this is worth fighting for & a winner

i needed to be encouraged…and i thought just maybe YOU did too

maybe your THIS is cancer, divorce, rejection, discouragement, depression, loneliness, or something so terrible it shouts but remains unnamed?  whatever is pounding loudly in your mind, your body, your soul, let me…let US be YOUR balcony person today..yes?

let me hug you with my words.  let me wallpaper your soul to mine.  let me encourage you to sing God’s song, and let me remind you that the song in YOU is His idea


hear me when i say the apostle paul did not lie when he wrote, ” long ago, even before He made the world, God CHOSE .. US! me and be His very own

i’m leaning way, way over your balcony railing; i’m waving my coat above my head, and i’m yelling above the frightening noises of your world, ” i love you!  i believe in you and your abilities!  you can do it!  keep at it!  keep on!!  He’s here beside me..our Abba..and He’s beaming with delight in YOU!  yes, that’s right, He’s here, and He’s not sitting down

YOU are His child, He is your father.  His coat is off too, and we are both in your balcony cheering YOU on together!!
–excerpt from balcony people by joyce heatherley

wasn’t that good?  i want to that kind of  balcony person.  and i need balcony people
i have struggled this week with something and through a song God reminded me that i am standing with an army

that i am not alone
that i just have to look around…and look up
there really are people in my balcony..cheering me on and up
rooting for me

and friend…look around…look up
i’m waving my hoodie for you!!  with tears streaming down my face
i am cheering you on…YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT


THIS is Worth Fighting For T is in the SHOP

when nikki & i saw these words we knew we had to create a tshirt
all of the items in the shop are inspired and pulled from our life

here is part of our mission statement i felt led to write one night
i want to make it into a sign for the shop–God’s shop
it is a joy and a gift to do what we do and we are humbled..truly
at your support of our business but more than that..of our hearts
in the words of ann voscamp
all is grace

2014 mission


thank you for sharing your adventures with us
it was awesome to read each one!!

the winner of the circle maker book  is kahra!!  number 21!  email me at with your address and i will have it mailed right out to you
ps..i wish i could send you tickets to paris too…don’t quit your daydream…layla @letteredcottage


Rachel - Tiff, this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing a bit of your soul with us!

paige - you are an awesome balcony friend!
and i love your heart of encouragement!!
sending some your way today as well!!
your creations NEVER cease to amaze me…oh & i loved seeing a little ‘darling adventurers’ at whatever craft weekend!!!!

Casey Mackie - Hello!
I stumbled upon your Instagram a month or so back and I just have to tell you how it has encouraged me. I love your heart and yet I don’t even know you.. I understand now why God calls us brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something beautiful we as believers share and how a connection is made at the mention of Jesus’ name. Its a relationship shared all around the world.. something so deep and clear that you actually can feel the sister to sister relationship through words or pictures on social media.. All creation crying out in praise to Him.
When I saw the shirt this morning with stating “this is worth fighting for” something sparked inside of me.. I have never been on your site before but I felt I had to visit this morning..
I work with a ministry that builds relationships with women that are caught in the sex industry.. They are truly the most beautiful women.. and I always meet Jesus there.. those words on that shirt is what he has wrote on my heart for the last 4 years.. this.. this and these women are worth fighting for.. and man has it been a battle. As much as we fight for them the enemy is fighting overtime to keep them enslaved. I don’t know why I am writing you but maybe is just to ask you to help us pray over these ladies.. Who knows..
Thank you for your ministry.. and for your obedience to the Lord. You my sister are reaching women you may never meet here on this earth.. I can only imagine the greeting you will receive in heaven one day:) I’ll be in line:) Hope you have a very blessed day:)

lissa - you are one of the best cheerleaders I know and I totally see you on that balcony cheering us all on in our walks! You go girl! God has amazing plans in store for you. Don’t let go!

Lemonade Makin Mama - So in love with your words my friend. I needed them today. Been a hard week in my neck of the woods and I’m not convinced it’s going to get better today but I suppose that’s just hormones. Grr.

BARBARA N - Rah Rah he he I was a cheerleader in High School you would have been a great addition to our squad! So happy for you and I will keep your in my heart!!

