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words can do what medicine can’t..our christmas home

it is simple.  book pages.  WORDS.  it just kinda fell into place.
















” i wanted to peel off my hat and mask and the name that wasn’t mine, and sit in the middle while the misfits fell and piled
up like pick-up sticks around me.  then we’d crack open a worn cover and i’d read, and the words would do what medicine can’t
won’t and never will.
–charles martin’s book unwritten

” STORY is the bandage of the broken.  sutures of the shattered.  the tapestry upon which we write our lives”
–charles martin’s book unwritten

each morning when i sit under the twinkling lights as the days as the dawn is breaking
words give me hope.  i am reminded that while the world is throwing parties ..i want to be so engaged to the One who knows my pain…who offered to cut out my take my bruised, bloodied and broken heart and

bandaged it with love

be willing to walk the battlefield…rescuing the wounded
letting the WORD do what medicine can’t, won’t or ever will

while it is just a silly mantle in light of eternity
if practiced–LOVE..offering our story to others can & will help others to take

all the million broken pieces of their hearts and let the healing begin


i will be back wednesday with the heart behind our christmas decor…the ALABASTER BOX sign and PRE-ORDERS
oh…and the WINNER of the our new collection contest coming out january 2 when we re-open our new store!!








shop news & a contest

i am laying in bed drinking hot apple cider .. i swear 5 lbs heavier ..  watching the kardashian christmas.  don’t judge.  we dvr all things kardashian around here
i am trying to get out of my head and into my heart to share about our thanksgiving and it just.isn’t.happening

photo (1)

(gold strength & dignity sign)

we wait until after thanksgiving to put anything christmas up.  i am glad we did.  it helped me to focus and stay in the now.  we did get down the tree and decorations yesterday and began morphing the house into a simple christmas.  we will share it with you next monday.  do you remember last years mantle…it was colorful wasn’t it?


but real quick i wanted to update you on the SHOP opening.

we shared a sneak peek of one of our signs in our first collection on instagram on black friday.  in case you don’t follow us on instagram i wanted to have this sign up for our family thanksgiving.  this year has been one of the hardest of my life.  these words have been my lifeline and i wanted to share it with you in the way of a sign for your walls.  we took pre-orders for shipping when we open on january 2.

it comes in white background with gold lettering – black background with white lettering & black background with gold lettering ( not shown yet)

photo (3)


we will have a new way of doing things so turnaround will not be so long.

we will only have so many custom spots open at one time.  when one goes out another spot will open up.  i think that will help..worth a try anyway:)

we will have several new lines of ___________ ( tBa)  we are soooo excited to share them with you.  we KNOW you are going to love them as much as we do!

i am having miss heather design a whole new logo.  have you seen her printable advent kit 



we would LOVE it if you would help us name our new sign collection?  the STILL GOD sign will be in the collection.  it will be creams, blacks & golds….some hints:)

ok…so think on it…and then leave your ideas in the comments.

photo (2)

for the WINNER

for the one we choose YOU will be sent your choice of the new signs in the collection you named

SO..put your thinking hearts on and let me have it…i can’t wait to see what you come up with.  remember it is a new season K?

i can’t wait to see the jen rizzo’s holiday house walk again!  does anyone else look forward to it?  i am always so inspired by each home and the hearts that live there.

later this week i will share our “new” table scored off craigslist the day before thanksgiving.  my ig friends all voted cream to paint the chairs and so today nikki painted


if you don’t follow us on instagram be sure to — as we near the opening of our shop we will be giving sneak peeks and a few instasales and who knows what else:)

i would love to hear how your thanksgiving was..and it is totally ok if you had christmas up already…really:)  ..i mean really it is no judging here..we love the kardashinans after all

ok…they are getting ready to show their christmas card…speaking of….this weekend is our photo shoot!

love love each of you….



a ladder, a frame, leaves…& calling it good


i love my grey ticking comforter.  especially on the first night the temps fall to 50.
windows open and i snuggle down deep.  the sleep is good in the crisp night air.


