surgery scheduled & the winner of the fierce sign

honestly?  i have been wearing many hats lately.  running a business..growing lots and lots of hard work
i am learning it is blood sweat and tears on my part and then letting God do His part
which means the down time i do have is usually spent answering etsy convo’s..planning the next days workload and putting something in my mouth to eat…cleaning house .. oh and i do find time to eat Mexican with my mom and girls!!  i love Mexican food!!

it leaves little time to peruse my favorite blogs and leave comments
answering back comments on my own blog
all of which i miss terribly!!

but you know–it is part of growth.  it is a season.  for me..i know i cannot do everything- we aren’t meant to.
i can only do so many things and do them well so some things have to be set aside for a time.  and i am learning not to feel false guilt
or take on pressure that isn’t mine to take…you know?

and that is ok!

and honestly… i passionately love what i am doing and where i am at right now

i feel like i have been given a second chance in life..i am feeling better and stronger than i have felt in years
it has been a year april 28 since i had major surgery having my colon removed and a colostomy bag.  since then, i had another surgery to create a new pouch that takes the place of my rectum made out of my small intestine ( crazy right ) and then april 21 i will have the last and final surgery where they will hook it up and remove the bag.  while i am beyond grateful for this process, having a bag has been…life-alteringly HARD!!  and while i am super duper excited to not have a bag i am aware there will be some months of healing and adjusting to the new way of doing things.  it will be hard.  but I AM READY:)

i will never be “normal” again.  there will be things i won’t be able to eat.  there are some issues that pop up with jpouch’s and energy levels always seem to be an issue and dehydrating but being on this side of severe ulcerative colitis and having such a poor quality of life i will take this anyday!!

God has been my strength.  He chose me for my weakness…it has been through these hard places that i am willing to be teachable, by His grace, to be taken deeper into trusting Him

giving Him a real chance to prove Himself to me


i am trying to learn everything i can from this experience and one thing i have been practicing is LIVING BRAVE!
to STOP DOING WHAT ISN’T WORKING..and figuring out why i keep going back

creating a new future – living day-tight as mark batterson says:)

nikki and i have so many things coming up–i have some fun news that i will share soon too:)

all of this being said
PLEASE know i think of you all often.  i do!  it is the way i am made.  i know those of you who pray with me..and for me and encourage me are part of the reason i am this far in the journey.  i am SO looking forward to the next part of the adventure–and i think it really will be an adventure!!

if i am to tell my story…i have to be at that place to help others get out…so this season of my life is part of that story
it is part of what i am to teach but i have to “live” it first…does that make sense?

ok…now for the winner!

we had 313 comments and random number generator choose 105

Ashley – ashmcferrin on ig –

i asked ONE thing you want to do this summer and Ashley said, ” my kids have been begging to go fishing for the first time…
so this summer i want to go fishing!….have fun is one of summers highlights:)…xo

whoo hoo girlie!!  email me at with your address and it is boxed and ready to come home:)




Deb - I am so happy for you!!!! I’ve been following you through your surgery. What wonderful news. Many more blessings to you!!!!
Warmest Wishes~
Deb ;)

BARBARA N - Oh you are non-stop or I should say On Fire!! I remember your first surgery you came out beautifully and you family was just full of love for you. This one God will see you through it as he did the others!!

Have a great day!

Ter'e - I love this………

That’s exactly what I am feeling – being away from my grown kids!!!! Somehow….I am going to convince David to move back to KC. I have no idea how this will happen………but I am praying hard that it will.

Kelly Cach - YES! Yes I DO know what you mean….trying not to feel false guilt, taking the pressure off. I’m trying to do that too. :) So excited for you and your final surgery!!! Will be praying!