Suzanne - It’s lovely when cheering
goes both ways…..Sending
hugs your way, sweet friend!

xo Suzanne

sheri - Hi Sweet Tiff – Cheering for you! So happy for you and praying for your future. You are rocking your shop and this blog. Love you! xoxoxo

Kahra - Yikes! I can’t believe I won! I am so excited! I emailed you my information! Thanks so much for being such a blessing!

our paint color..thrifted shutters..and a giveaway

its kinda fun…just us girls
that is how we roll most days

so when the weatherman said there was a winter storm coming
instead of dashing off to target with everyone else scooping up all the bread and milk

we went to brass armadillo to see if there were any fun architectural pieces for the home!

we didn’t walk away empty handed
we found a pair of really awesome weathered shutters for either side of our kitchen window

one side was mostly green

the other was the grey that we really squealed over!!..layla shared about this stuff that you can paint over all the chippy to
keep it from flaking off so we ordered some through amazon

Non-yellowing sealer made to use on top of white or chipping paint

above photo from lettered cottage:)

i am really wanting to keep the walls and main things really neutral and then add color in changeable places
cause i am prone to change…

as far as the main paint color
it chose us
we painted several squares of each color

glass of milk – martha stewart
swiss coffee – benjamin moore
classic grey – benjamin moore

House of Belonging

in the kitchen, living room and all three girls bedrooms

then we just lived with it for a couple of weeks.  letting the light from sunrise to sunset fall on it
the house chose the color really..

House of Belonging

classic grey won out much to my delight

we are loving how the light from the big windows washes the whole house with a happy glow!

i love coming home now..and that my friends is what paint color is all about…it is a cheap albeit laborious antidepressant!

now for my latest favorite read & a giveaway

i can’t tell you how much i loved the circle much so that i want to share one with YOU!!
if you’ve already read it .. enter anyway and give it to someone.  it could be a life changer for someone..or YOU:)

all you have to do to enter is:

if you could run away tomorrow on ANY ADVENTURE…where would you go?

leave it in the comments below and we will announce the winner in the next post!

easy peasy…:)

i want to leave you with rodney “gypsy” smith words from the book that wouldn’t leave me..and i pray they won’t leave you either
that they will MOVE us to draw a circle around our ourselves…

gypsy’s secret was revealed to a delegation of revival seekers, who asked him how God could use
them, just as He was using gypsy.  without hesitation, gypsy said, 
“go home.  lock yourself in your room.  kneel down in the middle of the floor, and with a piece of chalk
draw a circle around yourself.  
there on your knees, pray fervently and brokenly that God would start a revival 
within that chalk circle

oh abba…burn in our hearts…set us on fire from deep within to be your followers from this day forward
no longer religious rule followers…
raise up original jesus followers such as have never been seen before in our country…

:Source List:

Wall Color : Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color : Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Chairs : Restoration Hardware
Pillow : Ikea
Shutters : Local Antique Store





Debbie w - I would move to the beach…..just to walk the shores everyday! I would love to be the winner….I am the first to enter!

Rachel - If I could pick up and go anywhere, I would choose Rome. I have always wanted to visit Italy.

Kerrie - Looks so nice already. Your table looks industrial.. Where is it from? I love those chairs but oh my I find them uncomfortable.

If I wasn’t afraid to fly I would want to go to the English Seaside and also a day in London.

Melissa - I want to go to war ravaged Africa with my nursing degree and help all the children.

Birgitte - …just used grey paint too! Gray Owl and Stonington Gray (both by Benj Moore)

An adventure — I would choose an adventure of solitude/peace by the ocean. (northern Cali)


Yolanda McLean - A mountain and hike and gaze.

Ter'e - I would travel to the home of my birth, San Francisco. It is the one city that recharges me………I love to go back to where my Dad had his saloon and to the home of my very early childhood, when all was normal. Right now, just the thought takes me back to smelling sourdough baking and to the smells of Pier 39.
The hustle, bustle, wine, crab and wonderful street people.
Yes, my idea of childhood…… adult form, of course.

