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open for business..come on in:)

 IT is in the SHOP - The of our FAVORITES!
this is Annie Sloan French Linen

thank you for your patience while we closed to do a bit of catch up but you will love our time
off over the next week or so…


i feel like gabby douglas on some days …GIVE God the glory..the glory goes up and the blessings come down
and other days i wonder what in the heck am i doing?  is this to i spending enough time here or here
and the shrapnel flies around my heart impaling me with doubts.  with each sunrise..the SON rises and i breathe deep
spend time face to face with my abba and i am by grace able to get up again.

the JOY with which these signs are birthed is exhilarating
each sign is our heart YOU

each sign we create has significance .. a story behind it
the are an extension of me..of my heart
and my biggest prayer is that they bless the homes & HEARTS they hand in

THANK you all for your support – LOVE – and sincere UPLIFTING

WE are OPEN once again.  We have NEW SIGNS coming out ALL week

to show our LOVE please use code

 SPARROW10 for 10% off


oh how it breaks me in a million pieces to KNOW His love for us..just look at a bird today
watch it and then remember your inherent WORTH in Jesus.  He watches us more than that little bird
that He so lovingly provides for.  YOUR worth is in NOTHING else friend.
sweetness to my heart



we are also offering the I AM HIS sign in a smaller size.  18″ x 36″


apologies for the IG photo..but it was a custom order and i boxed and shipped not taking time to style a photo
we loved this size so much we are offering it to you in a smaller size.


this I AM CHOSEN was a HAPPY accident..but i went with it.  i think it is POWERFULLY perfect for a
playroom or nursery or kiddos room…


MORE to come on our little BIG adventure to ALAMBAMA!  stay TUNED

**——MOXIE NEWS——**

logo coming soon!!

CLICK here for SHOP has designed some amazing shirt designs.  IT IS killing me to show YOU all!

it may be another week and then we will BOMB ya with em!  farm designs…YO GIRL or something like that.
some kick your hind end FITNESS wear.

it is time to get your MOXIE on and wear some ridiculously COURAGEOUS clothing
WEAR your heart….



hugs hugs hugs to each of you..oh how i wish i could come through the screen and just hug you!
know your thought of..this isn’t just random to me…you mean something to our lives

FOLLOW us on is my primary way to CONNECT



strings-STORY-shirts & SOUL friends

it is my STORY

not yours child
you have thought it yours..
since you were little
you have know ME and I have known YOU
you have not let me in .. let ME love you
care for you AND


tell OUR STORY – to the point you were lost
there is no where you went or could go that i was not THERE
you numbed yourself with all sorts of things – food, pursuing things that you thought
brought you happiness but only eneded in dissappointment
this new lifestyle we are embarking on is an ADVENTURE–

the one I”VE been waiting to go on with YOU for a VERY LONG TIME–
there have been many lessons along the way haven’t there–
you have to be able to receive to go on this ADVENTURE — I have much to GIVE you
(why do we struggle so with this truth?)

you do not need anyone’s permission
I, even I, give you a choice
CHOOSE this day–


SING MY song

God is re-connecting me to my SELF-SONG…

there are NO STRINGS attached to my BLESSINGS – none
ENJOY them
they are MY GIFTS to you
to be unwrapped..


I don’t RECEIVE well.  at all
i live in a constant state of when something good happens .. something really bad will happen
which equals – no JOY in my life
nobody does anything without expecting something in return right?  they act like they don’t
want anything but they really do.  sooner or later it comes out.


me and God have been working on this
this was an entry from my journal last week and the subsequent dialouge that He so sweetly shared with
with me under the sun while the wind whipped my face and the birds sang just for me..or i imagined they did


so when i say thank YOU..all of YOU
and when nikki & i are putting our heart and soul in this
i know they are GIFTS from my Father and i am ever so humbly and with great AWE
opening them and for the first time


i am learning to ENJOY them
and not torturing myself that it is all going to be stripped away
that maybe .. just maybe this time the other shoe WILL not drop

and even if it does i have peace that i am living WITHIN each day
receiving HIS GIFTS and treasuring them
and letting go and letting Him in..sharing the MINGLING of OUR STORIES


