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i am laying in bed drinking hot apple cider .. i swear 5 lbs heavier ..  watching the kardashian christmas.  don’t judge.  we dvr all things kardashian around here
i am trying to get out of my head and into my heart to share about our thanksgiving and it just.isn’t.happening

photo (1)

(gold strength & dignity sign)

we wait until after thanksgiving to put anything christmas up.  i am glad we did.  it helped me to focus and stay in the now.  we did get down the tree and decorations yesterday and began morphing the house into a simple christmas.  we will share it with you next monday.  do you remember last years mantle…it was colorful wasn’t it?


but real quick i wanted to update you on the SHOP opening.

we shared a sneak peek of one of our signs in our first collection on instagram on black friday.  in case you don’t follow us on instagram i wanted to have this sign up for our family thanksgiving.  this year has been one of the hardest of my life.  these words have been my lifeline and i wanted to share it with you in the way of a sign for your walls.  we took pre-orders for shipping when we open on january 2.

it comes in white background with gold lettering – black background with white lettering & black background with gold lettering ( not shown yet)

photo (3)


we will have a new way of doing things so turnaround will not be so long.

we will only have so many custom spots open at one time.  when one goes out another spot will open up.  i think that will help..worth a try anyway:)

we will have several new lines of ___________ ( tBa)  we are soooo excited to share them with you.  we KNOW you are going to love them as much as we do!

i am having miss heather design a whole new logo.  have you seen her printable advent kit 



we would LOVE it if you would help us name our new sign collection?  the STILL GOD sign will be in the collection.  it will be creams, blacks & golds….some hints:)

ok…so think on it…and then leave your ideas in the comments.

photo (2)

for the WINNER

for the one we choose YOU will be sent your choice of the new signs in the collection you named

SO..put your thinking hearts on and let me have it…i can’t wait to see what you come up with.  remember it is a new season K?

i can’t wait to see the jen rizzo’s holiday house walk again!  does anyone else look forward to it?  i am always so inspired by each home and the hearts that live there.

later this week i will share our “new” table scored off craigslist the day before thanksgiving.  my ig friends all voted cream to paint the chairs and so today nikki painted


if you don’t follow us on instagram be sure to — as we near the opening of our shop we will be giving sneak peeks and a few instasales and who knows what else:)

i would love to hear how your thanksgiving was..and it is totally ok if you had christmas up already…really:)  ..i mean really it is no judging here..we love the kardashinans after all

ok…they are getting ready to show their christmas card…speaking of….this weekend is our photo shoot!

love love each of you….



Becky @Farmgirl Paints - That mantel is so me. Can you come over and do mine:)

Kelly Cach - Your mantel…oh, how I love it!

I’m hoping I wasn’t too wishy washy in answering your question about the background on our family name sign. That very day was the same day we got word about my father-in-law passing away. I couldn’t (and still can’t) think straight. But I do know for sure that I will love it…I trust you that much :).

The “still God” sign made me gasp when I saw it on ig…I mean, I love them all, but this one struck me deeper. I instantly thought, ‘that’s me.’ And now I just read you’re needing a name for your new line. It took all of 10 seconds (maybe less) for the words to come straight from my heart: “Breathe Life” …because that’s what your signs (His words) do for me, for you, for so many. They breathe life and give hope. Oooh, or it could be “Give Hope” or the “New Life-Line” or “New Hope”….I better stop. You may regret putting that challenge out there. I might overload you with ideas :)

You’re recovery is still in my prayers,
Kelly :)

P.S. And I totally don’t judge….I used to be a huge Bachelor and Bachelorette fan…still would be if my hubs would let me ;)

tara - 1. I just love your new signs, and I can’t wait to see what else you’ll reveal as the new year comes. I love Kelly’s idea for the name of the collection…breathe life.

2. We totally watch the Kardashians. I am SO sad that Kris and Bruce are separated but grateful they appear to be getting along.

