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your chance to get an I Am His sign & a few tidbits

I AM HIS - 18" x 36" ( new size )  this would be so sweet a girls room.  can be customized in any color too!

THIS is what blogging is all about.  for me  COMMUNITY.
when i heard of this sweet little boy and his family from my “lover of all things plaid” friendoh & i love her purple sweater.  swear when your done with it
you will send it my way?… i knew i wanted to GIVE to this sweet sweet little guy.
our shop is closed while i have some surgery & it is undergoing some major renovating currently ( you can click here to be notified when we re-open january 2 )


nikki & i donated our I Am His sign to help raise money for Miracle for Maverick.  CLICK HERE to go BID!!
if you WIN it you can choose your color by the way K?


here is a opportunity to give what i LOVE does–this is something i CAN do to LOVE.

“My friend’s son, Maverick, has gone through 13 operations.
He is four months old.
His family has been told countless times that they will lose him–and countless times, God has kept Maverick alive.

Congenital Heart Disease is the leading cause for infant death in the world.
One in 100 children has it.
Maverick is one of those children.”
{taken from Emily’s blog}


my new read is LOVE DOES by bob goff?  have you read it?  i was hooked on the first page!!  it is infectiously inspiring..but do you know what i felt after reading a couple of chapters?

i don’t love very challenges me to not let fear draw my boundary lines.  once again it is turning upside down things right side up.

go GO go pick up this book this weekend.  a perfect fall read.  if you don’t want to get out click here to order online


contrary to my commitment to take weekends off..i am working this one just cause the surgery is less than two weeks away! BUT don’t fret
i am going to see that baby finlee on saturday.  nikki is taking her newborn bending her in all sorts of crazy scary ways.  i remember just going to
SEARS and taking a simple picture…boy have things changed.

anywho….you know you will be bombarded with posts when i am laid up in bed right?  so just hold’s coming..enjoy the reprieve

i hope YOU are doing something carefree and audacious this weekend…hugs to all of you.  love love





a daily practice is a must these days…

remember my little mantra?



this is the anecdote to the HOW?  it is in the doing.  it is a verb. it requires our energy.



i am doing brene brown’s ecourse if for nothing else than for my own research.  the student in me can’t help but to take all i learn back to the bible to see what i find.
i will share all i learn here on the blog….ha!  in a couple of weeks i will have more time on my hands than i am used to

are any of you taking brene’s ecourse?

i am chomping at the bit to move into this next phase of my life…to be past the next two surgeries…to write more…research more…to open the new business and put all of the business
to rest.  i am on overload with two weeks ticking in my ear as i check off a long to do list before i am down for a few weeks

but instead of running away and delving into numbing myself

i am making a daily practice of split second choices..ok well i still numb myself like with sugar..and technology and procrastinating and well…it is a process right?
you all must know i am not perfect in anyway right?  ok.  just so we are clear.  i am a beautiful mess just like you!!

choosing to see the pain/problem/interruption as gifts–opportunities even

to do thankfulness
to do love
letting go
living within the day
finding routine again

i am grateful that we have a choice.

:::::she’s here:::::

photo (61)

we spent all night at the hospital waiting on miss finlee beth.  she announced herself at 12:38 am and was perfect in every way.
we finally got to see her around 4am…arriving back home at 5:15 am where we all collapsed into bed.  it was a tiring but beautiful weekend













the journey of a lifetime & shop closing

i believe this post is what this post is all about.  it is about letting go of my way & grabbing hold of His.  simple surrendering but it isn’t really simple.
i have been playing with taking a break from the sign shop for months now but Resistance = Fear causes me to pick it back up.


i am worn out from listening to the voice that always tells me i can’t.  i am crazy.  you can’t write.  you can’t teach.  that is pipe dream.  that is so prideful.
what will you do for money.  you can’t….it sits on my shoulder and nags and nags and little by little…kills me.  stops the call from ever happening

and i will die without truly living my calling if i don’t shut it down.  now.  for such a TIME as THIS!


the more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it
–steven pressfield – the art of war


you see i am torn between signs and writing my heart.  i don’t have time for both

and the good thing is winning over the better thing.

i LOVE the inspiring and motivating part of sign making.  LOVE the words but i do not love all the labor & time it takes from me
and my family
and most importantly from God and the calling he has planted in me.  

