a “fast” fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

happy almost fall everyone! fall is my favorite season..is it yours too?
if you don’t know it yet i am tiffini..from the house of belonging next door
hoping you’ll stop by soon for coffee and pumpkin donuts so we can talk about
our hearts for our home..our family..and one another

that is my favorite thing EVER…being inspired hearing your story and encouraging you by sharing my story within God’s story

that is my heart for this little post on a fall wreath..that it would encourage you to do just one simple thing to
make your home say ” come in – you belong here – you are LOVED!


-a pre-made fall wreath

-add-ons like leaves.pumpkins.pine cones.ribbon whatever

**wait for hobby lobby or Michael’s coupon for 40% off.  i got all of this for around 25.00!

-hot glue gun


glue it all on in whatever way you want.  it is THAT easy

( before )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

my main complaint about pre-made wreaths is they are sparse.  you can pay 60 plus dollars for a stingy wreath.
i love FULL wreaths which is why this project makes perfect sense!

we chose this wreath because we loved the muted fall tones with touches of gold

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

the leaves made ALL the difference in giving the wreath the fullness i wanted

( after )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial
a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

this project is not rocket science PLUS we saved at least 25.00 compared to buying a pottery barn wreath
so we went to Five Guys and had cheeseburgers, fries and a soda
it was worth every.single.penny

now go make a wreath. buy a wreath…or not...or maybe go have a greasy cheeseburger but whatever you do KNOW you are awesome
just the way you are.  wreath or not:)  i just hope this gives you just a little bit of fall encouragement

you can find me on instagram @houseofbelonging daily…that is my hangout place:) where you’ll be the first to know all of our new
signs and tee’s and upcoming NEW stuff that we have in the works…so come on over…we can’t wait to see you there!

1 way to celebrate fall with kids   {this is an awesome popcorn recipe btw}


love people everywhere fall table






Sheila Rumney - Thanks for the great tutorial on your beautiful fall wreath. Wishing you a wonderful autumn season.

Kelly Cach - Thank you for the encouragement. Hope you know how amazing you are, too!

new shirt shop & new “news”

good morning!  i have been MIA on the blog .. sorry!  life is happening..that is a good thing
but i miss writing and i am FULL of stories
to be honest i just don’t have a lot of extra time with working the business
but God has given us a testimony…out of a “test” that has been over 15 years long
with much grace and vulnerability i am going to begin writing our God- story…here

yes…old people still kiss
and no..it isn’t a “movie screen” shot but it
is every bit as precious to me!


#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog houseofbelonging.com

#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog houseofbelonging.com

our grand babies will be here in 2 days!  it has been 8 months since we’ve seen them
they live in florida
20plus hours in a car with 5 kids!  not sure i could do it
can’t wait to take lots of pictures and share them with you all!

my grand babies.  houseofbelonging.com

we have LOTS of new signs in the sign shop
have you seen them?

aedriel and us have collaborated on some and they are beautiful
christmas is around the corner…i know
i sigh too but this year i am not getting all caught up in the hype
keeping it simple

All that Glitters sign.  house of belonging Etsy shop

aedriel & house of belonging collaboration.  house of belonging Etsy shop

i don’t share much on our home but i thought i’d share a peek at our first real living room set
we have raised 5 kids and never had 1.) money and 2.) why buy new furniture with 5 kids right?
times have sure changed though since we raised our bunch though

we went to ikea and i am sold! #ikea
things are very well made and affordable enough for the average family
even if you save up for it piece by piece like we did

a peek into our #exodushome  houseofbelonging.com

we have a NEW SHIRT SHOP
this has got to be the biggest news
peeps are still trying to buy shirts from our Etsy sign shop
they are no longer there

click here for the SHIRTS

nikki is continually adding more so be sure to keep checking back
they would make awesome christmas gifts!

fun outfit for fall pumpkin patch visits!
God is within her tee from house of belonging shirt shop!
leopard flats a beanie and an a truth tee!  house of belonging shirt shop!
ok...so fun for sisters and moms to all wear right?  house of belonging shirt shop

be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging for daily inspiration and shop news
that is where we hang out all of the time:)

love ya’ll….


Patty Page - I just can’t wait to hear your God story!

Kim - What is the name of that fantastic font for your sign in this post “Let her sleep….”?

Lemonade Makin Mama - Okay DYING to hear more about your romance!!!! So excited for you and you so relaxed and happy…. it’s like you’re blooming. My heart bursts for you friend. all the goodness here and cute house… yes show lots more of THOSE pics too. I can’t get enough.

Much love to you sweet girl!

Lisa - Yes… I love the font on “let her sleep” too… Do you have the name? I love your blog and all your work!

drab to fab : a hutch makeover

hello friends

it’s me..tiffini from house of belonging how are you today?  good i hope…smile:)

makeover a hutch with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch from drab to fab!

i want to share our hutch makeover and how with some paint & shopping your home you can transform a hutch from drab to fab!

you can change the way a “space” feels and how YOU feel about that space!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!
hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

i wish you could stand here with me to see the difference in the “feel” of the room just by painting our hutch

we purchased this very heavy piece from our local antique store it was brown.  very brown

at first that was the look i was going for.  some wood mixed up with the metal table after a couple of months i just wasn’t feeling it

as time went on it just became a dead piece of furniture sitting in the corner

i was scared i would ruin it if i painted it.  like “what if” i didn’t love it?  paint is easy to put on..not so easy to take off! then there is my motto #theartoflivingcourageously

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

we voted to paint it!  and WOW!  happy happy we did!!

i was going to paint my master bedroom oyster pearl but it just didn’t read well in there

much to our surprise it reads perfectly on our hutch with all of the natural light the kitchen gets