3. Thanksgiving was a whirlwind….drove 5 hours to Andy’s mom’s house and turned around on Friday morning and drove 5 hours back home. It’s always good to see his family…only see them once a year, but it’s a whirlwind.

4. prayers for a sweet ending to your hard year and for the new year to be life-giving in every single way possible.

Kelli B - What a lovely mantel!

I follow you on Instagram & didn’t realize you had a blog! Don’t mind me, I’ll be looking around. :) You have incredibly unique & beautiful items.

When reading the new sign & the colors you’ve chosen I thought of these words…
“Life is Golden”.

This Thanksgiving was special for me because I wasn’t able to go “home” to be with my parents for the holidays as I normally do. But my husband & I took our children to the movies Thanksgiving morning & it was such a joy to be together. My husband’s new job is a blessing but he’s required to work long hours & we usually don’t really “see” him unti the weekend. I realized that my little family & the precious time we share together really is one the greatest gifts of life. I have Christ, a family & a future. Truly … “Life is Golden” :)

Carrie - Hope inspired collection

Shirlee McGuire - Love the new signs and the mantel! You are such and inspiration and encouragement to me.

When I first saw the sign on Instagram I was a bit awe struck. I took some time to sit and ponder (and cry a little) because there is so much truth in those words. He is. And always will be. Sometimes we just need to slow down to soak in His truth. Especially this time of year we are so busy with the hustle and bustle of the season. We are too busy to hear Him and we easily forget.

I love your motto., in the NOW. So true. So my suggestions for the new sign are:
1. The NOW collection
2. Be Still collection

Praying you have a wonderful Christmas!!
Xo- Shirlee

Aimy Young - I think the perfect name for the new collection is TRUE. Love it!

Rachel - Here are a few ideas, The Gilded Collection, Golden Sentiments, or Golden Heart Collection.

Love the new look.

Jennifer - The “I Am” collection, because He Is in all of it. Prayers for your continued healing.

Jerri C. TN - The REVIVAL Collection…………… It’s about rallying and overcoming & living in the precious present. It speaks to you, to me, and for us all. You are a strong woman!!!

Christi Howard - i Love your work! Thinking maybe “Awaken my Soul” collection. I want one of the Still God signs, how can I pre order?

Jordanna Blair Caine - Howdy!
From Montreal, Quebec, Canada here!
I am so glad I found your website a short-time ago, I too live with chronic illness and your story is helpful and encouraging.

For your new collection i suggest: Awaken Hope

Jordanna Blair Caine - or… Risen

Brittany - I love your mantel from last year! Love all the color and now I’m thinking maybe I can make a little pom garland like that :)

Your collection is lovely and I love the “Breathe Life” idea for the name. One thing I’ve been trying to remind myself lately is that God’s grace is new every morning, and your Still God sign brought that to my mind too. My suggestion for the collection would be “Each Morning”

Rebecca Reddig - 2010 was my hardest of years…your work is beautiful and uplifting. My idea for your collection would be “Even So”.
The words in the song It Is Well are so very comforting to me…even so, it is well with my soul.

Mindy - Do you mind if I throw out a name and an idea for a new sign? Oh, good, cause I was going to do it anyway! Haha! I would love to see a sign based on the lyrics of the song, Oceans. Maybe “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger. ” I think “Deeper Still would be a great name for the collection :-)

Kylie Vincent - Love the mantel!

Names ideas for the collection:

The Eternal collection
The Musings collection
The Scribed collection
Myrrh and Gold collection
The Forged Collection

Katie G - My vote is the Gillded Contentment.

Patty Page - “Grace Words” is what I’d call it.

Becky J - Blanket of Peace line
Mantle of Peace line
- these popped into my heart when I looked at those lovely wall hangings

A blessed Christmas!!

Deb - oh my how i love your signs! how about the precious hope collection?

Jennifer - I LOVE your signs and I LOVE your story…
I think Isaiah 61:3 is such a beautiful encouraging verse…only the God we serve is able to make “beauty out of ashes”
“BEAUTY FROM ASHES” is my vote for your new collection!!!

kelly Bermudez - I adore your work! Praying for you sister friend!


