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drab to fab : a hutch makeover

hello friends

it’s me..tiffini from house of belonging how are you today?  good i hope…smile:)

makeover a hutch with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch from drab to fab!

i want to share our hutch makeover and how with some paint & shopping your home you can transform a hutch from drab to fab!

you can change the way a “space” feels and how YOU feel about that space!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!
hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

i wish you could stand here with me to see the difference in the “feel” of the room just by painting our hutch

we purchased this very heavy piece from our local antique store it was brown.  very brown

at first that was the look i was going for.  some wood mixed up with the metal table after a couple of months i just wasn’t feeling it

as time went on it just became a dead piece of furniture sitting in the corner

i was scared i would ruin it if i painted it.  like “what if” i didn’t love it?  paint is easy to put on..not so easy to take off! then there is my motto #theartoflivingcourageously

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

we voted to paint it!  and WOW!  happy happy we did!!

i was going to paint my master bedroom oyster pearl but it just didn’t read well in there

much to our surprise it reads perfectly on our hutch with all of the natural light the kitchen gets

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

it took about 3 coats

we sanded the edges lightly and that was it

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

we painted the hardware and the lamp base gold we simply shopped our house for everything else

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!
hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

here is what we used

our white dishes//cookbooks//an old gold frame//nikki’s creepy head lady//a few anthropolgie mugs// color coordinated books

paint really did give give this neat old hutch life is perfect for our light and happy home

hutch makeover that with some paint, gold hardware and styling brings a dead hutch to life!

what a difference some paint, hardware and a little styling can do right?

what do you think of the hutch before and after?

i’m already thinking about staging it for the fall months

are you thinking about fall too?  sigh..i love fall.  it is my favorite month i’m just not ready to let go of the long days of summer


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our planked walls


a ladder, a frame, leaves and calling it good




our ‘first’ home tour – look how far we’ve come

good morning ya’ll!  so happy you stopped in.  i have been smiling all morning thinking of you..really!

my love for Jesus has become equally matched with my love for what i call re-building our first home on reclaimed land!
for more on the backstory you can read here and here and here.

remember this home tour?
before we move forward with our exodus home i wanted to reminisce the home where our story began to take a new turn.
the 19th move i knew God wanted me to surrender too.

i didn’t want to go there because i knew i would have to co-exist with old memories.

i wanted to go because i told God to lead me on the road to Somewhere
and block any road to Nowhere and that i didn’t want to go anywhere that He didn’t go with me.

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our home isn’t empty anymore…

hey there:)  we’ve had some questions on our we have been settling in so i thought i’d take a little time and share some bits and pieces

we recently spent some meaningful time sitting down and purposefully asking ourselves the 5 w’s and h on how we wanted our home to feel.

we moved in and then hit the ground running with work, surgery and well…life.  time flew and four months later we were in an empty home!

we moved in with not much furniture so the main living area was bare.  we have slowly been acquiring some little things but the big pieces eluded us.

we finally got a couch from ikea and a chair from home goods.  no more kiddo’s and me piling on my bed watching tv….boo!


i am so grateful that God led us to this home and that i faced the fear and took the risk and called on it!!
for the first time…at 46…i feel like i am creating a home that is an extension of is fun!!
i am enjoying it immensely.  it is a slow process and that is OK!  i am content with my life right now..not in the way that i am not anticipating God or seeking Him out..
maybe a better word would be peace.  i have peace here.  i am learning to receive it and not let the fear of the other shoe dropping swallow me alive and whole.

I work hard at being intentionally present in living my life these days


the sweet little feminine table we scoured for WEEKS for..we found it in our new favorite little shop.
we found this small leathery ..soft ..not really sure what it is but i loved it at first sight.  i think i’m kinda a blend of he & she..masculine and feminine
and i like it!!


a fun little wire basket holds our newest contessa’s foolproof - the forest feast and one on the way buvette..and june 10 the paleo kitchen comes out!


i added a fun pair of pillowcases for spring/summer..i love the pops of coral and mustard …they make me feel happy HAPPY in my bedroom.  i was pleased with their quality.  and look at that cute tag and buttons!!

i am painting and distressing a dresser that i will replace the little grey table.  still waiting for the perfect little lamp to find me
and maybe one more layering piece for my bed


i am working on a new Grace’s prayer sign for her room.  i wrote it for her in a post and nikki turned it into a sign.
we sold hers off the wall one time and i never replaced it…i know…eek!

here is our exodus home pinterest board.  i really do use it for ideas and inspiration

what do you use for inspiration?  are you a slow and steady decorator or are you a whole room at a time kinda girl?  in my dreams i am a whole room
kinda girl but in reality….uh well..not so much…ha!  it all good:)

now go out there and live courageously ok?…xo



i really do use it for inspiration and ideas



the yes i have been eluding too & how it came when i was stripped naked…

i don’t want to forfeit the miracle
to NOT hear the One Who owns the fire in the burning bush

it is more than a sign business friends
more than a house
it is more than my story
than a growing blog or instagram or pinterest
or any diy project

don’t get me is the business that God is using to help on the road out and i am overwhelmed with gratefulness
God-smacked..or shell shocked might be better verbage
but i believe with all my heart God has a bigger purpose…BIGGER plans for all of us in whatever dream we are pursuing
my heartbeat underneath everything God is doing is my love for KNOW Him more…to grow deeper
as i grow older and to live the rest of my life LOVED by Him and to find greater freedom from my own man-made
ways to fill all the empty places in my life…and i pray that for each of YOU too!!



