our home isn’t empty anymore…

hey there:)  we’ve had some questions on our home..how we have been settling in so i thought i’d take a little time and share some bits and pieces we recently spent some meaningful time sitting down and purposefully asking ourselves the 5 w’s and h on how we wanted our home to feel. we moved […]

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paige - it’s all so beautiful my friend
i love that you share life with us…the good, the not so good & your heart…you’re always finding beauty heart!

Deb Claytor - can you tell me where did you get your pillow cases? I love them, and my room is yellow….these would be great.

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - So bright and cheery, and I LOVE that you feel like it’s an extension of YOU. Just as it should be!

lissa - I Just LOVE it! you have to tell me how you put together that orange sign! Did you buy it or make it? LOVE your style it’s just what you said, feminine with a little bit of masculine. amazing. I’m so happy you’re so happy there. praise! And you’re collecting some FUN books! I have most of the ones you have here. Books are one of my favorite things to have around- and candles, and flowers! Love you girl!

Lemonade Makin Mama - Oh man I haven’t read blog buddies for weeks and I am sure I’ve missed a ton of good things… these images are stunning. You girls are doing an awesome job!! Everything looks so welcoming and homey. I love that.

brenda - good to hear from you again. it has been quite awhile.
I am curious to know what you are doing to eliminate the feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop ???
how have you been feeling ?? do you feel your health is on the positive side now ??

Shannon - Love what you have done so far in your new place. Light, airy, fresh and clean. A HAPPY feeling really shines through your photos. Slowly but surely it, will all come together. Thanks for sharing!

Ter'e - Thrilled that you are in your new home. I am already anxious about how you will decorate it for Christmas. I loved your last home’s fireplace and dining room.

While browsing Layla Palmer’s blog, I was so thrilled to see one of your signs!!!! YEA! You go girl!!!!! So perfect for their Sweet P.

Hope you are getting stronger and stronger with each passing day.

Kelly - I know you don’t know me, but I follow your blog along with many others and I am so blessed when I read it. Your spirit is so humble and I love how you talk about your fears. It’s so funny how God uses people we don’t even know to bless us!!! Thank you! Kelly

Kristen - When I need inspiration, I tend to head outside. Nothing inspires more than creation!

chasity - what’s your new favorite little shop where you got your table?
i live in oak grove and i’m always looking for a great new place
to shop.



my friday favorite things…

happy friday .. whatever circumstances you are waking up into today know you are LOVED and SEEN! i am hanging in there.  pain meds are my friend right now.  that is how i get through the day.  just keeping it real.  my step day and sister in law are such a blessing to me.  they […]

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tara - love your favorite things…thankful you are feeling some better and recovering..praying for complete and total healing for your body.

watching truetori, too. and G & B….
totally forgot about 19 kids and counting….what channel?

paige - what a fun list!!!!

Suzanne - So happy you are taking
the time for yourself and
enjoying some things that
you love! My kids gave me
Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom
perfume for my birthday, which
is fabulous : )

Happy Friday!

xo Suzanne

lissa - you are so fun! I like seeing what you’re into!

Jamie - Some of my favorites Downton Abbey, Fixer Upper, your blog…Reading angels on assignment by Charles and Frances hunter.

wilderness memoirs : brave is the door to freedom

  to lissa..for capturing my heart in photographs…xo my voice is shaky and shy and can be very awkward at the least…but i am finding it i am not feeling so invisible it is in the doing..putting thoughts into action — that is the KEY to living BRAVE! you see..i spent years of “time with God” years […]

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jamie - Love this! Thank you for sharing. I am at the place of surrendering all of me to all of Him. Trust!

BARBARA NELSON - Oh He wrote that fair-tale ending yes he did you just have a couple more chapters, I believe it and I believe in You Too!. I am so lucky to be able to witness it!

Love you sweet Girl, have a great weekend!

Glenda Childers - Your journey has been long and hard … thanks for sharing it with us as you grow and change. So sweet how God drew you and helped you stop the insanity.


susan@avintagefarmwife - Wow. This is powerful stuff. So glad you are on your way. You are a dangerous girl! Hugs

Debbie Wiens - You have stepped out of the boat, and now you are walking on water. You are in the safest place you can be. So am I. Are journeys are similar. No longer will we run here or there, but we will surrender and run to the one who can save, that is Jesus. In that I believe we will see and be who we are.

Vera McKendrick - Just by the way, my nickname is lisa…so when you wrote to lisa at the top…it was as if God was talking directly to me.

What you have written is lovely, and so pure and direct from the heart. Few people can be honest with themselves in the sight of looking ‘not normal’.

I believe that when God gives us the gift of writing, it is sometimes a double edged sword. Very seldom do we see the impact that we are making because what we ‘see’ never really matches up to the words of thanks…

But I saw my life run through your words and God speaking to me as if your story was my own, with a few minor differences. but even those he seemed to highlight with a yes-but.

Never stop writing! Few are gifted, and even less pick up there pens and listen!

God bless!

our first lookbook & how you can be a part of the next issue

house of belonging : the art of living courageously volume I ok..ok..THIS is what we have been wanting to share for.LIKE…ever! House of Belonging: the art of living courageously  :::::  we will tell stories of courage answer the questions of HOW do I live courageously in the middle of cancer for example you fill in […]

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Elizabeth Stewart - I LOVE it!

Janet - Love this lots!! Thanks girls!

Linsey @ Bravehearted Beauty - Oh, my heart is rejoicing in this beautiful collaboration between your two hearts! So full of LIFE! Sparks are flying girls! I feel them all the way down here in Franklin! Much love to you both! xoxo

paige - this is fabulous!!! well done my friends!!!!!

chasity - it’s beautiful!

Glenda Childers - Beautiful work. Already, can’t wait for more.


BARBARA N - So exciting it came out beautiful! All your hard work and passion shows on these pages. “A warrior’s heart”, love it , want it!

lissa - I love you!! I LOVE our Savior!! There’s so much I want to say- my heart is exploding! But I have to go get Jeanne! So it will have to wait! Maybe that’s a good thing as this all settles into the deep places in my heat. xoxo

Patty Page - It’s beautiful! I love it!

Jamie - Stirs my heart…makes me shout for joy. Well done!

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - It. Is. Awesome. So proud of my Lissa girl. Her talent just shine. And your heart Tiffini is gold. So excited to see what God is going to do with the vision he gave you for this.

Ter'e - Breathtaking!!!! What soul lifters!!!!!!

Lemonade Makin Mama - that is serious fabulousness right there. I love it all. Lissa did a terrific job and those shirts are so CUTE!! (Can’t wait to get mine! :) You girls do such an amazing job over there. HOpe you’re feeling good… been thinking about you this past week and hope you’re recovering amazingly!! Much love!!

Jill @ Cora Anne Designs - So, so good. Can’t wait to see what becomes of this!