Word Women Wednesday & Link Up

We have to trust that our stories deserve to be told. We may discover that the better we tell our stories the better we will want to live them. ~Henri Nouwen

She’s passion, she’s broken, she bleeds words, she is a warrior and intercessor, she is His child, a wife and a mama and I am SO blessed to  have her in my life…meet Abby @ Fan the Flame. She is allowing her life – her families life…to be written by Him…living in the words He breathes over her…she embodies them and breathes them out … altering the space around…meet Abby at the intersection of fear vs. faith.

Who Does This?!…The Unraveling of Missionary Clothes

“26 Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth.

27 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. 28 God chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things—and the things that are not—to nullify the things that are,

29 so that no one may boast before him.

30 It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. 31 Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.”

~I Corinthians 1:26-31

We are THOSE missionaries.  The ones that have all of the answers and are FULL OF FAITH and fearlessly wield machetes if called to tribes in jungles and…

Well, I’m sure you know better and I share with you to say that it’s a messy journey just like yours.  He holds us and gives us (especially ME) unending Grace as we walk this unknown path in preparation for a move to Budapest, Hungary to minister to high school students long-term.

Here’s a peek into one of those times when all of the pretense unravels and it gets REAL.

Once upon a December evening, I was heard talking exactly like this with to my husband:

“I am not going to make it moving overseas.

I am a SPAZ…A MAJOR SPAZ…JUST ASK MY TWIN…she’s dealt with it the longest…

I am not brave like the other ‘missionary moms’ that I know and love who fearlessly conquer foreign roads, doctors, schools, languages (I’m good with those, but this is one of the hardest in the world!)

I don’t remember how to drive in the snow…it doesn’t snow in Florida where I’ve lived for 2.5 years! (as if it’s an eternity)

I will need to be a rock for my kids, but all they will have is a blubbering fool!!

I mean, Who does this??!!

Who leaves friends that seem picked from Heaven for you…that have become your children’s and your family…literally growing up together??!!  Who does this??!!

I. want. to. stay.  I want to do the rational. conventional. comfortable.  Really, really I do.  Please pick me for this.

High school kids are really needy here, too, Lord, please let me stay.

I love my friends, house, life…I love it all.

Honestly, Who Does This??!!

This makes no ‘sense’…It’s the stuff of lunatics and the lost-a-few-marbles’ folks.

What are we thinking???!!  Who Does This??!!

I want to stop feeling transient.  I have two little kids, don’t I deserve the right to nest a home?  Can’t I be reading blogs with ‘fun project’ tips and be turning trash into treasure?! (I do think these are wonderful, by the way!) Not the ones that keep me dealing with my fears, struggles, wanderings (my trash) and having. to. trust. Him. to make it treasure.

Please, Lord, take me out of this rising, roller coaster, I want OFF…I am sea sick from the wind and the waves…Lord, please!  Can’t I just stay. comfortable??!!

Seriously, Who Does this??!!”

Sometimes the human flesh needs to voice itself in the midst of closest community and co-journeyer, husband…to see it’s. all. true.

I am the one who wants to stay comfortable. Don’t. Rock. This. Boat!!!  I am the one who KNOWS she isn’t strong enough for any of this.  I am the one who can get afraid of the littlest things and lacks the metal to endure change…I am the one who would be most likely to stay. safe. comfortable.

But, I am the one He has called.  I’ve learned to say ‘Yes’ to Him.  Though, often, I find myself taking steps I never could imagine in the days where fear and comfort hold the upper hand.

These moments of flesh realizations spur frantic outbursts where I don’t want any of it.  ‘No Lord. No stepping forward.  Continuing in faith.  Please, not me.  Someone else.  I don’t want to do the crazy thing…Not me.’

Some of the wisest words that I have ever received came when I looked at the ‘mountain’ of support WE. NEEDED. TO. RAISE. for our year internship in Hungary and said to the Director of the ministry there “I CAN’T DO THIS…NO.”

And he very calmly continued, “Well, if it was something you thought you could do, where would you need God?”

It was as if the holy hush of the Spirit descended upon me and I was quieted and knew.  This, then, is the thing I must do, because I will need God.  And if I am always strong and confident and comfortable, how am I ever going to need God?

Who Does This??!!!  I do.  Because He. Is. And. Does. It. All.