Seasons Collection

Kindle or “Rustic Kindle Collection”

Aurora Collection (meaning light or sunrise)

kethem Collection (Hebrew for Gold)

Brucha Collection (Hebrew for Blessings)

Anna - Love this sign! I too love to make signs and tell His story. I would love to have this one on my wall. Your story is so inspiring and offers us all hope and strength to face this life’s valleys.

Abounding: means to be fully supplied or filled. It could be “love abounding”, strength abounding, grace abounding… fill in the blank abounding… or simply abounding.

Blessings to you dear sister in Christ,

Susan Jeffries - I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! I am also excited about your new line of prints!! I hopped on that band wagon right away and plan to hang my new HOB beauty in the bedroom. I have been saving a spot for the perfect addition and I just found it!! Thanks! I put Christmas up early. I am not really a Thanksgiving fan, but I love Christmas!! I have never seen the Kardashians – maybe I need to check that out:) They seem to be in the news a lot!! I have been thinking of names for your new line and I love the Be Still and Know Collection. When I think of you, you have that great ability to trust His grace – what a gift. I learn a lot from you(: Blessings! Susan

Rachel - i love coming here to your blog and following you on instagram.
and, your signs.
ohmyword. your signs! they are so beautiful!
i love this new line you are going to be doing in these colors. i can’t wait to see them all!
there have been so many wonderful suggestions given already that i feel silly adding mine, but, i still will.
‘Resplendent Glory.’

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Hi sweetie!! I LOVED your mantle last year. It was by far my most favorite of any mantle anywhere. Love all your new signs and love that you have a new way of doing things- I know that’s half the battle isnt it? Just finding a steamlined thing! I’m always tweaking that sort of thing too.

Sending LOVe!

Janice Smith - For Every Season

Amy S - How about the “Moxie” line… it pretty much means to have endurance and is a sweet, fun sounding name :)

jennifer {studiojru} - love this sign… what a beautiful reminder. going through a tough season myself and HE is what i hold onto! my suggestion would be… the ‘HE IS’ collection.

Robin - “His Encouraging Words”
I love your hints of the new collection. Here’s my suggestion. I look forward to seeing the rest. Your house is cozy and charming. Rest well my friend!

jeanne oliver hit the nail on the head

hello everyone!  well jeanne i don’t have my tree up either and if i am truthful i am fighting this very thinking with my girl..

who is 14!  she wants to put up the tree and decorate her room.  there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in and of itself is there?
but hold on…

our subject is living in the NEXT vs. living in the NOW right?  living in the next  is the very mindset that the media wants us to have and when they suck our children in they have us right?
if i am even more truthful…they are watching us..their parents aren’t they?  uh oh..this stings a little

so instead of succumbing here is what i have been practicing

remember my mantra?

prACTice doesn’t make perfect…prACTice makes change

here is a little how it goes…

i say, ” darling, let’s live in today.  it isn’t even thanksgiving yet.  christmas will come and has a joy all of itself
i want to extract all the sacred moments from today and thanksgiving.

but mom…there may even be a wee bit of eye rolling and pouting involved.  but i am sticking to my guns.  period
i am sure i act like that when i don’t get to indulge myself.

i honestly believe…the older i get…that
thanksgiving is the real deal.  gratitude IS grace and that is what carries me each and everyday.
this has been one of the hardest years in my memory and gratitude and grace oh and a big ol’ heaping spoonful of trust have gotten me through each day.

so miss jeanne oliver,  i loved your post..your heart..and YOU!  praying you have eyes to see the sacred within each is most always in the small things…winkxo

high five!

and here are a few of my favorite pins the last few days…i pray… you too..are practicing change by sharing & showing those watching you to be present.  little eyes are watching.

FARMHOUSE 5540: Thanksgiving Keeping Room

( source )

no link to source?

