what if we prayed circles around our own Jerico’s?

This would be the year that we would be just bunch of messed-up, broken-down people — with a swordBecause every. single. one. of. us. is  facing. one. hard. battle.   
–ann voscamp

photo (6)

nothing happens by accident when we have eyes to “see” the sacred

the timing of ann’s #memoryproject2014  and evan g coopers book recommendation the circle maker

that i have some deeply buried dreams
sacred visions that i want to go for
giants that i have long wanted to see slayed that are still standing in defiance

if feel an urgency within my spirit..

so i cut out living words printed on paper…

i have deep wounds that are infected.  wounds that i allow to be continually broken open
and i have been trusting God to get me out…in His way and it is HARD

so i read about prayer circles…about finding my “jerico”

and my mind & heart begin to beat faster.  God is speaking….

WHAT IF’s… begin pounding in my brain and i can’t write fast enough

Do not plant your dreams in the field of indecision, where nothing ever grows but the weeds of "what-if."  ~Dodinsky
source link was broken…

what if we each found God’s heartbeat for us..

what if  we DARED to TRUST God to fight our battles and began putting action to our unique dreams

what if we quit fighting in our own energy and began to trust His?  i mean really trust…

what if we really choose to LIVE instead of FEAR

what if we stopped letting false guilt and shame keep us from becoming a naked page for Him to write on?
after all He has already given each of us a song.  our very own song woven into the fabric of our soul
it is not ours to sing

it is HIS!

HOW do we DO..in real everyday life…THIS?

prayer SWORDS!  we are spiritual beings who have been given the weapons to fight
problem is.. we don’t use them.  we use our energies.  and they are not God’s weapons

people ARE NOT our enemy!

we have to prayerfully figure out what our jerico’s are.  what habits we want to see be set from?
what do we want to see a breakthrough in?  what do we want to see happen in the lives of those we love but in OUR OWN LIVES?

if we are changed it begins to change everything around us

in the lives of our family..friends
a book to write..a ministry maybe..starting a family..abusive relationships..the list is endless

we cannot fight in our own strength.  been there done that.  a lesson i continually have to come back to

in a matter of two days these two things came into my life –
God is calling – are we listening?  

what if we begin together by praying circles around our Jericho’s?

WHAT IF this is the year for that one battle that you have been fighting for years..for the walls of it to come crashing down?

get the book…download the verses

THIS is the YEAR to plant for a HUGE harvest!….xo





paige - amen

Amy Avery - the timing of your post for me is not coincidental as no things with God really are. I have been new to your blog from linking to it since just before Christmas through others blogs. Your words ring with so much truth and love and I thank you for sharing these thoughts inspired by the ONE who loves you and loves us all. I believe like you that God is in search of each of us and he is calling our names over and over and over again. A friend that is close to me is traveling on your same journey medically speaking. I don’t know what it is like to have gone through the experiences you have had, but I have see it happen to my friend and know that it is truly life-changing on so many levels. You are in my prayers not only for your physical well-being but also as you continue to allow God to mold and shape you and to shine his light through you to offer healing and love for others. May you continue to grow in God’s peace as you receive his grace and love while he shines his light through you.

Glenda Childers - My husband brought home a real sword when he toured the civil war sites this past fall. That is what I pictured when I read this post. I will use it as a reminder.

I gave Dave The Circle Maker for Christmas a year ago … and I haven’t read it. It is time.


Lemonade Makin' Mama - Oh that fear one… that has my name all over it. I’m going to be doing some new things this year and I will have to actively and intentionally push fear out of my way. Gonna be a challenge but I’m going to try! Love ya girly!

Juli Elgin - Thank you for sharing. I am printing mine as we speak.

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - Girl that visual is perfect. It really is. I love your heart as always. I will walk those walls and blow my horn right with ya.