Does your faith journey ever look like this?  If so, what  or who has the final say?  Fear?  Or Faith?  You? or Him?

Please share your story today of fear vs. faith.  You or HIM?  It can be a new post or an old one. Have you ever been at this intersection before?  Please link your direct URL to the exact post.  If you would be so kind to put the Word women button or a direct link back here in your post so we can share stories…would you?  Please visit others and encourage them on their journey of faith.



Tara @ Between You & Me is celebrating her FIRST blog birthday & is having a giveaway.  She is giving away one of  her very own creations….Her FAMILY RULES sign.  It is beautiful.  So please go over and say HI and comment to enter and say Happy Birthday!


tkilgore - Abby – I am wondering how old you are? I know this is a silly thing but I feel like you are my little sister. I'm sure your young enough to be:)
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing today. Just imagine what our God is doing? showing pieces for healing..He shows to heal..doesn't He?
I love you….

Jen Ferguson - Oh yes. I was just watching the DVD that goes to the Bible study I am doing and Beth Moore said something like "Your calling will always be something more than YOU can handle."

Yes, because He wants to do the impossible through us. So His strength, and power, and grace, and love are well-known throughout the earth.

Abby - dear Tiffini,

I am 36:) surprising? I love that you would think of me as your little sister:) but am I younger than you? I am serious!

thanks for inviting me to share here today…it is a gift.

Jen…I love how you put it. Amen sister! to Him Alone Be the Glory!!!

tkilgore - you look 25!:) seriously! You can STILL be my little sister….I'm older

eileen - This is so true “Well, if it was something you thought you could do, where would you need God?” God takes us out of our comfort zone..this is where He grows us and reveals to us just how big He is! I remember years ago thinking that somebody at my church should start a certain ministry. I kept going to the leaders at my church and saying…somebody should DO this. Turned out that somebody was me! LOL!

Amy Sullivan - Tiffini and Abby. . .what a rocking combination.

Who does this? You do this, dear Abby.

Yes, my faith journey looks like that, daily! My two cents, my two cents, my two cents, and then I will listen, hear God, and then decide if I like what he is telling me or not.

I need the faith to just trust because yes, yes your hubby is right.

Amy Sullivan - oh and ps, Abby, you do look 25!

LLH Designs - I love this post! Love it in a hard but good, REAL kind of way! Thanks for sharing this with us today!


kendal - abby – so honest and heartfelt and difficult. thanks for sharing.

Michele@From the Unp - Amazing- GO for it– I did not come over with kids but now I live in the bush of a wartorn country in Africa having adopted a small family of 120 kids. I have never been happier. WHO does this? JESUS does. We just show up! May He grace your every step… With love and cheering you on from the unpaved road, Michele

flesh warriors..the real church

“Church isn’t where you meet. Church isn’t a
building. Church is what
you do. Church is who you are. Church is the human outworking of the person of Jesus Christ.

Let’s not go to Church, let’s be the Church.”

Bridget Willard

will the real church please stand? The building is becoming an idol drawing people into just another place to fuel their sense of guilt,  shame and  perfectionism.  A place where fear is a motivator and guilt gets things done.  It takes much to keep up a building.  I often think lately all that money that goes into maintaining, new building, programs that just keep families from time could be better used to put into our communities …just sayin.

Last week I was overwhelmed and broken by the flesh of the “real” church.  His church, not the building.  The flesh..rose to a cry of nakedness. They clothed me with prayer, grace, words, truth, strength.  They went to war on my behalf…  I love and value each one.

This is what “church” is…it is Jesus living through us…building aside.  This is what He’s about. It happens out in life – in the living. People are LOCKED up in prisons of all shapes and sizes.  They continue in their rebellion, the whole head being sick, and the whole heart is faint. From the sole of the foot to the head There is nothing sound in it, only bruises, welts, and raw wounds, Not pressed out or bandaged, Nor softened with oil.  ( Isaiah 1:5-6 )

6 “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen:
to loose the chains of injustice
and untie the cords of the yoke,
to set the oppressed free
and break every yoke?
7 Is it not to share your food with the hungry
and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter—
when you see the naked, to clothe them,
and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?