Suzanne - Your courage and grace continues
to inspire all who know you. Good
luck with the surgery ahead’

xo Suzanne

now i am a warrior & an instagram giveaway for YOU…

i am dropping the tailgate down…jump up…let’s talk
i’ll share my heart tiffini style…( making no sense..ha!)
then i want to listen to yours…that is what we would do if we were together today..
we’ll start the week off on the deep end and then end it on a lighter note…


the GIVEAWAY is at the end of the post..i will never know you don’t read a word…xo

i have been working on taking back my life and i am giving it to the One who can put all the pieces together again

i stand before the One who knows all of me
i can hide nothing from Him

pieces of my broken self is dying off so the new me can rise up from the fire

a warrior

i can’t get back the years
i can’t make up for it all by sacrificing myself .. punishing myself

i can’t
i’ve spent so many years trying to make my fairy tale life come true
you know when you grow up without a daddy you seek love from all the wrong places
you can manipulate someone into staying with you so you can create that perfect family with until
one day you wake up in survival mode desperately trying to bail the water out of the lifeboat
but the water is pouring in faster than you can bail it out..there are 5 kids and you
and only 5 life preservers…who is sacrificed today..the water rises even more toxic
i ultimately stayed in a relationship that i thought was giving my kids what i never had but it was a lie..
laying them on the altar and sacrificing them and me while eroding our hearts from the inside out

i can’t change someone else.  i tried
it really comes down to owning my story by changing myself

i am learning that owning the story also means i can write new chapters
i can change the characters
i can create a new plot

i am not powerless
i am not a victim
i am not helpless

all those stories i tell myself about myself are FEARS!!
they are lies that keep me living a life in circles
always going back when i step to far out in to spaciousness and freedom

and you begin to create life preservers..for everyone..but most importantly..yourself


i have waited for years for “change”
i have lived years accepting responsibility for stuff that was not mine really believing it was
and this wasn’t the only relationship i do this with
come to find out “taking responsibility for others” is something i do as easily as i breathe”
so i have allowed God room to work in my heart.  to radically change me.  i am a rebel at heart

i always have been i guess
maybe a little david..a little peter
i am learning to submit all of me to use what is weak
for His glory so that my weakness are saturated in His Power

and in so many ways and on so many levels
what i’m doing “feels” so wrong and i am learning to not live on feelings but in faith
new territory remember?  never been this way before…
but deep in my soul
i believe there are slaves in captivity…in eygpt
that need to be led out of captivity into the promised land

i have decided to be a jesus follower..not a “christian” or a “religious” person
it is time to break the chains
forage a new land
walls are crumbling…His wind words are burning inside hearts
i can feel them blowing all around me as i am taking back my life
in grace and truth

you want to know what i am finding as i am taking back my life?

i was broken and bruised
out of the ashes i am burning like a fire

all the pain and the truth
i wear like a battle wound
so ashamed and confused
i am not broken or bruised
now i am a warrior
i have thicker skin

i am a warrior ( you are more than a conqueror )
i am stronger than i’ve ever been ( when i am weak – He is strong = i am God-strong
my honor is made of steel ( i have the armor to put on )
you can’t get in ( because i am surrounded by favor from the one who is fire in the bush )
you can never hurt me (
there is a part of me i can’t get back ( now you are a reborn into a new life )

a little girl grew up to fast
nothing left you can say

cause you were never going to take the blame anyway
it is time to stop waiting ( move forward )
i have seen so many people die in waiting!
they wait their whole life away

leave us alone here in egypt – we’re better off as slaves in egypt than as corpses in the wilderness  exodus 14: 12

going back to what doesn’t work BUT we know it inside and out don’t we?
it is comfortable
it is our safety net..

we take 10 steps in and the ground quakes with approaching giants
a finger pushes hard into our deepest fears
what are we going to do?

we retreat

how hungry are we?

the red sea scene is filled with passion!
God’s people being so afraid!!
but taking God at His word

ought we to do the same?

the above is being a jesus follower…not 60 minutes on sunday
it is living the Word out in everyday real life

it is galations 5:25-25!