Gail - I would run away to a mountain cabin with my pets, music, a good book or two and all the things I need to sew, craft, and create. Not very sdventurous but what my soul is longing for.

jo - Off to the Cayman Islands with my man to sit for hours by the beach under a shade tree. Makes me happy just thinking about it. Thank you!

robin anne - I’d share a road trip with my BFF up through the mountains all the way to wyoming/montana, over to Washington and back. Just to spend time looking and photographing God’s creations.

Whitney - I would take off with the hubby to England and stay in B&Bs in the country side. Check out the little shops in the villages. Take the train and try to see as much of as we can.

Sarita - I wouldn’t run away to anywhere for an adventure. I would stay where I am and start a new adventure.

pve - my dear husband and I were just saying how much we would love to travel to New Zealand. I think there are so many wonderful places, but I always love coming home.
Thanks for sharing The Circle – I’d love to pass it on as I just ordered one this morning,
love my t-shirt which arrived today!

lissa - love the quote from circle maker. I have a free day today and it’s pouring rain outside so I may take some time to do just what you wrote here. It’s so necessary. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Your home is a breath of fresh air. :)

Patty Page - Definitely a sunny liitle beach town with a little beach cottage.

Janice - Somewhere warm with a beach.

Monica - I would run away to Texas. I have always wanted to live there on a beautiful ranch! Let me tell you I sure could use a getaway right about now. :)

Becky J - I would love to be somewhere that is 70 degrees…brrrrr, winter seems endless!

Erin McGinnis - I would pack my husband and I up and head to Ireland for the spring and summer. Hopefully rent a cottage in a valley with the sea at our front and the mountains to our backs. We would your the country and soak it all in.

Nicole - We would go to Boothbay, Maine.

Kahra - Paris, yes Paris would be the place!

Stephanie - I’m not sure where I would go… but I would really love to read that book:)Thanks!

brenda - if I could pick up and go anyplace and all the preparation had been taken care of, I would love to ck out Dollywood and hope to be there on a day Dolly was there. The craft part of the park sounds so appealing.

Mindy - Beautiful shutters! I would love to steal away to the beach and watch the waves crash in and out and marvel at all God has created.

Angela W. - I would take my 4th graders on an adventure around our state…to dig for diamonds, to fish in one of the rivers, to visit the farms of the Delta and the mountains of the Ozarks. Some of my students, sadly, have not been very far outside our town. I’d love to show this great state to them!

Maryellen - Italy, specifically Umbria!!

Tammy - My adventure would not be to to a destination. Oh how I would love to have the courage to follow my never ending dream of having the courage to start my own little shop of vintage finds and all that is beautiful and nurturing to the eye s well as the soul. I admire the journey you have been on. Your blog posts about the prayer circles has piqued my interest and I would LOVE to read this book. Blessings.

Pam Ballard - What a lovely giveaway. If I could go on an adventure it would be to rent a home/retreat on a beautiful warm island and be able to take and pay for my two grown children and granddaughter to go for like a week. We could all be together and enjoy a vacation.

Jackie - I would love to go back to the coast of Maine. We visited once, and I loved the coastal towns.

Castle - I would go love on babies…somewhere….hold and love them

Suzan - I have always wanted to go to Ireland! So, I would pack a bag and head overseas on a walking, driving, train riding tour and explore everything Ireland has to offer. :-)

Debra Lee - I would grab the hubs and take of to a remote island somewhere!

Sarah Hull - If I could run away tomorrow, I would pack up and go to the Italian countryside with my hubby! It is so beautiful there! Love your paint colors btw!

keep your proper distance daughter

its monday – is that a good thing?  not sure yet:)


we got a lot accomplished this weekend like making our menu and shopping for it
picked another color to try on our walls
we cleaned a lot
we purchased some things to make a few really awesome projects…hoping so anyway…:)

ate with family…always FUN:)  food…i love food

what did you do?

here is my dilemma today: i am a hard core runner!
i have some peter in me…i will not deny you jesus….i get ya peter…i do!!

