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Day 72 of 72 : there are no perfect conditions


The crisp morning air, the leaves all dancing in the trees and the sound of a lone cricket fills my space this morning as I sit here in the morning before life stirs.  The steam from my coffee rises as I drink and I think

 :::moving & a separation:::

The seperation of 20 years of life tears at the stitches and rips hard.  I thought I would be relieved..I’m not

the bully…fear is waiting on the corner over there..tapping its foot and smirking..I’m so like the children of Israel..asking ” why in the world am I out here..I want to go back!”

I have no idea how Nikki and I are going to accomplish this..taking over an entire house and its bills..I laugh because I don’t even have a job!

then while the birds begin to sing I read this

If you wait for the perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.  Ecclesiastes 10:4

God can use the scraps to sew a whole new piece of cloth that will honor Him.

God knows what fearful creatures we are and I am reminded that He told Moses to quit crying out to Him and go forward.

The children of Israel were pinned in on all sides and for pete’s sake they had a sea in front of them!  He makes the way..not me I tell myself.

SO – while I laugh that all 4 of us ( one being 6’3″ ) are very snugly placed in a very small house where we can’t escape each other.  Bodily functions can be heard from any room.  I mean you can stand at the entry and turn around in a circle and see the entire place.  One person at a time can be in the kitchen without rubbing against the other. Not to mention the faint smell of poo when you lay on the living room carpet ( the previous tenants had a dog but even after the carpets being shampooed…) even with all of the aforementioned things..

it is the most splendid little house and it was not a coincidence that we are here.  It is a God story.  It has new appliances and the sweetest backyard which is where I am sitting now as I write.  The air smells clean this morning.  Fresh.  I can’t help but believe He is doing a new thing and like Moses and the children of Israel..I will go forward, choosing faith not fear, for the biggest adventure of my life beckons me.  I do have a best friend who is a King and together we will face anything that each day brings.

:::first post @ The Crushed Sparrow:::

My first post on A Crushed Sparrow is here.  This is where I will jot down my way as I go through this separation and how we are inviting God into our life to help us create a new story. The House of Belonging is where I will focus more on Urban Jane Designs ( my new business ) and how we are settling in our new home, food & life in general.

For heaven’s sake I don’t want to load this place down with my heavy heart each post!  I’ll save you from that:)  Hope your weekend was fun and lloonngg!  I know how Becky feels as I too am beyond exhausted!   I have a booth I am doing at our city fair this weekend.  I will give you glimpses as I go.  Thank you for hanging in there with us and praying for us. are right!  That would have escaped me!  On day 72..I am writing that the move is over.  We are here!  What a new beginning yes?:)

What is one big or little thing this summer that you encountered God?
what is one thing that you did this summer that you were fearful of … but you did it anyway?

talk soon~tgbg

Sharing friendship with Jen and the girls today..I would love for you to come meet them.




Day 71 of 72 : how to cook an easy meal


This feels like AA meeting.  Like some of you I am a Pinterest user.  Not a full blown addict .. yet?;)  but it is fast becoming my virtual cookbook. books to take up space in my already full kitchen…maybe.   Is anyone else as crazy about the recipe’s as I am?  Tara shared some Pinterest kid tested mother approved recipe’s you might want to put on your menu plan.

I am using the crockpot this week because we’re moving!  

Since I’m busy packing throwing stuff in boxes I wanted to share a recipe that is easy.  3 ingredients!  add some rice and green beans and your good to go.

Click here for the recipe and here is a picture of my attempt….

It really was so easyYou could do it in 5 minutes before walking out the door for work. 

The Verdict

The kids did not like the pineapple so they didn’t eat that.  The sauce has a slight kick..could use more in my opinion.  Ample sauce for the rice ( always good:)  This is a relatively cheap easy meal for single moms.  I’m going to attempt to find recipe’s that are healthy, minimally processed and cheap.  NOW THAT is a challenge!    The kids voted it a keeper.  Next time I am going to kick it up a notch. I sprayed the crock pot with non stick spray and it really does clean up easy!

 Six Sister’s Hawaiian BBQ Chicken!

now it’s your turn:

What is one of your families favorite EASY go to meals? 

all my love~tgbg

Click on my Pinterest button to take you to my boards where you can see other followers and their food boards.  Worth perusing a little if your interested in some delightful recipes!



