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a best kept secret..pb slipcovers & backpacks

we are always wanting to cover what we think is unseemly..ugly..messy don’t we?
well i could go off on a million rabbit trails with that sentence but i will spare you today.

i do however want to share THE best 30.00 we’ve spent in a long time
for a slipcover no less.  a pottery barn slipcover.  from UGLYSOFA

you guessed it to cover the ugly.  no not really.  our couch is fairly new.  we got it on clearance because of a small hole in the side
here is a picture of it .. NOT what i would choose had if i could choose anything but hey..paid cash.  saved some money right?
and i believe country living had a plaid couch not to long ago so maybe they are coming back in..ha!


since we are going all coastal”ly” we want all of our living room furniture to be cohesive and at this price i could justify it.   it covered what needed to be covered and didn’t break the bank.
seriously fantastic!


i am not gonna lie–i had to vacuum the sofa yesterday.  it had my hair ( i have my quiet time on the couch) and bella hair on it.  i have an ocd issue with hair.
the light color…will drive me cray BUT i put a quilt on the sitting part
and when company comes…which is like never…i will rip off the quilt and voila!  there is pain in beauty right?  the good with the bad know my grand babies moved to florida last month and the oldest begins kindergarten this year so grandma & auntie’s got busy shopping to fill
care boxes full of school supplies.

no lie nik and i were looking on PBkids the night before last and had chel pick a backpack reed would like and she chose the baseball one.

well uglysofa had that one…for 19.99!  and the matching lunchbox so we bought him both.
i don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to send the littles off to school anymore!

so grandma’s – auntie’s….let’s come together and help our kiddo’s out!  even something little helps.  do what you can with what you have.
everything makes a difference and is appreciated

moral of this post?

go get yourself a a good quality slipcover and a backpack.  you have my word it is worth it!
i am going to get the drop cloth one for fall/winter…

oh…did i tell you the girls and i are driving up to the mall of america friday?  for 5 days!  never been to MN before
and we soooo need a break.  just a mini one but thankful for it.

and now for those really uGlY wingback chairs…oh uglysofa if you could help me on that one
i would be forever grateful but since you cannot:( i did purchase this.

pinkandpolkadot ebook

these 2 chairs will be slip covered or i will die tryin!

happy wednesday…love you all:))



we are like old houses – our updates in pictures

i have some pictures to share with you from the long holiday weekend.  i am getting around to sharing it midweek i know.  the days are just flying by..are yours too?
throwing my heart into my home and my life into the world of technology to be honest is a love hate relationship.  some days weeks i long for the simple life before
all of this.  sometimes i stand back and think it is so crazy and self centered.


how can story matter?  how can what i have to share be any different than anybody else?
i am surely not a home dec blog…my heart runs deep and wide and i often struggle to make sense of i mesh that in with the decor
and gosh darn i am one of those persons who makes a lesson out of everything.  i just.can’

i need an anonymous class for it.  


so as we have been throwing our heart and soul…and sweat into this old house that is not even ours…what the heck?  is that sane?  i don’t know yet.

ask me in a year…

i am learning that old houses can have good foundations..they just need lots of tearing out things and putting in new.  a little at a time.

it is called saving up for something that matters.


you matter and i matter and we are like old houses.  we have good foundations we just need a little gutting now and then and some new habits put in place right?


that is just what we did to the bathroom–we gutted it then put new tile, tub, sink, faucets and a light.
and we ran out of money…oh the floor tile comes in friday!!


but that was all we could do at the moment.  we we are walking on concrete board floor and living for a bit wit
the green moisture resistant sheet rock until we can save up more money for planking etc.



it is lesson in patience. and being thankful for what we do have and what we don’t have anymore….mold!!

there is lots to be learned from old houses…so i am sure you will be hearing what that is as we go…ha!

don’t you buy things for the packaging?  me too!
we painted the stained shelves annie sloan old white and sanded them.  they are as soft as a baby’s butt i swear!

i touched up all the walls…well except for one with ashwood.  my absolute favorite neutral color.ever!

i will be putting this dining room lamp up for sale in my etsy shop if anyone is interested let me know…

with childlike glee i clap at the transformation taking place within this home and within my heart. there are hard places.  there are stop places..and places where i am so sure i will not be able to face tomorrow.
that it will never end
days can fill with hopelessness and spiral out of control if i am not focused and intentional

but then i remember whose i am
i am a warrior woman after all
and warrior women are scared courageous
and worn weary they run the race set before them

so we run today girls.  we run.  



i will be sharing more of our inspiration pictures and where we are headed with this house each week from now on.   we are also working on some fun things in making our guest room an office as well as finishing up the bathroom and then to tackle
that kitchen…my my my.  and on the cheap too!

