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when your child tells you she’s unhappy…

mommy..i’m unhappy — i sensed there was more so i laid on the bed with her and out it came.
to protect her heart i will not share here but the words she said to me rang true
and this is what they were

we need to re-boot our FAMILY

reboot mean to restart-put in a new operating system and turning it on

so we talked and decided that our first course of action to our new operating system is to do a major de-clutter!
the kind when you bring in a dumpster
we are cleaning out the entire house small feat!
throwing awaygiving awayor storing in our shed

because here is the keeping it real part
i am up to my eyeballs in work which takes over my living room due to lack of space downstairs
I work seven days a week
have very little time to really cook..or clean
I have all the bills, doctor visits, phone calls, errands and you know all the stuff us mom’s do

and I am full of stress and that is not good for my health

Does God use our children to speak to us?  I do believe so
and that is what it took for me to “hear”  We need some major re-booting in this family.
since i am the mom it is my responsibility to do something about it.

The first step to rebooting one’s family

1.  find the main thing that is causing a bump in the road and start there
take action

the dumpster is coming Friday and the kids and I have all agreed to work all weekend cleaning the basement out
there WILL be pictures…:) and LOTS more on this subject as we begin the re-booting process:)





i am loving…are you?

Ha ha!  I know what I will do…blog about some of the little things I am loving!  why you ask?
because I would love to know those things about YOU silly!  so here we go


pinning for some of my house projects.  Light, texture, soft color layered all against a neutral background, layers of all sorts — just a few words that
would describe my decor style groove.. you kinda can see these words taking shape in our dining area and soon our
living area…so much happening:)


 vintage, cottage dining room






Penstemons and other blooms from the garden beside a family heirloom breadboard from Germany.



Vintage Style Bathroom with sweet colors!


36th Avenue coat closet


Brights Closet




now for my house… ( not quite the same is it…yet my friends…yet!)

talk about being uncomfortably real.  I am taking off the doors of our kitchen cabinets to see if I can give these 50 year old things a face lift or botox or something!  I will show you progress soon.  I got a few color samples to try inside the cabinets.  We are doing some open shelving on either side of the sink.  We also tore out the overhead cabinets above the stove!!

here I said I had two goals for the week with one being cleaning out the hall closet.
CHECK..done!  explains the above pins for closet ideas.  I am turning this into a
“mud closet”.  I picked out the paint for stripes girls!!  going with stripes…i think

and last but not least is my refrigerator! and the spill that happened the other day–
see why Instagram is so cool?  you find stuff like this out right when it happens…lol!


trying new hair styles like twisting the hair and secring with bobbi pins but it doens’t quite look the same on me as on Grace sot I keep going back to the hat.
LOVE hats…


trying new food and eating cleaner

tiff’s big bowl – plain shredded wheat, grape nuts & banana’s swiming in vanilla almond milk peeps:) ( inspired by Engine2 )

tried Nutella for the first time – wonderful all wrapped in crescent rolls and baked all soft and gooey!
Grace got a cooking lesson..more on this subject very soon:)

my weird lunch one day…apples, peanut butter and pepperoni


watching documentaries all last weekend.  Nothing wrong with being educated on what we are eating.
I highly recommend watching all of these.

Forks over Knives
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead


DUCK DYNASTY..where has it been all my life!  This is for you Becky:) I am seriously in love with this family.  We watch them over and just laugh.  The good laughs..the kind that makes you forget we live in a merry go round society that goes so fast and you just wanna get off and escape to another place and time kinda laugh…

my camo pants that i will not get rid i call them my duck commander pants


my INSTAGRAM friends

Sasha’s Etsy store to re-open and Chrissie opened her store again for the new year with some adorable pillows for those kiddos in your life.  And the ever amazing meg’s mercantile shop and Ashley’s home projects that just make me a good way:)…always something fun going on there.

Instagram is my fav thing happenin right now.  It is instant and fun!  We are houseofbelonging by the way:)
I am on it WAY more than Facebook now. your turn–what are some things YOUR crazy little self is loving….


I forgot to tell you about our planked walls!

dark ~depressing ~ dirty
my 3 adjectives that described this room when we moved in a year ago last month

last Christmas we had painted the walls and it looked like this


a little paint, ripping up the carpet and our most recent project

::: planking the walls on either side of the fireplace :::

 completely changed the vibe of the room

and we didn’t even fill the nail holes!
we painted the planks Benjamin Moore’s Whispering Spring

in which I TOTALLY stalked Ashley and stole the color from one of her favorite’s…couldn’t help myself
and you would do the same thing!  she has a happy home!!  and I love her…and her home:)
isn’t it amazing what little projects .. over time .. can do to change the heart of a home?


what little projects do you
lurking around in your heard?

have you planked any walls?
I love it so much I am going to do my whole bedroom!

you can click here here and here for planking tutorials
and remember…a little bit at a time makes a big difference a year later!!

oh..don’t forget to follow along with us on INSTAGRAM as we connect the sacred in heart ~ home and handmade


O Come all Ye Faithful Home Tour 2012 + Shop News

hey everyone…hope your weekend was good?  what did you do with your one wild and crazy weekend?  do tell…
pictures first….then words

::::House of Belonging Shop News 2013 ::::

we are deliriously happy to share two of our new signs.  we are seeking to carve out our own niche in a  huge sign market.
after working at Restoration Emporium this year and being introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk paint in our furniture refinishing we
have begun using it on our signs and LOVE it! sweet entrepreneurial friend has a amazing ascp store.
i am a color outside the lines kinda girl and anything that lets the user to work in an independent, intuitive and creative way–we are all in:) 

i will do an in depth post sometime this week on our 2013 shop..the new signs. we have a whole new vision for the coming year.  boy do i need it right about now too:)  each sign has a story and i can’t wait to share it with you all.  we have some really amazing signs coming.  God has been so faithful but first we are working long and hard getting signs out to our sweet customers:)


 we would love to have you follow us on INSTAGRAM @ houseofbelonging to see shop sneak peeks and our daily life as we live out the sacred connections between heart home and handmade…

just the beginning of all sorts of wonderfully fun changes for our little house coming your way:)
praying this week we realize we can’t do everything perfect..we can’t kill ourselves doing too much…praying we choose what we love the best about the holidays..let those things remain and everything else can fall away…and may we give grace to other women..other momma’s if their stories are different than ours…xotiff and this post comes with a big hug gosh darn:)

so come peruse all the beautiful homes over at Jen’s today..



O Come all Ye Faithful Mantle 2012 – take 1

being sick has really slowed life around here but we did manage to get the bones of our mantle up over this last week.
we still have to put the glitter letters on the stockings, tweeking the mantle and finishing preparing our home to embrace the coming season.  I am having the kids stay home this weekend and help me get it all wrapped up before our family get together’s.  I am practicing using a new set of “glasses” to see all of this as a gift..trying to not let all of the stress undo me causing me to be a scrooge…it will all get done just as it is meant to be and i want to enjoy it all to boot!  I really am excited to share it all with you.

Our inspiration this year were the words O Come from the song O Come All Ye Faithful..
there is something about the invitation that gets me..and faithful? me? not hardly
but stillcome

yes you…me…just as we are
no try harders..and yes with all the broken messiness just COME

a song about adoring a baby king

in flesh appearing

we will have a full post up over the weekend with all of our O Come all Ye Faithful decor…see ya then!

do you have an inspiration word or theme you used this year?


The Lettered Cottage