::::GUESS where we are going in MAY?

sweet home ALABAMA – we have never been there so we are so PUMPED!  i want to dedicate a POST just for this in the coming week or so
cause my heart has so much to spill..


this soul friend – unbeknownst to her has cupped my heart in such a way that only God could
have written this story.  i struggle with feeling so unworthy and the little girl skin i feel so
comfortable in.  BIG GIRLS do this i told nikki yesterday.  i need balcony sisters.  sisters to encourage me
to help me grow.  i am a natural wallflower.  i wasn’t popular in school.  i am NOT a social butterfly but i long
to be seen..not by all.. by those that are for my person..does that make sense?  i never will be that girl..i don’t
want to be.  i do want to live in the arena..and i want to dare greatly.  i believe God brought us together and i
am left without words until i meet her and can squeeze her neck and listen to her heart..that is what attracts me to
people.  their heart.

we have been working on designs for just Perfectly Imperfect…ones you will only find there.  ever.
and new designs for our sign store which re-opens MARCH 26!  we will have some fun PROMO’s so
keep watching –  AND MOXIE….whew!

i so wish we could all meet for coffee and just encourage and hug on each other.


:::::::::::::::::MOXIE is OPen for business.  click HERE for the SHOP

we opened with what we could but there is SO MUCH more to come!

we are doing CUSTOM shirt orders too so if you have a saying you want on a shirt…HOLLER at us
we have kinks to work out.  a logo to have made
LOTS more designs to put in and photograph
a FITNESS line coming in a few weeks that is FULL of COLOR…you will LOVE them i promise:)
a yO girL line that is adorable


so be sure to go check the shop out…say HI to NIKKI…this is her baby.
know how many times you make me cry with your words and support. i feel like i am accepting an oscar…ha!
but there is no way that we would be here.. at this page in our story.. without YOU

may your MONDAY be filled with all the goodness of HIS love..may you know that you are KNOWN by HIM.
YOU are loved and worthy to be loved just as YOU are.  YOU are ENOUGH….xo



are you ready for a peek at some MOXIE shirts?

hello sweet sweet friends!  our weekend was CRAZY!!  to much to do and not enough know those kind
don’t you?

how was yours?  
oh i sure hope it was good:)

..we are uber PUMPED about our shirts!  Shirts for ALL women – all AGES.  Shirts that tell a story…your STORY
we got our little shoot in before the heaven’s opened up with rain…so are you ready?

MOXIE — a ridiculously COURAGEOUS clothing CO.


this TRUTH is what we want for our girls and ourselves!  tired of the anorexic skinny being
what makes us “pretty”…ugh and yuck.  THIS shirt rocks!


this picture is sweet to me seeing my momma wear our I AM ENOUGH 64!


BE YOU girl….be you because THAT is what is BEAUTIFUL!

we are opening the shop this weekend March 16 so tell all your friends k?  K:)
the SIGN shop is closed for TWO weeks
we will RE – OPEN March 26th with some waaaay COOL signs and an incentive
so mark your calendars.

this is just a peek at what is coming…so stay tuned for more designs and all the scoop on the shirts themselves…eeeekkk!

happy happy monday…..xo



my heart spills & shop news (closing for 2 weeks) & new sign

lol…the misspelling will not be in the sign you buy.  what a crack up.  thanks to my IG friend for letting me know..
totally slipped by this old woman!  ha! 


