/chron’s (never quite sure) and her bouts with it would knock her out of commission for quite a while. It was scary for us kids but we did what we needed to do to help. In the mid-90s it got very bad – so bad she was rushed to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, where she eventually underwent the surgery to remove her colon and put in a colostomy bag. She lost so much weight it was scary. But she recovered. While there were months of emotional times learning to deal with the new reality of her life, she eventually became Mom again – one whose health improved beyond measure. No more weeks on end sick in bed not being able to eat. There are still times of frustration for her when there are issues with her stoma, but overall it’s the best thing that happened to her. She’s healthy again! So hang in there (what a silly saying, right?) and enjoy the health you will have!

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