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Hi friends.  I’m in the hospital. A blessing.  I am finally able to get the medicine I need.  We are dealing with a system though so I would deeply appreciate your prayers for the 2 , 4 and 6 week induction to happen.

Give yourself a free gift today…a way to organize all of your beauty hunting.  Seriously, it is the one of the easiest things I’ve found of late. Next week, God willing we will head back out the the deep waters but for now enjoying a respite in the shallows.

The giving of time to think of all of you and all of mine and always pointing to… the all of Him.

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Happy Saturday,





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Eileen - Tiffini, I will be praying the meds kick in and give you some relief and also that the Lord will do what He does best…he's the Great Physician. Praying for healing for you.

Love you,


jeana - Praying for you to feel much better soon. Blessings to you.


Shari - My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be well. xoxo

Pam Balla - Sending you prayers
Trust God and Look to Him for
the peace that passes understanding

diana trautwein - So sorry you have to deal with this chronic disease – but so grateful you're getting help. Praying for you, though I don't know you at all, asking God to give you peace plus extra measures of both grace and wisdom. So many blessings…

Paula - Tiffini,

I'm praying to our Great Physician, the Healer of all,to comfort you now. I pray for your family to draw all of their strength from Him and for you to rest in His arms.

Much Love and Blessing my blogging friend!

Glenda Childers - Much with you in thoughts and prayers, dear Tiffini. Wish I was close and could also do something practical, like clean your house for you, while you recover. I am praying that God grants you favor with the system.



Stephanie - So glad to hear that you are getting the medicine you need. Will pray that God continues to provide blessings beyond measure. I love you bunches sweet Tiffini!

LuluMusing - Tiff, you will be close to my heart. You may be physically broken at the moment, but I'm betting on your spirit being intact. Hugs.

kristin - I am so sorry sweet friend! You are in my prayers!

Christy - I am sorry to hear you are in the hopsital Tiffini but very glad you are going to get the medicine you need…and hopefully the rest you need too. Prayers ascending!


another midnight awakening throwing off the covers and the chill of night air raises goosebumps as I make it just in time. I writhe over the wiping of blood..the fissures…I fold over and cry waiting for it to be done only to get settled back in bed only 5 minutes later to run again.

I fill a tub of numbing water.take a pill and wait.  One of my ongoing battles is the system of a free hospital.  This is a new frontier and one I am learning is unjust to human hearts.human lives. It is where we do business though..this shadowland.


This hospital is a  gathering place for brokenness.  Yes I can judge.   I leave and can’t stop wondering what their stories are. Are they really that much different than my own? If I could sit with them would I see them through a new set of eyes?  I’m drawn to the story.   If we could all just strip off our skin and show who we really are what would that look like?

Jesus offers us this ” If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.  Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way.” ( John 7:37-38 msg) Not just give eternal life but for each pang of want He gives.  In this shadowland we have to fight for medicine sometimes.    I am grateful that He has already fought the battle and won.  Tomorrow I am going to fight at a hospital.  Learn that I am worth asking…for help.  I am worth asking for help and I will be scared.

I wrap backup and close my eyes  telling Him I feel so alone and He says…Come and I will give … so I drank until I thirsted no more…of  Him holding me and slept.  In the middle of darkest night there He is.  Go.

I wish I had a comment section where your emails came to my emails so I could respond right back.  I had that on Blogger but not with WordPress.  Always know how much your support, encouraging words and prayers mean to me.  You are my community and I’m thankful.

xo happy friday,




**I suffer from and IBD disease Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis.  If anyone deals with this or knows of someone I would love to talk with you about it.


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Glenda Childers - Tiffini ~ I did not know that you had Chrone's Disease. I have had two friends with it, so know a little of the suffereing. I am so sorry. I pray this bout is healing well.



Amy Sullivan - T,
I had no idea you had Chrone's disease. Wow.

I love the question you pose: What would we look like without our protective skin? I was just talking to an old friend today, and telling her she is one of the few people who really knows me dirt and all. I love that she sees me for me and loves me just the same.

I'm like you. I'm drawn to people's stories.

Robyn Q - My dear friend, I hug you right now. My father in law suffered with ulcerative colitis. Today,I pray for your bread…the daily allotment to feed the heart and soul, to rest & relax the mind and to nourish and provide strength for the doing, along with the healing of the body.

