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are you a repurpose girl or a big box store girl?

Abba tucked me in last night with such good news.  Knowing that God dreams are the ones where He is THE ONLY means.  There is absolutely nothing we could do to make it happen.  We are fenced in by circumstances that force us to wait upon Him.  Honestly?  I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Jeanne Oliver said this on her Facebook page today and I wanted to share it with you.

‎”…(Abraham) didn’t tiptoe around Gods promise asking skeptical questions.

He plunged into the promise and came up strong, ready for God, SURE that God would make good on what he had promised” Rom. 4:19-25 (MSG)

My heart is FULL of stuff to share with you from house things to heart things.  We will start with house today.  My neighbor Dale had this chair at the sale last week.  We had been looking for chairs on Craigslist and Overstock and IKEA.  Most way out of our budget.  Well…I asked Dale if he happened to have another one and you know what he said?  Why of course I do.  It is at my warehouse!  God right?  right:)  They were from a high end home and custom made.  Solid wood.  I am not a fan of the material but I can change that.  I see the wood painted white and chippy.  Guess how much?  90 dollars a piece.  So for 180 I got a pair of solid high quality chairs.    WAY cheaper and good quality.  I am a happy girl!  Now I have to decide what fabric to recover them in…more on this later.

OK…THIS is some BIG news.  Don’t laugh but we got a pool!  for free!  It is a God story but a short version is our neighbor has had this pool for 18 years.  She is now older and they don’t use it and were wanting to get rid of it.  It got back to me and we went and asked her and she said yes!  Fortunately for us she has kept it immaculate!  This picture is somewhat scary but the bones of the pool are perfect and I know the colors are not the best but you can imagine it with a deck around it and you won’t even see that.

Grace is excited to take the grand babies swimming.  I am sure it will get lots of use.  We will move it here over the fourth of July holiday.

At the April sale we bought this primitive piece from the owner of RE for 100.  We originally were going to get it for Grace’s room but it smelled “old” and was just to big but it fit in so well with our

Feminine Farmhouse Dining Room…don’t ya think?

I am toning down the green on my table this week too.  I used Annie Sloan’s dark wax but I think I may re paint it another green.  It is just a tad to bright.  That is the beauty of paint isn’t it?  It is inexpensive and you can always paint over it if you don’t like it or make a mistake.

I am head over heels for the movement of re-purposing things.  It beats buying out of the big box stores any day.  You get one of a kinds pieces that you stamp you soul into.  I am all over that.

What about you?  Do you prefer big box stores or have you been bitten by the re purposing movement?

and remember….PLUNGE into the promises He has given YOU!

big hugs…xoxo


Dining Room Reveal {Feminine:Farmhouse:Fun}

oh happy Monday sweet sweet friends:)  How was your Mother’s Day?  Ya’ll never cease to amaze me with your comments so full of love and encouragement to this weary momma:)  You fill my heart bucket and I am bursting with excitement to share with you the beginning of our home transformation ~ the Dining Room.

Oh girls we have so many more ideas and things to do in here but we are just thankful to have this much done knowing baby steps are good!

8 long months ago we moved into this neglected old house and to be totally honest I wondered how we would manage to redo anything and more than that just WHERE would be start.  Everything needs lovin!


where does a girl go with no interior design degree or even a small knack of putting things together that GO?

to her daughter and Pinterest…lol!

We laughted last night watching E Hollywood’s story of Melissa and Joan Rivers.  They were saying how Joan is like Z to left field to D where as Melissa is ABCDE…

and every time I read the story of Moses and Aaron I think of Nikki and I.

She is the peanut to my butter

the cheese to my macaroni.

we work well together.  We each bring what is needed to the table and I couldn’t be MORE thankful:)

Together we are like one sane person…lol

Ever so slowly our style is emerging and we’ve named it


Feminine::Farmhouse ::Fun

I do know one thing.  I know this deep in my soul.

This home that I am told to DWELL in the land and cultivate faithfulness..Psalm 37:3

is a emotional home.

I am decorating it around a feeling.  Crazy?  maybe but it works for me.

I have a way I want it to feel

I want it to breathe the way I felt when I was with my grandma..the inhale a big ol farm where you can run all day in freedom

and find sprawling trees to lay under and daydream while big cotton puff clouds float lazily by.

F is for feminine.  I’m not an overly feminine girl.  More tailored if anything but the curtain material I picked that reminds me of a vintage sheets

that the breeze moves ever so lightly makes my heart seems feminine to me.

and F is also for Fun.  I no longer want to live safe.  We are ready to walk on the wild side in life.

I want to explore outside the box…really smelling the flowers

color .. words that inspire and build up.. pieces that bring me joy

these are but a tiny bit of how Nikki and I are re~ making this house into our


A feelinghow do you decorate your home?  or are you like me and aren’t really sure you are muddling you way through or better yet..


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praying for each of you today that you grow in holiness and that you turn to God for grace for today..that you know you are not alone..ever!  That I rejoice with you that He is faithful even when we are not.  That God is doing a new work in each of your lives.  Causing the dreams He has planted to begin to grow..and to know you are perfect just the way you are..flaws and all.

love you much…

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“I purpose” to not be stronger and kill myself…

One thing I love about a new month is that it gives opportunity for a fresh start and girls .. I can’t put into words how I need one.