Isaiah 58: 6-7

Our country is littered with broken families. Raw wounds infested with lies that are eating like a cancer. Cries are going up and the call has gone out. Friends, is it time to go? Is it time to go out amongst the walking wounded carrying the hurt medicine and allow Him to use our flesh…freely.  Leave the results to Him.  We just dispense the balm.  The comfort words.  Let us press out and bandage and soften with oil.  Much like an animal that is wounded will just go off and die.. so are people.  Many are dying..covered in their clothes of “normal” but inside all is falling apart.  They are to exhausted, depleted and worn to come into a building.  Families are desolate…let us pray where they are and go to them.  Let us do it for free…with no strings attached.

If we pray for God to open our eyes to not only our own nakedness but that of those around us..you see they have facades up.  People don’t trustit takes time to buildit takes God working for someone to be naked .. to be vulnerable to one another.  Often those wounded the worst are the scariest to  touch.  If we look at it that way?

It is putting in time day in and day out.  There is a call going forth.  A call to be on the front lines of the war to set our captives freestarting with ourselves…

These warriors aren’t super spiritual these are real everyday people. These are women who have hearts to see restoration, rebuilding, repairing and raising up.…they listened with no judgement.  They know God is the judge.   God will work what need to be worked.  They just lifted me and the kids up in prayer…and still are.  I have a long journey ahead and they know that.  Their prayers went up and God came down. They and others like them…like YOU are what God is raising up in today to do battle tomorrow.

You see – we can’t experience what others are experiencing in their journey most of the time. We have not walked in their shoes. We might not like it, understand it or ever experienced it.  We could never imagine ourselves doing that but flesh takes each its own way as a child when broken is raised in brokenness.

Let us continue to pray to our father to stir the waterto stir our country to battle  a war of setting people free. We are being seduced with lies..no other country is so chained.    That we want nothing else before experiencing and knowing Him…in all his fullness. He is the SAME God…maybe He is desiring us to cry out to Him like Hezekiah did…and so many others before and after did.  Let’s take His Word and believe it…America is the new mission field.   The call has gone out.  Let us focus more on loving the broken..being real with people…no strings.  If God sees fit to bring them to Him…yes!  People know when we are just ” helping ” them to get them to come to church just to convert.  We must tread very humbly and carefully.

Here is how it is starting for me:

It starts with ourselves. To live in  humbleness, no room for pride, self abandonment, some comforts, real intentional time with HIM…not in a building…with HIM in words and space…find others who will encourage you…that you can be ” naked ” with.  It won’t work without that…and let’s start praying and watching.

Will you stand? Will you accept the call to be a warrior?  Have your experienced the outworking of Jesus in others when risking be ” naked ” ? Has someone clothed you lately? Have you clothed someone else?

:::::::::::::::::::::::my heart is so heavy with the tragedy at the school…i join with you as we gather at the throne and ask for God’s presence to be known and felt among everyone.  how to pick up such shatteredness…praying for flesh to come alongside the families and care for them..cook..clean..listen..hug..hold.  nothing can change what has happened but we..can do what we can..if from afar we continue to pray as the Spirit leads…i am undone




Glenda Childers - Nothing is more beautiful than the Body of Christ acting like the Body of Christ.



Erin - This was amazing, Tiffini. I love it all. And that our own country is in such dire need is so sad. I pray that we wake up and answer the call. Beautiful words, beautiful heart.

Robyn Q - I love love the picture you posted today! Your words bring to life everything that God has been stiring inside and showing me over the past 18 months. Sometimes, I feel so alone in the church and with my family of believers. To be REAL, to be naked does take time and God working. So thankful for your blog. Be blessed!

Rachel - It really does take warriors to show others how much God loves them. May we all be those warriors. Thanks for the beautiful post.

Jen Ferguson - Amazing words, Tiffini. Truth resounds through everyone — oh, yes, to be the Church for the wounded, for the naked, for the hungry…all for free. All for freedom.

eileen - "Let's not go to church let's be the church." My church offered up the same challenge to us this past Sunday. Church is not a building we go to. Church is being the hands and feet for Christ. What a great post!

Christy - I have no words for how powerful this is Tiffani and how much my heart needed to hear that someone else feels the way I do sometimes. Thank you for sharing these words…

We are warriors. Amen.


Abby - you know my heart…yes, it's time. time to stop living like this is all going to last forever and live like He could return at any moment…who would He find ready? to last breath sharing the good news? this is beautiful and passionate and true and kindred heart to my own:)

looking forward to being here tomorrow:) i pray it's a blessing!