Lissa - Jeanne bought me the book “A lineage of Grace” for Christmas by Francine Rivers and there’s a fabulous story about Jericho and the israelites in the promised land. First it said that God promised that land to them but their faith in God failed even though his promise did not, so He held that promise for the next generation. He’s so faithful! The Israelites disobedience, due to fear, etc, caused a 40 year delay. Anyway, it just struck me that I want to walk in the promises of God because I think many times my own fears have caused delay in my life. The book goes on to state that as the next generation was devoted to God no one could stop them because God was on their side. That’s when they marched around Jericho, the walls came down, and the story goes from there. Man I hope this makes sense, it’s hard to try and get the whole story into one tiny comment. but promise me, even if it’s not making sense here, it’s encouraging! haha! I highly recommend the book. :)

N.N. - AMEN!!!!

tara - it has been so cool to see you turn into a warrior.
do you feel it? you are.

looking forward to seeing what God unfolds in your life this year.
beauty from ashes…in both of our lives!

yolanda - I love this post as I do all of yours. I needed to hear this. I have a lot of what ifs in my life that need to be I cans so that god can shine forth in my life.I feel you are a shining light for your faith to others. I also want you to know that I would /will one day own one of your signs but right now just cant afford it.
Stay warm and happy .

the SHOP doors are OPEN…come on in!

is it friday?  it doesn’t feel like it.  my days are so off.  happens during the holidays…for me anyway.
hey…just a quick post to let you know we are OPEN again.

please read the policies as i am only taking 10 customs at a time
i keep thinking i am super woman
inevitably life shows me i am not



- we have an awesome t-shirt line coming in the next several weeks!  we have some of my favorite word women joining in on the fun
so be sure to check back

-we do most all of our social networking on INSTAGRAM.  this is where i will open and close the shop..have pop up instasales..give sneak peeks..host fun giveaways…you get the point?:)  you can follow on your computer if you don’t have it on your phone too
you can search us @houseofbelonging

-my mom has two new curtains in her luxe linen line.  they are in our sign images in our shop
you can find her shop Shades Up & Co. HERE


-we still have a FEW MORE SIGNS to add to this collection before it is complete


AND lastly

use code DEEPERSTILL10 for 10% off through tomorrow


-a BIG thank you to heather @livemadelovely who designed our new logo.  you can find her HERE
( pssst.  she is closed until january 15 but she is totally worth waiting for…aren’t you glad i didn’t use totes?..wink)

we still have LOTS of tweaking to do to make the blog & shop cohesive over the next month…but we’ll get there.  



we adore each one of your comments and ideas.  PLEASE know we love to hear them.  i (tiffini) am so grateful for you lifting me up in prayer.  i have another test on january 22 to see if all the parts are healed and functioning correctly.  if so, they will schedule the surgery for the first part of february…so that is where we are with that.  i am still on pain meds due to a constant pain that they don’t really know why is there.  they say it can be normal…a big sigh.  getting through it though.  it can always be worse and i am so thankful for so many other things in life.

ok…off to work girls…have a beautiful friday

REMEMBER…LIVE today.  start writing down little things that will move you toward your dream…xotiff





Kristin Tuckey - Good morning! I absolutely love your work. We have just purchased an existing jewelry / gift store and I would be grateful to be able to sell your items. Do you have a wholesale list?
Kristin Tuckey
717-243-5562 store
717-448-9240 cell

Glenda Childers - Many blessings on your business, dearest.

I am sorry that you are still in pain. Praying you up for February.


sheri - Happy New Year Tiff! I love your new signs. Great job. Hoping and praying 2014 is your year. Praying for peace and less pain. Love you sweet friend. xo

Pat - Great new items! So glad to see you back and wishing you the very best in the new year. Will continue to hold you in prayer and send you positive healing energy.


Lemonade Makin' Mama - I can’t wait to see what this year brings for you… for me too. It’s going to be a good one. I can FEEL it!!

the new collection – a contest – and a challenge..of sorts

we shot the last of the signs today and are busy getting the shop ready to open which is why i have been absent from here.

how have you all been?  i bet you have been thinking about this last year and the new year ahead.  i know i am.
which brings me to this–no WORD of the year for me for me this go round
being present within each day..one day at a time… is enough for me.  my experience has showm me..me talking about me
here .. that part way through the year the WORD of the year went out the window.  long since forgotten

2013 has been one of the hardest years i have EVER experienced.
you can read about my surgeries here here here and here


a growing business that my health seemed determined to ruin
life can change in a second and leave you never the same…grasping for air
for some sort of footing when the ground is crumbling out from underneath you
you just can’t seem to breath and you scream and
no one hears
been there?  yeah..me too.

