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we are like old houses – our updates in pictures

i have some pictures to share with you from the long holiday weekend.  i am getting around to sharing it midweek i know.  the days are just flying by..are yours too?
throwing my heart into my home and my life into the world of technology to be honest is a love hate relationship.  some days weeks i long for the simple life before
all of this.  sometimes i stand back and think it is so crazy and self centered.


how can story matter?  how can what i have to share be any different than anybody else?
i am surely not a home dec blog…my heart runs deep and wide and i often struggle to make sense of i mesh that in with the decor
and gosh darn i am one of those persons who makes a lesson out of everything.  i just.can’

i need an anonymous class for it.  


so as we have been throwing our heart and soul…and sweat into this old house that is not even ours…what the heck?  is that sane?  i don’t know yet.

ask me in a year…

i am learning that old houses can have good foundations..they just need lots of tearing out things and putting in new.  a little at a time.

it is called saving up for something that matters.


you matter and i matter and we are like old houses.  we have good foundations we just need a little gutting now and then and some new habits put in place right?


that is just what we did to the bathroom–we gutted it then put new tile, tub, sink, faucets and a light.
and we ran out of money…oh the floor tile comes in friday!!


but that was all we could do at the moment.  we we are walking on concrete board floor and living for a bit wit
the green moisture resistant sheet rock until we can save up more money for planking etc.



it is lesson in patience. and being thankful for what we do have and what we don’t have anymore….mold!!

there is lots to be learned from old houses…so i am sure you will be hearing what that is as we go…ha!

don’t you buy things for the packaging?  me too!
we painted the stained shelves annie sloan old white and sanded them.  they are as soft as a baby’s butt i swear!

i touched up all the walls…well except for one with ashwood.  my absolute favorite neutral color.ever!

i will be putting this dining room lamp up for sale in my etsy shop if anyone is interested let me know…

with childlike glee i clap at the transformation taking place within this home and within my heart. there are hard places.  there are stop places..and places where i am so sure i will not be able to face tomorrow.
that it will never end
days can fill with hopelessness and spiral out of control if i am not focused and intentional

but then i remember whose i am
i am a warrior woman after all
and warrior women are scared courageous
and worn weary they run the race set before them

so we run today girls.  we run.  



i will be sharing more of our inspiration pictures and where we are headed with this house each week from now on.   we are also working on some fun things in making our guest room an office as well as finishing up the bathroom and then to tackle
that kitchen…my my my.  and on the cheap too!

:: SHOP CLOSES thursday JULY 11 @ midnight and will re-open in AUGUST with all of our holiday signs!  time to order and receive before the holiday::

MOXIE’s new SHIRT…you can choose different colors as well…go check it out.  MORE coming very soon!!

I am His - made to order shirt

thank YOU .. there are NO words for your support of our little shop.  we could do nothing without you.  thank you from the deepest places in my heart…xoxotiff


SHOP is open 10 days only + a little random

i crossed happened..
IT is OFFICIAL..i am OLD  why you ask?
i am now..and NEVER before have i done this.ever

Powerful Beyond Measure - Wood Sign

drinking coffee while simultaneously eating a cinnamon roll…seriously girls?   I love it.  for 3 days now.
just an fyi i am almost back to my normal “sick” weight.  a good thing:)

the shop closing went well.  i hired a helper and she helped.  i have all of June’s orders ready now just to box them all which takes like
FOR EVA! ( ok like all weekend ) it is the only part of the process that i dislike very much.  i craft each box out of Walmart moving boxes.  it takes lots of tape and i am
surprised i haven’t cut off a digit yet!

Amazing Grace - Wood Sign

so those of you who i owe the moon to for waiting the sign are done and will be shipping out this coming week.  ALL of them. and i will be celebrating with coffee & a cinnamelt
and shhhh but we have lots of the signs due to ship i august almost done crossed fingers and toes we will be in a good position.  WHY? you ask…i need a vacay


like sooo now.  just time away from civilization — technology everything.  would love to just take off to florida and see those grandbabies!  when i talk to them they tell me the are brown meaning tan..cracks me up!
You know i have been doing the gideon study thanks to my girl and it was divine timing.  i can’t even begin
to tell you what God is showing me..i will .. soon

He is Jealous - Hand Painted Wooden Sign

which just affirms my decision to change up my work.  i am thankful for affirmations aren’t YOU?  while i depend on it for so many things i believe i am depending on it more than on God which is taking from my sanity, my health, my relationship with my family, my home and most importantly God.


so we are opening the shop for 10 days.  we have 20 custom order buttons in the shop we have changed things up a bit so be sure to read all the DEETS in the SHOP ANNOUNCEMENTS

WE will be OPEN from June 28 – July 11
we are now on a six week turnaround.  

we will re-open AUGUST 15 for 10 days and will have all of our HOLIDAY signs out..if not before for order.

