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finally! a family photo, white floors & birthday eve

Here I shared some photos of my daughter Chelsee and her grand babies.  Easter was the perfect occasion to get a recent shot of the bunch as they wrangled and wrestled the kids around.  Nikki had to be quick in capturing this bunch because after sitting through church and lunch they were ready to ride their bikes!  I think she got a pretty good one don’t you?  She got a shot of each of the babies too…of course they are going up on my barn door that is going up on my wall very soon:)

 We started painting Grace’s wood floors last night…we are finishing up Thursday with spraying the walls white too.  Yikes!  ALL white scares me a little.  We got Grace a twin vintage bed at the sale last weekend that I can’t wait to show you but I want to have the room and floors painted first though…oh the!

then Thursday if the stars align right we are going to spray her whole room white…I know – pretty gross right now but I can tell you that the floors look SO good today..but more on that very soon:)

“thoughts on my birthday eve” ( you can skip this part if you want…lol )

I push my finger into the book lined shelf and draw out my story

I hold its warmth between my hands and I close my eyes as the tears tickle down my cheek and fall over my lips and

they smile

I breathe deep and open the book to where the worn and frayed ribbon holds the place I last was

I sigh .. tomorrow is the 43rd eve of my birthday.  I no longer think of birthdays as gifts and parties while I know many do..I am a rare one

Instead I find myself looking back…lingering over what has been, really relishing moments of my life and of those I love, where I’ve been, how far I’ve come and perhaps…where I maybe going.

I laugh as this year has been much different than most birthday eves.

I can’t believe 43 chapters have come and gone and this year as the ink meets paper it has much more intention than it ever has SO – that being said

love life.

Heck yes..bring on the 44th chapter!

and I will honor and value each day with as much grace as I remember to receive.


well I am off to get my hair trimmed.  It is getting so long I have been thinking of cutting some off…but not yet:)  I might just be that old woman with long long grey hair gosh darn;D

love you all to pieces!  thank you for supporting me in this busy time!  I know I am not getting around like my heart would like.  I am hoping to get a  handle on all of this soon.

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finally!…the kitchen overhaul begins

 This is our inspiration picture.  The problem is we couldn’t find the paint color.

Enter Chip It.  Sherwin Williams color match tool.  Have you heard of it?

love the colors...idea for her island color

 It matched the top cabinets to Arcadia White ( SW ) but I don’t think that is close.  That’s ok though.  I’m not real picky I just wanted a white that had cool gray undertones.  So I got a sample of it.  NOW for the bottom cabinets.  The FUN part:)

 We chose 4 colors

Rainwashed ( SW )

Palladian Blue ( Benjamin Moore ) I think I am using this in my bedroom

Silver Strand ( SW )

Carolina Blue Inn ( Valspar )

They all looked very similar but we chose Carolina Blue Inn because it seemed to have a touch more gray in it AND because it is my grand daughters name:)

Nikki and I marked the calendars for April 12 & 13 and are going to tackle the kitchen.  We have been collecting so many ideas and being down in such a creative environment working at RE: … has our minds racing.

SO – what is on your Spring project list?


 p.s.header coming soon:) and I will answer questions this week too…I haven’t forgot:)




starting with the cabinets & furry friends:(


  WARNING: dead mice.  I called them my furry little friends.  Real life here girls.

Since I do not live in Pinterest reality is I only have so much to work with at a given time and no credit cards to go max out or increase which means I simply have to PLAN.

The beginning of the messy gross kitchen story.  I have an electric stove downstairs that is newer and cleaner looking than the gas stove that was in existence when we moved in.  The stove story I am saving for the end of the week.  Ohhh the suspense must be killing you:)

Sorry small picture.  Pulled it from the listing .  I will take close ups of the grossness in all its glory before I Kilz.

pinky promise.

In a nutshell here is my evolving plan for the cabinets.  They are in my top three things in the kitchen that gross me out!  (2) being the floor and (3) back splash

My house vibe will be urban farmhouse chic..whether it is “in” or not I don’t care:)  It makes my heart sing right?

