creating a vision board for #becomingme..will you join along?

have you ever watched the meg ryan movie ” the women?”  if not carve out some time on a rainy summer night.

i see me becoming this #theartoflivingcourageously at  use the hashtag #becomingme to share your vision board!

grace and i have watched it twice now and she has mentioned to me both times that meg ryan’s character reminds her of me…really?  hmmm….i want to dig deeper into that! View full post »


Rachel - Tiff, I love this idea! I haven’t seen that movie yet, but will defiantly carve out some time. Thanks for sharing the idea.

heather - Oh I love you I love you Tiff. Every time you open your mouth you speak things that pierce my heart. And I want you to know I don’t say that to try to be over-the-top-flattering…it’s just how i feel. I’m going to watch the movie tonight…never seen it. But sounds like i need to. And I love your insta gram idea too. mwah…heather

lissa - okay so I LOVE this! I GET this!!! I’m doing the very same thing!!

barbara n - My sister has us do this every year this years board was pretty simple and all about me hee hee but as they say if you dont put the oxygen mask on first you can’t help anybody else. Love you, I just may start a Pinterest board.

our ‘first’ home tour – look how far we’ve come

good morning ya’ll!  so happy you stopped in.  i have been smiling all morning thinking of you..really!

my love for Jesus has become equally matched with my love for what i call re-building our first home on reclaimed land!
for more on the backstory you can read here and here and here.

remember this home tour?
before we move forward with our exodus home i wanted to reminisce the home where our story began to take a new turn.
the 19th move i knew God wanted me to surrender too.

i didn’t want to go there because i knew i would have to co-exist with old memories.

i wanted to go because i told God to lead me on the road to Somewhere
and block any road to Nowhere and that i didn’t want to go anywhere that He didn’t go with me.

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N.N. - the thing i love most about your home is how happy it makes YOU! all the colors are so well put together, they make me happy too.
thanks for sharing your home.

KristiYaYa - Looks just like you sprinkled charm all over the place!!! I love it!!!!!

chasity - so bright and cheerful and LOVELY lovely LOVELY!

Meet Tiffini from House of Belonging... - Jennifer Rizzo - […] You can see her home tour here and all of her cozy goodness […]

Stacey - I love it! Your home looks happy and smiley! Love all the colors.

Karen @ a house full of sunshine - Beautiful home tour!! So warm and welcoming!

Julie Norkus - I love your passion for Christ as well as your home!!!!

LISSA - Oh tiff! what happy pictures!! Love the colors and whimsey! Love your style so much! You have creativity flowing through your entire being!

Linsey @ Bravehearted Beauty - I see such joy and delight expressed in your home. A rejoicing that is uniquely yours. Xo

Jessica - I love all of this! What fun and joyous colors! Thank you for sharing.

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hey was your weekend?  was it long and leisurely or filled with errands and late night looking at your electronic device?
ha!  mine was more of the second if i’m honest…oh cringe! View full post »


Linsey @ Bravehearted Beauty - Love the name of your promo code. It’s the name God gave me alongside Bravehearted Beauty. I’ve kept quiet about it, because I still don’t believe it. Me? Yes! xoxo

kimberly batsketis - Please join me to this blog

day 7/30 : the wilderness memoirs – wilderness is the birthplace of our dreams

i recently came to a fork on my life-map
the choice i made felt contrary but i proceeded after remembering to feel the fear and do it anyway
risking God’s reputation..


i am so far out here  it feels agonizingly scary..i wonder am i making a mistake..did i hear wrong…what if i fail..or make a mistake? or go back to the crazy?
if i open up to trust will i be hurt again? being vulnerable is risky…but without it you can’t love or be loved or LIVE!  and i want to LIVE!!  don’t you?

but you know what?
i am choosing to do my life afraid..taking risks..again and again..not letting the “what if’s” keep me from trying

but if i’m honest i want risk..i want to risk it all on God to do what only He can!  maybe i don’t do that enough..or ever
i am learning when i am having to trust and it isn’t something i can fix in my own strength that it feels crazy and wrong and very uncomfortable
when i try to do it in my own strength i end up retreating with my tail between  my legs
bemoaning the fact that it must not be meant for me to live my dreams

what is so beyond exciting for me is that all things are possible with God and the possibility
that all of this devastation is the VERY THING God is using to heal me!
as i map out this trek across my life i am wondering if our dreams are what save us?

