a freshly picked moccasin giveaway

ready for a giveaway from freshly picked? we are too! sweet baby girl finn is wearing freshly picked gold moccasins paired perfectly with our YOUNG WILD and FREE baseball t simply put : these are THE best moccasins we have seen so far like seriously!! luxurious supple leather ample toe wiggle room you too can […]

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Danielle A - My dream for my baby girl(and our other 3) is for them to seek God, be courageous, and jump boldly into every adventure knowing they are not alone!

Kristen Morrisett - My dream for my littles is that they would fearlessly go after what God’s called them to do and be who He’s called them to be. Welcome to the good life! {I already follow @houseofbelonging and @freshlypicked on insta & FP on Facebook} xx

Shannon Ashley - My dream for my baby girl is that she always knows the depth of love God and her family have for her. That we will always be there for her no matter what life brings.

Sarah B - My dream(prayer) for my boys is for them to find their identity in Christ & see everything around them in light of the gospel.

Donna Roper - My dream for my little grands is that they grow up knowing their Savior and serving Him all the days of their lives. Same holds true for all the ‘kids’ in my life.

Danielle A - I already follow on Instagram!

Cortney Tackett - My dream for my little is for him to grow up know how much myself and our God loves him. I just want him to be happy in life and I know he will find that happiness in God!

cortney tackett - I went to your IG :) I follow you both! I love your IG feed!! Thanks mama!!

Nicole - My dream for my little ones is that they be truly happy. Its so important in life to do what you love, and follow your heart. Being true to their heart will make my dream come true. I follow you on Instagram too. xo

Kristin McClain - My dream for my little ones is that they live life with no regrets and find happiness in whatever form it may be for them. I wish for them to be strong and secure.

Kristin McClain - I follow on Instagram @krismcclain27

Debbie w - My padre am for my 7 grands is that they be happy and always remember their roots. Family is a big part of their future. Thanks for the chance to win!

Debbie w - I follow you on Instagram…..pick me!

Crystal L - I hope that my two little boys will follow their dreams and walk in Christ’s foot steps.

Janet - My dream is that my baby girl be kind and give back to the world.

Janet - I follow you on Instagram!

Michele - My dream for my boys is that they will follow their dreams to whatever makes them happy and fulfilled.

Michele - Followed on ig!

Kristi - To have a personal relationship with Jesus

sheri - Hi Tiff – follow on IG

Kristine Brandenberger - My dream for my little is to know Jesus personally and love him with all her heart.

Kristine Brandenberger - followed your instagram!

Katie Greenlaw - Love following you on Instagram.

Katie greenlaw - I have 3 littles. My oldest is 3.5, my daughter turned 2 today, and the baby turns 1 in a week. God has blessed us immensely, and I want my babes to know his love and grace for themselves. Of course I want them to be happy, successful, pleasant to be around…but without Him as their savior…then it’s all meaningless.

jessica conklin - I wish for the kind heart I see in my son now to stay firmly in place. I don’t ever want him to apologize for who he is, for what he wants, for how hard he has worked or where he is going in life. Always have faith!!

Ellen - I have so many dreams for my children its hard to name just one…but I guess I would say that I hope my children are happy and health and are able to accomplish their goals.

Carolsue - My deream is for him to grow up to be a good person, treat others well and make a mark for himself in the world.

Carolsue - I follow you on Instagram as cezovski9

Leita Schiemann - I dream for my son, Otto, to be happy however he chooses to live his life. <3

Leita Schiemann - Following in IG :)

Julianne Best - I dream for my son to always know how incredibly loved he is. He is adopted and is not only loved by us, but his birth family as well. I also want him to know that he can do anything with his life. He can be anything he wants, he will be amazing no matter what

Julianne Best - Following you on IG

Glenda Childers - Finn is so charming.

My dream for sweet little Lily … that she will always know that she is loved by God and her family.


Jennifer Lott - All I want is for my son to be happy.

Jennifer Lott - Also following on instagram!

Callie Lynch - I dream for my children to find Christ at an early age. Great giveaway!

