House of Belonging Shirt Shop is OPEN!

we are so excited to share the House of Belonging SHIRT SHOP with you all!  we are beyond thankful for your continued love and support


having the shirts with the signs was becoming hard!  so nikki and i decided to separate the two and viola!

House of Belonging Shirt Shop " Though she be but Little she is FIERCE" baseball t-shirt

lots of you are asking for shirts and please know we are working on designing those and getting them into the shop

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Amy LaBrie - How can I place an order for shirts?

how i am saving time & money with online grocery subscriptions

i literally sneak out of the house so i don’t have to take my teenager with me shopping.  i always spend more.  i know all you mom’s can say amen!

but i can’t blame it all on her.

saving TIME & MONEY with Amazon Prime Pantry - delivered right to my doorstep for 5.77!  Fill a box with whatever for a flat shipping charge!  i LOVE i


/here is what came in my first order/

honestly though, as i am slowly rearranging some areas of my life…a piece at a time.  i am aware that i spend frivolously at times
not all the time and i am not beating myself up by any means

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introducing 3 new signs in the shop..

hey ya’ll!  just stopping by real quick to give you a heads up about some new signs we just added to the SHOP. i wil whisper this but christmas is coming…just saying;) don’t forget to use our july coupon code FREEDOMFIGHTER for 15% off signs ( not applicable on shirts or pillows ) View full post »


Mary Ann Holley Parker - Please put me on your email list:)

5 tips on curating your master bathroom


your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. – carl jung

5 tips for curating your master bath ..
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Rachel - Love the look and the pops of color. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Barbara Nelson - Love all your ideas its gonna be pretty!

Kelly Cach - Love this strategy! I have the same pic (last one with planked walls and cute red and blue quilt) on my Pinterest board for master bedroom inspiration :). We’re actually in the midst of “starting” our bathroom remodel. I “started” about 4 years ago….maybe this will actually move me into action ;).