** Just an FYI**

Since arriving home yesterday evening I’ve hit a wall. I have been on iv steriods, antibiotics and strong pain meds and those were taken out yesterday before I left.  I awoke in the early morning to feeling very sick and in pain again.  I do have pain meds, antibiotics, and pain meds among other things by mouth… they just aren’t as strong.  I think I had a false sense of feeling so good in the hospital due to the medicine they had me on.  I have been sleeping most of the morning and will get around to Soli Del Gloria girls throughout the day.  WWW will be live tonight around 8:30 central.  And I will be posting the winner of the Word woman sign soon. Things are just a little crazy here but I haven’t forgotten.

God is a God who answers prayer.  I value each of your prayers on my behalf.  I can really sense His precense around me.  There is so much more to this story than just me being sick.  It is making it harder but He is God and He is my God and I will forever praise Him…xo Tiff


BIg Fat Mama - Oh dear. I pray you feel better soon. I opened my Bible and read this today – "For I am the Lord, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you." Isaiah 41:13 Praying you seek comfort in His Word and Truth.

Stephanie Clayton - Alright…brace yourself…here comes some tough love from Mama Stephanie, LOL! But seriously…GET SOME REST!!!! You have the most amazing heart, and your endurance and dedication (writing in the hospital) is PHENOMENAL…BUT GET SOME REST!!! Not that we don't want to hear from you, because every time you leave a comment on my blog, it just makes my heart smile, but you know what would mean even more? No comment made, and knowing that you gave yourself some rest. I love you dearly sister…let your body heal…and rest your mind…if you can…and if you feel that is where God is leading you…and know we will all be praying for you and hear when you are feeling a bit better.

Okay…mama stephanie is done, LOL! I love you girl, praying for you and thinking of you often :)

Glenda Childers - The Lord has been bringing you to my mind often . . . and it is a joy to hold you up in prayer. One of my favorite prayers is to pray is that someone would sense God's presense and it is comforting for me to read in your post here that you are sensing God's presence with you. I am sorry for the pain.


Robyn Q - You are clearly surrounded by prayer and I know God has people praying that are not even visible. Lay your burdens down. Rest. Crawl into the lap of Daddy and be content to just unwind. We are seeing miracles and your break away will be a miracle, too! ((HUGS))

kerrie - praying. ox

In my own seasons of sickness of laying in bed suffering health problems, when I am so weak, I keep my thoughts fixed on His love and that my life (and death) are in His hands. It always brings that peace that surpasses all understanding. Remembering that He is nearer than my breath and resting in the place He has me, even if it is a place of pain, and trying to do only that which He would have me do. Sometimes it is just to lay there and be… just be His. To live in that place of promised rest and to die in that place of promised rest. I say die, because when I am so sick that I feel I could die, I choose to embrace the possibility that it could be that time rather than fear death. Of course, I am always asking for life. May His love embrace and comfort you today Tiffini. ox

kerrie - I just left you a comment but don't see it…I hope you got it.

how can we live whole-souled?

Whole -Souled

moved by ardent enthusiasm or single-minded devotion to finding ME…authentically.

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whole-souled-ness : that which makes a person who they distinctly are. This would include our sense of identity,

but also what makes up our identity, most especially what arouses our emotions,

or awakens our spiritual or moral force and sense of destiny or purpose. Soul is where our freedom is rooted.

I trying to put this in a way so it is easily understood and not getting into deep theological meanings etc for what I am learning.

whole-souled is the whole of what makes up the entity called ‘me’

A little list below…for me and for you. A list that helps me think of what whole-souled-ness is.  Adding to that some ideas of what I can start praying about doing. Print it out if your a glue stick, crayon and marker kinda girl…I am.

Just speaking for me here…My relationship to Jesus is central and all else flows out from there.  For you it maybe something different.  In my journey I will refer to God.  To put it in a little nutshell it would go something like this


It is more than just knowing about God ( or your faith ) it is about us.. in progression to be becoming all He destined us to be and everything, every choice in life…adds to this progression.  Not takes away from that.


what does whole-souled-ness look like…here are some of mine

**not fearing yourself..embrace yourself

**whole-souled-ness often comes out of pain, loss or being shattered

**a desire to be..whole

**Whole-souled-ness is not about  being a people pleaser…this is between you and Him

**We are designed with a unique God given gifts that He puts there for a purpose

**taking real time to draw out a map, taking notes, digging, real listening ( which real listening does involve action )

**baring your soul…getting naked ( I had to say it ) all parts of your soul to the One who safely holds it

**whole-souled-ness  is letting in this world..our control..our perfecting..because these things may   change as we grow in whole-souled-ness

**stop choosing things that take life from you that you hate..choose to replace with things that bring YOU wholeness.   Undoubtedly, some things we may not be able to change.  Change what you can control.

