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prayers please!

Hello, its Nikki here:)I wanted to write a quick post asking your prayers for mom. We had to take her to the hospital this morning due to complications with her Crohn’s disease.  I will keep you updated when I know more.


warrior woman

**blog under construction**

My grey has grown out 2 inches girls!  Holy cow – I am going this afternoon to have it covered and let me tell ya..I’m stinkin pumped.

I will post a pic.  I am going a little crazy this time…and I’ve got a zit on my face.  Not a little one either.  Ugh!  Maybe Nikki can edit the zit out?

I am leaving my house looking like a bomb went off.  I’ve had sick kids as I”m sure many of you have had.  We are gearing up for March’s sale already and I am trying to finish orders up so I can open my Etsy shop again on Monday.  But I just had to share my warrior woman necklace with you that my go to word jewelry girl created just for ME

I told her what I wanted it to say and she asked me some questions and this is what she created?  Beautiful right?  There is something about wearing words…especially ones that God speaks to me…on me.  If I was into lots of tattoo’s I’d have my whole body tattooed….hhhhuummmm..jk

SO – if your wantin to have something special and created just for you go see my girl will ya?

Have a beautiful Friday evening.  We are going to see The Vow.  Channing Tatum..need I say more;)

and cleaning the whole house and then getting down to business on some new sign designs and some WAY cool furniture this month so stay tuned.  Hugs and love



How to clean in the light


Would you come out today from where your hiding?

each shaft of light is filled with calling…

drawing our souls from their protected stance

life is waiting

for us to put down the first brush stroke

Today I am reminded that I am a light lover…

Today I move…breathe…and have my being in this LIGHT

Today is ordinary house cleaning…turned extraordinary…I turned on the LIGHT

Would you join me in the Light?

It’s coming…wait for it

sharing with Erin @ It’s Grace for Mama’s Heart…would you walk with me?

It’s Grace

photo credit – a cottage in the woods


word women wednesday linkup..a day in your life

each person’s life is lived as a series of conversations

Deborah Tannen


“A day”  in an ordinary grace filled life of one…. Tiffini

I woke at 4:30 to think I may just die…I’m sick.  when your sick does everything seem magnified? I notice the dog hair everywhere a little more…my feet need some major help…a pedicure maybe?  I hair feels extra dirty..I don’t feel like brushing my teeth. Haven’t worked out in a week…only eating carbs…this is not so bad:)..chest and lymph nodes are hurting and I roll back over until the alarm wakes me at 6:30 to which I answer…coffee.  Hot liquid + sore throat = thank Jesus for coffee right?

I go to the Dr on Thursday SO…take some medicine and get the kids off to school and instead of allowing myself to get all embroiled over how miserable I am…I answer this invitation to take

A whole day to do NOTHING ( insert sick happy dance ) So my day consisted of quiet music playing in the laptop..a big bottle of Gatorade…frost riptide rush:)…a big bowl of Annie’s Macaroni and cheese for lunch… a nap…ok I did manage to jump in the tub for a bath..the dog hair… well…it is what it is but … I am loving my quiet sick day.  When sickness causes us to be grateful for downtime.

Now it is your turn:) Can’t wait to see and hear what you have to share.  love you all…I pray we BELIEVE we are worthy of love and belonging…anything else is a lie:)



Just link up your exact URL to the post you wish to share. I am looking so forward to visiting each of you:)  If you have time…stop and share conversation and love to others.  Oh – don’t forget to receive the conversation and love;)

Photo Credit -Crumpled Envelope