Molly C - My dream for my daughter is not to grow up worried about how her body looks but to be amazed at all the things it can do.

jo b. - that my lil one always folllows her dreams!

Bree Z. - I follow both you and Freshly Picked on Insta. I’m @inthewateriambeautiful_

Bree Z. - My dream for my boys is for them to grow up being who they want to be. I want them to live the life they choose, believe what they want to believe, and be who they want to be.

Cassandra - How adorable!! I dream for my daughters to be happy God fearing women…well actually I pray about it :-)

Michelle T - My dream for my little guy is for him to grow up content in who he is. No need to try to change himself.

Michelle T - IG follow–asimplefreak

Shannon Ashley - I follow @housepfbelonging and @freshlypicked on Instagram. I do not have facebook.

Ashley - I hope that my little guy will appreciate the impact of being kind. Kindness has a rippling effect and is the root of happiness. <3

Casey R - I hope that my little lady grows up to be whatever she wants to be and accepts who she is.

Casey R - I follow you on instagram!

Misty - I dream for my little girl to follow all of her dreams.
I am following on IG :)

Jade Bradburn - I want nothing more than for my kids to be happy! Whatever makes them happy! I hope they take the values I teach them through life and do everything with love ❤️

Jade Bradburn - Following your IG calleighx3madden

Stephanie - My dream for my little Lucy is that she would be a strong warrior for Jesus. To be strong and courageous. To live bravely, trusting WHOLE HEARTEDLY in our sweet, powerful Jesus. That’s my dream! :)

Lindsay T. - My dream for my children is to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to live passionately for Him.

Following you on IG (@mommytoews) thanks for the chance! :)

theresa J - Hoping that my children find a fullfilling love

Faith Steidl - I pray that my baby girl grows up knowing that she is completely free to be exactly who she is, like the things she likes, dress the way she likes, and know that just being HER confidently is the most beautiful she can be! // followed on instagram, @faithelise

Christy D - My dream is that my son will follow Jesus!

Christy D - Following on IG cmdaven

R.Johnson - For both of my boys, to know truth. Follow and love Jesus with all their heart!!

R.Johnson - Following your IG!

Natalie Martin - All I want is my special son to happy and make others smile!

Liz m - My dream for my daughter is that she will grow up knowing that she is loved and has the ability to make the world a better place because she’s in it.

Liz m - I’m filling on Instagram @ecmorris

Liz m - I’m following on Instagram @ecmorris

Amanda - I want my little girl to be happy, healthy, and to always follow her dreams and do whatever her heart desires.

Amanda - Following your instagram!

Mariaelena - My dream for my little ones is for them to be happy and to always make good choices.

Mariaelena - I follow you on Instagram (@maelena1990)

Angela s. - To be happy and healthy! To love life!

Dana Allen - My dream is for my daughter to finally make it home after over a year now in the hospital and live a full and healthy life, preferably out of the hospital. She was born at 25 weeks and has a rare genetic disorder causing her not to be able to breath when she sleeps and to be missing the cells in her bowel to move food through. I so very much want her to have experiences all other children have despite her medical needs.

Dana Allen - Also I am following on instagram!

Amy - I dream that my baby will grow up healthy, happy, and stay close to the truths that she knows.

Sarah Hayes - not sure if this is over but my dream is for her to have great self esteem and to find and love who she is

Michelle Charles - My dream for this little miracle baby is that he/she grows up feeling loved and embraces life for the beauty that it is! You can achieve anything you put your heart to!

Michelle Charles - Following you on IG! MichelleCharles02

Bethanyanne - My dream for my daughter is to grow up to love Christ and live a happy life.

I follow on IG: mrsbethhoward

Emily - My dream is for them is to grow up knowing that they are loved and to learn to love others. :)

Emily - Following on Instagram

Spoken Over original artwork created by YOU!

our new Spoken Over customizable signs are in the shop! a one of a kind sign written by you to your child a canvas for you to identify words that are descriptive and prescriptive for your child/children/grandchildren God speaks His word of us we speak His Word over others especially our children…i know i do!! […]

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Rachel French - Happy Birthday Tiff! I hope you have an amazing weekend and are blessed in the coming year.