not the kind that pounds the pavement however…although pavement has come into play
i am a runner aheader : the runner that when things are moving forward at an alarming rate i go just keep going without stopping to ask for directions
which has been known to find me hurled headlong INTO the pavement..only to come up bruised and bloody…ick!

nowadays — whether i really am wiser or i am just 45…you be the judge
i am more comfortable with acknowledging that while these tendencies can and are be used for awesome things
many time they have gotten me ahead of God

so this morning when i was aroused from my fitful sleep at 3:30 am…i thought i might as well grab a cup of coffee
and have a conversation with my abba

i told you here that i had been steeping in these verses ( yes, instead of running all over in the bible like i can do….this must be a tendency of mine…ha)

so i went to those verses AND read the rest of colossians…which btw i am really identifying with.  i think i might begin to memorize it…anyway

after all of that…writing in my journal things that were impressed on my heart – i turned to joshua and there i read

joshua was up early and on his way from shittim with all the people of israel with him.  he arrived at he jordan and camped before crossing over.  after three days, leaders went through the camp and gave out orders to the people: “when you see the covenant-chest of God, your God, carried by the levitical priests, start moving.  follow it.  make sure you keep a proper distance between you and it, about half a mile–be sure now to keep your distance!-and you’ll clearly see the route to take.  TIFFINI YOU have NEVER been this way before!! — joshua 3:1-4

ok..was that something i need to listen to?  to DO something with…well i think so!!

there is lots of action words here FOLLOW..start MOVING…i have been listening and moving–following when i feel God showing me too…but the reminder here..for me anyways

is to follow far enough behind God to be able to see which way He is showing me to go
REMEMBER - i have NEVER been this way before.  this is all new territory for me and i still feel like this picture!!

isn’t that awesome?  abba knows this about me and He knows i want to grow in this area
learn HOW to bridle this FIRE…does that make sense?  ok…hope so:)

it’s monday..yep and today i am going to practice rest.  not a static thing..i see it as a steady rhythm–moving through my busy day but instead of having my eyes to the grindstone i want to be focused upward and outward…ALERT to where abba is working..where i might need to take the next turn. just a restful moving through a monday..

what about your monday?  do you have a tendency to plunge in and not stop to see where the next step maybe?
what kind of runner are you…wink:)

next we are going to talk about paint colors and projects…and i laugh…cause God always is up to something right?




Sarita - God IS always up to something. Our eyes need to be open,our mouths quiet,and our hearts accepting of what He has in store for us. He’s the BEST!

Lissa - I am always trying to run ahead as well…. I think we have so much in common! We get inspired, work hard, and then plop into bed at night. I pray that He keeps speaking to you each day as he knows exactly what you need on a given day and that you continue to find rest as you climb into his arms at night!!

a quick exodus home tour


IMG_5997 (1)



it’s Friday!!  what are you all doing this weekend?  something super fun?  or are you cleaning your whole house and running to the grocery store like me?  ha!  yep…that pretty much will sum up my weekend.  I have to be at the SHOP earlier than usual this morning because Comcast is coming to hookup internet.  I am super excited because now I can acsess orders from a computer instead of a phone…ya’ll I am getting old and it is hard to type on such little buttons when it is more than 5 words…just sayin!

I am off to dry my hair…it has been in a towel for over an hour #messyhairdontcare BUT I wanted to share with you all a quick little tour of our home.  this was before all of us showed up on the scene with our stuff!  as some of you know, if you follow my exodus home board on pinterest .  we have been collecting ideas long before I ever knew about this place!

we have a couple of projects getting ready to start….like painting all of the rooms.  you can’t tell it in the pictures but the paint reads a coral pink color.  it isn’t anything we can’t live with but I have 3 color samples up on a wall and we are living with them for a bit to see which one we love!

we love the bon appetite so we are keeping that….NOT!  just kidding…ha!

well – I will wrap it up for today.  when miracles are happening.  when good gifts are given you can bet that the enemy is prowling around and I have been struggling spiritually the last couple of days with anger & bitterness – wouldn’t you know it is the thing I struggle with the most.  the area of the deepest hurt.  right there…the finger pointed and prodding…pushing in on the wound.  the enemy knows that doesn’t he?