**this wholesouled journey involves simplicity..the choice to live simply so we can come when He calls…go when what you love in the moments of each day

**having time for you family friends and those on the journey alongside us

**clothes, home decor, smell, food, entertainment you do with your time adds to or takes away from becoming whole-souled-ness

**whole souled is ALL of who you are…becoming. Whole-souled-ness is the whole of what makes up the entity called ‘me’


This week sit with yourself…naked…ok I’m laughing:) And grab a candle, pen and paper, music, hot tea/coffee whatever…carve yourself out a little you area.  This will be your go to heart art place for your creative juices to start flowin.   Go ahead and start your list.    I would love for you to email it to me or link it up in a blog post to one of our www’s. Or keep it tucked away for the day when your ready to put your foot into the water.

country living

Moving into whole-souled-ness with a single minded enthusiasm…maybe the after glow of sitting with the One who created me and for the first REAL time listening to Him..and believing Him. I desire what He wants for me…and for you.

Whole-souled-ness will look utterly different on each one of us…how do you imagine your wholeness? will it require a total makeover or are you on your way already?  what was the moment when you first were aware that you have a one of a kind purpose here and you stepped into that purpose?  what changes did you make as a result?  Do you have a list you would like to share?

because when you and I step into WHO we were destined to be…something rights itself.  Life speaks into you.




Come be a part of the whole-souled-ness of beautiful word women will you? Soli Del Gloria @ Jen’s Finding Heaven.

Finding Heaven

photo sources - mypanseyeyes,  country living, here


Amy Sullivan - T,

Whole-souled. . .I see it as being who He believes we are and not who everyone else thinks we should be.

I always love the photos you use with your posts. Such a great feel.

Christy - wholesouled. What a beautiful word. I am just know learning about who i am….who I want to be, who He made me to be. He is so good to us. I am going to start working on my list. I think it will be encouraging and challenging all at once.

(Saw that you were out of the hospital at Jen'….So glad you are home….hope you are feeling better)

misty - this was incredibly wonderful… thank you. honestly.

Jen - whole-souled-ness often comes out of pain, loss or being shattered

Um, yes, I am living this right now, but you know, I see the whole-souled-ness coming together. It is on the horizon, one piece at a time.

Stephanie - I am so inmature sometimes, LOL, but I just can't stop laughing, about sitting with myself, naked, LOL! I guess the fact that I can giggle now, like a little girl, is part of my finding my whole-soulded-ed-ness. Learning not to take myself so seriously, and have a little fun! So now I am contemplating carving out a time as you suggested, loving this idea! But…I think I will just be spiritually naked, as I can see the look on my husbands face if he walked in and I was sitting, literally naked with a notebook and candles, Lololol!

And so glad to hear you are home!!!! Praying healing healing healing healing and some more healing!

kerrie - Wholeness is something I began seeking many many years ago. I found my wholeness in Christ. How I remain whole is to accept, receive, believe, and know(without doubt) how much He loves me. How far, how wide, how deep is His love for me. To remain abided in this love that He gives me every day forever. I am whole, I am loved.

Are you out of the hospital? I hope you are okay. I am just getting to know you, but I saw someone mention that you suffer from a disease. Thank you for letting me know that you were thinking about me. How meaningful it is to hear that.

Glenda Childers - These are beautiful thought provoking words, Tiffini. I have been thinking this week about the opposite of whole-souled. (That is hard to pronounce, a little tongue twister.)

A phrase jumped out of a page I was reading – "self protect by self distracting." And another was describing the energy I put into creating "safe places." This is not whole-souled living.

Now I am off to think about what whole-souled living IS.

How are you feeling today?



Andrea - "the choice to live simply…" this has been a huge part of my journey lately. being back in the country, away from city life, has me realizing how much i've busied myself. i've filled my world and soul with a lot of noise. and in someways, i have to learn how to listen all over again, even though it would seem it would be easier now… anyway, i love this. and your heart. as always.

