it is in the exchanging

moving toward simplicity of surroundings …content without a lot of possessions to distract me.  That is what I am being pulled towards.  What about you?

cleaning out my life…opening my heart to change.

exchanging feeling progressively more alive for progressively more dead.  Because if I tell the truth that is where I’m heading.  Death of Life…of living. I have, as far back as I can  remember, been miserable with what I am doing.  Always having this dream but no time or not making any time for things that I have passion for.  It is called life.  It happens.  You get married have children and wake up decades later only to find that life has happened but life has not been lived.

Sometimes, we cannot change our circumstances but we CAN add things into our live that bring us joy.  That is within our power.

I can no longer sit back and watch my life fade into eternity and not give the dreams He placed within me the opportunity to develop.

I can sense all the heart opening..I can see it all blurry out in front of me.  Anticipation dancing all around.  I just don’t know what it will look like. Faith is believing without seeing right?  so I whisper … Father help my unbelief..I pray for Giant Faith.

I have read ” only put into your life those things you cannot possibly live without ”  I have been thinking lots about these words…lately.

What makes you burn to live? if you could do one thing … anything… what would it be?  If you can’t do that now -what is one thing you could add into your life that would make that dream one step closer to being reality?  That one real piece of joy that you could put on everyday?

Maybe it would be taking a class, volunteering at a homeless shelter or your child’s school, striking up a conversation with that person that has been on your heart for a year, baking cookies and taking them to people, learning to paint or photography, a writing class;) swimming, starting your own business, going to counseling for yourself this time, making a new friend, start gardening, singing, a dance class maybe?

Philippians 4:13

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

it is in the exchanging.

sharing these words with Emily @ Imperfect Prose

Happy Weekend:)





Katharine - Beautiful, true words, and ones that I needed to hear today.


LLH Designs - After years of half living, I'm reedy to live life to the FULL! I have to CHOOSE to BELIEVE the John 10:10 promise. I have to believe that it's TRUE for me! There's a thief who comes to steal and destroy, but a greater One has come to give us LIFE. I choose life!

Happy weekend, sweet friend!

Stephanie - What makes you BURN TO LIVE? What an awesome question. Writing, freedom, praying with girlfrieds, meaningful deep coffee discussions, giggles as me and my kids make "arm farts" on eachother's arms, my husband's cuteness, dancing, watching Lauren dance, meeting a new bloggy friend, hearing a story about healing, sleeping with my head on the open bible when I need to know He holds me….yep that's what lifes all about. Thanks for reminding me of what is most important sweet sweet Tiffini. Love you.

Patti - Great post! =) Love the Rock with the bible verse. Thank you for helping us all think about these things!

Shari - I am now doing those things which I held back from myself, and I can tell you: it IS freeing! I feel connected again… to myself, to the Universe…. I feel the source of all, God, moving through me… where before, I felt always at odds with myself, and everyone else.

Life (to me) is about asking the right questions and then having the strength to answer them with your whole heart. And in finding those answers, moving forward. That's all we can really do, isn't it? Faith is what propels us forward.

Glenda Childers - I really like this post, Tiffini, because it reminds me of things I believe to be true. While I was/am a usually great mom . . . such an important and busy job . . . I always saved time for myself and pursued my passions. I did it in ways that made my daughters stronger, not left out. So, go for it. The Lord will show you how to have balance. And listen to your husband, he will have good ideas too. Sorry, didn't mean to get preachy here. . . but this is something I care deeply about.



brian miller - I can no longer sit back and watch my life fade into eternity and not give the dreams He placed within me the opportunity to develop….that line was worth the read today….so true…

Cathy - Inspiring, the fire and flood of life.

Cindy - This is beautiful Tiffini… and I love the neon green of the mums! I too love the idea of having less so that I can live more…So glad to see you at Emily's too!

Joybird - I can no longer sit back and watch my life fade into eternity and not give the dreams He placed within me the opportunity to develop.