but I am circling it all with truth words and I will leave you with one that I have been steeping myself in all week long.  every. single. day

Isaiah can read all of it if you want to.  I love it in the message version

likewise, I, GOD, will comfort Zion,
comfort ALL her mounds of RUINS.
I’ll TRANSFORM her dead ground into Eden,
her moonscape into the garden of GOD,
a place FILLED with exuberance and laughter,
thankful voices and melodic songs.

for more of the backstory on our exodus home click here and here

have a fabulous weekend….xoxo






BARBARA N - Eeeek how exciting! Yep I’m the 5th of 6 kids and said the same about the youngest she got everything, ha! Bruce is going out of town so I am getting a much needed facial since my face will be 50 next week and cleaning my our bedroom going to be repainted next week then I am hanging my awesome oh darling sign in its permanent place and church and a visit with my mom.

Enjoy you weekend, keep Him in your heart.

tara - your home is beautiful.
can’t wait to see how you girls {and Dakota} make it y’all!


carissa fox - oh tiffini…
it’s all so cool!
so happy for you… y’all!

your home… the shop (i bet this is beyond thrilling too)… this next adventure.
all i know… i love you share all your gifts… so we get to see & hear.

happy weekend

Kelly Cach - Goodness….so much light in your home (I think there’s a parallel there ;). And I had to laugh out loud at the Bon Appetitt comment…Hahahaha!!! Can’t wait to see the transformation!

lissa - what a miracle this all is!! it blesses me to watch. what a wonderful home!
bon appétit! ;)

kerrie - It’s a beautiful home…is your shop still at the old house? or somewhere else? Maybe I missed that info. I too always read all the versions of Bible verses but hadn’t read the Message version of Is. 51 yet…and Oh how good it is! xxo

PS how did your hair turn out? My daughter just got her roots done today, and a few more highlights…she is very blonde right now and it looks so good with her big blue eyes.

Glenda Childers - Your new house has lots of light.

Glad you are bringing the enemies lies into light, too.


full of FIRE


we took the weekend to finish cleaning up & clearing out the old house.  moving the rest of the stuff into the shop.  moving is exhuastingisn’t it?  the chapter is closing and a grand one is beginning.  i’m scared to death and excited all at the same time!

a silly sidenote: I just realized yesterday that our two new addresses both equal 10!

i don’t know the words to tell you how i am feeling these days so i will share two photos that “kinda” capture it.
i started a new pin board titled .me.  it is sort of a “vision board” to help me get to know me…and what that “looks like”.

here is the first one – i am terrified of heights…and to swim in lakes so this kinda captures that stomach in your throat..eyes closed

Ah the boat house

this is the other one…

THIS one…to me…captures just a little what it feels like when God’s love and grace POURS down on me
like RAIN!
and the funny thing is i am seeing FIRE all around me!  like in my quiet times with God…FIRE words
my friend speaks a song to me…FIRE
my sign is aries…FIRE
and in Hebrews 12:29 this morning… God Himself is FIRE

i don’t understand it…i just see it…pray it…journal it

it burns inside…lissa said it this way, ” i have FIRE in my belly”  i have known fire in my bones for a long time.  i never knew what to DO with it..or really what it was
now don’t get me wrong…i still don’t KNOW what it is or what to DO with it except

LISTEN to it! 

the unexplainable thing is how His love rain fills the empty places and yet…leaves me wanting more
the fire is burning while the rain simultaneously leaves me screaming Your name abba!!

there are so many things going on in my life right now and honestly…some things fall through the cracks.  some balls drop.
i am focusing on my relationship with God and the business and really just LISTENING and GOING where i feel He is leading
i can’t explain it to you…i don’t understand it

the exodus house
a SHOP that happened in 3 days…literally!!  i have GOT to tell you the story!  it is SO God!
i still laugh like sarah must have laughed thinking of it

but i DO know God is moving
He wants us to LISTEN
the promise of the promised land still stands..we can still enter into it but we must BELIEVE and not doubt
there is the letting go…the taking a RISK!

speaking of RISKS!  i am so far out here girls….so FAR
several times a day myself asks myself ” WHAT in the world are you doing?!