Fall Fashion  skinny pants, ankle boots, long pea coat


Industrial Shelving Design,



Old School J. Crew


winter cabin



( source ) no link to source

i need to do this / Hilda Grahnat


Good advice.


today i want to live with my eyes wide open!…xotiff


Pat allen - Love what you are saying Tiffini, right there with you! I will not put my tree up before TG. I want to enjoy one holiday at a time. I get the people that do that. They want to enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree and decorations and experience the cheerfulness of that season. However for me, I find I get stressed and feel rushed to get it all done, then it’s suddenly over and I’m sad because I didn’t enjoy it. My bad, I’m trying to overcome that. So, I’m taking it one step at a time. Hope you are feeling better every day!

Patty Page - Hallelujah! Thanks for the words! and for the beautiful inspiration pictures. I’m continuing to pray for you—have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

tara - There’s no condemnation for friends who have put up their Christmas decorations…I’ve got several who have for various reasons, but I just can’t bring myself to do it until I’ve given the turkey his due day and let my soul give thanks!

hope you’ve had a great weekend….i’m looking forward to the rest of the week with the kids and Andy….traveling to see my in-laws down in south ga.

what about you?

jessica - practicing presence, so important!

becky - that list with all the mores had me. I need to do “more” of everything and just can’t…ugh!

miss you friend. praying continued healing to cover you physically, mentally and over every area of your life. you are a blessing to so many. big hugs!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - It’s totally truth. A week ago I put all the christmas brakes on in my house and made up my mind just to be present in NOW… and tough there were ideas forming and such I let myself be here for Thanksgiving and Oh how I have LOVED it!! Remind me of this next year too!! LOL

Kelli - That list? Perfect!

N. Naylor - Please change my order from white and gold to chalkboard, thank you so much. paypal

simple living is becoming a NOW thing…

simple living isn’t a new thing.  it isn’t a lost art.
it is becoming a “now” thing because as a society we have bowed down to the god of busyness.
we have made busyness an idol
we wake up voraciously consuming and go to bed voraciously consuming.
we reap what we sow


multitasking is not an art form.  it is a numbing toxic armor and is making us sick

we are beginning to see the consequences within our families.
the pendulum is swinging in the other direction

simple living is going to be my “now” thing
i have decided to be a trailblazer..really you ask?  YES…really!

while my now missing colon and reconstructive surgery to build a new one
i believe my circumstances are speaking new things, a change in direction maybe?

i liken it to a sifting so i can see what gifts are glimmering just beneath the surface.

i don’t have a choice with my bowel disease but i DO have a choice in to say NO to to the aforementioned lifestyle and blaze a trail for a simple life that works for me.

i wake each day missing something and i think i am beginning to see what it is.
i found this poem and i think it hits the nail on the head!


Written While Running

Sometimes I move so fast it hurts.
Though the things coming at me
are not moving at all.

They are soft and inviting. It’s
approaching them as if they will
vanish that makes them sharp.

Running into any point
makes it a knife.
— Mark Nepo from Reduced to Joy

 –PEACE–real peace.  the kind i wake up with and carry through the day.  i am done with being driven .. with false guilt for wanting to slow down and for the tentacles that dig into my soul that i don’t have enough and that nagging need for MORE..for the longing to be as present as i can be within each day.

i have committed to make home cooked meals from scratch as often as i can.  period!  cutting out as much boxed processed stuff as i can.  i am intoxicated with learning to cook again.  it is a good thing.  so i have to give up some things but it has been worth it so far.

i am going to resurrect the lost art of simple living in
my heart
my home
and my business

His business–God’s business.  it is time to do some serious business with God

ok girls..this cracked me up..listen up


IMG_5053 (1)

I wanted to share an OMG moment!  i made — from scratch — a Cream of Chicken soup recipe.  i used it in this recipe & everyone loved it!
better than the ucky can glop for sure
AND i used CUP 4 CUP so it was GLUTEN FREE.  bonus points right?