This has been bumping around my heart the last two weeks, too. As my perspective changes and my world opens up again, what small things can I do now to be ready for new/old dreams? And I am praying Giant Faith for you.

emily wierenga - oh tiffini, i always love coming here, to find the calm, but also the challenge, in your words, in your photos. thank you.

alittlebitograce - My head aches leaving me unable to find words to do your piece justice. But I just wanted to tell you how much I adore your header, especially the spoons!

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naked on the battlfield


They who are God’s without reserve, are in every state content; for they will only what He wills, and desire to do for Him whatever He desires them to do; they strip themselves of everything, and in this nakedness find all things restored a hundredfold.


The land isn’t sown yet..Jeremiah 2:2

His are birthed into a unknown land.  An infant.  He’s given us all we need to live all neatly tucked in.  The infant grows in this battle field and the front lines grow heavy and she retreats.  The years pass in a blur of waging war.  Sitting in foxholes made by her own hands.  Watching those she loves fall by arrows aimed … seeing fetal curled life stopped for lack of hope… tongue cleaving to the the roofs of mouths for lack of water... harrowing cries of prisoners fingers blood dried wound tight around bars of cold steel.  Wounds laid down with lies.

Eyes open wide in fear as mouths open wide in screams where there is no sound coming … bloodied corpse’s lay with loved hearts laying over gut wrenched as they can no more hear the heartbeat…walking life only their eyes are dark and lifeless with little ones begging for them to look. to listen and there is no one home.

we are birthed into a battlefield.  the shadow land.  and we’ve been given a seed and this seed. .. Its rolled around and around in my hearts hand and I am asking.  I sit… blood dried wounds oozing and it wells from down gut deep and pain comes in torrents out of my mouth to the heavens and rends them wide open. I see not with my naked eye but with my soul eye…what is one to do..Father I see..can you see?  the people they are dying.  women are falling heavy on the ground and their babies.

I have this seed Father.  You gave it to me on my birth day.  I still have it  I’ve been watering it with my tears but I don’t understand.  I’m undone in the doing.  I have nothing left .  What is the next step?  What do I do with this seed in this land of giants that are to big for just one? There are to many dying and I can’t save them all.

Daughter..the land isn’t sown yet.  You have my seed.  You cannot save them all   It is not up to you.  This seed I have given you I give to all.  I will show you how to plant it.  Here is a first step.

I want to sit at the feet of those who have gone before.  to be tutored..mentored.  It’s time.  I am going back..I am called to be a warrior woman.  I had never been to Lysa’s blog before until I read Brooke’s post. I clicked over to read what this She Speaks was…and my breath caught.  I want to go.  A step.  A step I could not take on my own.

I’ve been given a seed for the hearts of women..I‘ve fought against it for years…mostly out of lack of understanding and my own waging war.  In every woman’s heart … I see mine.  For every woman held captive by lies that wounded them in childhood I see my wounds.  For every woman bound in fear I see my fear.  For all the living and doing…out of those lies and their consequences thinking it is to hard and to many mistakes…there is hope.  There is a way out.  Follow me.  I want to go..I can’t go alone.. I need help..I need more training in how to cultivate seeds.

We are birthed into a battlefield.  I want to fight like Great Heart.  I tenaciously ask for Big faith…not little faith.  We are just the messenger.  All of my heart wants to learn how to speak and write the message so those that read it can run.

I stand on  the battlefield in nakedness asking of the only One who can restore what needs restoring.  I hear their silent screams do you?  Let’s be carriers of hope to hearts that are hopeless making heart healing accessible to all…freely…with not strings.

I can envision women standing together..hearts broken by their own woundedness…wounded warriors carrying the medicine … the seed… that will set captives free.

We are breathing in a real battlefield..will you stand naked baring all before the One with whom we have to do? Will you allow Him to send you? Will you be vulnerable in your woundedness…will you be a wounded healer?  Are you called to be a Warrior Word Woman?

Are you His without reserve?

