a quick exodus home tour


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it’s Friday!!  what are you all doing this weekend?  something super fun?  or are you cleaning your whole house and running to the grocery store like me?  ha!  yep…that pretty much will sum up my weekend.  I have to be at the SHOP earlier than usual this morning because Comcast is coming to hookup internet.  I am super excited because now I can acsess orders from a computer instead of a phone…ya’ll I am getting old and it is hard to type on such little buttons when it is more than 5 words…just sayin!

I am off to dry my hair…it has been in a towel for over an hour #messyhairdontcare BUT I wanted to share with you all a quick little tour of our home.  this was before all of us showed up on the scene with our stuff!  as some of you know, if you follow my exodus home board on pinterest .  we have been collecting ideas long before I ever knew about this place!

we have a couple of projects getting ready to start….like painting all of the rooms.  you can’t tell it in the pictures but the paint reads a coral pink color.  it isn’t anything we can’t live with but I have 3 color samples up on a wall and we are living with them for a bit to see which one we love!

we love the bon appetite so we are keeping that….NOT!  just kidding…ha!

well – I will wrap it up for today.  when miracles are happening.  when good gifts are given you can bet that the enemy is prowling around and I have been struggling spiritually the last couple of days with anger & bitterness – wouldn’t you know it is the thing I struggle with the most.  the area of the deepest hurt.  right there…the finger pointed and prodding…pushing in on the wound.  the enemy knows that doesn’t he?

but I am circling it all with truth words and I will leave you with one that I have been steeping myself in all week long.  every. single. day

Isaiah 51..you can read all of it if you want to.  I love it in the message version

likewise, I, GOD, will comfort Zion,
comfort ALL her mounds of RUINS.
I’ll TRANSFORM her dead ground into Eden,
her moonscape into the garden of GOD,
a place FILLED with exuberance and laughter,
thankful voices and melodic songs.

for more of the backstory on our exodus home click here and here

have a fabulous weekend….xoxo






BARBARA N - Eeeek how exciting! Yep I’m the 5th of 6 kids and said the same about the youngest she got everything, ha! Bruce is going out of town so I am getting a much needed facial since my face will be 50 next week and cleaning my our bedroom going to be repainted next week then I am hanging my awesome oh darling sign in its permanent place and church and a visit with my mom.

Enjoy you weekend, keep Him in your heart.

tara - your home is beautiful.
can’t wait to see how you girls {and Dakota} make it y’all!


carissa fox - oh tiffini…
it’s all so cool!
so happy for you… y’all!

your home… the shop (i bet this is beyond thrilling too)… this next adventure.
all i know… i love you share all your gifts… so we get to see & hear.

happy weekend

Kelly Cach - Goodness….so much light in your home (I think there’s a parallel there ;). And I had to laugh out loud at the Bon Appetitt comment…Hahahaha!!! Can’t wait to see the transformation!

lissa - what a miracle this all is!! it blesses me to watch. what a wonderful home!
bon appétit! ;)

kerrie - It’s a beautiful home…is your shop still at the old house? or somewhere else? Maybe I missed that info. I too always read all the versions of Bible verses but hadn’t read the Message version of Is. 51 yet…and Oh how good it is! xxo

PS how did your hair turn out? My daughter just got her roots done today, and a few more highlights…she is very blonde right now and it looks so good with her big blue eyes.

Glenda Childers - Your new house has lots of light.

Glad you are bringing the enemies lies into light, too.


full of FIRE


we took the weekend to finish cleaning up & clearing out the old house.  moving the rest of the stuff into the shop.  moving is exhuastingisn’t it?  the chapter is closing and a grand one is beginning.  i’m scared to death and excited all at the same time!

a silly sidenote: I just realized yesterday that our two new addresses both equal 10!

i don’t know the words to tell you how i am feeling these days so i will share two photos that “kinda” capture it.
i started a new pin board titled .me.  it is sort of a “vision board” to help me get to know me…and what that “looks like”.

here is the first one – i am terrified of heights…and to swim in lakes so this kinda captures that stomach in your throat..eyes closed

