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3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

easy & delicious 3 ingredient peanut butter cookies

i just wanted to pop in here to share an easy recipe with you that i have made the last two weekends
with only 3 ingredients!

3 ingredient peanut butter cookie recipe

1/2 C. creamy peanut butter

3.4 oz package instant vanilla pudding mix

1 large egg

4 TB sugar ( to roll the balls in )


1.  preheat oven to 350 degrees and line baking sheet with parchment paper

2.  put peanut butter, pudding mix and egg into a medium mixing bowl.  stir until well combined.  with a medium

cookie scoop ( i just used a spoon ) form a ball and place into a bowl of sugar and roll it around.  place on cookie sheet about

an inch apart.  i make the little tic tac toe mark on top with a fork before i baked mine:)  bake for 12-15 minutes before removing.

makes about 9 servings  ( i triple this recipe )


on sundays i have been making a big pot of homemade chicken and noodles served over hot mashed potatoes

and heat up a crusty loaf of bread

and serve the cookies as dessert

it is called carb overload but it is a cozy and warm family meal that puts smiles on their faces

i hope it puts a smile on your families faces too!




simple living is becoming a NOW thing…

simple living isn’t a new thing.  it isn’t a lost art.
it is becoming a “now” thing because as a society we have bowed down to the god of busyness.
we have made busyness an idol
we wake up voraciously consuming and go to bed voraciously consuming.
we reap what we sow


multitasking is not an art form.  it is a numbing toxic armor and is making us sick

we are beginning to see the consequences within our families.
the pendulum is swinging in the other direction

simple living is going to be my “now” thing
i have decided to be a trailblazer..really you ask?  YES…really!

while my now missing colon and reconstructive surgery to build a new one
i believe my circumstances are speaking new things, a change in direction maybe?

i liken it to a sifting so i can see what gifts are glimmering just beneath the surface.

i don’t have a choice with my bowel disease but i DO have a choice in to say NO to to the aforementioned lifestyle and blaze a trail for a simple life that works for me.

i wake each day missing something and i think i am beginning to see what it is.
i found this poem and i think it hits the nail on the head!


Written While Running

Sometimes I move so fast it hurts.
Though the things coming at me
are not moving at all.

They are soft and inviting. It’s
approaching them as if they will
vanish that makes them sharp.

Running into any point
makes it a knife.
— Mark Nepo from Reduced to Joy

 –PEACE–real peace.  the kind i wake up with and carry through the day.  i am done with being driven .. with false guilt for wanting to slow down and for the tentacles that dig into my soul that i don’t have enough and that nagging need for MORE..for the longing to be as present as i can be within each day.

i have committed to make home cooked meals from scratch as often as i can.  period!  cutting out as much boxed processed stuff as i can.  i am intoxicated with learning to cook again.  it is a good thing.  so i have to give up some things but it has been worth it so far.

i am going to resurrect the lost art of simple living in
my heart
my home
and my business

His business–God’s business.  it is time to do some serious business with God

ok girls..this cracked me up..listen up


IMG_5053 (1)

I wanted to share an OMG moment!  i made — from scratch — a Cream of Chicken soup recipe.  i used it in this recipe & everyone loved it!
better than the ucky can glop for sure
AND i used CUP 4 CUP so it was GLUTEN FREE.  bonus points right?


all the kids loved it and i think i know why–

one ingredient that i added that the recipe’s didn’t call for was LOVE

LOVE DOES make all the difference cooking for others.  LOVE replaces the harried irritation of having to feed the know?

are YOU ready to be trailblazers together?  i am…i will be posting an update on the shop status and the remaining orders PLUS a little scoop on the new store opening in january…xo




let’s get some grandma’s cooking going on…& a recipe

gotta love me some grandma cookin!!


you know those people that are like paula deen and the neely’s all rolled into one?  they can just can cook?  when you are around them they start sharing about what they cooked for dinner
and it is what i call grandma cooking…you know the kind right?  well – my sister in law works with me now and unknowingly gets me all salivating and the rest of the day obsessed with
fried chicken!

this recipe in particular i thought the kids would really love-

confession:  last week she shared she made friend chicken ( friend is a typo but i am leaving it cause it made me smile.  i kinda like it…friend chicken…ha!
…from scratch…i was craving it all day and even went out that night and bought the chicken
breasts and potatoes ( the kind in a box but they did say 100% real potatoes )  

and i had two solid days of endless errands so what does any modern day mom do?  she runs through kentucky fried chicken.
i eventually did cook the chicken.  i didn’t want it to go ba but it wasn’t fried it was baked.

anyway…on with the story

carissa made these on our summer family vacation ( the one i was not at this and she was recreating the scene of how everyone
loved them.  and yes…i did buy all the stuff and i did make them.