Stephanie - Tiff, I was laying in the tub this morning (I do my best thinking here, LOL) and I just couldn't get the phrase living water out of my mind. Then I come here :)

Worth asking for help…worth receiving help. So many times we stay in pits of our own dumpyness just because we don't feel worth anything more. But I want you to know that you are worth it girlfriend! God will provide for those treatments, hopefully with insurance, but even if we have to start a "Tiffini is worth it" fund to pay for them, you are worth it girl!

Your are one astoundingly beautiful woman, inside and out. And I know you know this, but He would have died just for you Tiffini. Just for you. He loves you that much. And I am so blessed by you and your love for Him.

LLH Designs - Tiff, I so enjoyed my time way from emailing and blogging, but I hate that I missed knowing to pray for you in your suffering. I hope you felt bathed in prayer, and know that tonight I am lifting you up.


hairballs and easter

yesterday I picked my acrylic off my nails..I’m going without that little indulgence for awhile.  For me – right now..it is unnecessary.

Simplify..yes Father

I’ve been in what I slept in all day.  I think on Him often today..a  ” I love you” here and ” help me ” there.

I cleaned out my 16 year old son’s room and retrieved 3 trash bags of Dr. Pepper cans he has been ” collecting” for a tower.

then went to vacuum his newly cleaned room by me…and the vacuum was clogged.  With guess what?  tons of dog hair…way yuck! but the room is clean and the sheets smell good… thank you for the strength to clean.

moved my desk around and opened the window beside it…it is almost 70 here today!   thank you for warm weather.

did lots of laundry…spent time outside with Him today ( do you ever do that…sit with Him outside?) Sitting in the sun watching Bella and Grace play…hearing the airplane high in the sky.  Thank you for the hearing.

I made some Annie’s mac & cheese for lunch and watched a little Ina Garten…{ her Big Breakfast link;)  confession:  we caved and got the next step up…from basic cable.  I was momentarily happy watching Food Network…I know….sad.


I am inspired to have an Easter ” Big Breakfast “. I thought it was time for the family to get together again and I want to cook!

Are thinking of getting your family together for Easter?  I know it is early still… If so – what are you thinking for food?  Ideas:)  Sometimes life gets well…consumed.  Today…I just unraveled a little…because He is there for us in the tiniest ways…nothing is to small to enjoy with Him.

There may come a day when we are less and less able to participate in life and we find ourselves mostly just watching…live today  in whatever capacity you are able.  Remember with me how much we are treasured.






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Wasn’t yesterday just a blessing? How I pray so many hurting hearts that think they are all alone would be moved to know they are not alone.


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Valerie - What a great reminder that we need to constantly be grateful for all the little things that are blessings to us everyday.

Genevieve Mama Natur - Love how you're incorporating communing with the Father throughout the day. I find when I'm really busy, I go into my own zone and rely on my own strength :(.

Thanks for reminder.

kenadl - i will get together with the extended family for easter. and i will love.

kendal - yeah. so. spelled my name wrong!

Mama Zen - Beautiful!

Eileen - spending time outside with Him is so much fun!! By the way…I love your puppy dog!

Susan DiMIckele - So your dog looks so much like our old dog Maddie — wow…..

Michelle DeRusha - I love that you did this today…that you were completely in Him all day. I don't think I've ever truly done that — but I am inspired by you!

Stephanie - The story about your sons room cracked me up. My daughters room is much the same, LOL!

jeana - I love days that are spent with Him walking right beside us, because we invited Him! When I was little I would walk around our block after dark just talking to Him. It's a wonderful memory!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog yesterday. I appreciate you taking the time and your kind words!


Humble Pie-Word women wednesday-a giveaway & linkup

Laced with love we go serve.  Let’s humble ourselves today and pray that through Lissa’s heart… He speaks.  It is Him we see..we serve…and lets all get on our faces and pray praise words…because the battle is already won.

 Here’s Lissa…a real servant’s heart and one I am so thankful God has put in our midst..sharing her story.

bring us into the calling that you have predestined for us…Romans 8:30 

We are all watching the news with hearts broken for Japan. I was so touched when I watched that poor pregnant girl on the news who was exposed to radiation. I can’t even imagine the worry that she’s feeling at this time. I also was inspired by the man who was so determined to live in order to get back to his family. He was badly bruised and banged up but Thank God! He made it!! I would love to have a sneak peek at that family’s reunion! They thought they had lost some thing so precious and instead they will be together again.