Ah the boat house

this is the other one…

THIS one…to me…captures just a little what it feels like when God’s love and grace POURS down on me
like RAIN!
and the funny thing is i am seeing FIRE all around me!  like in my quiet times with God…FIRE words
my friend speaks a song to me…FIRE
my sign is aries…FIRE
and in Hebrews 12:29 this morning… God Himself is FIRE

i don’t understand it…i just see it…pray it…journal it

it burns inside…lissa said it this way, ” i have FIRE in my belly”  i have known fire in my bones for a long time.  i never knew what to DO with it..or really what it was
now don’t get me wrong…i still don’t KNOW what it is or what to DO with it except

LISTEN to it! 

the unexplainable thing is how His love rain fills the empty places and yet…leaves me wanting more
the fire is burning while the rain simultaneously leaves me screaming Your name abba!!

there are so many things going on in my life right now and honestly…some things fall through the cracks.  some balls drop.
i am focusing on my relationship with God and the business and really just LISTENING and GOING where i feel He is leading
i can’t explain it to you…i don’t understand it

the exodus house
a SHOP that happened in 3 days…literally!!  i have GOT to tell you the story!  it is SO God!
i still laugh like sarah must have laughed thinking of it

but i DO know God is moving
He wants us to LISTEN
the promise of the promised land still stands..we can still enter into it but we must BELIEVE and not doubt
there is the letting go…the taking a RISK!

speaking of RISKS!  i am so far out here girls….so FAR
several times a day myself asks myself ” WHAT in the world are you doing?!

but you know what?  the material things can be nice but i am keenly aware that they are GIFTS and meant to be enjoyed
i am still learning to enjoy good gifts from my abba!!
but not worshipped or the means to an end
the BEST thing ever is getting to know God more…and deeper
and taking His hand and going on a GRAND ADVENTURE ..WITH Him

we will go on together girls…i don’t know where we will end up
it could all fall apart in the end…that is what the LIES tell me everyday but the TRUTH is
it could end up to be the most amazing comeback story…EVER!!
God has this one…i believe that!  God is above ALL things…yes yes and yes!!

it’s better than sex!  i know…GASP!  the S word…i’m 45..i’m over that…ha!
just sayin!

my season of life and circumstances maybe different than yours.  my kids are grown for the most part.  i still have grace who is 14 but i don’t have little ones anymore so i have more freedom than i did when i was a mom of young ones

my fingers are cracked and bleeding from work.. stain and paint under my nails everyday
my hair is thrown up into a messy ponytail or bun
mu daily attire is paint clothes
not much time to go out on the town getting all dolled up
my laundry is in piles
boxes are still strewn all over the house waiting for be put away

I USED to believe God just came in and did the rescuing
now i KNOW it takes hard work on my part…PRAYING hard and long…for years sometimes.
at the same time .. when it is GOD’s TIME…things are effortless.  they just HAPPEN!
you see Him everywhere!!  HIS PART…it blows my mind!!

the SHOP is in full force and is fast becoming our second home

the days are FULL
my heart is on FIRE

and i don’t know much or do many things well
but the ONE thing i am hearing and responding too is to let God LIVE FREE within my LIFE
i am deconstructing false constructs (LIES) i have been taught
and rebuilding from the ground up!!

it really hit home when i was asked to fill out a page telling about ME and i couldn’t answer hardly a one of them!

i don’t know WHO i am…no wonder i was whatever to whoever!! 

it is so much more than an exodus house..it is my exodus
i am making a commitment to share more often about that here..everyday or two.  so many many of you have prayed through with me
and supported me with you words and i can’t thank you enough!  i wish we could sit together over coffee and just talk
for hours!  you have asked about a home tour and i promise i will be sharing all of that so very soon.  just taking a little time to get
things in their place!!

we just added our first POSTER to the SHOP!  ( link on the sidebar ) it is printed on a high quality archival paper and is SUPER nice


so i will leave you with these words for monday
fill in the blank with YOUR name!!


love LOVE love to each of you today!!!!

**i am having trouble with linking and images…just something weird going on with my computer…so i couldn’t link to lissa, the shop, my .me. pin board or the images…i will work on it:)




Pat Allen - Oh Tif, you are experiencing God at work! You ARE such an amazing testimony! I want to hear more! Yesterday Max Lucado talked to us about how God fights for us! We have all the resources of heaven at our disposal when we have The Lord on our side! That is what is happening with you! If you have a chance, please stream/listen to this series of sermons on the book of Joshua online! It so lines up with what is happening in your life right now!

continued Blessings,

Suzanne - Ouch — I can FEEL that
fire leaping out at me from
my computer screen!