all the kids loved it and i think i know why–

one ingredient that i added that the recipe’s didn’t call for was LOVE

LOVE DOES make all the difference cooking for others.  LOVE replaces the harried irritation of having to feed the know?

are YOU ready to be trailblazers together?  i am…i will be posting an update on the shop status and the remaining orders PLUS a little scoop on the new store opening in january…xo




kerrie - Isaiah 28:12 there is a promised rest

Jackie @ Roots & Wings - I totally am with you! I have experienced the same priority shift since my ovarian cancer diagnosis. I think simplicity is where God has wanted us all along. Praying for you often as you journey on this road, Tiffani. xo

Sarita - Amen to simple.

Debra @ MsMoozys Open House - I am sooooo into this post, with the 3 kids that have so many “thing” and they are bored, from me wanting my Etsy shop to take off and so on……

I am starting to look back into the “live simply” life that I had planned a while back, before the adoption of our boys. Might be time to make a plan and move forward. The cooking thing will be hard as I am not a great cook but so much better for my boys which have high functioning Aspergers and the other with ADHD. No processed foods would be awesome and healthy.

Thanks again for sharing with with us. ~Hugs~

Glenda Childers - I am basically a simple girl, but I still have trouble finding balance at times. Enjoy the wonderful real food as you continue to heal.

Happy Wednesday.


Denise - Blazing the trail to simplicity with you Tiffini!

Khadija - Thanks for the inspirational words. I think tons of people are changing direction to a more simple and natural lifestyle. Goodbye plastic!

Kelly - I am absolutely in. This is the same thing I have been speaking to my husband about recently. As we have been going through recovery of a daughter after concussion from a fall in cheer, I have been so full of regret at all that has been missed. But I now am seeing that not only does God restore all that is lost, much of it was just flat our busy-ness. Our (society- not just ours) lives have been consumed with busy, and high academic achievement, and super athletes… at the cost of a life of peace and harmony. I am desperate to slow down. Without guilt. Love that you mentioned the false guilt at slowing down- that is so true! Love your heart and what you are sharing. You invite peace into my soul.

tara - i miss you.
we’re aching for the simpler life, too, and doing everything we can to stay focused on what’s most important.

love the work God is churning in you.

LLH Designs - Love what you said about multitasking: “it is a numbing toxic armor and is making us sick.” I’ve never been a good multitasker and used to feel bad about that…as if every woman should be. Now I’m THANKFUL. xoxo!

Amy Avery - I was brought to your blog from Tara’s blog and was drawn to this post. Your words speak such truth and love from the one who is shining his light through your gifts and talents. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and for speaking for simplicity. I have a very dear friend who just went through the same surgery you have undergone. You are in my prayers as you continue in your recovery process and in living in a simpler way of life. I am joining you and I am very inspired by your trail blazing spirit! May God continue to bless and keep you on your journey.

susan@avintagefarmwife - I hear you! We drive ourselves crazy with our business, and I think it all boils down to pride…I’m important. I’m needed. Etc.

I made gluten free cream of mushroom soup to use in a recipe for my dil and it was DELICIOUS. No comparison with the canned stuff.

Going to check into that flour substitute.

mayonnaise is the secret to mix up an ordinary grilled cheese

grilled cheese

i am getting that know..the holidays! minus the stress.  the anticipation of in all the goodness of the the most wonderful time of the year:)  it starts now~with our calendars doesn’t it?  is your filing up as fast as mine? cookie baking with the girls..the morgan christmas..parties..checking the lists..organizing the calendars

whoa girl!  remember it is not a race…it is a journey!   i am getting ahead of myself…thanksgiving first.

most of us have been practicing gratefulness through out the year and i really think that turns up the volume on thanksgiving for me..what about you? to planning out our table for thanksgiving.  we are determined to have a sit down this year.  isn’t this stunning?  thanksgiving al fresco might be possible in missouri.  it is either stunningly warm or freezing.  this is the vibe i want for our table this year.  woodsy..a little glam.  simple.  rustic.  less fuss to detract from what is really important.