THIS Christmas i do not want a repeat of this one


i ordered this sweet sweet print from here FREE ya’ll!  and it only cost like 79cents!  crazy but so cute.  i don’t know what i am going to do with it yet but it would make a sweet little gift all framed.
i am reading this book on my phone on kindle.  that is hard.  i am a hold a book in your hand girl with a highlighter in hand.  i guess it comes from years of precept study where you had to underline and circle and color code things BUT i have to say i am trying it.  I LOVE the book..ok..let me rephrase that..i SEE MYSELF IN THE BOOK so i am praying the ending turns out ok.


maybe that is what is happening over here in my little piece of the world.  change.  what about your little piece of the world?  any changes seen or unseen?

ok..go take a browse.  we have a few new signs in the shop and a few more signs to list tomorrow that i am excited about so go take a look around and also check out MOXIE

nikki will list the FARMGIRL shirt tonight which is my favorite so far…i think plus several other new designs…

moxie web logo

Just A Small Town Girl - made to order shirt

Hello Sunshine - made to order shirt

You Can

the end:)

FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM for sneaky peeks and all the connecting the sacred in the heart-home-handmade


shop closing for alterations..the deets


gracefully letting go:

most of you know how the last few months have been hard.  i am grieving..yes i guess i am..over losing my colon and having to learn a whole new way of living.
6 weeks ago yesterday
some of you know my daughter & son in law and my 4 grand babies have been living with us for the last month before moving to Florida
they moved in almost the day i came home from the was a busy time..with a capital B
they left yesterday and it is still so sad.
dakota graduated from high school
nikki had just launched her t shirts company MOXIE right before i went in for surgery
for weeks leading up to the surgery i was SICK..but kept hind sight i shouldn’t have
i know you all know what i am saying…

  we are so blessed by all of you.  we are humbled that you let us create for you
i wake up most days and can’t even believe how much we have grown.  we love it with a capital L.  lots of capitals today
i have been going back and forth over what to do with the shop
i kept it open when i should have closed it.  6 weeks after major surgery most people are at home and not work
my personality carries that weight of all the orders sitting there..getting later and later
not good.  letting go of this way of doing things is scary and hard but i believe best.
( those of you with orders know i am working as fast as this body can to get them to have been so gracious)

there are new doors opening and i want to be able to walk through them without the burden
of 75 orders you know?

this surgery will give me back my life.  my business.  God’s business
but i have to get to a place that the business is not controlling me
i need to be controlling it
i don’t want to lose my JOY in using the gift God has given us
alterations are necessary in real life aren’t they?

so taking a cue from my friend becky i am making some changes in the way our shop runs

we are going to close the shop this friday june 7 and re-open june 28

here are the new alterations

  • we will be open the last 10 days of every month.  i will remind everyone through posts & IG
  • if you follow us on insatgram we will be releasing our new signs that are ready to ship
  • we will have 20 spots each month for custom signs..or any sign.  it will be first come first serve
  • we will release all our new signs on instagram.  they will be ready to ship.
  • from there the new releases will go into the shop and you will be able to order them when the shop re-opens.

here’s why

this is what matters in the end:

  • i have so many projects around my own home that i want to tackle.
  • my house is a mess and i want to finish re-booting.  i want to LOVE my home again!
  • we have so many new signs we want to make and once caught up we will have time to make them
  • i want to enjoy a simple summer.  i don’t want a bazillion orders hanging over my head and always stressed about it

i KNOW you all will understand
i SPEND WAY to much time trying to DO so many things.  the fight or flight feelings…i FIGHT everyday.  i am really working on a way that is simple and one that works for ME.
will you JOIN me…what is working for you?  do you feel that pressure to fight or flight?  how can we whittle down this crazy life and just simple enjoy it more?
how can we go back to the old days..make them work within this technology crazed lifestyle…i have some ideas that i will be sharing soon.