That is awesome and I’m
smiling at your willingness
to leap out that tall building
into the lake (two things I
also do NOT enjoy….)!

Looking forward to the house
tour, when the time is right.
Enjoy the settling in!

xo Suzanne

PS: I’m an Aries, too….

Bri McKoy - I saw your image on Instagram and I just had to visit your blog. Can’t believe this is the first time I am stopping over here. Just love it. Your heart! Thank you for your words! Stunning.

Lemonade Makin Mama - What a cute idea… to make a pinboard for you… I have one kind of the same idea- it’s “a few of my favorite things”… I love adding things to it. It’s Very ME. :)

Sarita - Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Barbara N - I’m so proud of you Missy you did it you got it you listened you are putting in the hard work! I love reading your heart!!

lissa - okay girl, so I totally get where you are! Rain and fire. Fire and Rain. And the comeback story. And the miracles. Love watching your story unfold!!! Love seeing you shine for Him.

sometimes miracles & messy go hand in hand



**i am sharing some tidbits below so you know that things are not perfect.  bloggers don’t always share scenes behind their life and they shouldn’t have to.  not everyone is called to do that.  that is not their purpose)

sometimes miracles and messy go hand in hand

new refrigerator broke so for the last week we are using the garage as the refrigerator and the back deck for the freezer
(thankful for below zero temps huh?:)
the dishwasher didn’t work
2 out of the 3 toilets clogged
we had a  snowmaggeddon with sub zero temps
moving and then having the shop at the old house so i had to travel back and forth the best i could in the bad weather
a business that is beginning to thrive
my daughter and the grand babies staying for a week
washer / dryer still at the other place
dealing with daily pain from my last surgery and this whole bag thing…ugh!!
truly is life changing
i have a third and final surgery coming up

and i stand looking in on my life
on one hand i am so miserable each day..physically
on the other hand God has stood me back up on my feet in WONDER!

for the first time in my life i have no resources of my own
one of my strengths has always been that i “felt” i could work circles around everyone…i mean i really thought i was superwoman
i ran the whole house…did all of my children’s responsibilities even!  i taught a woman’s sunday school class..all while having a newborn and homeschooling the other children
i seem to be able to see other people’s potential and would use my energy trying to make them have the drive to “be what i saw they could be” even though they didn’t care to be that

crazy right?

well now…the last oh…7-8 years developing a chronic disease that slowly ate up my intestines even while i pushed through all of that for years as if i wasn’t sick…landed me last april with my colon being totally removed and having a bag attached to my abdomen to go to the bathroom in

so lets say this
that that LIE in my right hand that i was believing and trusting in was that i had the strength to do many things without God
didn’t work anymore and that put me in a downward spiral for quite sometime

so when God blindsided me with this house and the news i will be sharing later this week please KNOW there is a BIG BACK STORY to all of THIS –

while i am FULL…i mean FULL of praise right now
and WONDER at all that God is doing…i don’t DARE take it for granted..i am fearful that i would and that would devastate me

mark batterson says it perfectly for me–

having a vision beyond your resources is synonymous with dreaming big
and it may feel like your setting yourself up for failure, but your actually setting
god up for a miracle.
how God performs the miracle is His job
my job is drawing a circle around the God given dream and if i do my part
i might just find myself standing 3 feet in quail

now drawing circles around things is not some magic formula
i remember the first time i knew God spoke to me while i was reading the bible
i wrote the date beside the verse
it was august 12, 1996
i remember was in the “office” of our home on 213
sitting on the floor

it was then that i began to know God has a plan for me
and as the years went by i would jot down the date next to verse i felt God
bring to life for me
at times i thought i “knew” what God was going to do

but most of the time i tried to figure them out..or understand them
which kept me from doing anything about them

friends::  it is in the stepping out and doing..it is in the trusting..it is ACTION..it is RISK
how many ways can one say it before we HEAR IT…by hearing it we DO SOMETHING!

that was 18 years ago!

