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Day 30 of 72 : a road in the wilderness

Did you know that impossible also says I’m Possible? I didn’t until the other day.

My days lately are anticipation LADEN!  I can’t stop talking about Him thinking about Him…wondering what He is up to.  I don’t know what has changed but something has.  The more I want Him the more He gives of Himself.  I am choosing to believe this truth that He deeply longingly desires to give me good things. He’s telling me to be still, stand still, don’t touch because I’m going to do something you wouldn’t believe even if I told you!  Really?

You see – God is making a way where there wasn’t one. At least one my naked eye could see.  I think my spiritual eyes are now seeing..seeing the lies for what they are…LIES.  Father has been waiting for me…I held out my hands..full of my heart and offered it to Him.  There is no one under heaven or earth that I trust more with my heart and my children than the One who knit us together and knows us through and through.

I noticed on my walk the other day that the birds sing throughout the day and God says they don’t worry about what they will eat .. so I thought ” I’m going about my day singing…choosing joy even when it’s hard “.  I gently rest my hand over my eyes to soften the sunshine looking far out ahead and see the the tree trunks hewn down and put to the side.  Now there is much debris from the recently fallen trees that is being carefully and precisely removed and I smile They don’t need my help today and I continue to walk…putting my hand back in His..real tight.

I smile up at Him and He pulls me close.  Peace swallows me as I trust that…

You are making a roadway in the wilderness where there is no way…except You make one. You are doing something new

michelleums:  C.S. Lewis quote

 is He doing something new in your life lately?
making a way where there previously wasn’t one?
I’m possible today and so are YOU:)

 Happy Happy Friday friends~


Day 29 of 72 : finding your way out of the depths


You held out Your hand… I took it. It has been a quiet day after the holiday.  It’s nice.   Not much to say today.  The words are mulling trying to find their way out. These words I’ve walked.  This is a description of people I want to know.  To walk beside.  To learn from. I call them wounded warriors. They are real people who share themselves whole-heartedly.  What is one reason I want to find my way out of the depths?

My children. Their Story.

Chelsee Reece Nikki

I want this not to be The End.  I want to help them write a different ending.

Grace Chelsee

It is worth saying again...it is NEVER to late to start NOW.

I’m starting now.  I’m not going to believe the lie that it is to late.

Nikki Grace Chelsee

geez my hair was blond…

Chelsee Me

that they all growup to be oaks of righteousness…

Nikki Grace Chelsee Me


Grace Dakota


Why? So I can help them find their way….

**found old shutterfly albums…oh so sweet to look back isn’t it?

if you are in the depths or someone you know is today…ask for help or help someone.  The depths can be a very lonely place.  Say an encouraging word..it is always a blessing when we do.



Day 26 of 72 : half over


You’re at the halfway mark, Tiffini!

Yup, the year is half over. Did you know that?  The glass is half full. If this were a play, we’d be at intermission now!

I’m asking myself..have I been living my dreams? Taking action on my intentions? Thriving in the present moment?

Have you?

Grace Grandma & Emilee July 4, 2005

As I sit here typing I am watching shoots of lights that burst into a million flashes in the night sky…celebrating the freedom of our country… I can’t help being thankful for the freedom I have in Christ..that freedom and power that is setting this captive free.

Dakota & Grandma July 4, 2005

I love looking back over pictures and reminiscing don’t you?




Day 25 of 72 : one thing…a bit of encouragement?

He takes me as I amHe uses those who are willing…just as I am…just as you are

I’ve wanted to write since I was a little girl but I listened to these instead.

when I know how to write well, when I get out of this mess,

when I feel better about myself, when i am older…blah.blah.blah

He doesn’t want to wait until I’m ” there”.  Until I’ve arrived!  Now seriously – this truth should make us begin today right?

I started writing my heart out on this blog.  It’s nothing like the movies mind you;)  But I started writing.  I am doing one little thing toward one thing that I’ve always wanted to do.  And you know what? It feels pretty darn good.  And do you know what else? I’ve stopped listening so much to the lies. What about you? Is there just one thing you can do starting today to take one step toward making it become a reality tomorrow?

Staycation next week…lots of pictures coming! happy dance:)

Do that one thing today~



just a beautiful photo..i pinned it:)  see here


Day 24 of 72 : Do you dare..a challenge



my heart waters have been stirred with His hand … and the smell is sweet beneath my nose and I lift it up to sip..slowly..savoring it on the buds of my tongue before swallowing.  The heat rushes down until it hits my belly.  And this is where these words sit..ready to be digested into tiny microscopic pieces to be used for my good and His glory…

if there should arise ONE UTTERLY BELIEVING MAN/WOMAN, the history of the world might be changed

i ask you quietly and oh so humbly …barely audible to the ear

as i dare ask myself

will you be that woman Tiffini

do you dare..in the secret place with Him today…

do you dare to trust…wholly?

do you dare?



I was perusing the other day and happened upon the lovely blog of Into Vintage…go check out her Etsy store…sweet as pie!  The colors I find myself drawn into lately..bright-cheerful-full of live!