  • remember these curtains?  be watching friday they will be up for sale!  i have two pairs


sometimes there is only one answer…
a leap of faith

our prototype – we are changing the frame to a “driftwood gray”.  we shared this last week on INSTAGRAM and got some wonderful ideas for wording on it.
we chose the words

” i will NOT leave you as ORPHANS

it is so applicable to all of us.  truly we are ALL orphans until we are adopted into God’s family watching for this in the shop.  it will be a sign you can choose from to have made

love you all…praying a wednesday just FULL of sacred moments…but we have to look for them don’t we?


good news!

good morning friends.  the sun is shining so brightly against the blue sky this morning..the birds are singing the best kind of morning
i feel so thankful to just be alive don’t you?

good news!
i went all night without pain meds!
i have gained 3 lbs!
my ankles and feet have been swelling so they sent me for an ultrasound to check for a blood clot..there was none!
even though my house is crazy messy I have a house to clean
we have created and shipped lots of orders

isn’t it funny how hard times can open up things and let you see things in a whole new way?  that is kinda what is happening for me.  looking at clothes as more than just looking pretty they also have to be practical and functional.

i have been pinning some outfits as inspiration.  i have to go shopping for a few things while i figure out this new ME
i am a bum at heart.  i feel squirmy in dresses suffocated in skinnies and strangled in anything form fitting.
so this is a challenge but here are is where i am headed

all photos are from my pinterest boards big girl clotheshairjewelrytattoosbeauty

MOXIE’s anchor shirt is perfect!  it is longer and comes in 7 colors and I can wear it with jean shorts and some converse.  we are in the process of rearranging MOXIE so if you would love an anchor shirt just leave your email address in the comments and we can invoice your through paypal.  we are doing the majority of our MOXIE stuff on INSTAGRAM right now.  we will have another INSTASALE this coming week & NEW designs so stay tuned:) 

and dresses are easy and feminine.  the only thing is I feel funny in dresses.  all of these clothes are a stretch for me.  I AM A BUM at heart!  but I do love these dresses.


these are from Mod Cloth

like where would i wear this sparkly pretty thing?  i know right? but isn’t it lovely?

kinda bummy i think?  longer shirt and cute shorts and Hunter boots?  perfect:)

I am slowly liking these shirts.  i bought one from Target awhile back thinking it would look cute with jean shorts but it is to sheer to wear alone now with my bag.
you can see it so the girls tell me to wear a cami but i am not a layer girl.  layers bug me. oh and the hat — cute!

love this!

and it too.  my favorite shorts paired with the bright floral shirt

gotta have a good hat…i am a fan of the farmgirl..farmboy hats

pretty chocolate color…and the hat is super sweet

love the whole thing..kinda nautical.  i can totally wear this to florida…;)

everything looks good with a pair of dirty boots…and a beach


as for shoes…all i need is some converse, van’s, toms, a pair of ballet flats…and lots and lots of flip flops…with a really cute pedi

love the whole outfit but the hat is what i really want.  love the red!

these were cute but don’t know if i could wear the round ones..but they are super cute:)

i fell in love with this gray polish…i pinned it three different times

fun!  for grace..not me but i LOVE the anchor don’t you

always always my favorite.  dark blues and blacks and purples

i thought this was SUPER sweet and fun..with the glitter mixed with the shiny polish

and hair!  mine is getting pretty long and just hangs there.  i don’t look good with short hair so that isn’t an option.  i love my long hair but i am looking for different
ways to wear it.  i saw these old fashioned hairstyles and fell in love.  don’t know that i could pull them off?  love the scarf.  could maybe do this around a messy bun?

this is one of my favorite looks.  grace will sometimes curl my hair for me and that is nice.
it takes forever to do…oh and she has dark nails:)

OK..i am a HUGE fan of a messy bun.  HUGE.  are you?  it is so easy when your hair is three days dirty

isn’t this a neat watch?  i thought so too:)

Inspirational quote necklace - You are braver than you believe - Inspirational jewelry graduation

these were neat…anything with words right?:)  i am a word girl through and through

and lastly –  a tattoo
i have had that on my bucket list for two years now.  soon very soon:)


well…i am positive i can find a few things this weekend.  graduation is tuesday so i am in need of a dress…wish me luck:)

we are so excited to be able to go in a whole new direction here very soon.  nikki is now with me full-time and i am healing!!  slow but sure.  we have so much to share  on here it just hasn’t been the time.  so i am hopful to begin next week implementing a new schedule.  we will start out slow and just see where it leads..sounds like a plan to me sisters.

i soooo hope your days are going good and that you are able to see the cup half full and that no matter what circumstances you find yourself in that YOU know you are LOVED and never ever alone.  i want to hug each and everyone of you for your always kind words to my heart.  i am thinking i may answer your comments in the comments.  i suck at emailing back and my heart just overflows when i read your comments.  what do you think about that?  a good idea or not?

hugs and love to you…xotiff


my fart bag..

in the next week or so i will work on posting regularly again.  we have new projects in the works and really just some things God has laid on my heart but it just hasn’t been the right time… obviously duh!!  gotta get well first AND  right now we are fervently working on orders but i have had THE most outpouring of love from you friends.  you have just blown me away with your upliting..your prayers.  i couldn’t make it without you.  to answer some of your questions and keep you in he loop i am trying to give you tidbits in all areas of my life right now.