I am going to Patriot Surplus ( a building material store) within a week to price cabinets to put into my budget      ( very important step girls ) but in the meantime this..hopefully will be an inexpensive fix..albeit a labor intensive project { insert smirk }

So here is my girl “plan”

::DEFINITION:: when I say do it like a  “girl” I mean :  the way a girl does things when there is no man around and you have absolutely NO idea what you are doing so you improvise…got it?:)  some of you know what I mean right?:)

I am going to take all the cabinet doors off.  Remove the old linoleum and bleach.  My least favorite part….eeewwww

Kilz is a OCD girls best friend.  I am going to Kilz the heck out of it.  Inside and out.

THEN the fun part.  Choosing a paint color…and that is the “evolving” part.

I think it is something I can live with for 6 months while I save for what I want.


OK..back to the stove.  Do you want the good or the bad news first? too.  Pulling out a stove after it has been sitting there for at least 10 years is a good idea right?  RIGHT

1)  I can clean it with bleach and Kilz behind it.  Good news

2)  you find poor little furry friends that have been there a very long time.  Bad news

gross gross gross

Pinned Image


maybe all white?  always safe.  We painted the walls in the dining/kitchen Ashwood by Behr.

We LOVE this color.  A why? post coming soon.

Pinned Image

desire to inspire

Take out the upper cabinets completely and install shelves…a possibility.  But showing ALL of my kitchen stuff…don’t know.

Pinned Image

looks a bit more creamy…but I don’t know what I want for flooring yet so…

Pinned Image

sea cottage

now I love the gray here but I have gray on the walls…and the sink but that is another post:)

Pinned Image

house of turquoise

this really strikes my fancy…really considering this..maybe a little distressing?

Pinned Image


two colors?  I like this option to0.  Uppers one color..lowers another

Pinned Image

house of turquoise 

CRAZY stepping out of the box right?  but I threw it in because … well … you just never know

Pinned Image

at last…color on the backside of the cabinets with the doors off.  Pops of color.

Getting a little wild but still playing it safe

SO there you go on my plan for the cabinets

Gross yes but real life.  In my dream Pinterest world I would LOVE to gut it all at once and go to town.  But I just can’t.  And that is A.O.K:)  When you move into an old house and you have to renovate or in our case…clean it up and make it manageable until you can REALLY renovate…you run into to all sorts of surprises and critters.   I still shiver!

I will be prepping for this project while I get very busy with House of Belonging shop!  I have furniture pieces to refinish, pillows to sew, signs to paint….table runners oh my.:)

wishing each of you eyes to see beyond the world in front of you and may you catch a glimpse of God working all around you.

Happy Wednesday



re:creating my childhood tree


Talk about ugly.  I haven’t been in the Christmas spirit at all.  Scroogy really.  I had ‘more important’ things on my mind.

Until Nikki suggested we buy a real tree this year.  That is when I realized I was being selfish.  Thinking more of myself than everyone else.  So off we  ALL merrily went to Home Depot… OK – not merrily.. crankily;)

We did a ONE STOP shopping trip … tree and all.

I told Tara I had a basket I was going to use this year but I really wanted a metal bucket…and I confess that I went outside of my budget and got one! By next year I’m hoping it will be a little rusty from using it this summer for soda and water.  I didn’t have time to put the wheels on but will do so when it is warm!

Here is what I remember from childhood

tinsel, candy canes, bulbs and Hallmark ornaments.

I don’t have many Hallmark ornaments left but I did do candy canes, tinsel and added all of our special ornaments.  Some from when the oldest kids were little.

My tiniest grandbaby miss Khloey is my tree terririzer.  The tree no longer looks like this.  It has broken branches and missing ornaments and when she visits–he sits under the tree and pulls everything off…and yes…some still goes in her mouth.  I forget what babies do to trees.