in God’s timing things can take a long time
which drives our human selves crazy

so please please don’t read my story and compare it to your story
what i can share with you is that those 18 years were bitter years that stole so much of my life
and my children’s
there has been permanent damage done..breaches that may never be mended
our heart are like a piece of fine wood
fine sandpaper can smooth out a rough spot
but take a course grit sandpaper used with force altars the wood.  scaring it.  forever changing its shape

and that is kinda what’s happened to our hearts

wounded people hurt people and when they can’t take responsibility for their actions and work on changing themselves
it then turns to you..to me..to us
we have to take responsibility for our choices and begin a grand adventure for yourself by taking God’s hand
and letting Him lead you out



sorry this is so long:/ –  this is what i wrote in my journal over the weekend and i believe this mindset is what we need to begin practicing to be a GIRL ON FIRE!!  this shirt was inspired by my friend lissa..love ya girlie:)

photo (12)

this shirt is in SHOP!  it will be available in other shirt styles soon

but listen…yesterday in my quiet time i read the whole book of hebrews and WOW!  some of it was hard but here is what i
wrote in my journal that encouraged me and i hope encourages you… if you find yourself in a hard place today

let the spirit cup your heart with these words

leave finger painting and move on with the grand work of art ( i loved loved this!!)

move from salvation by self-help
trust toward God

there is SO MUCH MORE in God
let’s get on with it

stay on the course with committed faith
abraham stuck it out – kept trusting
God’s promise until he got everything God promised

grab the promised hope with both hands

this new plan =covenant I’m making with israel isn’t going to
be written on paper,
isn’t going to be chiseled in stone;
this time i’m writing out the plan IN THEM


carving it out on the lining of their hearts
i’ll be their God
they’ll be my people

we can LIVE all OUT FOR GOD

stick it out

because we are NOT QUITTERS! who lose out
on no, we’ll stay with it and survive, trusting, ALL the WAY!

shoot adrenaline in your SOULS today

God HIMSELF is FIRE…the God in the burning bush…oh man i LOVE this word picture

that my God…the One who loves me through all my junk..is on FIRE!

so let’s go outside where Jesus is
not trying to be privileged insiders
the inside world is not our home

let our hearts be stirred by sibi’s post the new church lady?

let’s light our hearts on fire by the God of FIRE and burn for Him so others
can see and know God is real..He is personal

He longs to be a part of your story
he can take all the back story and begin to recycle it into something beautifully useful

there has been years of pain to get to this exodus home…and the news i will be sharing in the next few days
i am struggle with feeling guilty about but truly…i am overcoming that with trust.  why?
because God is doing a work…not just this house but He is doing a work in hearts right now
it is His work!  it is about God…not a house.  it is about relationship.  a relationship with God

to show us…HIM
that believing in HIM….letting go of self help…and casting ourselves all over Him
allows Him to do BIG things…He WANTS us to live out our dreams…HE PLANTED those DREAMS inside you
we have gotten waaaay to man made in our faith

it is time to set your world on FIRE and begin
together with God our GRAND WORD of ART

photo (11)

oh darling shirt is available in the SHOP

because what i am tasting …now…of God
i want MORE of..not the things…HIM

and hebrews tells me…as well as every other book in the bible that there is so much MORE of God
that we will never get full!!  it satisfies like nothing else i have ever tasted
the more i step out in trust the MORE LOVED i feel
the MORE SEEN i feel

i am now choosing to build my life on trust when hard things come understanding that it is these hard things
that are teaching me to be able to run farther and faster

that God has a story to tell

no one else has my story
no one else has YOUR story

lets together be the adventurous pioneers of our time so the next generation can look back and say
they never quit!

they endured
they believed God
and let’s by our faith…our running the race and not quitting

set others FREE to to do the same
imagine the landscape of america if this kinda of fire was burning brightly

instead of telling with our mouths what we stand against

let’s start showing by how we LIVE…how BIG GOD is…and let GOD do the work
after all HE is the spirit that moves hearts

not ranting and raving and pointing fingers

one last thought
there is NO END to the parameters of your life when we choose to LIVE BRAVE

i will be sharing this key in the photo above and its meaning later this week..  praying your heart is stirred
to let go of all that is holding you down and look to the ONLY ONE who will lead you out if you will be strong
and courageous and TRUST






