naked on the battlfield


They who are God’s without reserve, are in every state content; for they will only what He wills, and desire to do for Him whatever He desires them to do; they strip themselves of everything, and in this nakedness find all things restored a hundredfold.


The land isn’t sown yet..Jeremiah 2:2


His are birthed into a unknown land.  An infant.  He’s given us all we need to live all neatly tucked in.  The infant grows in this battle field and the front lines grow heavy and she retreats.  The years pass in a blur of waging war.  Sitting in foxholes made by her own hands.  Watching those she loves fall by arrows aimed … seeing fetal curled life stopped for lack of hope… tongue cleaving to the the roofs of mouths for lack of water... harrowing cries of prisoners fingers blood dried wound tight around bars of cold steel.  Wounds laid down with lies.

Eyes open wide in fear as mouths open wide in screams where there is no sound coming … bloodied corpse’s lay with loved hearts laying over gut wrenched as they can no more hear the heartbeat…walking life only their eyes are dark and lifeless with little ones begging for them to look. to listen and there is no one home.

we are birthed into a battlefield.  the shadow land.  and we’ve been given a seed and this seed. .. Its rolled around and around in my hearts hand and I am asking.  I sit… blood dried wounds oozing and it wells from down gut deep and pain comes in torrents out of my mouth to the heavens and rends them wide open. I see not with my naked eye but with my soul eye…what is one to do..Father I see..can you see?  the people they are dying.  women are falling heavy on the ground and their babies.

I have this seed Father.  You gave it to me on my birth day.  I still have it  I’ve been watering it with my tears but I don’t understand.  I’m undone in the doing.  I have nothing left .  What is the next step?  What do I do with this seed in this land of giants that are to big for just one? There are to many dying and I can’t save them all.

Daughter..the land isn’t sown yet.  You have my seed.  You cannot save them all   It is not up to you.  This seed I have given you I give to all.  I will show you how to plant it.  Here is a first step.

I want to sit at the feet of those who have gone before.  to be tutored..mentored.  It’s time.  I am going back..I am called to be a warrior woman.  I had never been to Lysa’s blog before until I read Brooke’s post. I clicked over to read what this She Speaks was…and my breath caught.  I want to go.  A step.  A step I could not take on my own.

I’ve been given a seed for the hearts of women..I‘ve fought against it for years…mostly out of lack of understanding and my own waging war.  In every woman’s heart … I see mine.  For every woman held captive by lies that wounded them in childhood I see my wounds.  For every woman bound in fear I see my fear.  For all the living and doing…out of those lies and their consequences thinking it is to hard and to many mistakes…there is hope.  There is a way out.  Follow me.  I want to go..I can’t go alone.. I need help..I need more training in how to cultivate seeds.

We are birthed into a battlefield.  I want to fight like Great Heart.  I tenaciously ask for Big faith…not little faith.  We are just the messenger.  All of my heart wants to learn how to speak and write the message so those that read it can run.

I stand on  the battlefield in nakedness asking of the only One who can restore what needs restoring.  I hear their silent screams do you?  Let’s be carriers of hope to hearts that are hopeless making heart healing accessible to all…freely…with not strings.

I can envision women standing together..hearts broken by their own woundedness…wounded warriors carrying the medicine … the seed… that will set captives free.

We are breathing in a real battlefield..will you stand naked baring all before the One with whom we have to do? Will you allow Him to send you? Will you be vulnerable in your woundedness…will you be a wounded healer?  Are you called to be a Warrior Word Woman?

Are you His without reserve?

If so – I challenge you to click this link and pray about this conference. She Speaks Scholarship Contest 2011

She Speaks Conference 2011

I pray we might become called women, not driven, with well thought through and prayed through goals in our lives.





10 thoughts on “naked on the battlfield

  1. I adore women and have invested most of my life in them (my own two) and many others. It is such a joy to me. Love your seed thought here. . . and love watching God grow it in you.



  2. This is such an awesome opportunity! I want to go too…I pray God will provide a way for each one of us who feels this seed has been planted in the soil of our souls. Good luck and Gods Bless. Hope to meet you in NC…Deborah

  3. Only God would give you the courage to write this – to challenge me and others. This is a big deal. I know it's no accident that our paths have crossed. I pray with you & for you. I pray for myself. I will dare to let the cry inside have a voice. Big hugs, my friend! Robyn Q

  4. Tiffini You are one amazing woman with such a heart for God and encouraging others. Thank you for being you and letting God use you and not being afraid to let him.

  5. I guess I'm realizing 'She Speaks' sounds in some ways like Synergy, where I was last week…a little different–but there is no doubt that I left with a fire to free women around the world.

    I hope you enter my giveaway this week! I know you will love either book…'Half the Sky'…oh my, it will tear your heart and yet give you hope and courage–these women and their stories…honestly, you won't be the same–I'm not.

    and yes, just love you and all the He is doing in you in these days…yes, warriors–'ezer-warriors' is how Carolyn Custis James calls us…we ARE IN THIS BATTLEFIED…now to awake, stand in healing, and bring His freedom to the oppressed…oh for His Spirit 'to run and not grow weary and walk and not be faint'

  6. Tiffini!!!!! What an absolutely beautiful post. And I have to admit at the thought of my naked saggy self on a battlefield, I am soooooo giggling!!!!! HA! Love you girl! I am with you, I want us ALL to go!!!!

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