I remember that day when I thought I had lost something precious and that my marriage was over. The grief I felt and feelings of failure. I was getting a divorce. My husband and I had left our two girls with my parents and flew to Arizona for the weekend to try and work on our marriage. I was angry and unforgiving. How could he do that to ME??!? RIGHT?? I let satan get into my head and feed my pride. That’s it! “it’s OVER! I announced.”

That is until we returned home.

We walked into Azteca of all places where my parents had taken my girls to lunch after church. When those precious little faces (7 and 5 at the time) saw their daddy walk into the restaurant they RAN to him and THREW themselves into His arms.

That’s the moment my heart changed. If for no other reason than those precious girls I was going TO FIGHT for my marriage. I was going to do whatever it took! It meant forgiveness and humility, and brokenness but I was ready to go there. After all, we had been broken for a long time and it takes TWO to get there.

We were lost. I think of that verse in 2 Chronicles 20:12 when King Jehoshaphat felt overwhelmed by the battle that was being waged against him. All he knew to do was to turn to the Father and cry, “I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you.”

And that’s what I’ve learned through the healing of my marriage. I DON’T know what to do! I had NO IDEA where to start BUT my eyes were on the Lord. Every time I felt myself begin to take my eyes off of the Father is when I began to slip. So I would FORCE my gaze BACK ON THE FATHER and watch where he would lead me. He took care of me! He restored my joy! And in the end he RESTORED my marriage!

If you find yourself in the center of a hurricane whirling around you FIX YOUR GAZE on the Lord! HE WILL take care of you! Don’t let your gaze drop! For NONE of us knows what to do in those difficult situations but I ASSURE YOU that GOD DOES! I’ve learned in every situation to look to God and say again like Jehoshophat, “I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you! He CAN move mountains!! I am PROOF positive! Don’t take your gaze off of him! He will take care of you.


We invite you to linkup any post ( the exact URL ) that you feel might encourage our hearts in this journey..a post that talks about serving..your story of how God restored something in your life.  Please link back here if you would so we can all share.  You can copy/paste the button if you wish.  We are working on a button for WordPress that has a code.  Until then, it’s there if you would like it.


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Please ya’ll leave a comment so I’m not here hangin..I went out on a limb with my artistic ability…which is NOT very much:) Click here to see the Word woman sign.  Leave a comment and for a second & third chance you can Facebook and or Tweet it.  Just come back and tell me you did please:)  I will close it on Sunday at 5 pm and choose the winner with a random number generator.  I’m excited to see who wins.  I’ve been working on signs for my house and since we all participate in Word Women Wednesdays I thought it only fitting.




Eph 5:15-17 – Help her to be careful how she lives her life. May she be wise in her choices. Help her to make the most of every opportunity for doing good. Help her not to act thoughtlessly but to understand what You want her to do.


Stephanie - Tiffini! I had no idea you were so artistically inclined! Would love to win this! You are so talented, in so very many ways!!!

Jen - Did you get my comment on the other post about wanting to win it? Because I do and girl, you should not doubt your artistic ability. He gave you this!

About today's post, my heart resonates both with the restoration and the joy. So glad you shared here today!

tkilgore - I did Jen…lol! I would have thrown you in anyway;)

Glenda Childers - Thank you for sharing this part of your story and thank you for trusting God and doing the hard work to save your marriage.


Suzann - Lissa – your words are so true and powerful!!! They have helped me so many many times.

sheri - Awesome post – I love Lissa's blog and now I have yours to follow too. Thanks so much :)

Kim - Very cool. I would hang this in my house for sure!

Eileen - Great reminder. God is in the heart changing business! All He asks is that our eyes stay firmly fixed on HIM!!

Peg - Count me in!

Thanks for sharing from your heart!

Lisa Smith - I needed to this encouragement today!! If I don't linkup today, I'll be back next week. Love your sign!!!

Paula - Tiffini,

I am so encouraged by your Word Women Wednesdays. I patiently wait for my WWW's. I am enduring an illness right now and focusing strictly on Him because if I didn't, it would drive me absolutely nuts while trying to get an absolute diagnosis. Your encouragement, in the meantime, is a nice bridge. For that, I am grateful!