I have gotten so upside down with this business that I have lost vital pieces of my life.  And by golly I want them back.  

Searching for nourishment has led me to several things

May purposes look a little something like this


I purpose to spend just simple time with God every morning .. SIMPLE .. a letting go of my plans & wants..CONTROL and STRIVING and let go and relax into me following Him.  Back to remembering ONE day at a time.  I am setting my clock a little earlier but I refuse to beat myself up when I fall short…cause I will.

I purpose to do my dishes, laundrybasically maintain a tidy home.  NOT a perfect one.  One that is lived in and since I do work from home I will cut myself some slack but NO MORE of the business holding my home and family hostage

I purpose to complete {being the key word} 3 of my projects on MY house in the month of May!!…tall order {sigh}

I will purpose to cook dinners at least 4 times a week.  SIMPLE ones.  We are eating out way to much = to much money + grease = not good!

I purpose to ENJOY my listen to GOD’s leading..take all concerns and complitments and suggestions to HIM first.

I purpose to put my family first.  My work was taking priority over all of these areas.  I have not been able to take a weekend off…go to the movies…I’ve missed going to causal lunches..communicating with friends..

to be really honest sometime I would like to take a whole Sunday and sit in my PJ’s in bed and just watch TV!  just ONCE in awhile


I don’t want to live striving and surviving and miss moments in my life that I will never get back.  LIFE is to short.  

I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I’m doing.  What GOD is doing…I trust there is so much more ahead but before He can move forward I feel led to get a handle on this chaos because it is not true

that what doesn’t kill you  makes you stronger…sometimes it really can kill you!

June 1 I will report back here and let ya’ll know how I’m doing…and in the in between days too;0

Now it is your turn:)

Have you been?  Am I crazy here?  the only one that is going through this?  Do you feel like you have a zillion balls in the air and can’t seem to find time for the really important things?  If so ~ what are you doing to change it?:)

I’ve got some fun news to share next week.  I smiling ear to ear just being able to share our hearts here.  Thank you for listening to mine.  I would love to hear yours as well?



finally! a family photo, white floors & birthday eve

Here I shared some photos of my daughter Chelsee and her grand babies.  Easter was the perfect occasion to get a recent shot of the bunch as they wrangled and wrestled the kids around.  Nikki had to be quick in capturing this bunch because after sitting through church and lunch they were ready to ride their bikes!  I think she got a pretty good one don’t you?  She got a shot of each of the babies too…of course they are going up on my barn door that is going up on my wall very soon:)

 We started painting Grace’s wood floors last night…we are finishing up Thursday with spraying the walls white too.  Yikes!  ALL white scares me a little.  We got Grace a twin vintage bed at the sale last weekend that I can’t wait to show you but I want to have the room and floors painted first though…oh the!

then Thursday if the stars align right we are going to spray her whole room white…I know – pretty gross right now but I can tell you that the floors look SO good today..but more on that very soon:)

“thoughts on my birthday eve” ( you can skip this part if you want…lol )

I push my finger into the book lined shelf and draw out my story

I hold its warmth between my hands and I close my eyes as the tears tickle down my cheek and fall over my lips and

they smile

I breathe deep and open the book to where the worn and frayed ribbon holds the place I last was

I sigh .. tomorrow is the 43rd eve of my birthday.  I no longer think of birthdays as gifts and parties while I know many do..I am a rare one

Instead I find myself looking back…lingering over what has been, really relishing moments of my life and of those I love, where I’ve been, how far I’ve come and perhaps…where I maybe going.

I laugh as this year has been much different than most birthday eves.

I can’t believe 43 chapters have come and gone and this year as the ink meets paper it has much more intention than it ever has SO – that being said

love life.

Heck yes..bring on the 44th chapter!

and I will honor and value each day with as much grace as I remember to receive.


well I am off to get my hair trimmed.  It is getting so long I have been thinking of cutting some off…but not yet:)  I might just be that old woman with long long grey hair gosh darn;D

love you all to pieces!  thank you for supporting me in this busy time!  I know I am not getting around like my heart would like.  I am hoping to get a  handle on all of this soon.

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finally!…the kitchen overhaul begins

 This is our inspiration picture.  The problem is we couldn’t find the paint color.

Enter Chip It.  Sherwin Williams color match tool.  Have you heard of it?

love the colors...idea for her island color

 It matched the top cabinets to Arcadia White ( SW ) but I don’t think that is close.  That’s ok though.  I’m not real picky I just wanted a white that had cool gray undertones.  So I got a sample of it.  NOW for the bottom cabinets.  The FUN part:)

 We chose 4 colors

Rainwashed ( SW )

Palladian Blue ( Benjamin Moore ) I think I am using this in my bedroom

Silver Strand ( SW )

Carolina Blue Inn ( Valspar )

They all looked very similar but we chose Carolina Blue Inn because it seemed to have a touch more gray in it AND because it is my grand daughters name:)

Nikki and I marked the calendars for April 12 & 13 and are going to tackle the kitchen.  We have been collecting so many ideas and being down in such a creative environment working at RE: … has our minds racing.

SO – what is on your Spring project list?


 p.s.header coming soon:) and I will answer questions this week too…I haven’t forgot:)