LLH Designs - I love this picture of being whole-souled instead of having soul holes. For me, it's about being very present. That has never come easily to me, but I'm learning. And just as Paul said that he learned contentment, I'm learning being present. For this very moment, the here and now, this is where God makes my soul whole.


Pamela - Thought provoking post. I'll be pondering this throughout the week. I love the word wholesouled and I'm on the journey towards it.



dear monday…2 series & a project…a winner

Plough deep in us, great Lord, heavenly husbandman, that our being may be a tilled field, the roots of grace spreading far and wide, until Thou alone art seen in us, Thy beauty golden like summer harvest, Thy fruitfulness as autumn plenty…from valley of vision puritan prayers



As I lay here being receptive to His grace I am asking “how do I begin to weave this together in story so that I can pick beauty from the harvest for myself and even more so… for others?” O Daddy we come with buckets in hands swinging to pick the first fruits from your fields. Ever so humbly I step and share the ground layout with our husbandman takes us from this crossroad to the end of our journey time.

I am going to introduce two series & one Project here at The House of Belonging.

  • The first series I will introduce tomorrow. It will be once a week.  It will have some helpful printable’s and such along the way.  As we learn to live in the depths but see You in the heights as we seek You for whole-souled-ness.

  • Not all marriages are or can be… restored …then what? It maybe a once a month or bi/weekly to start out.  It will start out with personal history, books and people giving a little ground work to the present day.  With as much privacy as I can so it will mostly be from my perspective.  Much of the whole-souled-ness work will then go into the marriage series.

  • The third project…not so much a series, will be placed however God leads.  I am a little girl who has a secret that I can’t wait to share.  I will spill the beans next Wednesday:)

This will also benefit women who yearn for the deep waters of whole-souled-ness.


Almost time for 21 days of prayer….click here to sign up.  21 days now has its own page!  Click here to subscribe.


Word women Wednesday with Becky@Farmgirl Paints.  Have you checked out her cuffs?  I keep thinking when I can I’d like to have one that says Word woman or jumping naked…what would you like yours to say? Don’t forget we will also have a linkup.  A place to share your heart and art in the form of a post ( maybe a hint for a writing prompt?) that will light a fire under the souls of women to walk in their calling.  I think Miss Becky’s words will light a fire in your heart!


**I will attach the winner of the Word women sign later this afternoon.  I’m still in the hospital and my daughter is the smart one so she is going to do it for me on her lunch hour**

a prayer for us…May our desires be enlarged and our hopes emboldened, that we may honour Thee by our entire dependency and the greatness of our expectation…valley of vision





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Robyn Q - Who blogs from the hospital?? I just LOVE your heart! Continuing to pray for you and so excited for what is to come around here! Giant hugs…RQ

Jen - I'm just catching up on blogs and saw the hospital thing — oh, I am praying for you — for provision, health, peace. You are a treasure, Tiffini, and God is doing AMAZING things with you, sweet friend.

Glenda Childers - I suspicion that you are laying in that hospital bed . . . just thinking and thinking up good ideas for your blog. YIPPEE.

I am continuing to pray for you.



evernote..if you don’t use gotta

Hi friends.  I’m in the hospital. A blessing.  I am finally able to get the medicine I need.  We are dealing with a system though so I would deeply appreciate your prayers for the 2 , 4 and 6 week induction to happen.

Give yourself a free gift today…a way to organize all of your beauty hunting.  Seriously, it is the one of the easiest things I’ve found of late. Next week, God willing we will head back out the the deep waters but for now enjoying a respite in the shallows.

The giving of time to think of all of you and all of mine and always pointing to… the all of Him.

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. Get started today with a free account.

Happy Saturday,





Starts April 1…click here to sign up


Last day to enter the Word woman sign giveaway.  Click here and I will announce the winner on Monday.  Good Luck:)


Eileen - Tiffini, I will be praying the meds kick in and give you some relief and also that the Lord will do what He does best…he's the Great Physician. Praying for healing for you.

Love you,


jeana - Praying for you to feel much better soon. Blessings to you.