::family news::

my little sister is having her first baby!!  i can’t tell you how excited i am!  she took the role of momma to THE sweetest little boys ever when she married..i swear..tthe first real man i have ever met.  their journey to getting pregnant was rough so they wanted to wait until she was far enough along to tell the boys and here is a peek through pictures from the mother’s day surprise.  isn’t she glowing?  you can plan on baby posts…:)



nikki made the boys shirts that they opened



::my heart::

my relationship with Jesus did a 360 when i left the church some years back. (someday i will tell you the story)  it has only been recently that i can put words to the reality that i have been living in the unearned love of God.  i am learning to live each day FREE and to the FULL.  

lay down your load and build your life on God’s love.  we don’t have to earn this love;  neither do we have to support it.  it is a FREE gift.  Jesus calls out: ” come to Me , all you who are weary and fine life burdensome, and i will refresh you  – brennen manning

when you don’t have an other…a husband, a trusted friend to confide in what do you do?  even with those i often find myself knowing even they are not enough.  it has taken me years to understand this but now i know – people, while needful here on earth can never fill that hole for real love.  

i have been peeling back layer after layer of Gods love…of letting Him love me.  

letting Him love me…love YOU

really let that sink in…it in no longer about me earning it, being good enough, of being good, it is not about how many times we go to church, do the right things, how much we give, how many times we pray, how many studies we do–my life has changed…my heart has been changed–

i am little by little learning to grow in this free love that is so outrageous–if it means to go through dark valley’s to be able to really know the God of the Bible through Jesus i would do it all over again!

oh KNOW Him..not with our heads but with our be vulnerable .to trust enough to bare your be naked before the One who let yourself be you are..IMAGINE!

brennen mannings says it perfectly for me

it is always true to some extent that we make our images of God.  it is even truer that our image of God makes us.
eventually we become like the God we image.  one of the most beautiful fruits of knowing the God of Jesus is a compassionate
attitude toward ourselves.  faith in the God of Jesus nurtures free, confident people.  the God of love fosters a loving
people.  Jesus’ experiences of God made Him the person He was.  it freed Him from all self concern and enabled Him to relate to
people with warmth, ease, sympathy and liberating love.  

this is why the bible attaches such importance to knowing God.  healing our image of God heals our image of ourselves.

i don’t know about you girls but i want to be this kind of person!

this…letting God love me..knowing that i am worthy of that love..AS IS..keeps me going in the darkest times.  in this leg of my journey
His grace never quits..never runs out.  it is always available to me 24/7

::shop news::

in a little under 2 weeks we will be caught up!  we are shpping out 20 signs later this afternoon.
i cannot tell you how much weight will then be lifted.  it is a stretch to enjoy each day with
this hanging over my heart.  i feel as if i let so many people down.  i know it wasn’t intentional but still…

we deactivated the etsy moxie shop for a week or two just to catch up.
and have been doing some INSTATRAM sales on shirts nikki is designing.  currently we are doing reserved purchases.  you leave your email and we invoice you through paypal.  turnaround is about a week.  so if you see something you life just let us know in the comments or on IG and we will do our best to accommodate you
until we open our shop again.


::new NEWS::

my grand babies are moving to florida in 3 weeks!  THREE weeks.
you remember they have been staying with me right?  i am so sad

so how am i coping you ask?

by taking a vacation down there in august..thats how!
already planning it

they are in gulf air…on mexico beach??
do any of you live close?  we could catch up while i’m there:)

::a little fun::

nik chel grace & me took the babies to the fair friday night
it was a fun time…i got to do some walking which did me in for the rest of the night
but it was good.  i enjoyed them.


::fart bag::

that is what karalina calls it.  when i first came home my stoma was a little noisy.
who knew a stoma farted?  i didn’t.
it no longer makes sounds like that now.  so karalina thought it only fitting to name the bag.
it made us all laugh

kinda some ugh news about a week ago my rectum i can’t stand that name
started aching..and aching bad.  it still has colitis and it is letting me know.
so off to pain mgt. and they changed some meds up hoping that i can get pain under control so i can just heal
before the next surgery.  if this wasn’t happening i would feel SO much better.  pray for me to have more control over my
..i am struggling with
being depressed about my bum and i want to focus more on the positives.
i kinda thought it would all be better…

 ::prayer requests::

the dr. can find just the right meds that get pain under control so i can just live a bit before the next surgery
we have a tough week coming up 18-23.  pray i am a fortress and nothing can get to me and the children.  that
we are able to take what is destructive and turn it into positives.  we have a host of army angels watching over us..
that we remember that.

here’s to unwavering trust
the best friends a girl will ever you all!