If so – I challenge you to click this link and pray about this conference. She Speaks Scholarship Contest 2011

She Speaks Conference 2011

I pray we might become called women, not driven, with well thought through and prayed through goals in our lives.






Pam Balla - We have such a loving and wonderful God
so grateful for his forgiveness and guidance
Learning and yearning to hear HIM everyday

Glenda Childers - I adore women and have invested most of my life in them (my own two) and many others. It is such a joy to me. Love your seed thought here. . . and love watching God grow it in you.



Deborah - This is such an awesome opportunity! I want to go too…I pray God will provide a way for each one of us who feels this seed has been planted in the soil of our souls. Good luck and Gods Bless. Hope to meet you in NC…Deborah

Robyn Q - Only God would give you the courage to write this – to challenge me and others. This is a big deal. I know it's no accident that our paths have crossed. I pray with you & for you. I pray for myself. I will dare to let the cry inside have a voice. Big hugs, my friend! Robyn Q

Eileen - Hey Tiffini,

Hope to see you there. It is my goal to make it there this year too :)

LLH Designs - I love your seed for the hearts of women. You're a precious one, Tiffini.


tia - Tiffini You are one amazing woman with such a heart for God and encouraging others. Thank you for being you and letting God use you and not being afraid to let him.

Abby - I guess I'm realizing 'She Speaks' sounds in some ways like Synergy, where I was last week…a little different–but there is no doubt that I left with a fire to free women around the world.

I hope you enter my giveaway this week! I know you will love either book…'Half the Sky'…oh my, it will tear your heart and yet give you hope and courage–these women and their stories…honestly, you won't be the same–I'm not.

and yes, just love you and all the He is doing in you in these days…yes, warriors–'ezer-warriors' is how Carolyn Custis James calls us…we ARE IN THIS BATTLEFIED…now to awake, stand in healing, and bring His freedom to the oppressed…oh for His Spirit 'to run and not grow weary and walk and not be faint'

Jen - My heart is seared by your words. i am so blessed by you, Tiffini. In so many ways and i am grateful to call you…friend, sister.

Stephanie - Tiffini!!!!! What an absolutely beautiful post. And I have to admit at the thought of my naked saggy self on a battlefield, I am soooooo giggling!!!!! HA! Love you girl! I am with you, I want us ALL to go!!!!

Word Women Wednesday & Linkup

She made my top five favorite blogs that I love…even though this is not my niche but because I always come away feeling inspired.  She is giving… (click here for her March giveaway) and her heart for her art is transparent and contagious.  She has the cutest printables and simply adorable tutorials.

My heart was stirred to tears over her Twirl post so when I asked Emily if she would like to participate in our Word Women Wednesday, this is the post she suggested and I agreed…go get some coffee or hot tea and peruse down her blog posts.  She’s a beautiful heart that I am honored to share with you….Emily from Jones Design Co.

It was so fun to post new photos of Audrey’s nursery last Friday and you all said some very kind things about it. Thank you!

But the best part for me was that many of you were somehow impacted by the scripture in her room.  For some, it is your favorite verse. For others, it meant something special to you at that particular moment. I love how God’s word can do that … it is living and can speak different things to different people right when you need it most.

So today, I want to share with you why I chose that verse to be Audrey’s.  It is sort of a round-about story and this may go all over the place, but I’ll give it a shot.  Here it goes …

When I was pregnant with our No.1, I read Wild At Heart, by John Eldredge.  I think deep down I knew I was going to have a boy and so I wanted to learn a little more about how they are made and prepare myself for raising a son {as a side: you should read it whether you have boys or not … it’s a great book about manhood}.

When I was pregnant with No.2, I read Captivating, by John’s wife, Stasi.  Perhaps I read it because I thought I was having a girl {which, clearly, I was not}, or maybe it was just because I loved Wild At Heart so much, but truthfully, it didn’t have the same impact. Good, but not great.