:: SHOP CLOSES thursday JULY 11 @ midnight and will re-open in AUGUST with all of our holiday signs!  time to order and receive before the holiday::

MOXIE’s new SHIRT…you can choose different colors as well…go check it out.  MORE coming very soon!!

I am His - made to order shirt

thank YOU .. there are NO words for your support of our little shop.  we could do nothing without you.  thank you from the deepest places in my heart…xoxotiff


i spotted it here..a new blog to me that i LOVE:)  her photography captured me from the start.  i knew it was a red letter words–it was a dee:) and the word beach sealed the deal so i if you want one click here. I loved it so much i went to check it out.  keepin it real..since i do not live in a real beach house i wasn’t sure that would “fit” in my bedroom but then saw this one and it was PERFECT for a coastal bedroom not on a coast…SAil ( coastal ) and DREAMs…for the bedroom.  i choose the denim color.  thank you JILL:)  OH – the signs are in dee’s SUMMER section!

this girl…what can i say?  i have never met her but i love her voice..her heart..and her clothes.  i follow her instagram here.  when i saw this picture i knew i had to have that belt buckle.  i have never owned a belt buckle..thought it about time.
nikki is designing a shirt to match it..a black baseball shirt with pink writing.  i ordered from junk gypsies.  now to find a vintage belt and sweet christi from the brown shed has been so sweet and helpful to me….xoxo


i must admit i have a little social media depression from time to time.  it flairs up now and then…have you heard of it?  now i am to smart to fall for this totally but i do believe there is some truth to it.  i even fall prey to being sad seeing all the vacay’s and homes and wishing….well you know what i mean…so i do have to keep a tight check on my heart.  that is where everything flows from;)  grace suggested i take some time off of all social media, maybe i should?  here is a quick little tidbit on stepping away for 48 hours if you have a small business or something.  interesting for sure!


1 tsp. of brown sugar – 1 tsp. of white sugar and 2 heaping tsps. of fake coffee mate and pour in the steaming coffee and stir and then sit down and enjoy some one on one with
our abba. oh so good!


i am trying to curl my hair lately.  not working for me so much.  are you trying anything new with the hair lately?


: : i have a magazine addiction



and a candle one..ugh


terrible phone pic but LOVE the new chairs at Target..thinking maybe the blue chevron for my new office?  what about the burlapy ones?  kitchen table maybe?


this was also cute… target apothecary cabinet.  i want need something next to my bed besides a bar stool for a table.  like really.  i am 45!  but i think i can find something cheaper at a flea market and paint it..what do you think?


here is our office inspiration.  i will be giving sneak peeks on our bathroom redo #houseofbelongingbathroomredo and our guest room turned office on instagram.  don’t ya just love it?  nikki and i bought a door for the desk.  i think we are getting in over our heads.  we must take more home depot classes!! ( note to self )


i was at the dentist with g ( i hate/fearful of dentist..he made me leave) so i
perused travel mags and saw this...i am go on a pilgrimage.  i am reading rebekah lyons freefall to fly and in there she was reading a book pilgrimage of the soul.  i ordered it.  when grace graduates i am so in greece.  i might not come home.  you will have a place to always come to friends.  wouldn’t that be nice.


nikki and i are starting Shaun T’s T25 on Monday.  together.  we will share all the deets on monday…hoping to inspire YOU.  i of course will do a modified approach to eating due to my stoma.


LOVE love love this sign.  it is in my bedroom right now.  the words…..i want to make them part of my flesh.  i want to live and breath them.  i struggle so letting light frighten you?

i am deeply grateful for your love of this sign.  these words.  they are my heart for my grace.  my children.  thank you for supporting us.  we couldn’t be where we are without YOU!


this didn’t end up coming in on time.  july 12!  so we are on concrete board right now but so much better than squishy mold.

i will post all the before pics in another post…but here is a sneak peek that was on instagram

Photo: :our holiday project-- #ihavewaitedforever #goodbyemold #coastalbath

Photo: ::can I just say CLEAN!! Bye bye mold--I am soooo excited:) #coastalbath #houseofbelongingbathredo

i will end on this note:

GO now….we laughed the whole time.