Libbee Rose - Very encouraged!
Thank you so much for being willing to share your story with us… Thank you for being brave

Patty Page - Thank you so much for the encouraging and empowering words! I
Love the lyrics to the song “Hallelujah, All I have is Christ! Hallelujah, Jesus is my life!”

lissa - So here’s what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him. Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out. Readily recognize what he wants from you, and quickly respond to it. Unlike the culture around you, always dragging you down to its level of immaturity, God brings the best out of you, develops well-formed maturity in you. Romans 12:1-2

This is what I see God doing in you and it’s an amazing thing! It encourages me to keep running towards the goal as well!! So much love to you!!! And that photo!!! It still captures my heart!!! Grand babies!!!!

Glenda Childers - Happy to be on the journey with you, dearest … becoming grand works of art (with God’s help.)


Lemonade Makin' Mama - GIrl.. you are truly ON FIRE right now. I just love it!! God is doing big things!!

BARBARA NELSON - Strong courageous and trust, Amen. Keep your heart open and you will get to where he needs you to be.

marlece - I’m reading the Circle Maker right now. Good stuff in there. And this post made me cry. I’m hearin’ you girl!

Kelly Cach - LIVE BRAVE….you are speaking right to my heart!

Loving you.
Praying for you.

Kelly :)

kerrie - Well you have me on edge waiting for what you have next to share. I remembered the community that we almost bought a house in 14 yrs. ago…Winterset in Lee’s Summit, MO. near Longview Lake. Do you know where that is? Anyways, I am guessing…maybe you got your house on Auction. I look forward to seeing how beautiful you and your daughters make it. Your grandies are the cutest ever!!!! I look forward to having some someday. xxo

carissa fox - i really have no words… this has struck such a chord with me… i have no words.
but in a good thankful for you… and your sharing… kind of no words.
if that makes sense?

soaking in.

gonna have to read your heart through a few times.
He is speaking through you!

love you.

and that pic of your grand babies!
what beautiful precious kiddos!

our exodus home…

friday january 31, 2014

i picked up the keys to my exodus home


the following words were on january 31 daily bible reading.  i couldn’t BELIEVE it!!  what??  this is what it said..i underlined them and wrote them in my journal as circle prayers..

you must remember this day forever each year  you will celebrate it as a special festival to the LORD – exodus 12:14

this night had been reserved by the LORD to bring out His people from the land of egypt =slavery – exodus 112:42

this day will be the anniversary of your exodus – exodus 13:4

i hadn’t got one foot in the inside the promised land and i came face to face with some giants…

and i can’t wait to spill more of my story

i wanted to turn tail and run…

there is nothing to turn up the volumne in your life than to move and have your daughter and husband and the four grand kids come…simultaneously

all while having a winter storm warning

while the snow maybe falling outside..inside we are laughing so hard our sides hurt watching the grand babies dance in the kitchen to katy perry’s new song .. don’t judge (i wink)
i am LOVING having my hair “did”

it is CRAY i tell ya!!

i can’t WAIT to tell you what we have planned for the house
oh!  be sure to check out my adventurous partner in her simple new style

my daughter and husband and the four kiddos leave thursday morning so i am closing the computer for the night and snuggling into bed with reed.  it is his turn to sleep with grandma

love you all so much!


terri - yayyyy! congrats tiffini on the NEW HOUSE! it is beautiful! cant wait to see how you are going to decorate it!!! you deserve this!!! xoxoxo

You’re HOME!!!!!!!!

Can’t wait to follow along on the journey….

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Okay WHAT?? You’ve got a new house?? Girl!!!! I am so excited for you!! :) I left a comment here this am on my phone but it wouldn’t go through. I just said that I wanted to know the details and share in your joy. Been missing ya as I’ve had my nose to the grindstone.

kerrie - First I just LOVE how God speaks so directly to our hearts. Awesomeness. Your home reminds me so so much of when we lived in Missouri. We almost bought a house similar to yours but it was two story. It had land all around it like yours with no fencing and was near a lake. I loved the community and your exodus home brings those memories to mind. Nothing looks like that here in California where they build homes practically on top of each other. I am so excited for you. You are loved. xxo

barbara - I am smiling BIG right know God is good always. Such a great feeling to have a sweet friend get what she has earned & deserve!!

