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i am pregnant with a treasure of sorts…& a winner

i love weekends.  we have been savoring spending time together weekends.  NOT working.
like going to the plaza and walking lunch..laughing..sharing our hearts..making memories
this weekend we hit repeat–
we got to dress the part for fall.  it was crisp & sunny.
a perfect day for thrifting.

LOOK at my GUNS!!

later on in the day we met my with my aunt pat who is battling breast cancer for the second time and ate lunch with her and a bunch of my family
FAMILY..the most meaningful thing we have.  gifts given to walk with us through this life.  we laughed.  ate WAY to many rolls with cinnamon butter

and then met up at my mom’s house for dessert..brownies, mini cherry pies, pumpkin dump cake = a pound or so:/

after all that food speed shopping seemed like the answer so then headed to the mall so nikki could get some clothes for work
did i tell you she went back to work full-time?

well it is sunday now so we are going to waffle house for breakfast and then to the grocery store.
doesn’t everyone eat before the grocery store?
making a pit stop by the thrift store to pick up this crazy red hutch for my master bedroom redo..i tell ya!  i have lots of projects to finish up!

a new season is beginning for us so we are practicing living out of the “being content side”  LESS
the driven to “want more and never being satisfied” side MORE

i am beginning to see what a necessity establishing a flexible balance around my life is.  i am the only one who can GIVE that to myself.
i can’t wait to share these things with you as i learn!

i am pregnant with a treasure of sorts.  it is gestating quietly.  time will tell.  all i can say is thank you for praying for me and my family
there is a healing that only God can work in hearts.  i have labored in prayer for more years than i have fingers for.  some things in life there aren’t words for but God to come down.. work a
miracle for my family.  there were many things stolen from us years ago.  i was a perfect target and we were a growing blended family with not a clue
of what was about to hit us.  it was a perfect storm rolling in leaving in its path debris a rubble and i have spent many seasons since– like Job

but God–

LOOK at my GUNS!!

i am finding ways moving forward to live a beautiful life.
i can’t go back and change ONE thing.  nope, not one!
i can go forward and stop looking back though & begin to create something new..releasing the ashes to the only One that can bring beauty from them
so again…i can feel in my bones all of this up ahead.  waiting to be shared as love life lessons for those who are hurting
but first i know that i have to finish up what i have been given right now.

3 WEEKS until my surgery.  i have been battling fear and nightmares…i am not kidding!
last time was traumatic on me and my family.  but today i remembered the fear is false evidence appearing real…hmmmm

i am getting giddy with all the new things on the horizon though.  i want to be there so much.
but you know what?  i KNOW that God is saying...the lesson is here right now.  BE PRESENT!

live wide open within each day

LOOK at my GUNS!!

while this year has been one of the hardest years of my life–


it has also gifted me with so many valuable lessons
i have oodles of unfinished projects that i can’t wait to tackle
i have one more surgery after this one…the best and supposedly easiest one
part of my heart is in MN and i can’t wait to take grace and i back there this spring/summer
we have a whole new vision for the shop in that is physically easier for me but i think so much better
with quicker turnaround times…

i am eager to be about curating my STORY

january is the beginning of a new year and the beginning of my slowing down and recording life lessons as
i begin connecting the sacred
in my heart
my home
and in all things handmade

now for the winner of the copy of the ART of WAR by steven pressfield is comment 17 — SARAH
email me sarah at with your address and i have the book shipped out to you!

thank each and everyone of your for your comments!  i will be giving away my next read here soon so stay in touch:)




we are like old houses – our updates in pictures

i have some pictures to share with you from the long holiday weekend.  i am getting around to sharing it midweek i know.  the days are just flying by..are yours too?
throwing my heart into my home and my life into the world of technology to be honest is a love hate relationship.  some days weeks i long for the simple life before
all of this.  sometimes i stand back and think it is so crazy and self centered.


how can story matter?  how can what i have to share be any different than anybody else?
i am surely not a home dec blog…my heart runs deep and wide and i often struggle to make sense of i mesh that in with the decor
and gosh darn i am one of those persons who makes a lesson out of everything.  i just.can’

i need an anonymous class for it.  


so as we have been throwing our heart and soul…and sweat into this old house that is not even ours…what the heck?  is that sane?  i don’t know yet.

ask me in a year…

i am learning that old houses can have good foundations..they just need lots of tearing out things and putting in new.  a little at a time.

it is called saving up for something that matters.


you matter and i matter and we are like old houses.  we have good foundations we just need a little gutting now and then and some new habits put in place right?


that is just what we did to the bathroom–we gutted it then put new tile, tub, sink, faucets and a light.
and we ran out of money…oh the floor tile comes in friday!!


but that was all we could do at the moment.  we we are walking on concrete board floor and living for a bit wit
the green moisture resistant sheet rock until we can save up more money for planking etc.