i have struggled HARD with unworthiness and the feeling of not “belonging” my whole life which is the origin of my blog title
looking back over the last year and am undone.  the outpouring of grace that you all have shown me.  your support of our business

i am blown away

i am grateful to God for His provision…grace..for His constant and unchangeable love for his wayward daughter
that i am the daughter of the king of the universe STILL blows my mind!

i laugh when i think we have a business.  a mother daughter business.  i must admit that i am OVER the moon doing what i am doing and who i am doing it with.  nikki just gets me.  i have always said we are like moses and aaron.  she is my mouthpiece when i make no sense. she is able to capture my heart for the story i am trying to tell

she does that when she designs the signs i tell her i see
and by pulling of a photo shoot in our backyard..even after the wall fell over twice

that is what photographers are.  they are soulographers.  ( i first saw this word here ) they bring to life what is in the visionaries soul.
it is similar to the relationship of peanut butter & jelly.  they go together

she is the one that encouraged me to blog.  she see’s things in me that i don’t.  she believes in me.  she is my teacher in so many ways. she’s awesome that way.

this is really want i want to say to you today–


to take you by the hand and tell you that YOU ARE going to make it!!

you CAN do it

i don’t care if you have to get up 75 thousand times.  GET up!  wherever you are right now…do it

you really really don’t know what is around the corner.

God is able to do things you could never dream up even if you tried.  trust me.  i am living it

i have learned that everything can seem to be falling apart all at the same time that your dreams are being realized

my heart for house of belonging this year is to continue to take you with me on my journey.  this year is going to be FULL of new adventures.  some so hard you think all is lost..some so beautiful they will leave you breathless and if we are open and receptive we will be loved all the way to life by the One who loves us FULLY!

i believe – if we surround ourselves with words that they will seep into the fabric of our life and will change the course of our lives

when we created the deeper still collection it was with much prayer.  the words on each sign mean something personal to me.


you see–i am on a journey.  an exodus in a way.  i have yet to share that part of my story with you.  when and if..the time is right i will but for now know that truth will set you free but you must be willing to let go of

your understanding
your dreams..in the way YOU think they should come about
let go of yourself

you must surrender.  not just once

but every moment of every.single.day

you will fail miserably some days.  some weeks and yes…some years.

but you must must get up and keep going

i am so…( i struggle here for the words ) humbled that we get to share US with you.  we are not perfect.  that is not even the point is it?

i just pray with all my being that this collection cracks open your soul..

your dreams

your story

your adventure

and for the first time…in maybe a really really long time–at this time next year– you will be seeing new growth..new healing
new LIFE..a stronger BRAVER deeper woman

these words are for YOU

COMING thursday january 2 the DEEPER STILL collection.  
the shop re-opens with the first round of soul-crafted words



from our hearts to yours

be sure to check our instagram @houseofbelonging for a contest to win a 60.00 gift certificate towards the
Deeper Still collection…tuesday around 10am cst…xo



Rachel - Tiff, I can’t wait to see the new collection. Praying that the new year is a good and healthy one for you. Love your work and your willingness to bear your soul for The Lord. God Bless.

sheri - Hi Tiffini – Happy New Year to you. I hope 2014 is a great, healthy and fun year for your and your family. Blessings to you and good luck with your new line. Love you sweet friend. xoxoxox

robin - I can hardly wait to see your “Deeper Still” collection. I hope to gift myself with something fabulous on Thursday! I’m not too familiar with Instagram so I hope I can figure it out today so I can enter your contest. For the first time ever, I made a decision yesterday and I have a “word” for the year…it’s “forward”…move forward, look forward, fall forward, step forward…. I’ve spent too much time looking back. Each day is more precious as I enter my 60th year next month. My word is not about a new year’s resolution, it’s about a life change. It never ceases to amaze me how someone else’s story can influence mine…your words about keeping going, not giving up, surrendering daily and “you really don’t know what’s around the corner” are perfect for my word. This year you also introduced me to Sibi, whose words spoke loudly to me about “forgiveness”, also needed in order to move forward. Thank you my friend for your heart, your soul, your light, and your message that you share. Blessings for a healthier year to you! You are truly a gift to me and I look forward to walking forward with you in 2014.

LLH Designs - I love the words on your cuff. Surrender feels like failure at first, but like you, I’m learning that it’s victory…that it’s the sweetest spot with God. I wish it came more naturally. I’m learning. xo!

Kelly Cach - We would have so much to talk about, to relate to each other, I think. Maybe one day :).