I would also be grateful for a Word Woman sign! I loved it when I saw it!


BIg Fat Mama - 2 Chronicles 20 is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible! I loved reading this inspiring post!!

kenadl - beautfiul story of redemption. thaks for sharing!

Mrs.B - Love this post, Lissa's story is amazing.

Cindy - This is such a great word…I missed your link-up because I kept getting interrupted in writing my post (it is spring break week at our house)…I haven't even taken time to go see your art work…but I hope I win it anyway and I am going to go take a look next!


Cindy - Ok, the sign is totally awesome and inspiring…come by my place and see my post – I really would like your feed back on it (you can email me that feedback if you would like) : )

Susan DiMIckele - Yeah! Count me in! Thanks for feeling so strongly about the words that heal us.

Brenda - I am so sorry for your distress and suffering. But you know Him and His words and comfort are there 24/7 and you have our words to Him on your behalf.

word women sign giveaway


I’ve S L O W L Y been working on signs. words actually.  I was inspired by Tara and her Family Rules Sign.  I feel so strongly about words and the power they have over us.  I’ve got more but I wanted to offer this one as a giveaway tomorrow on our Word Women Wednesday…to one of you. My friends.  Fellow Word Women.

and here are the purple tulips that I have been enjoying….


and here is ” my version ” of the Family Rules sign. When I look at the words my heart is reminded of their meaning and I smile.

Come back tomorrow and visit for a chance to enter for the Word women sign and sit a spell with Lissa @ Humble Pie. I highly encourage you to read her post from today.  It is SO true! I feel this way myself.  You can get so wrapped around this blogging thing that you are not living life anymore. Please…go read it. See you tomorrow:)


Sharing over at Jen’s with the Soli Deo Gloria Sisters…hope to see you there:)

Finding Heaven

and Kellie @ This Blessed Nest

this blessed nest

and JRU Studio!

sneak peek


Jen - Tiffini! I love your art — it is such a pure expression of your heart. Don't you worry — I'll be back tomorrow to enter the giveaway!

Christy - Oh my. I absolutely adore your art. It is gorgeous!! Sometimes I wish my creativty extended past the computer but alas He knows my gifts and I do too and I love them just as He has give.

LOVE your header too ;) So fun!

Robyn Q - Lovin that sign! Whoo Hoo!

Jodene Shaw - What a beautiful and personal sign, tiffini!

Your blog is a lovely place to visit. i adore your banner/header!

Makes me think of TobyMac's song, "All In".

Love & grace,


Amy Sullivan - T,

Coming here always puts me in a good mood. You always have something fun happening and kind words for those around you. Plus, I love how you dig up all these good writers and cool things. It keeps me from having to click all over the place!

Nancy - Love, love, love the word sign–almost to the point of coveting it! I DO covet the art skills that so many of you and my friends have. Thanks for stopping by my place with your encouraging words. Now, off to check out Lissa's post!

diana trautwein - ALL of your work is astoundingly lovely, thoughtful and fun. Thanks so much for this post.

Libby - Hi, I am visiting from This Blessed Nest and am your newest follower! Love the word sign! I am also a huge fan of Lissa at Humble Pie. I look forward to her post.

Glenda Childers - What a lovely sign you have made for your family, Tiffani. To me it is more a piece of art, than a sign. But words matter and your have chosen some lovely ones for your kids to see every day. I love that.



Mrs.B - Love the signs!

this blessed nest - your sign is a wonderful reflection of your heart.

it's just gorgeous. your header just makes me smile from head to toe!

thanks so much for linking up with the SPRING FLING!

have a super weekend.



Beth West - I especially love your family rules sign. I'm new to your blog and looking forward to browsing through it.

Cindy - Still loving these signs, Tiffini!

I might have to incorporate "God of the Word – give us a Word"…that is just such a powerful yet simple thought/prayer/request!

christina - I too feel strongly about words and the power they have over us. Perhaps that is why calligraphy is one of my passions. : ) Your signs are lovely, full of communication.

wanda - Gosh….I love words too!

And your sign is magificent!

Jennifer - Word woman… I *love* that! :) I love your sign, so full of meaningful words. And you know I love my words! I am so happy you joined us for 'studio sneak peek' on (in)courage. We have the same link party every Friday on my blog and would love to have you join us! :)