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going coastal cottage..the paint

hey there ya’ll-

nik & i are changing everything up because they tell me it is a woman’s prerogative.  name it and claim it i say

we are thinking of a more of a coastal cottage vibe.  I am already thinking I may have to change my blog header … again! ugh!
anyway…back to the subject–what always draws me in magazines and blogs is coastal cottage.  i seem to be able to come undone-

there is no rhyme or reason for this other than i know when i walk in my home i want to sigh.  i want it to embrace me

whispering let all the dirt and grime from the days struggles fall away.  this is your safe place

is it that way for you to?

and the red gingham curtains weren’t doing it for me so into the shop they go



i don’t have that gift
you know the one?  the choosing the colors- furniture…the one that makes those crazy amazing boards…yeah…i am so not that girl

so what do you do?  you copy and give credit

so laylaashley — we applaud you for using your gift in a way that helps others and not only that you do it so selflessly & and are sweet enough to share
it.  we love you..thank YOU!

our small main living area is painted benjamin moore’s ashwood.  ONE of our favorite colors… we haven’t tired of it yet.  we found the color in this post

it is high time we start loving on the rest of the house don’t ya think?

so we scoured our favorite blogs and our pinterest pins and came up with these coastal cottagey colors

so what does one do when they suck at painting?  well they hire their sis in law.  the perk in this is that you don’t have to get just climb out of bed and open the door!


nikki’s room was painted behr’s irish mist

my office was painted benjamin moore’s gray owl lighted 50% per layla’s instructions:)
and the bathroom will be painted benjamin moore’s gray lake — the demo will take place over the fourth of july weekend…yay!!
now in dakota’s room we ( meaning nikki & I ) painted gray owl and we planked one wall.  he told us the truth that the gray owl looked to blue and he wasn’t happy so this time I let him choose. not sure what to stain the plank wall yet…..gotta do more scouring…ha!


here is a sneak peek at our bathroom floor tile…eek!  it should be in any day so be watching Instagram for the in between stuff k?


Carissa my sis in law has been an answer to prayer.  you’ve had those right?  it was just timing.  she has also been helping
me catch up on all our sign orders so we can re-open june 28 with a blank slate..or darn near anyway.  we have been kickin  some butt!


girls!  i am putting down roots in this home.  it isn’t ours we rent.  it is the kids nana’s home so there is a long history here.  I have struggled with for the last year but for whatever reason God placed us here and i am going to choose daily to trust His plan.  it has made all the difference to just rest in that trust instead of fighting it.


carrissa has talked us into a summer painting party.  to paint the outside of our house.  our BRICK house?  doesn’t everyone have a paint party?  be watching cause we will ask for your input on the color we paint it k?

are you taking advantage of summer to change things up a bit in your home?  do tell…it’s your prerogative who sang that song?


we RE-OPEN again the 28 of JUNE — there are some goodies this time.  there will be LOTS of new signs to choose from.
REMEMBER we are only open for 10 days!


i am selling our red gingham custom drapes & a blog sale

i bought three swim tops–no bottom’s yet.  not sure what to do about that
was a guest at my mom’s and had my dad’s hamburgers..the only one’s beside mcdonald’s i can eat right now
repainted our yellow X console table white


bought a slipcover and took it back –  i do believe slipcovers are for the birds!
i bought a few dresses that are comfy with my new equipment hanging on me…which i am getting used to–slowly:)
oh..and a rug — took it back too
ate way to much french fries dipped in honey mustard and oh..have your tried guacamole ranch..anything with an avacado right?
painted, sanded, nailed & boxed signs

what did you do this weekend?


before i forget we are having a blog sale of sorts.  since my shop is deactivated until June 28 i thought i would take advantage to
continue the RE-BOOT on the house a bit.

we will open the doors of the ETSY shop around 9ishgotta have my cinnamon roll & coffee first

we will be selling two pairs of the gingham curtains my mom made us PLUS more stuff ( a few pics of them )


this sign purchased from World Market a few month’s ago


Amazfest Giveaway


july 4 weekend our bathroom is going BYE BYE …i AM OVER.the.MOOM.excited!
the mold and grossness is yuck and before we rip it out i will video it for you because when i saw this girl talk i about fell over in love!

we all gotta video ourselves to hear each other..what do ya think?

ok..gotta go to bed.  i am tiiiireedddd.

see you tuesday at 9ish…be there or be square

hugs hugs hugs to each and every one of YOU!


all that glitters–a NEW Sign

some posts ago suzanne left wrote this to me in the comments and i sobbed.
words hit me that way sometimes.  deep down.  to my core.  where only abba can touch.
i knew then that was to be a sign.  all of our signs are birthed in my heart first.

these words remind me of a verse that God spoke to me years ago in Isaiah 42:3.  I don’t know why.
A bruised reed will he not break, and a dimly burning wick will he not quench: he will bring forth justice in truth.

Nikki (if ya’ll are new around here is my oldest daughter).  she just turned 27.  we live together.
when we are out and about and i call her honey or babe..i think people look.
she is beginnning to put together her bedroom and has had a pinterest board for it.

and it is all things gold and glitter
so i knew i had to do this sign for her in gold glitter.

 fast forward to this weekend.

here savannah shared her own glitter monogram art and nikki was like EEK!  i want one.
savannah is selling them to help offset the cost of a trip.

so in the middle of our breakfast at waffle house we ordered one.  that is how we roll.
perfect for any glitter room.

if you want to check out nikki’s pin boards click here.

The All That GLITTERS Sign is 2′ x 4′ and framed.  this one is old white background and gold glitter with a stained oak frame.
you can customize it to your hearts content.  pink, blue, red glitter…whatever
framing is a fun way to add color as well.

if you want to purchase one click here.

::::::::::::Our new Etsy shop MoXie opens February 28::::::::::::

MoXie….a ridiculously courageous clothing co.

we have a big photo shoot this weekend…beyond humbled for the week.  LOVE LOVE this one…have you heard it?

jason aldeen The Only Think I Know

praying the words of this sign light upon your heart today….xotiff


when your child tells you she’s unhappy…

mommy..i’m unhappy — i sensed there was more so i laid on the bed with her and out it came.
to protect her heart i will not share here but the words she said to me rang true
and this is what they were

we need to re-boot our FAMILY

reboot mean to restart-put in a new operating system and turning it on

so we talked and decided that our first course of action to our new operating system is to do a major de-clutter!
the kind when you bring in a dumpster
we are cleaning out the entire house small feat!
throwing awaygiving awayor storing in our shed

because here is the keeping it real part
i am up to my eyeballs in work which takes over my living room due to lack of space downstairs
I work seven days a week
have very little time to really cook..or clean
I have all the bills, doctor visits, phone calls, errands and you know all the stuff us mom’s do

and I am full of stress and that is not good for my health

Does God use our children to speak to us?  I do believe so
and that is what it took for me to “hear”  We need some major re-booting in this family.
since i am the mom it is my responsibility to do something about it.

The first step to rebooting one’s family

1.  find the main thing that is causing a bump in the road and start there
take action

the dumpster is coming Friday and the kids and I have all agreed to work all weekend cleaning the basement out
there WILL be pictures…:) and LOTS more on this subject as we begin the re-booting process:)