Skip forward a few years {in between No.3 & No.4}.  I was at our Ladies’ bible study during worship time and had the sweetest picture dance across my closed eyes.  I saw a little girl, with the sun shining down on her, spinning.

She wore a light dress and with her arms outstretched and her face looking to the sky, she just twirled.

And what I heard in my heart was, “Emily, you’re my girl. I am so pleased with who you are and now I want you to twirl”.

It seemed so strange – twirl? What does that mean?

But because of the book I had read a few years before, I knew.

Stasi Eldredge wrote about little girls who stand on the coffee table and spin while their daddies watch them, adoringly. That desire to be adored by our dads is ingrained in us from such an early stage.  We want to be beautiful, cherished, captivating.  We twirl without a care, simply because we feel lovely and we want the world {or our daddy!} to see us.

So that Thursday morning, in the middle of bible study, I knew what the Lord was trying to say. He wanted me to know that just as that little girl spins freely in front of her daddy, I, too, can twirl without inhibitions before my Heavenly Father.

I am His girl.

He is delighted in me.

Not because I am great at twirling, but because I am twirling.  I am just being His daughter, His girl and He is pleased.

When I was pregnant with Audrey, I was, again, at bible study when the word DELIGHT came to my mind.  I looked up the word in the concordance of my bible {that back section where it tells what word is found in what scripture verse} and came to Zephaniah 3:17:


I had read the verse before, but I read it this time with fresh eyes.

He will take great delight in you … He will rejoice over you with singing.

Well, no wonder He wants me to twirl, I thought. It’s because He is the one doing the singing!

Do you see it? Do you see that He loves you SO much that He sings over you?

In a society where we are never good enough, never pretty enough or thin enough or stylish or creative or talented enough, the Lord says,

STOP. I am with you. I am MIGHTY. Strong enough to save you from whatever it is that is after you. Let me quiet you with my love. Will you listen to my sweet voice as I sing my songs of delight over you? You are just as I want you to be. Now be free.

And twirl.

This is such a deep truth that I want for myself and one that I want for my daughter. I want her to know that above all else, she is perfectly and wonderfully made. She doesn’t need to strive for her God’s love. She doesn’t need to hide from her God’s love. She just needs to accept it.

And twirl.

And so, that is why I chose that verse for my baby girl. And I pray it for you as well.  It is hard being a woman – we feel so many pressures to be what we are not and far too many of us struggle with insecurity.  Oh how we long to be free! How wonderful would it feel to put on our best twirling skirt and dance – and feel beautiful doing it!  I know it is hard and sounds so lofty, but it is what I believe we are to do as daughters of the Most High God. Surely, if He can sing over us, we can step out and dance.

Perhaps even twirl.


You?…Twirl? come on lets join Emily…close your eyes and picture the SON shining light all around you as you right now.  Go to the bathroom if your at work.  Make time as soon as possible to twirl and dance.  Just you and Him.  Nobody can see. If you have a hard time playing this could be uncomfortable for you but just try it ( it is for me too).  The earth is shaking from all of us dancing and twirling…ssshh…can you hear it?  His delight!

Now your turn to linkup anything you would like to share. Just linkup your exact URL to your post and bam!  that’s it.  ( linkup opens at 8:00 pm … it didn’t go up until this fault..ugh:)  If you could link back here in some way that would be just great.  We love to visit with each other.  Throughout the day..a little here and a little there just pop in.  Maybe 2 at a time? Thanks so much to all of you who support our word women wednesdays.  Thank you to all who have guest posted as well. Your bravery and honesty we will never know how God will use our obedience this side of heaven.




Tara - Hi friend….
I haven't forgotten about you over here at House of Belonging….I've been slightly out on my back since our cruise, so I haven't been on-line as often…..hurts too bad to sit. :(

anyway, loved this post! Love her heart…need to spend more time over at her place browsing around…..

hope you are well….

Melissa Lewis - Midw - Powerful words. I love the truth in this and it's also a common thread in my life as well. Lovely!

