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Becoming|the unfolding of YOU {FREE STUDY STARTING IN JANUARY}


i have held a dream in my heart since i was a little girl watching my grandpa write on yellow legal notepads.
sneaking into his closet deciphering his handwriting amongst a stack of notepads as almost as big as i was

i have wanted to write.  to tell a story.

this writing hangs over me like a dark cloud.  i still can’t pinpoint what “it is” exactly or what it will look like even


years flew by and i spent well over a decade in the wilderness. a wasteland i now believe created to translate what i knew in my head but
didn’t know “how-to” in my life.
maybe for me to build trust and endurance?
occasionally, i could hear God on the sidelines saying, “all of this is for a purpose”
“I am doing something new that you wouldn’t believe even if i told you”

but the pain was numbing and i couldn’t receive anymore than i could give


i was broken in my mess and i needed to be restored before i could help others

i remember reading

that you cannot teach what you do not know

when i received the email from jeanne ( i love this friend so much )
i ran for the comfort of
i can’t speak
i will feel and look stupid
i won’t make sense
blah blah blah…

you can read her heart behind the study HERE

fears keep us safe but they also keep us from doing what we were born to do

long story short i said yes
and felt terrified ever since
i may chicken out…(wink)
but i know it is a God gift
and if i said no it would be selfish because it doesn’t only depend on me

God promises says to me

Don’t be afraid, for the I will go before you and will be with you; I will not fail nor forsake you.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

i am learning that each step of the journey i am given the choice to step through invisible walls of fears and leave what is comfortable
i feel like i have lived most of my life under water.   i could see light but i was dying a slow death
my obstacles were my deepest fears
my hands were raw and bleeding from trying to hang onto the rope of my life the way i saw it
the fairytale i so desperately tried to create
was dying and i felt i was dying right along with it
maybe i was…

but God had a whole different fairy-tale He was preparing me for

i didn’t know it but God did, that my knight in shining armor was not my husband or any man for that matter
it was a love-story between Him & i

and i can’t wait to share a little piece of my story with you

YOU and i have to live the life we were born to live…

-the sound of music


This January 6, 2015  join 21 women for an 8 week study all about finding your true identity in Christ.

Each week you will hear unfolding stories from the women in this study.

We will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting and living out these truths.

To register for Becoming | The Unfolding of You click HERE


** All of the details are on the page and you are all set for the study to begin on January 6, 2015

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new shirt shop & new “news”

good morning!  i have been MIA on the blog .. sorry!  life is happening..that is a good thing
but i miss writing and i am FULL of stories
to be honest i just don’t have a lot of extra time with working the business
but God has given us a testimony…out of a “test” that has been over 15 years long
with much grace and vulnerability i am going to begin writing our God- story…here

yes…old people still kiss
and isn’t a “movie screen” shot but it
is every bit as precious to me!


#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog

#theartoflivingcourageously begins on the blog

our grand babies will be here in 2 days!  it has been 8 months since we’ve seen them
they live in florida
20plus hours in a car with 5 kids!  not sure i could do it
can’t wait to take lots of pictures and share them with you all!

my grand babies.

we have LOTS of new signs in the sign shop
have you seen them?

aedriel and us have collaborated on some and they are beautiful
christmas is around the corner…i know
i sigh too but this year i am not getting all caught up in the hype
keeping it simple

All that Glitters sign.  house of belonging Etsy shop

aedriel & house of belonging collaboration.  house of belonging Etsy shop

i don’t share much on our home but i thought i’d share a peek at our first real living room set
we have raised 5 kids and never had 1.) money and 2.) why buy new furniture with 5 kids right?
times have sure changed though since we raised our bunch though

we went to ikea and i am sold! #ikea
things are very well made and affordable enough for the average family
even if you save up for it piece by piece like we did

a peek into our #exodushome

we have a NEW SHIRT SHOP
this has got to be the biggest news
peeps are still trying to buy shirts from our Etsy sign shop
they are no longer there

click here for the SHIRTS

nikki is continually adding more so be sure to keep checking back
they would make awesome christmas gifts!

fun outfit for fall pumpkin patch visits!
God is within her tee from house of belonging shirt shop!
leopard flats a beanie and an a truth tee!  house of belonging shirt shop! fun for sisters and moms to all wear right?  house of belonging shirt shop

be sure to follow us on INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging for daily inspiration and shop news
that is where we hang out all of the time:)

love ya’ll….


the wilderness memoirs : God had a plan to save me first

i crave quiet much like i do coffee in the morning

the kind of quiet where no one is clamoring for my time
nothing is pressing on me
no emails, phone calls, instagram, Facebook or etsy conversations
no cleaning and laundry
to-do lists and errands

my wilderness memoirs

just uninterrupted time to unravel just a bit of my heart
to take a deep long breath
inhaling what God is doing all around me
God-wind goosebumps all around me
and i want to swim in it
i don’t want to miss it
i want to express to Him how grateful i am…does He know?  O God!!!

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day 5/30 : the wilderness memoirs – burning off the clutter

you fight fire with fire
and the people who have fire in their bones
are called to fight the fires of this world


this is a journal entry from this week…more from where i am right now in my story..image from my uber talented friend lissa...xo


similarly, we must use directed effort to control misdirected effort
if your consumed by busyness at the expense of real business, perhaps
i should set a new and different kind of fire

when i burn off the clutter of busyness and leave time to think and study, you may get less done
but the things you do  will be far more productive and ultimately more organic to what i’m
passionate about accomplishing
–t.d. jakes

the fringe benefit to burning off the brush is a much clearer view of the terrain ahead

no one can get beyond their sight lines.  and when cluttered with obstructions, our vision
will always be impaired!

again…i question..and i wrote

“where do i need to clear a path so that i have room to maneuver toward my ultimate destination?

and then i asked God to show me what needs to be burned off first

later on in my “busy” day ha! while perusing pinterest… ( unnecessary busyness i’m sure;) i ran across this post that the nester
has pinned!!!  i immediately clicked in and devoured it .. it made SO much sense!!  yes!!

God showed me a breadcrumb!!!

BINGO!  answer number uno!!  practice reminder !!  it begins with head knowledge but i must put it into practice in my everyday life to make change

prACTice doesn’t make perfect…prACTice makes change right?  right:)

i am by NO MEANS an expert and i feel so busy..even in my head..i LONG for the days when my first three
were little.  when being a momma was simpler.  no social media.  no blogs.  no smart phones.

so much more free time.  what did we do to ourselves?  ugh…anyway

so i am taking this “burning off the clutter” seriously.  even in our business
especially in our business!

honestly?  this is so super applicable to any stage of life in whatever circumstances you in..don’t you think?

that is enough for one day.  i will share what i’m learning and practicing as i go so hang in there with me:)  love  you!!

my daily practice

be on the lookout for unnecessary clutter and how to subdue the ground i live on
and take back my time

with love from,

this girl is on fire…..(wink)