We are happy with our living tree all decked out in her finest.  Things that make us happy and when it is all said and done is all about Christ and HOPE.  And for that we are grateful.  And the grumpy Scrooge is gone..for the most part {wink wink}

Because it is green year-round, the evergreen tree represents hope. Its needles and its narrow crest point upward, turning our thoughts to heaven. Because the tree is cut down and then erected again, it is a symbol of Christ’s resurrection. Lord, may I see Christmas trees as a sign of hope and as reminders of the many trees that figure in salvation history. I thank You, Lord, for turning the tree of Adam and Eve’s sin into the tree of life through the cross of Christ. Because of the tree on which Christ died, You have given us the promise of eternal life. We praise you forever. Amen.

Praying for each one of you a season of HOPE


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this old house ( the beginning)

I’m sitting cross legged in my blue chair eating Cambell’s tomato soup with crushed Ritz crackers piled on top.

I wanted to take a short break from all of the parties to tell you a bit about the house we just moved into and what will be a big portion on my plate now.  Not to mention I’ve had to use the plunger on the toilet it’s an old toilet..not the other .. twice in a week ( whince…should I say that?) and still have a clogged pea trap under the bathroom sink to fix ( which happened to be coconut oil that hardened…eeewwww! ) Grace!

and I tried to light my first pilot light on the water heater and my heart sank.  no flame. chin up girlie..chin up:)

I guess that all comes along with an old house.

Can you see the potential?  I can

{ maybe a color palette like this? } via Between Naps on the Porch  or this

Painted shutters and door..maybe whitewash the brick.  Landscaping and a new portico…oh I could go on and on in my dreaming.

I love farmhouse..barn’ish’..a touch of industrial..and country..and..sigh

I kinda like to think this is how God views us.  He sees the potential.  I found myself sitting in front of Him hopeless..worn the end and pretty gosh darn broken.  Much like my old house.

The good news is that my foundation is good.  Just like this old house.  And when the foundation is good and you use quality building materials the sky is the limit right?

This house was my husbands mom’s for the last 30 years.  She has purchased property in the country and moved.  The house was on the market and went all the way and fell through at the last moment.   I’ve wanted this house since I can remember.  You can read here and here a little background to save me some typing:) on our marriage.  This house represents family  faithfulness  belonging.

When I moved to another house here I had NO idea what God was going to do.  All I knew was that I wanted to go where God has opened a door.


Pinned Image

had other plans.  There was a reason this old house fell through and that he got a job in another state.  God has a plan.  I don’t know what it is or even want to understand it anymore.  I just want to LIVE it.  I want to stop wallowing in my pain.  I surely became one with the mud where my blog became my emptying place.  And that is ok.  I needed it.

 I have most assuredly walked into a land filled with giants but I am training my mind to respond differently.  God is helping me respond with trust, faith and gratitude.


I am learning to take courage when I’m afraid and do really hard things.  Things 6 months ago I couldn’t have done.  I will fight for my heart and the hearts of my children.  I don’t understand why God has things the way they are – all I know is – I am grateful for a check that I know isn’t stolen and as of right now, it is every week.  I am grateful that I can control it for the first time.  I am grateful for budgets.  I am grateful for store sales.  I am grateful for friends who support and love me and do not judege me and PRAY PRAY for me.  I am grateful for kids who put up with my hysterical moments and wonder if their momma has finally lost her marbles.  I don’t think they would blame me if I did;)


There is lots more but I’ve kept you long enough.  I am posting the most yummiest cookie recipe I’ve ever made on Tuesday and will be linking up to the Holiday Home Linky Party with Sarah for Christmas Trees! and giving you more information on the Heirloom Christmas Stockings.  I am monogramming the grandbabies:)


I love each of you and forgive me if I’ve worn you out over the last year with my pain.  Things are going to be very busy around here from now on.   Yes!  Finally, I can see a teensy bit of the vision.

what I know in my heart + stepping out in trust..of my comfort zone and following God = LIVING

I gotta put the two together.  I feel if my blog is just all about my heart then I am treading.  I’ve done that for the last 12 years.  I am ready to start SWIMMING for goodness sake!

I BELIEVE God can take broken things and rebuild something new

just like this old house…

do you?