Since this is the kind of life we have chosen, the life of the Spirit, let us make sure that we do not just hold it as an idea in our heads or a sentiment in our hearts, but work out its implications in every detail of our lives. That means we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. We have far more interesting things to do with our lives. Each of us is an original

what is engaging 60 minutes a week and then live a life that is no different than the world?
i ask myself these same questions!

the choice can go something like this

are you going to stay sick
do you want to be healed and made whole?

abba showed me something last week as i was having a hard morning and i couldn’t put my finger on it.  i left the house for work with a to do list running long in my mind which turned into a heavy weight and hot irritation

and it sends you straight over the edge at one bump

so anyway – i was driving down the road with no radio cause sometimes it it to much noise for my head and i wanted “still”

and here is what i heard

daughter, why are you carrying it?  it is MY WORK
and you are carrying the whole weight of it as if it was YOURS

what? i was momentarily stunned

wouldn’t you know  the first giant i meet is my deepest fear

the bulls eye at the core of my insecurity

BAM!  just like that
so naturally i grab hold of it and start controlling it as if i can…

but God already went before me right?  remember He tells us that
so He put the circle maker and now all in…in my path

not a coincidence btw…

it is helping to connect the dots
i always ask for God to help me understand HOW TO “do” His word
HOW does that look in real life…i so often don’t understand at first

how do i take those pieces of verses and change me…

you too?

so what was i doing?

i started worrying about how i was going to do all of it

there is a whole other part of this story i can’t share of course
suffice it to say
we are in the thick of it and it is coming down to the one question i have feared for years

it is being narrowed down
God and me
though He slay me YET will i praise Him

so i gave it back…and again and again
it is His work
He can handle it
it is way bigger than i could ever dream
so i am circling my jerico
praying for wisdom
trying to bridle my hurt-anger
standing on the promise that

God will fight the battle for me while i am inwardly STILL!!

we can throw the word brave and courage around like candy..much like i’m sorry and i love you

but when the pestle of life relentlessly grounds you round and round…squeezing out all the fear down to the raw meat

it can get bloody real
real quick

what about you?
do you feel like this sometimes too?

are you going to give me a chance to prove myself to you daughter?
love, abba

THIS is my loaded question today..

it’s time to burn the plow
no looking more living more egypt

no more slavery

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winner will be announed in wednesday’s post…


Glenda Childers - “Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it.” I Thessalonians 5:24

(My parents life verse.)


Diane - This summer I hope to enjoy the beautiful hot days playing with my Joy Boys, (grandsons) and be grateful for every minute!

Monica - Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

Sarita - You are are listening. You are growing. You are blessed. You are a daughter of THE KING….you are….


lissa - it’s so exciting what God is doing in you!! Watch out wordl! Still loving the Lord and his words of “are you going to let me prove myself” That’s one to write in a journal! So good!! Hope it is sunny for you again today. Have a blessed rest of your week!

Lemonade Makin Mama - “Though He may slay me, yet will I praise HIM.”… amen! I nodded my head so many times as I read your words. Had a very tough weekend with serious faith struggles…. yet I know He was so present and wanted me to just roll it all over into His hands. And let it go… why is that so hard?

Loved sitting on the tailgate with you friend. :)

Suzan - WOW! Your post…that song…your words…I have so many thoughts and words, but don’t know how to share my heart like you. So beautiful and so touching! That song speaks my very own words and I struggle to be strong, to be beautiful in God’s eyes, to allow Him to speak to me, to Be Still. I long for a closeness with Him like never before, but the wounds and hurts of what I endured, cause me fear, and I all too often give I to the lies of the enemy. YOU are an encouragement to me and I am thankful God crossed our paths

