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Pinterest is giving me my MOJO back!

we made’s Friday!  thank you for all your input on IKEA!  Nikki Grace & I have been oogling the magazine.. but I got some funny coincidental news to share.
This has been my inspiration picture for Dakota’s bedroom and guess what?  Nikki found out most of what is in here is from where?
IKEA!  a God thing?  I think so!

lovely image sources are Just a Girl & Handmade Home...thank you:)

This weekend we are going to be prepping Dakota and Grace’s room for paint on Monday..and I am super duper excited!!  not to move stuff but just to begin in
another part of the house.  I am going for it girls.  I’m getting my MOJO back…we all get in slumps sometimes but what is important is that we get back
up right?  So let’s get started…Here are both inspiration pictures.

I don’t want to pin just for pinning sake…I want to use my boards to make my visions come true.

I believe that is one of the biggest uses for Pinterest is

::a tool in our virtual toolboxes
::the gasoline to our fire
::its the first kick start to our motorcycle
::the yee in our yeehaw

What are your projects for the weekend girlies? How are you “using” Pinterest?
If your not–then let’s get busy and fix that..the holidays are coming:)

oohhh…and the blog redo?  is coming along AMMMAAAZZING!  I cannot stand it!:)

I leave you with this song if you watch it picture us all as the girls in the video…and then laugh..and laugh HARD!
( this is the kinda music I listen to when I’m creating signs…thank goodness ya’ll can’t see me )


instagram apps:favorite things:blogs & full plates

Hi – I’m Tiffini and I am over extended.  I pile to much on my plate and don’t practice the word no enough and when I do I literally feel like the sky is really going to fall..on me.

From experience when you do say no to some people the sky really does rumble a little doesn’t it?  The happy thought of the day is — that I now know when this is taking place within my

little head — and I know it is a season.  While you can fool most people it is hard to fool yourself.  I know.  We girls know don’t we?  I am getting some last minute orders wrapped up..packing..getting the oil changed

you know..all the stuff we do before we leave for a VACATION….the Lord willing I can tackle this mountain.  I will leave you with some photos & links from the last several days of some of

my favorite things.

If you are gettin me with the over extended and putting on the happy face mask…just nod your head and say a prayer for me.  Send me a quick little note and I will say one for you..wink wink

hope your weekend was sooo lazy and you did absolutely nothing but lay in bed..giggled and played with your kids..ate real good for you food..went to the park..or walked

for hours holding hands and dreaming dreams….

Do you Instagram?

Here are a few new apps I got and thought I’d share them with you..


Lens Light..for those cool Bokeh effects

Bubble Frames

check em out!

Here is the August Photo a Day challenge if your up for it @ Fat Mum Slim { living life inspired}

Do you have some favorite new {old} blogs?

I are a few I am loving lately

Young House Love { new to me…sorry!;}…thanks Nik!

Lemonade Makin Mama 

Thistlewood Farm

Cooking with my Kid {back to school lunch time}

Some of my favorite things this last week…

lucky to find this little saved from the trash piece with some fabric on the sides and nicely distressed.

Grace had to have it for her side table.

If I had 12′ ceilings I would buy this little beauty.  Can’t you see it on a wall?

i so badly love this…it would be perfect on my imaginary screened in porch wouldn’t it?

this was in my good neighbor Dale’s

I don’t know what I would do with all of these rolls of burlap…Christmas tree perhaps?

I just wanted them…

I don’t know what this is but I LOVE it.  I want it.  I don’t need it but I ever so much want it……

We locked eyes immediately .. these chairs and I.  They were just a tad out of my budget but they are

color happy aren’t they?

Now when we met…I knew.  Feminine..farmy in its own way and I would say FUN..wouldn’t you?

I bought it for above my dining room table.

these two stinkers visited me Sunday morning with their brother .. who I didn’t get to snap a picture of.

we wanted to see each other before grandma left for the lake.  They always come see me on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Last Sunday Reed asked me how many sleeps till he sees me and when we said 11 he said, ” I don’t think I can do 11!”

that is when we made arrangements for them to visit before I leave. get that off my heart..knowing you would understand that sometimes we girls just need to vent.

and because I have all kinds of dreams that are piling up that will be coming out just as soon as we unpack from

vacation…or that is the goal anyway…xoxotiff