Pat Allen - God is good! As Max Lucado told us last Sunday, “”God wants us to come out of the wilderness and enter the Promised land! Aren’t you tired of the wilderness? glory days await you!

Pat. Aka yolie0404

Kelly Cach - This is a teaser of a post….Aaaahhh! But I’ll totally forgive you since you get to play the grandbaby card ;)

So happy for you. And every Sunday, someone specific comes to my mind and on my heart during our service. This Sunday it was you :).

the yes i have been eluding too & how it came when i was stripped naked…

i don’t want to forfeit the miracle
to NOT hear the One Who owns the fire in the burning bush

it is more than a sign business friends
more than a house
it is more than my story
than a growing blog or instagram or pinterest
or any diy project

don’t get me wrong...it is the business that God is using to help on the road out and i am overwhelmed with gratefulness
God-smacked..or shell shocked might be better verbage
but i believe with all my heart God has a bigger purpose…BIGGER plans for all of us in whatever dream we are pursuing
my heartbeat underneath everything God is doing is my love for Him..to KNOW Him more…to grow deeper
as i grow older and to live the rest of my life LOVED by Him and to find greater freedom from my own man-made
ways to fill all the empty places in my life…and i pray that for each of YOU too!!



i have been at the end of my rope…for a very long time

jan silvious once said that letting go is the hardest challenge you face because it requires you to lay down every weapon, hook, rope, cord, or device you have for maintaining control…when you let go you determine to trust that God himself will faithfully handle whatever situation your letting go creates – from foolproofing your life

the YES i have been eluding to is my first ever HOUSE!!  all on my own
and WHY is this such a big deal?  and WHY am i sharing a personal information with you

because it is something that only God could have done.
and because i pray it gives YOU hope i will be sharing the back story to all of this as we go.   i have wrung my heart and hands for years over choices that were made over and over again without my consent with our finances.  long story short – it ruined our/my credit beyond repair to where i can get nothing by credit.  cash it is.  which in some ways i guess can be a good thing.  at 45.. when you’ve never owned a home..your truck is 10 years old and needs repairs…your girl needs braces..you know all that kind of stuff you can’t just go out and do it.  you have to save for it OR go without and anyone who has gone through this knows that it just adds lots more stress to your life.

so for years i agonized over all of THIS…finances are just a slice of the pie of course but it explains the no resources to have a home

however – God has been watching over His word to perform it…you know He does that right?
i am beginning to see this is where He does His best work

i feel so loved by Him…so SEEN
i don’t know that i have experienced Him in this way before
that He is truly is acting as my husband like He promised in isaiah 54: 1-17
the years of verses He gave me that i have recorded in my journal…i see coming true right before my very eyes…

i have no words for it..but face on the ground weeping..thanking Him
i believe the years it has taken to be at this place in time has made it all the more deep
it is encouraging me to go forward
to trust more
to pray through…and not GIVE UP
girls…i am talking 15 years of wilderness that looked much like jeremiah’s description

walking after emptiness they became empty?
and did they not say, “where is the LORD?”
who brought us up out of the land of egypt,
who led us through the wilderness,
through a land of deserts and of pits,
through a land of drought and of deep darkness,
through a land that no one crossed
and where no man dwelt….jeremiah 2

traveled down roads like this much?  

i am seeing rivers being made in the desert
and springs springing up where there weren’t any
He is making an exodus for me and the kids
after 15 soul tiring years God is making
a road out…

i see these years being recycled for our good and God’s glory
and i could just SHOUT it from the rooftops
i wish every blogger could just hit publish on the post that says
God’s POWER is limitless — He is faithful to the wilderness years..to the wrong choices..to the fleeing out of fear
He NEVER leaves us..ever.  NO MATTER WHAT.  He can use all our junk to make something beautiful and USEFUL to
others…ok ok….believe it…share it…it is TRUE!!
oh how hard i pray ALL for His glory
He is teaching me to be thankful
to trust Him
He has been taking baby steps with me
earning my trust

He is showing me that His power really is limitless
that all the bible stories that i know by heart  that He is all of those things for me too…and for YOU!

this is a  God sized dream that scares me half to death–but shouldn’t it?  maybe this means i am on the right road for once?
if it is GOD SIZED shouldn’t it be too BIG?
and being afraid just makes sense if we can’t do it with our own resources right?