SIMPLE – natural - not fussy …something that will carry us through until christmas is my gig
i am slooowly transitioning our home to feel more cozy & warm



here is a little peek–before we get into more serious matters of the heart later this week…;)


sending you each love & peace is a brand new day–be present..xo


new LOVE sign giveaway-come & enter


….happy friday sweet friends.  i wanted to take a moment to just honor you
you are my balcony did you know that?  well you are my balcony people.  my audience while i am in the cheer me on
that is how i picture you 


so…while i am putting the last touches on my bedroom this weekend to give you the first sneak peek next week.
i will tell you the story behind the sign then too.

i wanted to GIVEAWAY the painting that is going in my room..we painted one for me & one for YOU!  it is 27″ x 39″

:::::::here are the DEETS to ENTER to WIN the LOVE sign:::::::

go to our INSTAGRAM and simply share the picture to your feed with the hashtag #houseofbelonginglovesign
i will post it to instagram at 8 am cst on september 13

it is also listed in the shop:)

i will announce the winner on monday with some more happy news that i know you will crush on
take it slow this weekend….xotiff




how to SLOW down & find the beauty in the holiday’s & a giveaway

CMH2 Home Collage Words

let’s switch gears on monday shall we?  i have something FUN to share:)  from my beautifully hearted friend jeanne oliver!  i know you love her too right?
read on and just soak up the beauty of these photos won’t you?  oh..and pin pin…:)

keeping it cozy

jeanne oliver designs

life in grace

jennifer rizzo

na-da farm

thistlewood farm

city farmhouse

raised in cotton

ok…pure loveliness right?
READ on…..:)

Course description:

Join eight of my friends and me as we celebrate loving on your home, friends and family through the holidays.

You will be encouraged as you hear honestly from each woman about the times things did not go as planned during their holidays.

You will hear honest discussions about their own journey of hospitality.

You will walk away inspired as you hear about the traditions and special moments from their childhood and how they create special moments with their families today.

You will be able to watch beautiful videos with gift giving ideas, decorating projects and favorite family recipes.

We all want to create authentic moments with our friends and families.

We all desire for the ones we love to leave our homes knowing that they were welcomed and loved.

My hope is that this course will help you slow down and find the joy and beauty in the holidays.

*There will be 30+ project videos

These will be incredible videos that include everything from cooking, gift giving and decorating

*Tons of beautiful house photos from each of the nine women

*Supply Lists and PDFs for each project

*A digital recipe book of the recipes shared in this course

:::the beautyFULL hearts that will be sharing:

CM2 round collage NAME WHITE-1

i am giving to myself some real time to SLOW down and enjoy a course for ONCE!  i am done with being so crazed that i can’t take time to be all present and enjoy being taught
and what better than to learn how to SLOW down & find BEAUTY & JOY in the holidays.  to LISTEN!

SO…jeanne has so humbly offered 2 spots for YOU to be a part with me and join these authentic women as they share their STORY with us!



got this from miss jeanne herself…loved it

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on THIS post telling me what makes you feel special during the holidays.

For additional chances to win you can…

*Blog about the course

*Facebook about the course

*Pin the course to Pinterest

*Tweet about the course on Twitter

Come back and tell me each time you do one of the above for additional chances to win.

we will choose on wednesday from random number generator…and a few super simple FALL fun recipe’s for you that i LOVE!


:::to REGISTER now just click on the PAYPAL link below…looking forward to seeing you there sweet friends!


 course is 58.00!!

in His grip of grace


a bit of shop news:

we are on a skeleton shop for another week or two then will re open fully.  we are still taking some customs and our HOLIDAY signs are in the SHOP too:)


nikki hit it out of the park with this design…the words bring me to tears.  enough said:)


our I Am His sign is being placed in so many nurseries and we are soooo humbled.  what powerful words for children to see daily.
this sign is our original design.  the words of course are not ours but the design is.  first seen here on the House of Belonging:)


we had a custom with a wood sign on the GRATITUDE sign so we shot it real quick…i LOVE the wood frame:)