And I love the phrases you’ve chosen for signs with the word “Darling” in them. Such a sweet word. And the word “Adventure” is one I’ve spoken more in the last week than I have in the last few years combined. I believe God has adventure in store for us in 2014. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time!!

Many blessings and prayers for you, Brave One!

brenda - i have struggled HARD with unworthiness and the feeling of not “belonging” my whole life which is the origin of my blog title—The title of your blog and this statement are what originally attracted me to this blog.(my own challenges(i have struggled HARD with unworthiness and the feeling of not “belonging” my whole life which is the origin of my blog title
It was good to hear from you again. when we do not for awhile there is always a bit of concern.
prayers and wishes for a healthy and prosperous new year.

Glenda Childers - We are starting a study in January from the life of David. I am teaching one of the sessions and I was assigned the lesson on surrender. I wonder what God is up to in my life on this topic? Just started studying this morning.

Much joy to you in 2014, dear Tiffini. So glad the hardest surgeries are behind you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


Pat - Surrender is huge isn’t it? I think that is a perfect word to “let go and let God”. We are NOT in control…He is…and each day is easier if we just allow ourselves to surrender.

Thanks for sharing your journey!

the deeper still collecton & a winner


wow!  that was crazy hard!  i narrowed it down to 4 but this one just felt..well..perfect in every right way.  I loved reading your ideas and why you chose them.  how you heard my heart.  that was the best!:)  you all are the best friends i’ve ever had!  NONE of them were silly ( rachel..wink)  i mean it!


miss mindy YOU are the winner so come january YOU get to choose any sign from the deeper still collection!  here is what she said…

Do you mind if I throw out a name and an idea for a new sign? Oh, good, cause I was going to do it anyway! Haha! I would love to see a sign based on the lyrics of the song, Oceans. Maybe “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger. ” I think “Deeper Still would be a great name for the collection

we are working…and praying hard through these signs.  the time it takes to design is mentally exhausting.  some of you know what i mean.  i have been looking back over this last year and despite the surgeries..the setbacks..the shop closings God’s grace kept me longing for deeper still.  i couldn’t make it without Him

the STILL GOD sign just sums up the deeper still collection and my last year

i am so excited to share  this collection with you all.  
i am praying it blesses, encourages, sustains and moves your forward–devouring your days by 
living in the NOW & not the NEXT..to be brave even when your afraid and be able to see the good..the sacred
in all the hard places.  to get up each morning and choose to be grateful..choose to love..and not just love but
do LOVE does #bobgoff


we have a COLLECTION of another kind so stay tuned:)  

 :::pre-order info

i have had you ask if i am doing any more pre-orders on the STILL GOD sign.  i am opening it back up for a bit more since we are wrapping up the end of the orders.

here is what you do to order one:

just leave your paypal address in the comments and i will invoice you.  they will be shipping out the week of january 2.  the STILL GOD sign comes in two color choices.

2 color choices:

leave your choice with your paypal address

chalkboard ( shown above)
gold lettering on a white background ( seen below)


the price:

24″ x 24″ framed 100.00
30.00 s/h

each sign is individually distressed.  no two are alike:) 

well…off to watch the aca awards.  the rest of the week is busy busy.  getting the last 15 or so orders out the door over the weekend…doing a happy dance…hugs hugs to each of you.  your prayers are the wind beneath my wings.  i have had so many of you ask how i am doing so i will be giving you an update very soon…xo



Jeanne Finkel - I would like this sign in white. Thank you

Lemonade Makin' Mama - that white and gold one is stunning! I am amazed at you girls and the talent that comes from your shop. So proud of you!!

Kyla Beck - would love IAM HIS SIgn if any left. Either background. paypal…tabeck624@gmail.com

Yolanda - I would love one of your signs but will have to save up. Money is tight right now . I think of you often.

KAMELA Hudgins - I don’t think I have a paypal account. I would love the chalkboard black and white sign

can you let me know how to look up a paypal account 951-505-1317

kamela hudgins - I do have an account with paypal its under Kamela Hudgins email is kamihudgins@gmail.com

N. Naylor - Would love the white and gold. Paypal – naylork@bellsouth.net
Thank YOU!

N. Naylor - Please change my order from the gold and white to chalkboard. Thank you so much ~ paypal naylork@bellsouth.net

Kelly Cach - I loved this suggestion….it was one that made me choke up a bit. That’s always a good sign ;)

words can do what medicine can’t..our christmas home

it is simple.  book pages.  WORDS.  it just kinda fell into place.
