oh abba…my God, You are bringing us home to a land you have prepared for me – You have laid out this gift before me
give me the courage to take it

i am now circling all of my life with verses God have given me over the last years…that i have scribbled in my journal
adding new ones as He shows them to me
have you read the circle maker…it is amazing.  you won’t regret it

this new land will have giants in it
but it will also have milk and honey.  provision.  abundance
this is a way i have never been before
a land not yet sown
so i must follow You..keeping my focus on You to know where to go

i must depend on you for resources because i don’t have any of my own
do you know how HARD this is to DO?  oh my…i automatically want to grab anything i can other than God..
so daily this is the battle…taking up courage and following God when i can’t understand or see a.single.thing
and i can do the work you set out for me with my whole heart
YOUR part + my part = covenant

because when you strip a human being naked of every device that he puts his trust in you come face to face with you emptiness..your inability to save yourself …

friends…i was so beyond being able to save myself.  i have been in a static state of trust wondering if EVER there was going to be a breakthrough…

real raw faith is believing when there is no absolute way we can do it ourselves.  we can’t pull out a credit card, secure a loan, our health is failing, we have no family or friends in which to strike a deal, we can’t land that job…whatever…you fill in the blank

we are at the end of our own rope..and everyone else’s rope…
we are naked before God

it is the God of the universe bending down…looking out over all creation for hearts that are ready to risk it all
to step out beyond their resources..way beyond their comfort
to take up the courage to answer their calling
maybe He really does delight in giving good gifts to His people
maybe He really is the knight in shining armor…ready to ride in and sweep us off our feet at the first cry at the end
of that rope?

but stripped of all those things..and left with no resources..is THIS where real adventure begins?  
have i been missing it all these years?

what about YOU?  what do you think about all of this.  i would LOVE to hear your heart?  have we been to man-made in our spirituality and trusting in our own means?  maybe all these hard places are really opportunities to RISK…




lissa - oh girl! I need your BIG faith to rub off on me like transfer paper! That is what you’re doing you know, when you share all the He has done. You are encouraging us in our faith that it can always be BIGGER that trust can always be STRONGER that God can always be COUNTED on and that HOPE can always be restored.

Debra @ MsMoozys Open House - Thank you hun for yet another reminder that HE is greater then all things, just because we can not see HOW THIS WILL EVER GET BETTER He can! This is the hardest thing for me on this journey of finding my Lord is the “letting go”! I have always been the one in the driver seat, making choices and dealing with the consequences but now I have to let Him drive and that is scary. THANK YOU for this reminder and I just love your openness and honesty.

Tara - YAY!!!!!!
I was soooooo hoping for your exodus home!!! Every time I see something you’ve pinned for it, I pray “Lord, let it be!!!”

Do I ever understand needing control!! Needing to know the plan…scared to death to be caught off guard.
In his grace, he’s allowed me to be caught off guard..to see my frailty…my need for him!!!!

I loved when you wrote that he has been teaching you to trust him for YEARS..me too. He’s been so gentle..so patient..so loving and kind!!!!!

He has taught me to trust in his protection…that one has been hard but SO good!!!!

Love to you, friend!!!! Celebrating your YES in the biggest way!!!!!


Becky - God of the universe bending down…whoosh this gives me goosebumps. He’s gonna rock your world sweet vulnerable girl. Big giant things. I just know it. Thank you for always laying out your heart.

LLH Designs - This is so, so BIG! I’m celebrating this God-sized dream and God-sized blessing with you! Proud of you for being brave with your story…brave IN your story. He is a faithful, true, good, powerful, mighty lover of your soul! XO!

Kerrie - A home is so important. It is our safe shelter, our sanctuary, our ‘belonging’ place as your blog name reminds us. I am so happy for you. Thanking God. This is a new year of His dawn. I have been hearing His LIGHT shines in the darkness and the darkness can not comprehend it. He has given me my home this year too. Something only He could do. Through it all He continued to assure me that this home belongs to Him, not the banks, or anyone else. It is His and He has given it to us as a sanctuary … A shelter of peace to abide with Him in. And to end this comment with what I just read tonight…Dt. 1:31 “You saw how your God, carried you, as a man carries his child, all along your journey until you arrived at this place.” xxo Kerrie

Sarita - I love where you write that you feel SEEN by God! Wow! How powerful that is! We know that God sees us,our needs,but to realize that we are SEEN is awesome! Ok,I’m out of exclamation points!
Congrats on this new road God is giving to you and family.


giosmama2626 - Wonderfully written. I have found such comfort in this post. Thank you for sharing and for being faith, hope and trust into my heart today.