i have been at the end of my rope…for a very long time

jan silvious once said that letting go is the hardest challenge you face because it requires you to lay down every weapon, hook, rope, cord, or device you have for maintaining control…when you let go you determine to trust that God himself will faithfully handle whatever situation your letting go creates – from foolproofing your life

the YES i have been eluding to is my first ever HOUSE!!  all on my own
and WHY is this such a big deal?  and WHY am i sharing a personal information with you

because it is something that only God could have done.
and because i pray it gives YOU hope i will be sharing the back story to all of this as we go.   i have wrung my heart and hands for years over choices that were made over and over again without my consent with our finances.  long story short – it ruined our/my credit beyond repair to where i can get nothing by credit.  cash it is.  which in some ways i guess can be a good thing.  at 45.. when you’ve never owned a home..your truck is 10 years old and needs repairs…your girl needs know all that kind of stuff you can’t just go out and do it.  you have to save for it OR go without and anyone who has gone through this knows that it just adds lots more stress to your life.

so for years i agonized over all of THIS…finances are just a slice of the pie of course but it explains the no resources to have a home

however – God has been watching over His word to perform it…you know He does that right?
i am beginning to see this is where He does His best work

i feel so loved by Him…so SEEN
i don’t know that i have experienced Him in this way before
that He is truly is acting as my husband like He promised in isaiah 54: 1-17
the years of verses He gave me that i have recorded in my journal…i see coming true right before my very eyes…

i have no words for it..but face on the ground weeping..thanking Him
i believe the years it has taken to be at this place in time has made it all the more deep
it is encouraging me to go forward
to trust more
to pray through…and not GIVE UP
girls…i am talking 15 years of wilderness that looked much like jeremiah’s description

walking after emptiness they became empty?
and did they not say, “where is the LORD?”
who brought us up out of the land of egypt,
who led us through the wilderness,
through a land of deserts and of pits,
through a land of drought and of deep darkness,
through a land that no one crossed
and where no man dwelt….jeremiah 2

traveled down roads like this much?  

i am seeing rivers being made in the desert
and springs springing up where there weren’t any
He is making an exodus for me and the kids
after 15 soul tiring years God is making
a road out…

i see these years being recycled for our good and God’s glory
and i could just SHOUT it from the rooftops
i wish every blogger could just hit publish on the post that says
God’s POWER is limitless — He is faithful to the wilderness the wrong the fleeing out of fear
He NEVER leaves us..ever.  NO MATTER WHAT.  He can use all our junk to make something beautiful and USEFUL to
others…ok ok….believe it…share it…it is TRUE!!
oh how hard i pray ALL for His glory
He is teaching me to be thankful
to trust Him
He has been taking baby steps with me
earning my trust

He is showing me that His power really is limitless
that all the bible stories that i know by heart  that He is all of those things for me too…and for YOU!

this is a  God sized dream that scares me half to death–but shouldn’t it?  maybe this means i am on the right road for once?
if it is GOD SIZED shouldn’t it be too BIG?
and being afraid just makes sense if we can’t do it with our own resources right?

oh abba…my God, You are bringing us home to a land you have prepared for me – You have laid out this gift before me
give me the courage to take it

i am now circling all of my life with verses God have given me over the last years…that i have scribbled in my journal
adding new ones as He shows them to me
have you read the circle maker…it is amazing.  you won’t regret it

this new land will have giants in it
but it will also have milk and honey.  provision.  abundance
this is a way i have never been before
a land not yet sown
so i must follow You..keeping my focus on You to know where to go

i must depend on you for resources because i don’t have any of my own
do you know how HARD this is to DO?  oh my…i automatically want to grab anything i can other than God..
so daily this is the battle…taking up courage and following God when i can’t understand or see a.single.thing
and i can do the work you set out for me with my whole heart
YOUR part + my part = covenant

because when you strip a human being naked of every device that he puts his trust in you come face to face with you emptiness..your inability to save yourself …

friends…i was so beyond being able to save myself.  i have been in a static state of trust wondering if EVER there was going to be a breakthrough…

real raw faith is believing when there is no absolute way we can do it ourselves.  we can’t pull out a credit card, secure a loan, our health is failing, we have no family or friends in which to strike a deal, we can’t land that job…whatever…you fill in the blank

we are at the end of our own rope..and everyone else’s rope…
we are naked before God

it is the God of the universe bending down…looking out over all creation for hearts that are ready to risk it all
to step out beyond their resources..way beyond their comfort
to take up the courage to answer their calling
maybe He really does delight in giving good gifts to His people
maybe He really is the knight in shining armor…ready to ride in and sweep us off our feet at the first cry at the end
of that rope?

but stripped of all those things..and left with no THIS where real adventure begins?  
have i been missing it all these years?

what about YOU?  what do you think about all of this.  i would LOVE to hear your heart?  have we been to man-made in our spirituality and trusting in our own means?  maybe all these hard places are really opportunities to RISK…