Day 70 of 72 : erupting in anger

if I were able to take the wings of the dawn and cover my head I would.  I’m flailing in the dark.  I erupted in anger last night feeling so out of control and exhausted to the bone, watching my children struggle with things adults should be worrying about, having to have this house all packed and out by the weekend, and no dinner.  It all sent me to grasping for other things and

not God.

This morning with a few hours of sleep under my belt I feel a little refreshed.  One of my sweetest friends Linsey @ LLH has introduced me to Jesus Calling…I am raptured by this little devotional book.  You can buy a copy for yourself here.

It is just what my heart needed at this juncture.  Walking out of Streams in the Desert to Jesus Calling.  This morning after everyone was out the door.  I sat down on the couch, opened Jesus Calling and my Bible and looked up and one of the bar stools was there and I saw the picture He wanted me to see.  Be with me daughter.  I just want to help you. Just be with Me.  And I did.  He was there.  Right there.  So I wept like a big baby.  Talking and listening to Him tenderly comfort me.  He was showing me that I was looking to man to try and meet the fear of the unknown.  Even in the midst of financial crisis and there seems to be no way out and it is all going to crash down around you … this life as you have known it.  We can be courageous but life still happens.  I have to walk through it.


So we talked and talked.  I am seeing Zephaniah 3:17 in a new way this morning.  I’ve always loved the picture of Him singing over me but today He showed me that His love is quiet.  Quiet – now what does that mean?  I’ve not known the tender love of a man.  In a husband or an earthly father.  I’m going to cry typing this but He is showing me what quiet love is.  And wouldn’t you know that it is right in the middle of a storm?  .. ha! 

I will close with this for today for I have much to do..He says to me

Tiffini – this is what we’ve been traveling for all these years.  All of that will be for your good and My glory.  This is what you’ve been waiting for.  What?  You didn’t picture it this way?  He smiles..oh daughter..I love you so.  Now, I would love to take all your worries today so you can do the next thing in peace and joy.  You can take it from me at anytime.  I won’t stop you but for your good I hope you choose to let Me keep it today.  It is to much for you to carry.  He said more that I am digesting.  I hope you know His quiet love today.  I have my Bible opened it the kitchen where I am doing work and will take it with me today.  When I want to take it all back I will read the words of this morning when I encountered God this morning.
How do you experience God’s love?

all my love~tgbg


Day 69 of 72 : Guess what?

We got the house!  ( picture me doing a little dance here) we got the hooussee…we got the hhhooussee…woot woot..fist pump..fist pump.  I have all of this house story written in my journal!  Three houses we were turned down on…THREE!  Each time grace ( God’s grace :) pulled me back up and put me on my feet telling me to WAIT..I’m fighting for you.  BE STILL…and I did.

believing that He had the right place and I pleaded with Him that I didn’t want to go anywhere He wasn’t going with us.  Grace & I got to circle another prayer answered in our journals!  Fervent prayer works.  Wait till you hear the story of this house!  It is a God Story!

We move in next Thursday.  Sept 1.  Stay tuned ….oh…do you have any God stories as of late?  hoping you have lots of time to just “be” with your family this weekend.  To love on them and eat them up:)






Day 68 of 72 : do you have an after school routine?

I was working at the computer ( c’mon ya’ll – you know this moment right;) “will you sit outside with me” was the question she asked me night before last.

She’s 12 after all!.  Honestly – I didn’t want to right then.  I wanted to bury myself back in my work.   My heart wouldn’t let me though.  It tugged.  There isn’t much time left.  I should know that by now with 3 grown ones right?  The years are like a breath and their gone.  So I closed the computer and said ” sure” and her eye’s smiled the same as her mouth and we went outside.  ” do you want to ride bikes?”  Before  I could analyze ( one of my weakness ) I was on the blue bike…she on white and off we went like after school girlfriends.  Up hills and ( thank God for downhills ) the wind blowing our hair and her saying…” doesn’t this feel good mom?” did feel good.  The good down in the soul kinda good!  Then we finished off our bike ride with 20 lunges down the driveway….( and can I feel that today)

do you have to make yourself stop working to play?  I am looking for inspiring ways to engage the kids after school.  Even the big ones want to spend time with us…I believe it is every bit as important don’t you?  We cannot let the busyness of our times steal away our time with them right?:)

Where do you tuck in those ” just being” after school moments with your kids?

Do you have special dates with them?  a night? maybe special foods?  places you go?
Tell me..Tell me…

I would love to hear and learn and maybe steal some ideas from you…ha!