Amy Sullivan - Your thoughts on the church. Yes, yes, and YES! I will accept the warrior calling. Love the post. Love the picture. Can't wait to read what Abby has to say over here, and I'm so into Deeper Story already.

Michelle - I'm in a community right now where I see the body of Christ dying that needs to be fed some fertilizer to become truly His Church. Your words have inspired me to speak the truth in grace and love so that the Holy Spirit can refresh and revive.

Stephanie Clayton - Tiffini, I was tearful as I read this. You really are like my soul sister, I so feel the same way. I am going to send you an email, because reading this really challenged me. Thank you for speaking the truth, I needed to hear it today from you beloved sister :) Love Stephanie

Dear Monday, ( my day ) tell me more

— Edith Lovejoy Pierce

We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.

Upon first touch it is warm from sitting in the sunlight.  The bookshelf it came from had a layer of dust…failure to thrive..neglect…the hand squeezed the spine pulling it from the stuck place.

It was a worn. aged and sad looking little book.  Time told.  The fingers caressed the book…lovingly and held it to her chest.  the heartbeat caused the blood to begin to loosen..there was something pushing and it took the little book quite by surprise…the little book could hear something in the distance..almost a rushing

and it happened..it opened and the light came in so bright that the little book slammed his eyes shut only to find he was wet..it was warm sweet water…salty.  The worn aged book peered out from under and what he had prayed his whole life for happened

He was written upon. It was just one word. not much but you see…this book… while it had waited 42 years for this day..was only made alive by a heart that risked everything it ever had known to be made ready. often these things take time.

and that was her word for that day


What would one word be to describe YOU today? Just today? Don’t think to hard for it…it is there whispering…just listen. Has there been a place closed off from Him.  from yourself ..that your afraid to look at?  the word that best sums up your day…right now?  The first day of your New Year could be today.  That ONE word that will define the rest of your day…maybe even your life?

Photo Credit - Restart my Heart


Erin - Great picture, and I love the quote! It's so get up and go inspiring. I have no idea what my word is, but ready is sounding pretty good. I am ready for some deliverance, that's for sure.

Hope you're having a blessed Monday, a fresh start..


Tara - available.
love this post…you write so beautifully, tiffani.

praying for you today!

Meet Ms.B & weekend

On a lighter note today since things are heavy.  My house is a mess..toilets – well, it’s been days.  And that’s OK.  There are other things more important right now.  God is at work all around.  Do you see Him?  I pray so.

meet Bella or B or Bells depending on who is calling her… she is our 3 year old black lab.

We often say she could have been an Eeyore.  She tends to be melancholy,

she enjoys sleeping

LIVES to be loved on

favorite past time is chasing tennis balls or any “form” of a ball

she is a good listener

and a good vacuum ( she loves me when I’m prepping food in the kitchen )

She is the perfect dog for our family

except for the hairballs that collect around the edges of the house…yuck!  THAT drives me crazy:)

This last Sunday was outside playing with the kids in the snow.  I snuck out for a hard to get picture.  And I got it!

praying we will have a new beginning on Monday. I can’t yet let my mind and heart go there.  Soon enough.

This weekend I’m hoping to pin my eldest down who does all the design on the blog for me – I’m getting to old to understand any of this stuff:)

My list of to do’s for her is so long but  hoping to get all the blog design wrapped up.  This might be my ” safe and sane ” place for awhile.

next week is full…so much to share but in bite size pieces.

I hope to give you an update on our No Impact Project, not eating out and my no sugar challenge.

Do you have a family pet? I would love to hear about him or her?  Any fun weekend plans? Cleaning house?:)

grateful it’s Friday and that we have a house to clean.  yes?



Lori H - My Westie sounds just like your Lab. And the tumbleweeds of hair that he produces! He really should be bald by now. I am in the middle of a huge deep cleaning of my house. Next week my husband and I will be out of town while my in-laws stay here with my teenage son. So, a good excuse to clean! And I am thankful on this Friday that I have a house to clean. God is good.

Nikki - You forgot Bellinski Boo!

