this old house ( the beginning)

I’m sitting cross legged in my blue chair eating Cambell’s tomato soup with crushed Ritz crackers piled on top.

I wanted to take a short break from all of the parties to tell you a bit about the house we just moved into and what will be a big portion on my plate now.  Not to mention I’ve had to use the plunger on the toilet it’s an old toilet..not the other .. twice in a week ( whince…should I say that?) and still have a clogged pea trap under the bathroom sink to fix ( which happened to be coconut oil that hardened…eeewwww! ) Grace!

and I tried to light my first pilot light on the water heater and my heart sank.  no flame. chin up girlie..chin up:)

I guess that all comes along with an old house.

Can you see the potential?  I can

{ maybe a color palette like this? } via Between Naps on the Porch  or this

Painted shutters and door..maybe whitewash the brick.  Landscaping and a new portico…oh I could go on and on in my dreaming.

I love farmhouse..barn’ish’..a touch of industrial..and country..and..sigh

I kinda like to think this is how God views us.  He sees the potential.  I found myself sitting in front of Him hopeless..worn the end and pretty gosh darn broken.  Much like my old house.

The good news is that my foundation is good.  Just like this old house.  And when the foundation is good and you use quality building materials the sky is the limit right?

This house was my husbands mom’s for the last 30 years.  She has purchased property in the country and moved.  The house was on the market and went all the way and fell through at the last moment.   I’ve wanted this house since I can remember.  You can read here and here a little background to save me some typing:) on our marriage.  This house represents family  faithfulness  belonging.

When I moved to another house here I had NO idea what God was going to do.  All I knew was that I wanted to go where God has opened a door.


Pinned Image

had other plans.  There was a reason this old house fell through and that he got a job in another state.  God has a plan.  I don’t know what it is or even want to understand it anymore.  I just want to LIVE it.  I want to stop wallowing in my pain.  I surely became one with the mud where my blog became my emptying place.  And that is ok.  I needed it.

 I have most assuredly walked into a land filled with giants but I am training my mind to respond differently.  God is helping me respond with trust, faith and gratitude.


I am learning to take courage when I’m afraid and do really hard things.  Things 6 months ago I couldn’t have done.  I will fight for my heart and the hearts of my children.  I don’t understand why God has things the way they are – all I know is – I am grateful for a check that I know isn’t stolen and as of right now, it is every week.  I am grateful that I can control it for the first time.  I am grateful for budgets.  I am grateful for store sales.  I am grateful for friends who support and love me and do not judege me and PRAY PRAY for me.  I am grateful for kids who put up with my hysterical moments and wonder if their momma has finally lost her marbles.  I don’t think they would blame me if I did;)


There is lots more but I’ve kept you long enough.  I am posting the most yummiest cookie recipe I’ve ever made on Tuesday and will be linking up to the Holiday Home Linky Party with Sarah for Christmas Trees! and giving you more information on the Heirloom Christmas Stockings.  I am monogramming the grandbabies:)


I love each of you and forgive me if I’ve worn you out over the last year with my pain.  Things are going to be very busy around here from now on.   Yes!  Finally, I can see a teensy bit of the vision.

what I know in my heart + stepping out in trust..of my comfort zone and following God = LIVING

I gotta put the two together.  I feel if my blog is just all about my heart then I am treading.  I’ve done that for the last 12 years.  I am ready to start SWIMMING for goodness sake!

I BELIEVE God can take broken things and rebuild something new

just like this old house…

do you?


13 thoughts on “this old house ( the beginning)

  1. God can absolutely take broken things and rebuild them into something beautiful! I so often find myself drawing parallels between the things I do around the house and salvation, His grace, and mercy. White primer over a bold or dark color gets me every time as being so similar to having sins washed away, becoming white as snow.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment about our "mantel"! 🙂

  2. this is my first time reading your blog – i don't even remember how i found you – oh! coudl it be a God thing? i think so! i haven't read any of your history but i will – when i have time to sit and do it! congrats on your wanting to start "swimming" instead aof treading water! you go girl!! looking forward to future posts.

    birthmothers never forget

  3. Oh how you bless me with your story. I could never get tired or weary of listening to your heart. I hope you know how much people needed to hear your heart to allow God to encourage them to get up and keep going like you have done. Living. Moment to moment, regardless of how messy some of them can be. <3

  4. I love it friend, and I can see potential!

    So, your mother in law moved and you have her house….that worked out perfectly.

    I love that you are making it your own!

    I can't tell you enough how great you are making it…..

    Happy Weekend~

  5. I have complete

    faith that you are

    about to swim like

    there's no tomorrow.

    I always see potential

    in EVERY house! You

    are going to have such

    fun on this journey!

    I can feel your joy just

    jumping out of the screen.

    Love ya, friend!

    xx Suzanne

    PS: Link up your Tuesday

    post to my Monday one.

    Let's spread that cookie

    recipe around!

  6. It's always good to be faced with a challenge. I don't think it's about the 'house' persae but it's about the 'home' that you make in the house and I know you can and will do this well.

    Keep smilin' girl, you are something else!

  7. Loving it all! I'm telling you (and speaking to myself as well) there is never any reason to apologize for the messy of process. It is the ripples caused by swimming. I was just reflecting on the year that I have "known" you & how precious your words each week are to me. Priceless.

    I love your pictures and your house is oh so cozy! I <3 old houses and brick makes me weak in the knees. I love the legacy here. You KNOW God has a story in the making.

    Blessings to you & strength for the struggles.

  8. I KNOW God can take something broken and completely renew it! I love the house…you are so right and I can't wait to see what you and yours do with it. Judging by the pictures you've shown of the inside and what you've done so far, I know it wil be fabulous.

  9. This is my first visit to your blog (through a link on Savvy Southern Style) — very nice! Congratulations on your new old house.

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