Susan Jeffries - I just soaked in every word Tiffani – and it made perfect sense!:) I got down to the song lyrics and it took me a minute to realize that it is Warrior! My daughter has been bullied at school over the past year and she is doing her dance solo to this song this year! She performed for the first time last weekend and I literally sobbed through the whole thing. I mean the shoulders heaving kind of crying. It was beautiful(: and sweet and perfect. I want her to know that, although God does not promise her a life free from pain, that He will never leave her side. I pray that she continues to walk with Him during her journey. My house is full of your precious signs, but this one would be perfect for my girl. Power on warrior friend! Susan

susan@avintagefarmwife - Tiffani!
So glad you are breaking free, girl. About a year ago, someone asked me the question,”Do you want to be healed?” Straight from scripture and this time it clicked. I repented of something that had held me captive for over 30 years and He FREED ME of it! Praise Jesus. xoxo

Stacey Monaco - I can’t remember exactly how I found you…I think somehow I came across some of your work on Instagram, and now I have found your words, and they are rambling bits of of beautiful poetic purpose. Roar, Tiffini, roar…He is making you a mighty lioness of virtue and wild wisdom. Roar sweet sister.

this is worth fighting for & a winner

i needed to be encouraged…and i thought just maybe YOU did too

maybe your THIS is cancer, divorce, rejection, discouragement, depression, loneliness, or something so terrible it shouts but remains unnamed?  whatever is pounding loudly in your mind, your body, your soul, let me…let US be YOUR balcony person today..yes?

let me hug you with my words.  let me wallpaper your soul to mine.  let me encourage you to sing God’s song, and let me remind you that the song in YOU is His idea


hear me when i say the apostle paul did not lie when he wrote, ” long ago, even before He made the world, God CHOSE .. US! me and be His very own

i’m leaning way, way over your balcony railing; i’m waving my coat above my head, and i’m yelling above the frightening noises of your world, ” i love you!  i believe in you and your abilities!  you can do it!  keep at it!  keep on!!  He’s here beside me..our Abba..and He’s beaming with delight in YOU!  yes, that’s right, He’s here, and He’s not sitting down

YOU are His child, He is your father.  His coat is off too, and we are both in your balcony cheering YOU on together!!
–excerpt from balcony people by joyce heatherley

wasn’t that good?  i want to that kind of  balcony person.  and i need balcony people
i have struggled this week with something and through a song God reminded me that i am standing with an army

that i am not alone
that i just have to look around…and look up
there really are people in my balcony..cheering me on and up
rooting for me

and friend…look around…look up
i’m waving my hoodie for you!!  with tears streaming down my face
i am cheering you on…YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE IT


THIS is Worth Fighting For T is in the SHOP

when nikki & i saw these words we knew we had to create a tshirt
all of the items in the shop are inspired and pulled from our life

here is part of our mission statement i felt led to write one night
i want to make it into a sign for the shop–God’s shop
it is a joy and a gift to do what we do and we are humbled..truly
at your support of our business but more than that..of our hearts
in the words of ann voscamp
all is grace

2014 mission


thank you for sharing your adventures with us
it was awesome to read each one!!

the winner of the circle maker book  is kahra!!  number 21!  email me at with your address and i will have it mailed right out to you
ps..i wish i could send you tickets to paris too…don’t quit your daydream…layla @letteredcottage


Rachel - Tiff, this is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you for sharing a bit of your soul with us!

paige - you are an awesome balcony friend!
and i love your heart of encouragement!!
sending some your way today as well!!
your creations NEVER cease to amaze me…oh & i loved seeing a little ‘darling adventurers’ at whatever craft weekend!!!!

Casey Mackie - Hello!
I stumbled upon your Instagram a month or so back and I just have to tell you how it has encouraged me. I love your heart and yet I don’t even know you.. I understand now why God calls us brothers and sisters in Christ. There is something beautiful we as believers share and how a connection is made at the mention of Jesus’ name. Its a relationship shared all around the world.. something so deep and clear that you actually can feel the sister to sister relationship through words or pictures on social media.. All creation crying out in praise to Him.
When I saw the shirt this morning with stating “this is worth fighting for” something sparked inside of me.. I have never been on your site before but I felt I had to visit this morning..
I work with a ministry that builds relationships with women that are caught in the sex industry.. They are truly the most beautiful women.. and I always meet Jesus there.. those words on that shirt is what he has wrote on my heart for the last 4 years.. this.. this and these women are worth fighting for.. and man has it been a battle. As much as we fight for them the enemy is fighting overtime to keep them enslaved. I don’t know why I am writing you but maybe is just to ask you to help us pray over these ladies.. Who knows..
Thank you for your ministry.. and for your obedience to the Lord. You my sister are reaching women you may never meet here on this earth.. I can only imagine the greeting you will receive in heaven one day:) I’ll be in line:) Hope you have a very blessed day:)