the work has taken over our lives and leaves no room to breathe
i am humbled that so many are blessed by what we do…i am!  it is God’s work surely!

but sometimes we have to lay down something that looks so good for something better
you see i have a heart pull that i have had since a child.  i know that it is time to put action to it.  time is ticking.  i am choosing to
do it afraid.  daring to live greatly in the arena

we do have something unfolding in God’s hands right now and since my next surgery is scheduled for october 29
we will be closing the shop on monday october 8 until january.


a FULL life in the emptiest of places.  pursuing a FULL life.  now that sounds right to me.  for me.

my life will begin to glow in the darkness, my shadowed life will be bathed in sunlight
i will always show you where to go..I will give you a full life in the emptiest of places
–isaiah 58:10


because i have read halfway through my own book and i am worn weary.
from deep cavernous places guttural howls break forth.  incoherent because there are no words.
it has lived in my bones.  my marrow.  my breath.  suffocating me in a slow death until i DO SOMETHING with it! this calling
my calling…ok there.  i said it

i am all packed and ready for the next leg of the journey
the one in which i will test the words of steven pressfield’s book
–the war of art

wanna come with?  oh i do hope so for i think it will be a grand adventure
because i think we will have awesome news to share jeruselum?…wink:)

have you read it?  you need to because we are going deep!

i will leave you today with words from mary oliver

tell me
what is it
you plan
to do with
your ONE
wild and

i only have one life to live
do i really want to live it hurrying after things
that won’t matter in the end?

are YOU willing to die having NOT lived..or are YOU willing to die LIVING?  decide!

or do i want to live full faced before a God
trusting Him at His word
to see the beauty that only He can bring forth from ashes of hopelessness?


Wake up, LORD, Robe yourself with strength!  Rouse yourself  as in the days
of old when you slew Egypt, the dragon of the Nile.  Are YOU not the SAME today,
the one who dried up the sea, making a path of escape when you saved you
–Isaiah 51:9-10


 the victory is in the surrender….xo



and the winner is…

i am so pleased to share with you all the Pat is the winner of our new GLINDA sign!


Pat - Both are beautiful! I’d love the Glinda sign ~ really love it!

Thanks for the opportunity ~September 17, 2013 – 5:51 PM

now miss Pat…close your eyes and click your heels three times and believe the words of this sign
may they be DOING words worked out into pages of your story


click HERE to go to our shop

email me at with your address and i will box it up and send it home

a BIG thank you to ALL of you who shared .. you always make it fun and humble us

to God be the glory….now go find the sacred connections all around you this friday

see you monday friends…xo


tiny prints inspired sign designs & a GIVEAWAY

I recently received an email from  Tiny Prints  and were inspired to design a sign from one..or two of their cards.
We were humbled to be featured on their blog to say the least. then grateful and then panicked!  in the end here is what we came up with.

:::the Making Spirits Bright sign:::


and the inspiration card…


 …distressed vintag”ey” lettering painted in a chalkboard look would sit perfect in a woodsy fall/winter theme.

simple yet powerful words that challenge us reminiscent of fun & carefree christmas’s long ago.
dashing through the snow all snuggled up with cozy knitted blankets.  drinking hot chocolate and laughing with family….
now THAT makes my heart contagiously merry– let’s be contagious this holiday season.

the “making spirits bright” sign ( 24″ x 24″ ) to purchase click here


:::the Glinda sign:::

with a metallic gold crown all distressed to perfection!


and the inspiration card


you all know me and my love for power words..words tell a story of who we are & who we are becoming.  words that are visibly written renew our hope everyday as soon as our feet hit the floor.
i knew when i read these words from glinda – the wizard of oz that we had to make this sign.
i envision it it little girls and big girls rooms alike.  my prayer is that our spirits are stirred as we are awoken to just how powerful we really are to effect change - first in ourselves and when we do that
we effect change in those around us.



the “glinda” sign ( 18″ x 36″ ) to purchase click here


–here is what you do to enter to win your choice of one of the two tiny print inspired signs–

::leave us a comment on which sign you would choose and where you would put it in your home.  that’s it.

oh..and don’t forget to follow us on instagram to be the first to know all of our new things we will be adding to our store soon:)