Shari - My thoughts and prayers are with you. Be well. xoxo

Pam Balla - Sending you prayers
Trust God and Look to Him for
the peace that passes understanding

diana trautwein - So sorry you have to deal with this chronic disease – but so grateful you're getting help. Praying for you, though I don't know you at all, asking God to give you peace plus extra measures of both grace and wisdom. So many blessings…

Paula - Tiffini,

I'm praying to our Great Physician, the Healer of all,to comfort you now. I pray for your family to draw all of their strength from Him and for you to rest in His arms.

Much Love and Blessing my blogging friend!

Glenda Childers - Much with you in thoughts and prayers, dear Tiffini. Wish I was close and could also do something practical, like clean your house for you, while you recover. I am praying that God grants you favor with the system.



Stephanie - So glad to hear that you are getting the medicine you need. Will pray that God continues to provide blessings beyond measure. I love you bunches sweet Tiffini!

LuluMusing - Tiff, you will be close to my heart. You may be physically broken at the moment, but I'm betting on your spirit being intact. Hugs.

kristin - I am so sorry sweet friend! You are in my prayers!

Christy - I am sorry to hear you are in the hopsital Tiffini but very glad you are going to get the medicine you need…and hopefully the rest you need too. Prayers ascending!


another midnight awakening throwing off the covers and the chill of night air raises goosebumps as I make it just in time. I writhe over the wiping of blood..the fissures…I fold over and cry waiting for it to be done only to get settled back in bed only 5 minutes later to run again.

I fill a tub of numbing water.take a pill and wait.  One of my ongoing battles is the system of a free hospital.  This is a new frontier and one I am learning is unjust to human hearts.human lives. It is where we do business though..this shadowland.


This hospital is a  gathering place for brokenness.  Yes I can judge.   I leave and can’t stop wondering what their stories are. Are they really that much different than my own? If I could sit with them would I see them through a new set of eyes?  I’m drawn to the story.   If we could all just strip off our skin and show who we really are what would that look like?

Jesus offers us this ” If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink.  Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way.” ( John 7:37-38 msg) Not just give eternal life but for each pang of want He gives.  In this shadowland we have to fight for medicine sometimes.    I am grateful that He has already fought the battle and won.  Tomorrow I am going to fight at a hospital.  Learn that I am worth asking…for help.  I am worth asking for help and I will be scared.

I wrap backup and close my eyes  telling Him I feel so alone and He says…Come and I will give … so I drank until I thirsted no more…of  Him holding me and slept.  In the middle of darkest night there He is.  Go.

I wish I had a comment section where your emails came to my emails so I could respond right back.  I had that on Blogger but not with WordPress.  Always know how much your support, encouraging words and prayers mean to me.  You are my community and I’m thankful.

xo happy friday,




**I suffer from and IBD disease Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis.  If anyone deals with this or knows of someone I would love to talk with you about it.


Click here to still enter for the Word woman sign giveaway.  I will choose the winner on Sunday with a random number thingy and let you know on Dear Monday…


Begins April 1…click here to sign up:)

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Glenda Childers - Tiffini ~ I did not know that you had Chrone's Disease. I have had two friends with it, so know a little of the suffereing. I am so sorry. I pray this bout is healing well.



Amy Sullivan - T,
I had no idea you had Chrone's disease. Wow.

I love the question you pose: What would we look like without our protective skin? I was just talking to an old friend today, and telling her she is one of the few people who really knows me dirt and all. I love that she sees me for me and loves me just the same.

I'm like you. I'm drawn to people's stories.

Robyn Q - My dear friend, I hug you right now. My father in law suffered with ulcerative colitis. Today,I pray for your bread…the daily allotment to feed the heart and soul, to rest & relax the mind and to nourish and provide strength for the doing, along with the healing of the body.

Stephanie - Tiff, I was laying in the tub this morning (I do my best thinking here, LOL) and I just couldn't get the phrase living water out of my mind. Then I come here :)

Worth asking for help…worth receiving help. So many times we stay in pits of our own dumpyness just because we don't feel worth anything more. But I want you to know that you are worth it girlfriend! God will provide for those treatments, hopefully with insurance, but even if we have to start a "Tiffini is worth it" fund to pay for them, you are worth it girl!

Your are one astoundingly beautiful woman, inside and out. And I know you know this, but He would have died just for you Tiffini. Just for you. He loves you that much. And I am so blessed by you and your love for Him.

LLH Designs - Tiff, I so enjoyed my time way from emailing and blogging, but I hate that I missed knowing to pray for you in your suffering. I hope you felt bathed in prayer, and know that tonight I am lifting you up.