lissa - you are one of the best cheerleaders I know and I totally see you on that balcony cheering us all on in our walks! You go girl! God has amazing plans in store for you. Don’t let go!

Lemonade Makin Mama - So in love with your words my friend. I needed them today. Been a hard week in my neck of the woods and I’m not convinced it’s going to get better today but I suppose that’s just hormones. Grr.

BARBARA N - Rah Rah he he I was a cheerleader in High School you would have been a great addition to our squad! So happy for you and I will keep your in my heart!!

Suzanne - It’s lovely when cheering
goes both ways…..Sending
hugs your way, sweet friend!

xo Suzanne

sheri - Hi Sweet Tiff – Cheering for you! So happy for you and praying for your future. You are rocking your shop and this blog. Love you! xoxoxo

Kahra - Yikes! I can’t believe I won! I am so excited! I emailed you my information! Thanks so much for being such a blessing!

our paint color..thrifted shutters..and a giveaway

its kinda fun…just us girls
that is how we roll most days

so when the weatherman said there was a winter storm coming
instead of dashing off to target with everyone else scooping up all the bread and milk

we went to brass armadillo to see if there were any fun architectural pieces for the home!

we didn’t walk away empty handed
we found a pair of really awesome weathered shutters for either side of our kitchen window

one side was mostly green

the other was the grey that we really squealed over!!..layla shared about this stuff that you can paint over all the chippy to
keep it from flaking off so we ordered some through amazon

Non-yellowing sealer made to use on top of white or chipping paint

above photo from lettered cottage:)

i am really wanting to keep the walls and main things really neutral and then add color in changeable places
cause i am prone to change…

as far as the main paint color
it chose us
we painted several squares of each color

glass of milk – martha stewart
swiss coffee – benjamin moore
classic grey – benjamin moore

House of Belonging

in the kitchen, living room and all three girls bedrooms

then we just lived with it for a couple of weeks.  letting the light from sunrise to sunset fall on it
the house chose the color really..

House of Belonging

classic grey won out much to my delight

we are loving how the light from the big windows washes the whole house with a happy glow!

i love coming home now..and that my friends is what paint color is all about…it is a cheap albeit laborious antidepressant!

now for my latest favorite read & a giveaway

i can’t tell you how much i loved the circle much so that i want to share one with YOU!!
if you’ve already read it .. enter anyway and give it to someone.  it could be a life changer for someone..or YOU:)

all you have to do to enter is:

if you could run away tomorrow on ANY ADVENTURE…where would you go?

leave it in the comments below and we will announce the winner in the next post!

easy peasy…:)

i want to leave you with rodney “gypsy” smith words from the book that wouldn’t leave me..and i pray they won’t leave you either
that they will MOVE us to draw a circle around our ourselves…

gypsy’s secret was revealed to a delegation of revival seekers, who asked him how God could use
them, just as He was using gypsy.  without hesitation, gypsy said, 
“go home.  lock yourself in your room.  kneel down in the middle of the floor, and with a piece of chalk
draw a circle around yourself.  
there on your knees, pray fervently and brokenly that God would start a revival 
within that chalk circle

oh abba…burn in our hearts…set us on fire from deep within to be your followers from this day forward
no longer religious rule followers…
raise up original jesus followers such as have never been seen before in our country…

:Source List:

Wall Color : Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore
Trim Color : Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Chairs : Restoration Hardware
Pillow : Ikea
Shutters : Local Antique Store





Debbie w - I would move to the beach…..just to walk the shores everyday! I would love to be the winner….I am the first to enter!