but you know what?  the material things can be nice but i am keenly aware that they are GIFTS and meant to be enjoyed
i am still learning to enjoy good gifts from my abba!!
but not worshipped or the means to an end
the BEST thing ever is getting to know God more…and deeper
and taking His hand and going on a GRAND ADVENTURE ..WITH Him

we will go on together girls…i don’t know where we will end up
it could all fall apart in the end…that is what the LIES tell me everyday but the TRUTH is
it could end up to be the most amazing comeback story…EVER!!
God has this one…i believe that!  God is above ALL things…yes yes and yes!!

it’s better than sex!  i know…GASP!  the S word…i’m 45..i’m over that…ha!
just sayin!

my season of life and circumstances maybe different than yours.  my kids are grown for the most part.  i still have grace who is 14 but i don’t have little ones anymore so i have more freedom than i did when i was a mom of young ones

my fingers are cracked and bleeding from work.. stain and paint under my nails everyday
my hair is thrown up into a messy ponytail or bun
mu daily attire is paint clothes
not much time to go out on the town getting all dolled up
my laundry is in piles
boxes are still strewn all over the house waiting for be put away

I USED to believe God just came in and did the rescuing
now i KNOW it takes hard work on my part…PRAYING hard and long…for years sometimes.
at the same time .. when it is GOD’s TIME…things are effortless.  they just HAPPEN!
you see Him everywhere!!  HIS PART…it blows my mind!!

the SHOP is in full force and is fast becoming our second home

the days are FULL
my heart is on FIRE

and i don’t know much or do many things well
but the ONE thing i am hearing and responding too is to let God LIVE FREE within my LIFE
i am deconstructing false constructs (LIES) i have been taught
and rebuilding from the ground up!!

it really hit home when i was asked to fill out a page telling about ME and i couldn’t answer hardly a one of them!

i don’t know WHO i am…no wonder i was whatever to whoever!! 

it is so much more than an exodus is my exodus
i am making a commitment to share more often about that here..everyday or two.  so many many of you have prayed through with me
and supported me with you words and i can’t thank you enough!  i wish we could sit together over coffee and just talk
for hours!  you have asked about a home tour and i promise i will be sharing all of that so very soon.  just taking a little time to get
things in their place!!

we just added our first POSTER to the SHOP!  ( link on the sidebar ) it is printed on a high quality archival paper and is SUPER nice


so i will leave you with these words for monday
fill in the blank with YOUR name!!


love LOVE love to each of you today!!!!

**i am having trouble with linking and images…just something weird going on with my computer…so i couldn’t link to lissa, the shop, my .me. pin board or the images…i will work on it:)




Pat Allen - Oh Tif, you are experiencing God at work! You ARE such an amazing testimony! I want to hear more! Yesterday Max Lucado talked to us about how God fights for us! We have all the resources of heaven at our disposal when we have The Lord on our side! That is what is happening with you! If you have a chance, please stream/listen to this series of sermons on the book of Joshua online! It so lines up with what is happening in your life right now!

continued Blessings,

Suzanne - Ouch — I can FEEL that
fire leaping out at me from
my computer screen!

That is awesome and I’m
smiling at your willingness
to leap out that tall building
into the lake (two things I
also do NOT enjoy….)!

Looking forward to the house
tour, when the time is right.
Enjoy the settling in!

xo Suzanne

PS: I’m an Aries, too….

Bri McKoy - I saw your image on Instagram and I just had to visit your blog. Can’t believe this is the first time I am stopping over here. Just love it. Your heart! Thank you for your words! Stunning.

Lemonade Makin Mama - What a cute idea… to make a pinboard for you… I have one kind of the same idea- it’s “a few of my favorite things”… I love adding things to it. It’s Very ME. :)

Sarita - Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Barbara N - I’m so proud of you Missy you did it you got it you listened you are putting in the hard work! I love reading your heart!!

lissa - okay girl, so I totally get where you are! Rain and fire. Fire and Rain. And the comeback story. And the miracles. Love watching your story unfold!!! Love seeing you shine for Him.