Erin - Hi Tiffini, we just have fish. We'd like a kitten someday, but just don't have a good place for a litter box. I'm too neurotic to put it just "anywhere" and I worry about my house smelling like I have a pet, and then there's the fur that gets everywhere. Maybe we'll just stick to fish. :)

I truly hope and pray your Monday and the week turn out to be wonderful for you.



Amy Sullivan - Um, we have the naughtiest dog in the neighborhood. Really, I promise you, our neighbors would agree. Golden Retriver.

I've been thinking about you tons this week. Love you, girl.

Abby - no:( sadly no:( maybe if we stay in one country long enough…though none of our missionary friends where we're going have pets…maybe fish are the most hopeful prospect:) occupational hazard, i fear…

anyhow, love your pic and your Bella…awww…could hug her now:)

xoxo praying…

Michelle DeRusha - Bella is a super cutie — love the snow flakes on her nose!

Jen Ferguson - Yes, so, um, I have a cat. Rescued at a very young age because he was abandoned by his mother. Thinks I'm his mother, of course, because I was the last one who wanted t cat. Nuzzles me nightly. Ugh. But, I still chase after him when he escapes. I say it's because my husband and kids him would just be distraught if he got lost…or eaten by a coyote. But, really, perhaps, I do actually like him. Sometimes…


Micke - My toilets are, well they are there. Thanks for your blog, it helps me thru the day.

Summer - Awwww. What a cutie pie! We have three yorkshire terriers. Cuties too. :) I just think you blog is adorable. I'm your newest follower.

Are you a dream smasher?

God writes big stories, stories that seem impossible. And they are, if you think about it. He seems to take great interest in impossible stories, and I think they’re interesting, too. But I rarely raise my hand to live them.

God makes oceans rise up like two great walls, and invites people to walk on dry ground between them.

How to live big Emily @ Chatting at the Sky

gather:  fairlightday:  (via michelleums)

Did you ever read love stories as a young girl? I did.  Most not suitable for the age I was.  That being said, it was in these books that I dreamed how my life would look.  What if I had someone who taught me how to dream God’s way by showing me with their words?

42 years later I sit amongst the ruins of finding my own way.  Trying to live out a fairytale life in a world constructed of lies.  Never dreaming I would end up here.  Lately…something…no Someone is nagging me to dream…not only dream but to dream BIG IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS.  There is much that is covered in the sands of time…some things thought ruined.

Our God is able to take ruins and make them beautiful! That is the place I am inviting God to work in my life right now.  It has to have an effect on my children.  When I think of my own dreams I can’t help but think of my children and the dreams I dream for them.  Do they have dreams for themselves?  Are they reading the right books/people or sticking their heads in books that are not edifying and full of lies? I guarantee they are reading you and me.

I can easily dream really BIG for them..don’t you? You just full heartedly believe that they can do and can be anything that they want to be and you would do anything to make sure they succeed right?

What about yourself?  we might shift our position to ourselves and put more of that energy we put into our children into ourselves.

What if we  started now…from this day forward.  Put down the fairytale..happily ever after books that are just lies from the pit and pick up the greatest love story ever told and and knock on God’s heart until He answers.

What if He is looking to and fro for people who will dare to dream BIG dreams themselves so that their children see God for REAL in the lives of their mommy’s and daddy’s.

Maybe we aren’t being BIG dream believers …are we looking in the wrong book?  Are we to caught up in our American culture of consume..get..achieve..comparing and forgot that we are believeing in the wrong things?  Are we no longer risk takers? Are we dream smashers?….saying by the words of our lives that our God is not big enough to deliver, to change, to rescue….are we putting Him in a box…and really shrinking back from what He is calling each one to uniquely do in their own circle of influence? To afraid of what people will say…who we go to church with would say…neighbors might talk…Is that me? I’m asking myself all of these questions.

Have we become just become to comfortableto afraid to live out loud…totally sold out for a God who loves..who forgives..who is REAL…are we to busy preaching and not writing our own letters?  Am I? How are things ever going to change unless we let God in to the secret places? The places where we are held captive.  Nine times out of ten our children will be held captive in the same ways.    How am I going to show my children…the next generation what a HUGE God He is at the same time so real and personal that He can be involved in the minutest part of our lives?

How do we show a broken people there is freedom and healing and forgiveness and security and peace if we….as BROKEN people…. cannot show our realness?  our nakedness?  What would happen if there were safe places to share our deepest fears and secrets so we could find healing amongst the flesh of naked people?  Maybe this is where real church happens?