Rachel - If I could pick up and go anywhere, I would choose Rome. I have always wanted to visit Italy.

Kerrie - Looks so nice already. Your table looks industrial.. Where is it from? I love those chairs but oh my I find them uncomfortable.

If I wasn’t afraid to fly I would want to go to the English Seaside and also a day in London.

Melissa - I want to go to war ravaged Africa with my nursing degree and help all the children.

Birgitte - …just used grey paint too! Gray Owl and Stonington Gray (both by Benj Moore)

An adventure — I would choose an adventure of solitude/peace by the ocean. (northern Cali)


Yolanda McLean - A mountain and hike and gaze.

Ter'e - I would travel to the home of my birth, San Francisco. It is the one city that recharges me………I love to go back to where my Dad had his saloon and to the home of my very early childhood, when all was normal. Right now, just the thought takes me back to smelling sourdough baking and to the smells of Pier 39.
The hustle, bustle, wine, crab and wonderful street people.
Yes, my idea of childhood…… adult form, of course.

Gail - I would run away to a mountain cabin with my pets, music, a good book or two and all the things I need to sew, craft, and create. Not very sdventurous but what my soul is longing for.

jo - Off to the Cayman Islands with my man to sit for hours by the beach under a shade tree. Makes me happy just thinking about it. Thank you!

robin anne - I’d share a road trip with my BFF up through the mountains all the way to wyoming/montana, over to Washington and back. Just to spend time looking and photographing God’s creations.

Whitney - I would take off with the hubby to England and stay in B&Bs in the country side. Check out the little shops in the villages. Take the train and try to see as much of as we can.

Sarita - I wouldn’t run away to anywhere for an adventure. I would stay where I am and start a new adventure.

pve - my dear husband and I were just saying how much we would love to travel to New Zealand. I think there are so many wonderful places, but I always love coming home.
Thanks for sharing The Circle – I’d love to pass it on as I just ordered one this morning,
love my t-shirt which arrived today!

lissa - love the quote from circle maker. I have a free day today and it’s pouring rain outside so I may take some time to do just what you wrote here. It’s so necessary. :) Thanks for the inspiration. Your home is a breath of fresh air. :)

Patty Page - Definitely a sunny liitle beach town with a little beach cottage.

Janice - Somewhere warm with a beach.

Monica - I would run away to Texas. I have always wanted to live there on a beautiful ranch! Let me tell you I sure could use a getaway right about now. :)

Becky J - I would love to be somewhere that is 70 degrees…brrrrr, winter seems endless!

Erin McGinnis - I would pack my husband and I up and head to Ireland for the spring and summer. Hopefully rent a cottage in a valley with the sea at our front and the mountains to our backs. We would your the country and soak it all in.

Nicole - We would go to Boothbay, Maine.

Kahra - Paris, yes Paris would be the place!

Stephanie - I’m not sure where I would go… but I would really love to read that book:)Thanks!

brenda - if I could pick up and go anyplace and all the preparation had been taken care of, I would love to ck out Dollywood and hope to be there on a day Dolly was there. The craft part of the park sounds so appealing.

Mindy - Beautiful shutters! I would love to steal away to the beach and watch the waves crash in and out and marvel at all God has created.

Angela W. - I would take my 4th graders on an adventure around our state…to dig for diamonds, to fish in one of the rivers, to visit the farms of the Delta and the mountains of the Ozarks. Some of my students, sadly, have not been very far outside our town. I’d love to show this great state to them!

Maryellen - Italy, specifically Umbria!!

Tammy - My adventure would not be to to a destination. Oh how I would love to have the courage to follow my never ending dream of having the courage to start my own little shop of vintage finds and all that is beautiful and nurturing to the eye s well as the soul. I admire the journey you have been on. Your blog posts about the prayer circles has piqued my interest and I would LOVE to read this book. Blessings.