” i wanted to peel off my hat and mask and the name that wasn’t mine, and sit in the middle while the misfits fell and piled
up like pick-up sticks around me.  then we’d crack open a worn cover and i’d read, and the words would do what medicine can’t
won’t and never will.
–charles martin’s book unwritten

” STORY is the bandage of the broken.  sutures of the shattered.  the tapestry upon which we write our lives”
–charles martin’s book unwritten

each morning when i sit under the twinkling lights as the days as the dawn is breaking
words give me hope.  i am reminded that while the world is throwing parties ..i want to be so engaged to the One who knows my pain…who offered to cut out my gangrene..to take my bruised, bloodied and broken heart and

bandaged it with love

be willing to walk the battlefield…rescuing the wounded
letting the WORD do what medicine can’t, won’t or ever will

while it is just a silly mantle in light of eternity
if practiced–LOVE..offering our story to others can & will help others to take

all the million broken pieces of their hearts and let the healing begin


i will be back wednesday with the heart behind our christmas decor…the ALABASTER BOX sign and PRE-ORDERS
oh…and the WINNER of the our new collection contest coming out january 2 when we re-open our new store!!








Rachel - You did it again Tiff. It’s simply beautiful. Would love to see a picture of your headboard, it looks really neat. Merry Christmas my friend!

LLH Designs - I wish I could come right over! Love the way your creativity has blossomed over the years, Tiff. xoxo!

Tara - Oh goodness. I love when heart and home connect. Yours is beautiful…can’t wait to hear more!

Can’t wait to see more of your room, too!!! I spy a drop cloth bed skirt!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl - Loving every little detail!

Mindy - Words hold such beauty and power and the ones displayed in your home are just lovely – as is the rest of your decor, so sweet!

Susan Jeffries - Your house and your kiddos are lovely! You have such great decorating talent! I am glad you are feeling well and having a Merry Christmas season! Susan

yolanda - I mentioned you today on my blog I want you to come by and visit. I love your home and your sweet spirit.

Glenda Childers - Your home is so lovely and peaceful and beautiful.

I wanted to submit a title for your store, but I am in the midst of a project … no brain power left. :)


susan@avintagefarmwife - Ohhhhh! Love everything in the pictures of your gorgeous home, but love your words even more. While the world is throwing parties…..

paige rodriguez - oh my word, this is so beautiful! I was wondering about your stockings, and plaid blanket? Would you be able to tell the sources? The framed piece about Jesus is REMARKABLE?! Wow wow wow!!

Kelly Cach - Cozy, warm, and welcoming…..all of it. So beautiful, wow!

Kelly Cach - Cozy, warm, and welcoming….all of it. So beautiful, wow! Your photos, your words, your heart are all so inspiring :)

Kelly Cach - Oops…I didn’t think my first comment posted ;)

Debra - I left a comment on your Facebook yesterday. I don’t know how you do it. Looking at this post again, I just marvel at your drive, strength, talent and your faith. Your home definitely reflects “LOVE”. So many things I adore about your Christmas look this year. Your fireplace is adorable with all the pages, “Love” sign, the use of the large stockings again and especially the cut logs. Seeing your red hutch just adds to the holiday feel too. Red seems to becoming more popular. They can make such a statement. Love the beaded white plates. What brand name are they? Your headboard is wonderful. Tiff you are a talent for sure. Every picture a delight. Have a peaceful, heart warming holiday with your lovely family Tiff.

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Girl I so love it. All of it. You have put your heart into it again and the sweet simplicity that flows from all you do is evident. I just saw an email come through for you on my phone and once I get kids off to school I’ll sift through my inbox and get back to you- but YES. Love sharing all you do! :)

lissa - such a happy and festive place to spend the season!

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amber - so much loveliness!
and the reminder to reflect on the ONE
this season is all about- *thank you*

glad I found your site!

paige - oh my friend.i adore your home…i adore it because your heart is just right in it all!!
you have fabulous creativity !!
i wish i could see it in real life!!
your joyful spirit is something i truly admire in you!
merry christmas beautiful, merry christmas!