that maybe all the heartbreak and all hard places and upside downs are all a part of what crushes us to death only to
to birth us in the crucible of the wilderness–being ground down so fine so that the very essence of us is pressed out

the crucible of the wilderness might be part of the key to our wholeness..our healing

the wilderness crucible is pressing out the very essence of my God given story that will be glory giving and life-saving...into wholeness
it is the very thing that saves us

ALL the hard places of our life would be the birthplace..the incubator of our dreams…wow!!

this gives me hope to move forward and i pray it does you too!
let’s encourage one another to keep risking and see where God leads
what if i take the risks and travel the miles and what i have longed for all of these years comes to life
not only alive but way bigger and better than i ever dreamed possible…and if it fails at least i was brave and tried
and grown-up into a stronger more courageous woman who isn’t afraid to choose faith over fear

maybe i can have both..maybe i don’t have to choose
maybe i can move forward and it will all become clearer on up ahead

i know it has to begin with me..always us first..not them

are you willing to risk it all…to be all in?
to feel the fears that scare you the most–to surrender to them–to let go of control
because you think you know better than Me?
on up ahead and around the bend is working on that deep shard that is staked right in your heart
unforgiveness and vengeance…you know the place
to not forget but to let it allow me to re-build in a brand new place .. YOU..on your reclaimed ground

it is going to be one of the hardest things you’ve faced yet
are you ready to let go of that weight you’ve been hauling around in secret?
are you ready to have all that energy you’ve been using to keep that wound raw to spend on
your dreams?
are you ready to step out of the shadows and into your God-giving story that will be GLORY-GIVING


maybe it is LOVE that pursues us that mends and heals…


jamie - Beautiful! Love your openness to be poured out. Take us deeper, Lord.

Tara - I look forward to each post and find God in every one of them!! ThNk you so much for sharing these beautiful, honest & encouraging words :)

day 5/30 : the wilderness memoirs – burning off the clutter

you fight fire with fire
and the people who have fire in their bones
are called to fight the fires of this world


this is a journal entry from this week…more from where i am right now in my story..image from my uber talented friend lissa...xo


similarly, we must use directed effort to control misdirected effort
if your consumed by busyness at the expense of real business, perhaps
i should set a new and different kind of fire

when i burn off the clutter of busyness and leave time to think and study, you may get less done
but the things you do  will be far more productive and ultimately more organic to what i’m
passionate about accomplishing
–t.d. jakes

the fringe benefit to burning off the brush is a much clearer view of the terrain ahead

no one can get beyond their sight lines.  and when cluttered with obstructions, our vision
will always be impaired!

again…i question..and i wrote

“where do i need to clear a path so that i have room to maneuver toward my ultimate destination?

and then i asked God to show me what needs to be burned off first

later on in my “busy” day ha! while perusing pinterest… ( unnecessary busyness i’m sure;) i ran across this post that the nester
has pinned!!!  i immediately clicked in and devoured it .. it made SO much sense!!  yes!!

God showed me a breadcrumb!!!

BINGO!  answer number uno!!  practice reminder !!  it begins with head knowledge but i must put it into practice in my everyday life to make change

prACTice doesn’t make perfect…prACTice makes change right?  right:)

i am by NO MEANS an expert and i feel so busy..even in my head..i LONG for the days when my first three
were little.  when being a momma was simpler.  no social media.  no blogs.  no smart phones.

so much more free time.  what did we do to ourselves?  ugh…anyway

so i am taking this “burning off the clutter” seriously.  even in our business
especially in our business!

honestly?  this is so super applicable to any stage of life in whatever circumstances you in..don’t you think?

that is enough for one day.  i will share what i’m learning and practicing as i go so hang in there with me:)  love  you!!

my daily practice

be on the lookout for unnecessary clutter and how to subdue the ground i live on
and take back my time

with love from,

this girl is on fire…..(wink)


Sarita - Great post fire girl! One thing I HADB to do was unsub from blogs! I wad spending so much time looking at other peoples lives…it was crazy…I also limit myself on Pinterest…I do love email though!

Suzanne - Funny how God often leads
us to just the right words we
need to hear. Due to techno
issues, I haven’t been able to
visit blogs on a regular basis
for a while now. As I sit here
in a little coffee shop with wifi
and tea, I know that TODAY
was the day I was meant to
read this very post. I also chafe
at the constant pull of social
media and struggle to find a way
to coexist with it, peacefully….

Love the shots of your sweet
home. A reflection of sweet

xo Suzanne