Pam Ballard - What a lovely giveaway. If I could go on an adventure it would be to rent a home/retreat on a beautiful warm island and be able to take and pay for my two grown children and granddaughter to go for like a week. We could all be together and enjoy a vacation.

Jackie - I would love to go back to the coast of Maine. We visited once, and I loved the coastal towns.

Castle - I would go love on babies…somewhere….hold and love them

Suzan - I have always wanted to go to Ireland! So, I would pack a bag and head overseas on a walking, driving, train riding tour and explore everything Ireland has to offer. :-)

Debra Lee - I would grab the hubs and take of to a remote island somewhere!

Sarah Hull - If I could run away tomorrow, I would pack up and go to the Italian countryside with my hubby! It is so beautiful there! Love your paint colors btw!

keep your proper distance daughter

its monday – is that a good thing?  not sure yet:)


we got a lot accomplished this weekend like making our menu and shopping for it
picked another color to try on our walls
we cleaned a lot
we purchased some things to make a few really awesome projects…hoping so anyway…:)

ate with family…always FUN:)  food…i love food

what did you do?

here is my dilemma today: i am a hard core runner!
i have some peter in me…i will not deny you jesus….i get ya peter…i do!!

not the kind that pounds the pavement however…although pavement has come into play
i am a runner aheader : the runner that when things are moving forward at an alarming rate i go just keep going without stopping to ask for directions
which has been known to find me hurled headlong INTO the pavement..only to come up bruised and bloody…ick!

nowadays — whether i really am wiser or i am just 45…you be the judge
i am more comfortable with acknowledging that while these tendencies can and are be used for awesome things
many time they have gotten me ahead of God

so this morning when i was aroused from my fitful sleep at 3:30 am…i thought i might as well grab a cup of coffee
and have a conversation with my abba

i told you here that i had been steeping in these verses ( yes, instead of running all over in the bible like i can do….this must be a tendency of mine…ha)

so i went to those verses AND read the rest of colossians…which btw i am really identifying with.  i think i might begin to memorize it…anyway

after all of that…writing in my journal things that were impressed on my heart – i turned to joshua and there i read

joshua was up early and on his way from shittim with all the people of israel with him.  he arrived at he jordan and camped before crossing over.  after three days, leaders went through the camp and gave out orders to the people: “when you see the covenant-chest of God, your God, carried by the levitical priests, start moving.  follow it.  make sure you keep a proper distance between you and it, about half a mile–be sure now to keep your distance!-and you’ll clearly see the route to take.  TIFFINI YOU have NEVER been this way before!! — joshua 3:1-4

ok..was that something i need to listen to?  to DO something with…well i think so!!

there is lots of action words here FOLLOW..start MOVING…i have been listening and moving–following when i feel God showing me too…but the reminder here..for me anyways

is to follow far enough behind God to be able to see which way He is showing me to go
REMEMBER - i have NEVER been this way before.  this is all new territory for me and i still feel like this picture!!

isn’t that awesome?  abba knows this about me and He knows i want to grow in this area
learn HOW to bridle this FIRE…does that make sense?  ok…hope so:)

it’s monday..yep and today i am going to practice rest.  not a static thing..i see it as a steady rhythm–moving through my busy day but instead of having my eyes to the grindstone i want to be focused upward and outward…ALERT to where abba is working..where i might need to take the next turn. just a restful moving through a monday..

what about your monday?  do you have a tendency to plunge in and not stop to see where the next step maybe?
what kind of runner are you…wink:)

next we are going to talk about paint colors and projects…and i laugh…cause God always is up to something right?




Sarita - God IS always up to something. Our eyes need to be open,our mouths quiet,and our hearts accepting of what He has in store for us. He’s the BEST!

Lissa - I am always trying to run ahead as well…. I think we have so much in common! We get inspired, work hard, and then plop into bed at night. I pray that He keeps speaking to you each day as he knows exactly what you need on a given day and that you continue to find rest as you climb into his arms at night!!