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

it took about 3 coats

we sanded the edges lightly and that was it

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

we painted the hardware and the lamp base gold we simply shopped our house for everything else

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!
hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

here is what we used

our white dishes//cookbooks//an old gold frame//nikki’s creepy head lady//a few anthropolgie mugs// color coordinated books

paint really did give give this neat old hutch life again..it is perfect for our light and happy home

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

what a difference some paint, hardware and a little styling can do right?

what do you think of the hutch before and after?

i’m already thinking about staging it for the fall months

are you thinking about fall too?  sigh..i love fall.  it is my favorite month i’m just not ready to let go of the long days of summer


::for more home inspiration from house of belonging click on the links below::

our planked walls


a ladder, a frame, leaves and calling it good




hello darlin’ – new signs & shirt


new sign from aedriel & house of belonging : an exclusive collaboration

i think we have hit the busiest time of year …grace is back in school …dakota is getting settled up in minnesota at his new job and the crew and i are hard at work sign making & t-shirt pressing…much like santa’s workshop hi ho hi ho its off to work we go and there is not one morning that i don’t wake up grateful for new beginnings!

new sign from aedriel & house of belonging : an exclusive collaboration
new sign from aedriel & house of belonging : an exclusive collaboration

i am anticipating going back to minnesota soon… but in the meantime we wanted to share what is new around the house of belonging

here are two of aedriel and house of belonging’s collaboration signs…gorgeous right? we can so see these in nurseries everywhere..you can customize them too! each of our signs are hand-crafted upon order

letter to my daughter sign : house of belonging

this sign is puts into words the season i am in and i don’t want to forget i had nikki create it hoping it would inspire your heart too…

holy holy holy sign - house of belonging

here is our newest christmas sign but i believe you could have this up all year long! if you want a sign for christmas decorating .. like thanksgiving week you need to have your order in no later than or we cannot guarantee delivery…bummer right?  um ok…if only elves really did exist

jesus loves me baseball tee - in our NEW SHIRT SHOP  // shop.thehouseofbelonging.com

would you look at this gorgeous little boy!  his momma @blondemamalove told us he picked this out all by himself pairing it with his “church shoes”! he is quite the little trendsetter

you can click here to order signs and/or here for our NEW SHIRT SHOP ( shirts are no longer in the Etsy sign shop )

  love love…xo


Kimberly - This is no clickable button to the shirt shop. I’m on mobile device but I can’t figure out how to get to the shirt page. Thanks,

Kerry McKissock - Hi there,
Just wondering where I can order a sign and a t-shirt.

the wilderness memoirs : God had a plan to save me first

i crave quiet much like i do coffee in the morning

the kind of quiet where no one is clamoring for my time
nothing is pressing on me
no emails, phone calls, instagram, Facebook or etsy conversations
no cleaning and laundry
to-do lists and errands

my wilderness memoirs

just uninterrupted time to unravel just a bit of my heart
to take a deep long breath
inhaling what God is doing all around me
God-wind goosebumps all around me
and i want to swim in it
i don’t want to miss it
i want to express to Him how grateful i am…does He know?  O God!!!

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Heather - So amazing how God speaks to us through others. Such a great post that I needed today!

Jamie Stephens - Beautiful expression of God’s love and power. Bless you for sharing the deep intimate places. Spoke to my heart…love! I’m not an orphan anymore! Embrace the journey.

Kim S - Your words mean so much to me today. I feelvloke I am just at the beginning of this journey, figuring out how to surrender, lean in to God instead of others for my identity and peace. Thank you for your wisdom and for sharing your heart.

Em W. - Beautiful post..

lissa - oh how this blesses and touches my heart. i sure wish we could sip coffee together. so encouraging. so brave. xoxo so happy for you.

yolanda - Tiffini, I ust wanted to say this spoke to me . I still have hope that you might be a prayer mentor to me. I feel much like you that my faith in god was beyond repair. I had lost hope and faith .Doubt and despair was my constant companion. Last Friday I cried out to god with tears of rage and I feel he is speaking a peace . I think there is a tug of war going on for my soul and I want god to win. I know gods timing isn’t mine. I watched this morning Andy Stanley’s message from Northpoint church on line about being in just this place. It is called “In the meantime” I encourage you to watch it. It moved and the song at the end was written just for us in the wilderness. I pray for your marriage.
You are a shinging light for Christ in a dark world.Here’s hoping you will forgive me for any hurts I have caused you.

Meggie - Tiffini-

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed to hear this today. Thank you for being honest, real, raw and sharing your story. I feel like I am in the middle of your past and today for once I just felt hopeless, like there is no returning. Seeing marriages being restored after years and years gives me so much hope. You are such a light for his kindgom and I am eternally greatful for that.


Diana Stevan - We do learn from other people’s stories. I’m wishing you and your partner all the best in healing whatever rifts you’ve had. Forgiveness and understanding are key. It’s not easy in today’s world, or in yesterday’s. We are human and frail at times. We make mistakes because we are not perfect.

I’ve been married now 52 years. I was a family therapist for over 25 years. Every relationship has its ups and downs. I think for too many of us, we think it’s happily ever after. We overlook the words of the old marriage vows – for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poorer, till death do us part.

As long as the love was there in the beginning and there is a will to get through those tough times, there is a way. Again, wishing you all the best for your beautiful heart.

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - Thank you for sharing. Eric and I had a very dark patch in our marriage about 5 years in. It was horrible and I hated every minute of it when we were in the thick of it, but with time, counseling, prayer and a determination to not give up, we came through it. Now, 6 years later I’m SO grateful for it and the growth we both experienced individually and together. Our marriage is deeper and stronger for it, and I’ll pray that the same is for you. You’re in my prayers, friend.