Rhiannon - You do such great work. I wish I wasn’t too poor to afford to have one in my home. Hope you’re well!! Many blessings to you and your family! :)

Susan Jeffries - You just keep getting better! What a talent!! Susan

emails with the subject: do you feel like being brave?

-emails with the subject: do you feel like being brave? in them –  if opened and YES is typed and SEND is clicked will put new skin on words like BRAVE VULNERABILITY TRUST SURRENDER what your afraid of the most may be where God wants to use you the most.  silence the voice of fear […]

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Becky - He does sing a song over you. This scary thing really does get easier the more you put yourself out there. The new skin will cover. Your friendships will thicken and you’ll see time and again how He carried you through whatever scary thing it was you were facing. That’s where the trust is built. Wishing we had more one on one time girl.

Lissa - Watching you love your story with Jesus in you is a beautiful thigh! You have a friend in me! Love you dearly. You’re special and important to me.

Sarita - I’m so glad that you found the brave in you. God is also proud of you.



Flower Patch Farmgirl - Oh, I do not want to ever lose what I gained last weekend.
So blessed to squeeze you, too!

Linsey @ Bravehearted Beauty - YES to brave! I’ve discovered that it has to be a daily yes…a moment by moment yes. Yesterday’s yes doesn’t get us through today. And so we say yes again and again. So proud of you for saying yes to going. Love what it did for you…and what you’ve shared here. xo

BARBARA N - I am so very happy to have met you in person, you are just the Bravest Gal I know, Jesus has a good warrior in you you are going to tell story after story that will prove his love for all of us!
have great weekend and catch up on your eating!!

what i would say to the little girl in me…

i wrote some of my heart out on wood…you know in the bible when it says He saves our tears in a bottle? this is what i hear God say when he has cupped my face so many times…He drowns out the lies i hear with truth He believes in me..He comforts me like no […]

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paige - so much truth my friend
your mama is beautiful!

jamie - These words hit the center of my heart. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Sarita - Love this post! Powerful words…


Erica Brown - Wonderful post! I feel it! Beautiful picture of your mom!

lissa - this is so good! so encouraging and inspiring! God is speaking through you!

Deb McClusky Claytor - Thank You as I live in a very difficult situation…tour words brought hope and tears.
(A big hug)
Deb Claytor

Lemonade Makin Mama - WOuld sure love to squeeze YOUR neck girly… wish I was going, but I know youre going to have a lovely time!!

Linsey @ Bravehearted Beauty - Isn’t it amazing how much healing Jesus can bring to our little girl selves all these years later? I find myself telling my little girl self all kinds of truth these days…truth I didn’t know then, truth that heals my little girl heart. So sweet and tender of you to share your words to your little girl self here. Love your heart! And love your FIRE! xoxo!

Becky @Farmgirl Paints - You are God-strong. Oh man my eyes just locked on those words. Cannot wait to squeeze you!!! I’m gonna cry. Just be warned.

surgery scheduled & the winner of the fierce sign

honestly?  i have been wearing many hats lately.  running a business..growing it..is lots and lots of hard work i am learning it is blood sweat and tears on my part and then letting God do His part which means the down time i do have is usually spent answering etsy convo’s..planning the next days workload and […]

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Deb - I am so happy for you!!!! I’ve been following you through your surgery. What wonderful news. Many more blessings to you!!!!
Warmest Wishes~
Deb ;)

BARBARA N - Oh you are non-stop or I should say On Fire!! I remember your first surgery you came out beautifully and you family was just full of love for you. This one God will see you through it as he did the others!!

Have a great day!

Ter'e - I love this………

That’s exactly what I am feeling – being away from my grown kids!!!! Somehow….I am going to convince David to move back to KC. I have no idea how this will happen………but I am praying hard that it will.

Kelly Cach - YES! Yes I DO know what you mean….trying not to feel false guilt, taking the pressure off. I’m trying to do that too. :) So excited for you and your final surgery!!! Will be praying!

Suzanne - Your courage and grace continues
to inspire all who know you. Good
luck with the surgery ahead’

xo Suzanne