LLH Designs - I loved Emily's twirl post. I think it got a whole bunch of us thinking! I loved reading it again here today. Thanks to both of you!


Jen - This was a really good exercise for me. To sit under this verse and absorb it. This is a wonderful post that speaks to me as a mom, a daughter, and a daughter of an amazing Heavenly Father.

Donnetta - "Not because I am great at twirling, but because I am twirling."

Just what I needed today!

Now if you'll please excuse me, I've got some twirling to do. Full skirts and all.

Thank you for this and for the invitation to participate!

Cha Cha - I remember reading about this on Emily’s blog and being so moved. I want to feel like that little girl twirling around in the midst of my Father’s approval. This is the desire of my heart–to seek His approval.

Thank you both, Emily and Tiffini, for this. I am blessed to know you both. One day in heaven we will sit together along with all the other word women worshiping our Father, what a beautiful day that will be.

Cha Cha

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - Well that was just beautiful! Twirl is such a sweet word and I think it would look great on a cuff or painting:) Love the meaning and symbolism in it. Great post.

Cindy - Thanks for sharing! I frequently envision my self as a little girl in my relationship with God…so this was just perfect! Thanks for including me in this wonderful place of yours!

Monica @ I blog Jesu - What a wonderful post…what a wonderful way to bask in the Father's Love. Thanks for sharing.

are you ready for some hard knee time?

Can the American family be saved? I asked that question.  I believe the first answer to that question is prayer.  I don’t just think a quick hey God…is what is needful.  I believe it is the offering of intentional pouring out our hearts..wrapped in gratitude until….until.  I am convicted & challenged and I believe God is calling this mom to do some hard knee time on behalf of her sons.  Will you join us at the altar for 21 days and share what our God is going to do in the lives of our sons?

April 1, 2011 – April 29, 2011

Each Friday I will provide bloggers with an opportunity to link-up posts about how God is moving through the 21 Days of Prayer for Sons experience. But anyone, bloggers and non-bloggers alike can participate and share how God is working in their family by leaving comments throughout the challenge….Brooke McGlothlin

In the place of your fathers will be your sons;

You shall make them princes in all the earth.

Psalm 45:16

Won’t you kneel here and add your blog name to the Sign Up?

********Word Women Wednesday********

Tomorrow guest post & linkup.  Writing prompt is Zephaniah 3:17. Remember, it can be anything that this verse inspires you.  Crafts, story, poem, pictures whatever.  Just have fun with it.  Visit and encourage each other.  As always – if you have any ideas or questions please don’t hesitate for one moment to email ok?:)

Linking up my words with their words today @ Finding Heaven. Go meet my friend…Jen and all the other women who have impacted my life in such a huge way.

Finding Heaven



Glenda Childers - I don't think I am going to join this, as I want to do the 40 days of community and I don't have sons. But I love the sweetness of a mom on her knees praying for her boys. I pray for my daughters so often . . . and it brings me such joy.

Hope your feeling better, Tiffini. (saw the comment on Jen's post.)



Erin @ It's Gra - My short answer is "I hope so". But sadly, many won't be saved. I can always be praying more for both my children. My son is such a sweet little boy of 7 that rarely gives us concern, so I often overlook praying for him. I need to remember there needn't be a trial that causes me to fall to my knees for him.

Hope you're feeling better…saw you mention not feeling well on Jen's blog. Praying for you..

Stephanie - Tiffini! I love your heart, it is so evident in each and every one of your posts! I am not sure if I can commit to the 21 days right now as we are getting into the hardcore content of the survivors support group I lead. But I will continue to pray for may family, and all families, that we all draw closer together and closer to God! Blessings to you and your family too!!!

jenny - t-

very intrigued by this. i will look into it. feel free to email me more about the 21 day prayer call. i can get ditsy and distracted by daily life and would love to be reminded! :)

on a not-so-serious note…i'd really love to know how you created all the pages/categories on your site. i'm needing to spice mine up a bit with various goodies. any advice you can offer is appreciated!