confession:  yesterday was my first clean eating day and i am not eating bread.  go figure

but dakota loved them and on my first cheat meal i will have to make them.  wouldn’t they be fabulous for football games and chilly fall evenings
while playing a board game or with some friends..a little twist on pizza and you can pair it with chips, fries, a salad or all three:)

and ya gotta have the cold pickles!  we like vlasic — a must at our house


carrissa’s pizza hoagies

::fyi – these are originally made with the big ol link of sausage  & you slice it to lay on the hoagie.
( see image at end of post ) ( or similar ) and carrissa says they are best made this way.  but if you or your
family don’t like that then do whatever you like::

a package of your favorite sub rolls
a can of pizza sauce
a link of eckridge sausage or pepperoni, ground turkey, hamburger, veggies…see what i mean?
a block ( not shredded ) of cheddar and mozzarella

cut sub roll in half and spread sauce on each side.  i like mine saucy but do whatever you love.  then i put four
big slices of pepperoni and sliced the cheeses putting oh…about 4-5 slices of each.  slap them all together and
tear off a big piece of aluminum foil and wrap them up like a burrito.  pop them in the oven at 350 for at least
20 minutes then check to see if cheese all gooey.  if not..cook a little longer.  that’s it.

and that is it!  

warning::  grandma cooking is known to cause the pants to fit a wee bit tighter if eaten every night but i sure do miss that kind of cooking.
we might try adding in one grandma cooking meal a week where we all sit around the table Walton style and the other 6 days…chicken strips

if you have favorite grandma cooking recipe’s i would love to try them and share them with all of you.
just send them to my email at

this girl hasn’t been a paula deen for years…well before technology but i would like to put a little down home family cooking and table time
back into my life.  just a day…can’t be that hard right?




homemade breakfast pumpkin butter…


rather on purpose today i took time to make 2 recipe’s
ONE because i am #fallingforfall and it is my favorite time of the year and in a blink it is gone
so in this 90 degree weather i cooked…on the stove top some homemade breakfast pumpkin butter
to slather on hot muffins or toast in the morning


and TWO — pumpkin coffee creamer & coffee + being still before God each morning is enough to drive me from my slumber
and blurry eye my way to the coffee cup.  it is THE reason i wake up every morning…authentic statement

i pinned this pumpkin spice creamer on my fall pinterest board so click on over if you don’t want to by the refridgerator kind this week.  yes it is more work but restorative

i shared my new gooseberry patch hometown harvest cookbook on my instagram feed a couple of weeks ago and found this little gem of a recipe in there
it really is good!

breakfast pumpkin butter

29 oz can of pumpkin
3/4 c. apple juice
1-1/2 c. sugar
2 t. ground ginger
2 t. ground cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1/2 t. ground cloves

now…combine all ingredients in a large saucepan; stir well.  bring to a boil over medium heat; reduce heat to low.  simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently,
( don’t step away to long it splatters everywhere…this is tiff speaking ) until thickened.  transfer to containers; cover and keep refrigerated.  makes about 3 cups


when i say intentionally here is what i mean…

being intentional .. for me.. means doing what is a priority { one } and {two }what i can manage within that day and still have a quiet mind
not being driven all day but able to do simple small things to bless my family..and others.  it means that has boundaries and i have to fight for them.
not yesterday.  not tomorrow or even next month.
but simply TODAY


and not just my priorities but what i feel in my heart that God is putting back on my plate

i am letting go really is in the doing of the letting go.  really!
practicing it until it becomes automatic friends = acting until it becomes auto…ha!

yes–there are many things that don’t get done lately and i am learning to be ok with that
it is the season of grace i am in and i must be teachable if i am to be taught…soooo


i am choosing daily to step off the merry go round or maybe i should say tilt a whirl would be more precise.
and this letting go ..this stepping of is looking like fresh coffee and muffins with homemade breakfast pumpkin butter

how about you?  what are you being more intentional about at the commencement of fall


drum roll…..the winners are

and the beautiful girlies who won the spots in the creatively made home { home for the holidays } are
can you both EMAIL me please at pretty please…thanks!:)

comment 3 – pam ballard  ” Tweeted this great giveaway also. Thanks! ”

comment 20 – rhiannon ”  What makes me feel the best is not all of the craziness that surround it all, although I do love the decorating and food making, but what I LOVE the most is just a chance to be with my whole family. We’re a big group and it’s tough for us all to be together, so it’s great when we can. It makes me very happy!”

thank you soooo much all of you who took time to comment and tweet and pin.  please consider taking the course anyway…i think it will be restorative and down right FUN with a capital F!!  thanks jeanne!!




Parmesan Cilantro Butter – A Recipe

Parmesan Cilantro Butter

i love summer.  i love bbq…corn on the cobb…asparagus…and meat…usually
and then nikki made this recipe and slathered it all over our bbq food

and i was sad.  why?  because i can’t or i should say i choose not to eat cilantro and i cannot have corn.  double whammy!

  you don’t wanna know why.  trust me on this one.

so there i was droolingly content to watch the family devour the buttery goodness.
the oh’s and ahh’s were enough that it
almost had me sucking on the corn.  but that would be gross right?

ok. here is what you do.  go to the store and buy
real not the fake real butter peeps.  real butter.  we buy unsalted
fresh garlic

shhh…but i think deep down nikki is wanna be chef because she doesn’t measure.  she just throws in.
so i will post some sort of measurements in the comments when she arrives back home from the gym…where is should be…ack!

mix together and form into a pretty ball of some sort - oh chilling it first is nice and serve
you family will love you

and that is what we women do .. serve our families for love
more on that later

but for now…chow!

Parmesan Cilantro Butter