I- full of fear and trembling say….I want to walk on the dry ground between the two ocean wallsI want to be the recipient of an impossible dreamI intensely pray that the kids and I will dance in the over spray from the ocean walls and be washed in His water. I pray my children can and will learn from what I live and write from this day forth.  THAT is what they will remember when I am gone from this earth. Not what came out of my mouth but what I lived out in words…

God that you would rend the heavens and come down in a mighty wave of change. That hearts would be stirred and moved to use the gifts you’ve given your children.  That we … full of grace and truth … go forth on this dry ground that you have gone before us and lead our familiesour offspringyour heritage to higher ground. To BIG dreams. To the God of impossible…A God who still acts on behalf of those who believe Him…help our unbelief Father.

You are a God who delights when we come to you with everything.  We come to you today with not only our own dreams that may have been buried years ago..but on behalf of the dreams you have placed in our children. That the evil one cannot kill steal and destroy what you have already written in their hearts.

What dreams have been buried in your heart? What dreams are you going to pray into life for your children?  Are you ready to get a little wet?  To believe that He is the God of IMPOSSIBLE Dreams?  Can you see youself carrying your kids on the shoulders of your dream?  I can

xoxo…sending my love your way

Linking up with Erin @ Mama’s Heart…click the button.  Hope to see you there:)

& Mama’s Losin It


It’s Grace

Photo Credit -fairlightday


Tracey - Thanks for sharing your heart and encouraging me to dream big dreams for myself and my family!

Jen Ferguson - I am most certainly not a risk-taker. Pretty much a chicken, you know. But, oh could I speak encouraging words to my children to really step out there for God. But, if I've never modeled what that looks like, if I have never stepped out myself, I have nothing to back up my words. This inspires me to take a risk, if not for my sake, for my children's.

Bobbi - Beautiful! Anyone ever tell you that you have a very Ann V. kind of writing style!? Love the picture too!! I'm visiting in from Mama's Heart…nice to meetcha!

Erin - Tiffini, this post was to my heart what the light is that pours into the cracked clay pitcher. I don't want my kids to be held captive by my flaws. I want them to see me as an overcomer. I want to be fully alive. I just don't know how. Sigh. :)

Thank you so much for linking up. The linky tool has been fixed and I'll be using a new tool next week for our link up. Thank you again!!


stephanie - Such a beautiful post and so inspiring. I am one of those "visionary" types. So dreaming big is easy for me. But others are always quick to squish it. So maybe I need to be more careful about beleiving God over man. Hmmmmm. Thank you for the insight. Ill keep dreaming.

BIg Fat Mama - Right now I'm letting God create my dreams for me. I never thought a year ago that I would be blogging, or communicating with women around the world! So, I'm just trusting what He puts in my heart and going with it. He'll take it where He wants it to go! Beautiful post!

Tara - praying that all the dreams that have been buried in your heart that are dreams that God birthed in you will come to fruition.

love your heart.

Amy Sullivan - Most of the time I don't even want to speak my dreams. They are too fragile. But something keeps pushing me to dream on.

LLH Designs - I adore this post! I've never been much of a dreamer…mostly because I was too afraid of failure. (Because I relied too much on myself.) But these days, I'm living more free…free to dream and free to trust Jesus! Alleluia!I



Melissa - I need to have my dreams resurrected, hope restored, joy re-filled. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. I like how the Son shines here. Joy blessings!

PS I'm jumping "naked" with you. :)

Robyn Q - Wow! You nailed my heart beat right here. Some days the vision is clear. The impossible seems right in front of me – my faith is big. Then with one little lie, one doubt, my wounded faith sinks my heart. And then I forget to live out loud and become a captive again. I highly recommend Kelly Minter's bible study: Ruth. It was fantastic! Thanks for being YOU and sharing like you do!

LLH Designs - I just re-read this post and am loving it all over again. What are we doing to dream big THIS VERY DAY…on this ordinary Saturday?!?! You've got me thinking!


misty - Your post completely moved me. I had never been here before, and found you through the Writer's Workshop… i adored this post, and your blog, so much! I am following you now and can't wait to read more from you! AMAZING!

Thank you so much…

misty - p.s. emiliy's blog is my favorite!