Baby Its Cold Outside
the pretty blog

i might be becoming an amazon prime addict with all this bed “time” on my hands.  i am addicted to the food network…my two new favorites are jamie deen’s home for dinner and trisha yearwoods southern kitchen.  i might have ordered trisha’s cookbook georgia cooking in a oklahoma kitchen

if i did believe in reincarnation i would come back as a southern girl…just sayin!

.. and my first silpat too!  i am dreaming of becoming a foodie and going back to a simple life of cooking, cleaning, loving on my peeps and creating.

but all within boundaries of peace!  i don’t know about you but i crave this!

so today i wanted to share with you our latest simple comfort food dinner in our soon to be series Soul Supper Sundays!
it is a collision of jaime deen’s grilled cheese and panera’s.    we had panera’s all natural white bread cut thin.  then we grated sharp cheddar cheese…no packaged cheese around this house anymore!

grilled cheese 4

there is something different about fresh grated cheese minus the binders or whatever stuff they put in there to keep it that way.

take two pieces of the panera bread…or even better yet homemade bread.  yum! sprinkle your grated cheese all over it.  spread mayo on each side of the bread.  yes you heard me.  AHmazing!

grilled cheese 3

grill it just like you would a grilled cheese. i was a starving marvin for some food so nikki bought potato soup from panera and blended it in the blender for me and voila! perfect.  the kids got creamy tomato as their sidekick to the grilled cheese.  it was super comforting.  super yummy!  a difinite addition to our Supper Soul Foods…coming in the weeks ahead.

grilled cheese 2

mayonnaise is the secret to mix up an ordinary grilled cheese .. and of course the real grated cheese:)

cheers to a simple comforting soul food to enjoy with family…. xotiff


tara - it’s our secret ingredient, too!
Mayonaise makes it!!!

Glenda Childers - You got to eat … yay.


robin - You sound GREAT! Your photo of that rustic table make me want to have lunch at your house. I’ll bring corn casserole! Stay on that steady road to getting stronger and better daily!!! blessings to you. - clicking over from another blog and totally drawn in by one of my all time favorites – - grilled cheese! and on panera bread.. oh, yes please!!!

love the thanksgiving table too – what inspiration. and remembering the holiday season is not a race, how true! i was feeling that panic even today as i thought about the fact our family christmas pictures aren’t done yet! oi. it doesn’t help that my daughter has a christmas countdown on my computer screen i see every time i open it – - in case you’re wondering there’s 41 days 2 hours 13 minutes and uh, 40 seconds and counting. ;)

Christi - YEs to everything you said about the holidays! Today was the first day I felt a wash of concern over the small number of days that are left before Thanksgiving and Christmas. — I am assuming you are still on a liquid diet…I can’t believe you are watching the food network! And blogging photos of that scrumptious looking grilled cheese! — Continuing to pray for your healing and that your love for Christ will increase more and more through this time. xo

Kim Michael - Ohhh I love those two Cooking Shows myself! Trisha is adorable and has some real good home cooked recipes.I have been putting Mayo on my grilled cheese for some time now.I also make a mean crab, cheese and thousand island dressing grilled cheese :)
I hope you are healing and taking it easy! Many Prayers for you for a quick recovery.The bed rest I would hate!I would be in trouble with online shopping as the ups man would be visiting quit often.
Panera sounds so good! I have been buying their sourdough large loaf these days and their squash soup.I must try their Potato now :)I would so send you a treat while you are recovering if you felt comfortable giving your addy out!
Many Blessings !!!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Okay so what I love about you… is that you can even make a grilled cheese sandwich post lovely.

ambre - Tiffini, I was wondering if you were using any homeopathic remedies in this season of healing? They are miracle workers and don’t interact with other medications.

hanging in there…

i won’t keep you but wanted to update ya’ll that i am home…AGAIN!