That print is tooooooo special. Will you be listing it in your shop?

Ashley - There are no words to describe how perfect it was for me to read this blog post this morning. Jesus is alive. This truly was fresh bread to me today. Thank you for being faithful and raw and allowing God to use you. Blessings sister.

Bryn Shoffstall - WOW Tiffini! Your writing has been such an encouragement! God continues to blow me away too! Just this last week, I went to the Bible book store to find a different & challenging book on prayer. We have faced many a trail, with the most recent being our 15 yr old daughter diagnosed with a mental disorder. After weeks of grieving and realizing our minute by minute struggle for her life/soul was so beyond me but NOT MY GOD! At the book store, He took me right to the book ‘Circle Maker”. And here you are, talking about it too! It was exactly what I was craving and needing! I have literally felt like God has stripped every thing I want to control, out of my hands this past year, and as hard as it has been – I would do it all over again! What better place to be than stripped down and resting in His overwhelming protection! I love your ‘YOUR part + my part = covenant’ which reminded me of a similar phrase from my Bible Study “Stronger” by Angela Thomas. She says: My __________ + God’s Strength = His Glory (fill in the blank with: depression, sickness, deficit, finances, insecurities,etc.) We ARE 1 Peter 2:9 A chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation , a people for God’s OWN possession, that WE MAY proclaim His excellencies (paraphrased)!! Keep shining and bringing glory to His name Tiffini – you are such an encouragement to all the rest of us who are struggling to keep God in His rightful place during hard trials! For HIS glory! Bryn

terri - blessings tif! sharing your story is so amazing in my humbled opinion! it takes great strength to share with the world our hurt and anguish that we often endure. god DOES have a bigger plan for you and sometimes we do not always recognize or see it at the present but you are embarking on a new journey. many times I have questioned my life and why things have turned out as they have. I have questioned repeatedly over and over, but I have learned that there is a time and season for everything and everyone and only God knows what our destiny holds. We may not always understand but I know in my heart that there is something better on the horizon even though it may have been an up road battle filled with winding, twisting paths! hugs to you! you deserve the best! xoxo

barbara - You are loved by HIM yes you are! Take it and run girl, thank you for sharing your story what a lovely story he has giving you to show us all that there is a God with us no matter what and that when we are ready to listen and open our hearts it will happen!!
So happy & proud of you sweet Girl, can’t wait to whiteness the rest of your beautiful story!!
Happy day!

Nancy N. - (Oh, happy day)
Oh, happy day
(Oh, happy day)
Oh, happy day

He taught me how, how to watch
How to fight and pray, fight and pray
And living rejoicing everyday

Oh, happy day
(Oh, happy day)
Oh, happy day
(Oh, happy day)

So happy for you!!

Janie Fox - I am so excited to see pix of your home. You are so loved!! It is an exciting thing to watch as God works in a life. He is all in this and I love it so much! You continue to be in my prayers!!

carissa... brown eyed fox - my hair is standing up on end!
so thrilled for you.
so happy!

and as i read this… soak in every word…
i pray selfishly…
His words… through you… penetrate my soul.
open up!
you are such a fighter.
i mean hands up… face down… knocked down… back up… the real deal.
thankful to get to read along in your journey.
goodness… the lives you touch by sharing.
it multiplies.
it’s transforming.

can’t wait to see your home.
you iN your home!!!!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Yeah we sure think along the same lines. I so love your heart. And that picture is stunning by the way!! :)

susan@avintagefarmwife - Hugs, Tiffini! Just great bigs hugs!

shari - First time I’ve read portions of your blog…
You are a Warrior…
I just keep hearing and singing
“His Eye is on the Sparrow”
Sharing the raw parts of your heart takes
so much strength…may you always hear the
whispers of God’s heart.