Photo: ::OMG!! Nikki & I are still laughing!! #hilarious #amustsee


going coastal cottage..the paint

hey there ya’ll-

nik & i are changing everything up because they tell me it is a woman’s prerogative.  name it and claim it i say

we are thinking of a more of a coastal cottage vibe.  I am already thinking I may have to change my blog header … again! ugh!
anyway…back to the subject–what always draws me in magazines and blogs is coastal cottage.  i seem to be able to come undone-

there is no rhyme or reason for this other than i know when i walk in my home i want to sigh.  i want it to embrace me

whispering let all the dirt and grime from the days struggles fall away.  this is your safe place

is it that way for you to?

and the red gingham curtains weren’t doing it for me so into the shop they go



i don’t have that gift
you know the one?  the choosing the colors- furniture…the one that makes those crazy amazing boards…yeah…i am so not that girl

so what do you do?  you copy and give credit

so laylaashley — we applaud you for using your gift in a way that helps others and not only that you do it so selflessly & and are sweet enough to share
it.  we love you..thank YOU!

our small main living area is painted benjamin moore’s ashwood.  ONE of our favorite colors… we haven’t tired of it yet.  we found the color in this post

it is high time we start loving on the rest of the house don’t ya think?

so we scoured our favorite blogs and our pinterest pins and came up with these coastal cottagey colors

so what does one do when they suck at painting?  well they hire their sis in law.  the perk in this is that you don’t have to get just climb out of bed and open the door!


nikki’s room was painted behr’s irish mist

my office was painted benjamin moore’s gray owl lighted 50% per layla’s instructions:)
and the bathroom will be painted benjamin moore’s gray lake — the demo will take place over the fourth of july weekend…yay!!
now in dakota’s room we ( meaning nikki & I ) painted gray owl and we planked one wall.  he told us the truth that the gray owl looked to blue and he wasn’t happy so this time I let him choose. not sure what to stain the plank wall yet…..gotta do more scouring…ha!


here is a sneak peek at our bathroom floor tile…eek!  it should be in any day so be watching Instagram for the in between stuff k?


Carissa my sis in law has been an answer to prayer.  you’ve had those right?  it was just timing.  she has also been helping
me catch up on all our sign orders so we can re-open june 28 with a blank slate..or darn near anyway.  we have been kickin  some butt!


girls!  i am putting down roots in this home.  it isn’t ours we rent.  it is the kids nana’s home so there is a long history here.  I have struggled with for the last year but for whatever reason God placed us here and i am going to choose daily to trust His plan.  it has made all the difference to just rest in that trust instead of fighting it.


carrissa has talked us into a summer painting party.  to paint the outside of our house.  our BRICK house?  doesn’t everyone have a paint party?  be watching cause we will ask for your input on the color we paint it k?

are you taking advantage of summer to change things up a bit in your home?  do tell…it’s your prerogative who sang that song?


we RE-OPEN again the 28 of JUNE — there are some goodies this time.  there will be LOTS of new signs to choose from.
REMEMBER we are only open for 10 days!


i am selling our red gingham custom drapes & a blog sale

i bought three swim tops–no bottom’s yet.  not sure what to do about that
was a guest at my mom’s and had my dad’s hamburgers..the only one’s beside mcdonald’s i can eat right now
repainted our yellow X console table white


bought a slipcover and took it back –  i do believe slipcovers are for the birds!
i bought a few dresses that are comfy with my new equipment hanging on me…which i am getting used to–slowly:)
oh..and a rug — took it back too
ate way to much french fries dipped in honey mustard and oh..have your tried guacamole ranch..anything with an avacado right?
painted, sanded, nailed & boxed signs

what did you do this weekend?


before i forget we are having a blog sale of sorts.  since my shop is deactivated until June 28 i thought i would take advantage to
continue the RE-BOOT on the house a bit.

we will open the doors of the ETSY shop around 9ishgotta have my cinnamon roll & coffee first

we will be selling two pairs of the gingham curtains my mom made us PLUS more stuff ( a few pics of them )


this sign purchased from World Market a few month’s ago


Amazfest Giveaway


july 4 weekend our bathroom is going BYE BYE …i AM OVER.the.MOOM.excited!
the mold and grossness is yuck and before we rip it out i will video it for you because when i saw this girl talk i about fell over in love!

we all gotta video ourselves to hear each other..what do ya think?

ok..gotta go to bed.  i am tiiiireedddd.

see you tuesday at 9ish…be there or be square

hugs hugs hugs to each and every one of YOU!