Pamela - I don't have sons, but I am so touched by this challenge. I want mothers to offer their sons to God; my daughter will need a character-driven, heart-for-God man.

Jen - I have 2 girls, but this post really convicts me that I do not spend as much time on my knees for them as I should. This inspires me. Thank you.

Eileen - I am linked and ready to go!!

Abby - yes, i will love to join, but as you know life is already crazy…i'll *pray* about it…and yes, hard knee prayers…pleading with Heaven for what only He can do…and surrendering our wills and timing to His…there's no other way!

much love sister:)

Amy Sullivan - T,

So glad to see you are hooking up with Brooke again. I enjoyed her words when she was here.

I want to be a part of Word Woman Wednesday at some point. . .not sure if I will make it this week, but I love your ideas, and I always think your prompts sound fun.

amanda - I think this is such a great idea. My son is 15 and going through many changes as a teenager, and I know the Lord has some great things for him to do, I pray continually for wisdom and discernment in keeping him on the right track.

Rachel - Praying for the strengthening of families everywhere!

marlece - Hi Tiffini…I have come here and read this several times. It has really hit home with me. The whole get on your knees for your sons. I have four of them actually. I have so many prayers going to my Father over my boys but I know taking that time to GET ON MY KNEES is soooooooo what I need to do to get break thru so many times. I will try and link up here too. Thanks!

Dear Monday…are you afraid of your dreams?

It’s the dream afraid of waking that never takes the chance

Bette Midler – The Rose

over the weekend I saw girls dance to this song…and I’ve been thinking

on the words ever since

prettylittleflower:  (by svetlana_b)

SShhh…quiet walking around and round…a dream lies slumbering 

Mondays are good days for taking chances

eyes open ..  seeing ..  for the very first time


Do you have dreams that you have left to slumber years away

maybe we fear to give them a chance that

the dream may just come true


40 Day of Community – A Journey through Lent

I love this!  I am going to try and participate.  I’ve never participated in Lent before.  I grew up Southern Baptist and it wasn’t really talked about.  Thought I’d share it with all of you too:)


********Word Women Wednesday********

This Word Women Wednesday we will have a surprise guest poster and linkup.  The writing prompt linkup will be Zephaniah 3:17.  Remember – this is a broad prompt.  You can link up a poem, story, craft, pictures whatever…anything goes as long as it relates to the verse. 

Be sure to come and see who our guest poster is.  I know your heart will be blessed and you will go away with fresh inspiration for your heart & spirit.

photo source here


eileen - Taking that first step into the unknown is always scary. Especially if you are normally a shy or timid person. (Like me) But with every new adventure, I just have to remind myself that God was faithful in the past and He continues to be faithful today. Even in failure there is growth and a lesson to be learned!

Happy Monday! Keep dreaming!

Cha Cha - Beautiful as always. Thank you for pushing me, I treasure your words spoken with love.

Cha Cha

jill - I do know what it means to dare to dream. When I am presented with a dream fullfilling moment, I always think of Jesus calling Peter out of the boat to walk on water. I hear the words, 'Ye, of little faith'…it pushes me to pick up my net and follow that dream.


Robyn Q - "Mondays are good days for taking chances." – That is challenging! I need stirring, need to wake my dreams. You've got a way, Tiffini! Thanks for what you post. Blessings,

Donnetta - A lot of deep thinking wrapped up in this question. It will have me pondering for some time…

Becky @ Farmgirl Pai - Your blog is beautiful! Love the design. I have lots of dreams and sometimes I wonder if I could handle it if they actually came true.

Glenda Childers - Tiffini, I have been running into Lent all over the place. So happy to find your link tonight. I bought Common Prayer a few weeks ago and have not begun using it. I am desiring to join in the 40 days. Thanks for sharing it.


P.S. I am kinda of in a coping/just moved stage and need to get back to a dreaming stage.