the wilderness memoirs : God had a plan to save me first

i crave quiet much like i do coffee in the morning

the kind of quiet where no one is clamoring for my time
nothing is pressing on me
no emails, phone calls, instagram, Facebook or etsy conversations
no cleaning and laundry
to-do lists and errands

my wilderness memoirs

just uninterrupted time to unravel just a bit of my heart
to take a deep long breath
inhaling what God is doing all around me
God-wind goosebumps all around me
and i want to swim in it
i don’t want to miss it
i want to express to Him how grateful i am…does He know?  O God!!!

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Heather - So amazing how God speaks to us through others. Such a great post that I needed today!

Jamie Stephens - Beautiful expression of God’s love and power. Bless you for sharing the deep intimate places. Spoke to my heart…love! I’m not an orphan anymore! Embrace the journey.

Kim S - Your words mean so much to me today. I feelvloke I am just at the beginning of this journey, figuring out how to surrender, lean in to God instead of others for my identity and peace. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing your heart.

Em W. - Beautiful post..

lissa - oh how this blesses and touches my heart. i sure wish we could sip coffee together. so encouraging. so brave. xoxo so happy for you.

yolanda - Tiffini, I ust wanted to say this spoke to me . I still have hope that you might be a prayer mentor to me. I feel much like you that my faith in god was beyond repair. I had lost hope and faith .Doubt and despair was my constant companion. Last Friday I cried out to god with tears of rage and I feel he is speaking a peace . I think there is a tug of war going on for my soul and I want god to win. I know gods timing isn’t mine. I watched this morning Andy Stanley’s message from Northpoint church on line about being in just this place. It is called “In the meantime” I encourage you to watch it. It moved and the song at the end was written just for us in the wilderness. I pray for your marriage.
You are a shinging light for Christ in a dark world.Here’s hoping you will forgive me for any hurts I have caused you.

Meggie - Tiffini-

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed to hear this today. Thank you for being honest, real, raw and sharing your story. I feel like I am in the middle of your past and today for once I just felt hopeless, like there is no returning. Seeing marriages being restored after years and years gives me so much hope. You are such a light for his kindgom and I am eternally greatful for that.


Diana Stevan - We do learn from other people’s stories. I’m wishing you and your partner all the best in healing whatever rifts you’ve had. Forgiveness and understanding are key. It’s not easy in today’s world, or in yesterday’s. We are human and frail at times. We make mistakes because we are not perfect.

I’ve been married now 52 years. I was a family therapist for over 25 years. Every relationship has its ups and downs. I think for too many of us, we think it’s happily ever after. We overlook the words of the old marriage vows – for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poorer, till death do us part.

As long as the love was there in the beginning and there is a will to get through those tough times, there is a way. Again, wishing you all the best for your beautiful heart.

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - Thank you for sharing. Eric and I had a very dark patch in our marriage about 5 years in. It was horrible and I hated every minute of it when we were in the thick of it, but with time, counseling, prayer and a determination to not give up, we came through it. Now, 6 years later I’m SO grateful for it and the growth we both experienced individually and together. Our marriage is deeper and stronger for it, and I’ll pray that the same is for you. You’re in my prayers, friend.

mms milk-paint chippy chandelier makeover


i was not born a natural diy’er
my love for the art & soul of creating my very own home has evolved into a passion..where only jesus and food come before it

diy miss mustard seed milk paint ( in linen ) chandelier.  Philippians 4:7-8 sign...good words to see each and every morning! old door turned headboard..drop cloth bedskirt

call it a mid-life crisis or just getting closer to dying but i am becoming a risk-taker and adventurer seeker in my middle age.
making intentional choices to make the art of living courageously a lifestyle.

sooo i just figured my best bet would be to just be “me” here each all my awkward authentic glory
the words of maya angelou come to mind when i think of my purpose here each month

“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

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Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - 1. Jesus
2. Food
3. Creating a lovely home

See, I *knew* I liked you!

Kelly Cach - Just catching up here.!!!!

I’m not a DIYer by nature either, but it’s so rewarding you just go for it, isn’t it?!

aedriel + house of belonging = a BIG giveaway

happy monday friends!  hope you had a good weekend! i pray these words over your life today… ( giveaway info at bottom of post )

aedriel and house of belonging : an exclusive collaboration

our was good but busy! photographing the sign line and putting the finishing touches on a sweet collaboration that God orchestrated between Aedriel and House of Belonging

 i kid you not…it’s a #Godventure!!

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barbara nelson - these these signs are so beautiful. I just received her print home is wherever I’m with you, you two are going to do great,
Love you sweet friend.

Molly LaPorta - I am beyond “God bumps,” reading this post! Praying God’s blessings over you!

where i got my custom made bed-skirt

hello:) happy weekend right?

you know how some people rave about their momma’s cookin’ well i am here to say i love my momma’s sewin’

many of you asked about my bedskirt and well…you guessed it my mom made it.  i LOVE my custom made bed-skirt.  she has an etsy shop…good news right?

go and check it out…she also has made several of our curtains in our old home…before we moved to our #exodushome

custom made linen-like bed skirt. FULL and romantic.  sign from House of Belonging Etsy shop

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Lemonade Makin Mama - Oh I just LOVE it!!! It’s happy and sweet and lighthearted and so very YOU. I’m so behind on blog reading but I am so thankful that I had a few minutes today before kiddos awake to dive in and get just a little caught up. Love ya sweets.

Pam McCuan - The bed skirt is gorgeous!!

Kelly Cach - So incredibly perfect!!! Exactly what I’ve been imagining for our bed!!!
Your mama IS talented, wow! So happy for you :).

House of Belonging Shirt Shop is OPEN!

we are so excited to share the House of Belonging SHIRT SHOP with you all!  we are beyond thankful for your continued love and support


having the shirts with the signs was becoming hard!  so nikki and i decided to separate the two and viola!

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " Though she be but Little she is FIERCE" baseball t-shirt

lots of you are asking for shirts and please know we are working on designing those and getting them into the shop

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Amy LaBrie - How can I place an order for shirts?

Bridget - I want to buy a few shirts! :) How do I do that?

Canopy Membran Bekasi - shirt shop..??