i am hanging in there much like this little leaf dancing above me today.  i got myself off the couch just long enough to step outside with the camera.  the air had that campfire fall smell to it.  i wanted to be a part of it if even for a few minutes.  which is about all i have up and around these last few days before i am sitting..or laying down again.

the last surgery was hard.

this surgery has been harder.

i came home for the second time yesterday afternoon after another 5 day stay.  i have been in the hospital almost two weeks except for the two days i came home after the surgery before going back to the hospital by ambulance due to a blockage.
they shipped another 18 signs out  this last saturday.  i will have carissa come next week and she will get started on the rest of the orders.

please give me another week to just be and get a little stronger.  i can’t eat food yet.  i was just cleared for a full liquid diet friday.  it has been over two weeks since i have eaten….i watch the food network all day.  weird right?

pray for no more blockages and for my diet to be able to advance to soft foods

jpouch surgery is where they take the small intestine and form a rectum.
my old stoma is gone and now there are two pieces of intestine where there used to be one.  this is only temporary.

in 10 weeks i will be able to have the last surgery called the “takedown” where they hook up the two pieces and tuck it in
and close up the hole where the bag was.  i will never ” go ” like normal but with some months of healing and training i will be able
to at least eat salads and veggies and all the foods i love and have missed!  i am keeping my eye on the prize

thank you for all the cards and gifts…the blanket is like a piece of your love wrapping around me.  God’s arms loving me through others

i’m so grateful….xotiff


p.s. to read more of my stoma story click here and here or here

llustration of a cross-section of the abdomen showing how a J pouch is constructed by the surgeon.


Susan Jeffries - Bless your sweet heart! I am so glad you are home again and healing. I have been praying for you. I don’t know why we must go through things like this, but I do know that God has you under His care. And I got my sign last week. I teared up when I opened it. It is perfect. Thank you! Susan

Rachel - Oh Tiff, I am so happy that you are home. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Patty Page - Praying for you, Tiffani!

Khadija - Honey, you hang in there! There are a lot of people you never even met who care about you and want you to get in the best of health as soon as you can! Keep your chin up and plan a big party for when you are doing well again!! (What’s the color scheme going to be?)

Hugs, Khadija

Amber - Hi Tiffini. I suffer from a couple chronic illnesses. In fact, I just spent the whole day in bed on Saturday until dinner time, so I understand the frustration of just wanting to be up and be part of life. It’s really hard. And depressing at times. I do want to encourage you though. My cousin had the same problem and surgeries as you. He had his jpouch surgery 1 1/2 years ago and he has done awesome since. He went through years and multiple surgeries to get him to the place he is now. He also experienced the blockages after one of his surgeries as well as some other serious challenges. And he looks and feels healthy again. He’s been a support to me, in fact, as I’ve walked my road of chronic illness. He knows and understands the very dark times a mind can go through that is suffering from constant sickness. And it’s encouraging to me to look at how he has healed and progressed, even though I do not suffer from the Crohn’s disease. It still encourages me to keep persevering. So I will most certainly pray that you do not experience anymore blockages and that your diet can progress. I will also pray that you will be encouraged in many ways during this recovery time and that you will just feel your Father’s arms wrapped around you!

marlece - Tiffani, I’ve been praying for you and thinking of you (every time I sit on the toilet~smile!) You inspire, and really proud of what a woman you are.

Heather - Hang in there. This too shall pass. Praying for a quick recovery for you.

Glenda Childers - So glad to have an update.


Mindy - Prayers for continued healing.

Jen - I have never left a comment but I wanted to let you know I am praying for your complete recovery.
Thank you for your blog….and your story.
Your beautiful writing inspires me!

tara - adore you.
praying for no more blockages…
praying for your heart to not grow weary…
praying that He gives you glimpses of his glory all day long as you heal completely!

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Been praying for you tons my friend. I know it’s a tough go… wish I was there in person for you but I’m here regardless. Sending my love!

julie - Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Ter'e - God Bless your little heart……… are soooooooo strong. You make us so proud of you………