it is lesson in patience. and being thankful for what we do have and what we don’t have anymore….mold!!

there is lots to be learned from old houses…so i am sure you will be hearing what that is as we go…ha!

don’t you buy things for the packaging?  me too!
we painted the stained shelves annie sloan old white and sanded them.  they are as soft as a baby’s butt i swear!

i touched up all the walls…well except for one with ashwood.  my absolute favorite neutral color.ever!

i will be putting this dining room lamp up for sale in my etsy shop if anyone is interested let me know…

with childlike glee i clap at the transformation taking place within this home and within my heart. there are hard places.  there are stop places..and places where i am so sure i will not be able to face tomorrow.
that it will never end
days can fill with hopelessness and spiral out of control if i am not focused and intentional

but then i remember whose i am
i am a warrior woman after all
and warrior women are scared courageous
and worn weary they run the race set before them

so we run today girls.  we run.  



i will be sharing more of our inspiration pictures and where we are headed with this house each week from now on.   we are also working on some fun things in making our guest room an office as well as finishing up the bathroom and then to tackle
that kitchen…my my my.  and on the cheap too!

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I am His - made to order shirt

thank YOU .. there are NO words for your support of our little shop.  we could do nothing without you.  thank you from the deepest places in my heart…xoxotiff


O Come all Ye Faithful Home Tour 2012 + Shop News

hey everyone…hope your weekend was good?  what did you do with your one wild and crazy weekend?  do tell…
pictures first….then words

::::House of Belonging Shop News 2013 ::::

we are deliriously happy to share two of our new signs.  we are seeking to carve out our own niche in a  huge sign market.
after working at Restoration Emporium this year and being introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk paint in our furniture refinishing we
have begun using it on our signs and LOVE it! sweet entrepreneurial friend has a amazing ascp store.
i am a color outside the lines kinda girl and anything that lets the user to work in an independent, intuitive and creative way–we are all in:) 

i will do an in depth post sometime this week on our 2013 shop..the new signs. we have a whole new vision for the coming year.  boy do i need it right about now too:)  each sign has a story and i can’t wait to share it with you all.  we have some really amazing signs coming.  God has been so faithful but first we are working long and hard getting signs out to our sweet customers:)


 we would love to have you follow us on INSTAGRAM @ houseofbelonging to see shop sneak peeks and our daily life as we live out the sacred connections between heart home and handmade…

just the beginning of all sorts of wonderfully fun changes for our little house coming your way:)
praying this week we realize we can’t do everything perfect..we can’t kill ourselves doing too much…praying we choose what we love the best about the holidays..let those things remain and everything else can fall away…and may we give grace to other women..other momma’s if their stories are different than ours…xotiff and this post comes with a big hug gosh darn:)

so come peruse all the beautiful homes over at Jen’s today..



I am succumbing to the wall planking craze…

have you noticed besides the chalkboard craze that planking is taking off like gangbusters?  You can plank ceilings, fireplaces, floors and walls.  Horizontal, vertical or both.  The possibilities are endless!

Lettered CottageHome Interior Love Where You Live 

Sometimes it is a waste of time to try and reinvent the wheel and planking is no exception.  I really really love the feeling of planking so I decided to join
the masses and plank a room…or two.  With our walls in such bad shape I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

Tiek Built Homes

The cost isn’t bad..I just had 3 boards of 1/4″ sandeply hardwood cut today in 4″ planks for 60.00.  I am doing a wall in Dakota’s room and either side of our
fireplace.  If all goes well I will proceed with planking my whole room!

Owen’s Olivia

I perused Pinterest and came up with some inspiration pictures.  I know in the living room I am going to paint the planks Behr’s Ashwood just like the living room but in
Dakota’s room I haven’t decided whether to use a light stain –like in his inspiration picture here– or Benjamin Moore’s Grey Owl and distress it a little..jury is out on that one still?
What do you think?   Or maybe go 3/4 the way up like she did in Owen’s room? cute huh?

Sweet Pickens 

  Sweet Pickins

Better late than never I say to learn that to make my house a place of belonging I must put action to my heart  instead of talking/dreaming.
For me…there is a big connection and I mean BIG between my heart and my home…almost as if they were an extension of my inner self.  My home reflects me–

And that is scary ya’ll…but seriously I am beginning to understand the connections and why it is so important to me this stage in my life..that I create a home
a House of Belonging if you will.

While I am busy with our sign making I am saving up materials for projects over the holidays!  I am so ready to jump in…
I can’t WAIT to share them with you!

what about you?  are you joining in the planking craze?  are you too–making the connection between your heart & home?

Here are a few links to some how to’s I found just in case you can’t wait on your man…lol!!

Lettered Cottage

Sweet Pickens

Take the Side Street

Domestic Imperfection