i acknowledge it takes two
i also have learned i only take responsibility for only what is mine
but sometimes
regret bullies and threatens to take me with her

battle fatigue sets in doesn’t it

my son asked me if i thought i would be a grumpy old person or a happy one
he worries that i will have regrets and in psychology they teach that regret makes grumpy at the end of life
he’s 18

i listen to this song and it hooked my pain today


i cry and mourn for something i deeply love but is twisted and sick and nothing i can do can change it
but i love and i my heart hurts deep and longs for a lifetime partner friend  a soft place to land
to be vulnerable and know there is a safe place.  someone to rock old with.  who gets me.


a heart can be riddled with holes and scarred beyond recognition and what is one to do
when you’ve cupped it in your own hands
i turn to the only real safe place.. the only true and pure love i have ever known
he brushes my heart while the tears fall down washing away the sting

i breathe
i smile
i squeeze His hand back
and whisper i love you too…

instead i allow my creator father and husband to sing those words to my heart
i feel better
i wipe the tears

God is my everything.  always has been.  He is where i run..i hide..healed..delivered..made whole
i take trust and courage by the hand and move forward



—SHOP news—

we are closing the shop from March 11 – March 25

why you  ask?  my knees are shaking.  like i said above it is taking trust and courage by the hand.
its a big part of our income

several reasons
*we have been so humbly blessed with lots of orders for our sign “Meg’s WONDERFUL sign on top of
orders we have had ( you can use code WHATEVER for 20% off through Sunday)


*we have a fun adventure at the end of March that i have lots of projects to complete for

*ma house needs me to finish some stuff up too!
painting or staining this x console table from ana white
staining dakot’s plank wall and painting our entry wall
lots of pillows to make and the guest room/grandbabies play room to paint

and yada yada .. you get it right?  i smile

and moxie

is two weeks late debuting thank you mr. snowstorm.  we haven’t been able to do our photo shoot
but God willing this weekend.  fingers crossed.  i am so stinkin excited to open the shirt shop..i want you all to see
the amazing shirts nikki is creating.  she rocks!

*plus we have a dear sweet sweet friend we have signs to finish up for and ship to her
we are in the process of creating some new signs for the shop

this is the “sister” sign to Meg’s WONDERFUL sign.  19″ x 26″ framed and is all
ROYGBIVd for any special spot in your home…playroom…craft room or to add
a pop of color in any room.  stop by the shop when you have time..would love to convo with ya!



girls we are stepping out of the box .  just a little:) and i feel so blessed
to love love love what i am doing at this time in my life.
it needs to be sprinkled with some balance though if i’m being real here

even good things can be stumbling blocks if not measured. and this old bag of flesh
needs to be reminded that life is to be lived and enjoyed some not beat myself into a
frenzied heap of a mess not good to anyone

what things are you needing to be reminded of lately?  perhaps balanced?
are you anything like me in that you are doing so many things that before you know it





anyone up for swapping your gift?


( don’t forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM for sneak peeks.  i am houseofbelonging–Moxie getting ready to open very soon::))

hello girls–we have been buried in 20+ inches of snow around here.  it has been rather nice and cozy but now i am itching for
school to be back in session and to go to the gym…you know this crazy thing called “my life” to resume.

i just wanted to throw this out there and i can’t take the credit for it….littlebitfunky
i shared about her here said this…

Do you love swapping handmade goods you make for the ones someone else makes?  leave your shop link in the comments
( or a referral in the profile) if you’d be up for trading ( with me or anyone else on the list) please do not pressure anyone to swap
or be offended by a “no thank you”:)  approach each other on the list with kindness please!!  i’ll visit you all so no need to contact me directly.:)
have fun trading talents.

so here is my proposition

i would be open to trade signage for your gift

for example

i have these 2 way ugly chairs that i was going to sale but what they really need is recovered and i would be happy
with that.  i can supply the drop cloth if someone could make some slipcovers for me and in exchange i can make you a sign of your choosing.
something like that…

that kinda thing


it could be so helpful to all of us from time to time

and if you would be open to trading feel free to leave your shop in the comments and if there are enough to start a list
i can put it on my sidebar and so could those offering to swap??  would love to hear your thoughts……