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the deeper still collecton & a winner


wow!  that was crazy hard!  i narrowed it down to 4 but this one just felt..well..perfect in every right way.  I loved reading your ideas and why you chose them.  how you heard my heart.  that was the best!:)  you all are the best friends i’ve ever had!  NONE of them were silly ( rachel..wink)  i mean it!


miss mindy YOU are the winner so come january YOU get to choose any sign from the deeper still collection!  here is what she said…

Do you mind if I throw out a name and an idea for a new sign? Oh, good, cause I was going to do it anyway! Haha! I would love to see a sign based on the lyrics of the song, Oceans. Maybe “Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger. ” I think “Deeper Still would be a great name for the collection

we are working…and praying hard through these signs.  the time it takes to design is mentally exhausting.  some of you know what i mean.  i have been looking back over this last year and despite the surgeries..the setbacks..the shop closings God’s grace kept me longing for deeper still.  i couldn’t make it without Him

the STILL GOD sign just sums up the deeper still collection and my last year

i am so excited to share  this collection with you all.  
i am praying it blesses, encourages, sustains and moves your forward–devouring your days by 
living in the NOW & not the be brave even when your afraid and be able to see the good..the sacred
in all the hard places.  to get up each morning and choose to be grateful..choose to love..and not just love but
do LOVE does #bobgoff


we have a COLLECTION of another kind so stay tuned:)  

 :::pre-order info

i have had you ask if i am doing any more pre-orders on the STILL GOD sign.  i am opening it back up for a bit more since we are wrapping up the end of the orders.

here is what you do to order one:

just leave your paypal address in the comments and i will invoice you.  they will be shipping out the week of january 2.  the STILL GOD sign comes in two color choices.

2 color choices:

leave your choice with your paypal address

chalkboard ( shown above)
gold lettering on a white background ( seen below)


the price:

24″ x 24″ framed 100.00
30.00 s/h

each sign is individually distressed.  no two are alike:) 

well…off to watch the aca awards.  the rest of the week is busy busy.  getting the last 15 or so orders out the door over the weekend…doing a happy dance…hugs hugs to each of you.  your prayers are the wind beneath my wings.  i have had so many of you ask how i am doing so i will be giving you an update very soon…xo



words can do what medicine can’t..our christmas home

it is simple.  book pages.  WORDS.  it just kinda fell into place.
















” i wanted to peel off my hat and mask and the name that wasn’t mine, and sit in the middle while the misfits fell and piled
up like pick-up sticks around me.  then we’d crack open a worn cover and i’d read, and the words would do what medicine can’t
won’t and never will.
–charles martin’s book unwritten

” STORY is the bandage of the broken.  sutures of the shattered.  the tapestry upon which we write our lives”
–charles martin’s book unwritten

each morning when i sit under the twinkling lights as the days as the dawn is breaking
words give me hope.  i am reminded that while the world is throwing parties ..i want to be so engaged to the One who knows my pain…who offered to cut out my take my bruised, bloodied and broken heart and

bandaged it with love

be willing to walk the battlefield…rescuing the wounded
letting the WORD do what medicine can’t, won’t or ever will

while it is just a silly mantle in light of eternity
if practiced–LOVE..offering our story to others can & will help others to take

all the million broken pieces of their hearts and let the healing begin


i will be back wednesday with the heart behind our christmas decor…the ALABASTER BOX sign and PRE-ORDERS
oh…and the WINNER of the our new collection contest coming out january 2 when we re-open our new store!!








shop news & a contest

i am laying in bed drinking hot apple cider .. i swear 5 lbs heavier ..  watching the kardashian christmas.  don’t judge.  we dvr all things kardashian around here
i am trying to get out of my head and into my heart to share about our thanksgiving and it just.isn’t.happening

photo (1)

(gold strength & dignity sign)

we wait until after thanksgiving to put anything christmas up.  i am glad we did.  it helped me to focus and stay in the now.  we did get down the tree and decorations yesterday and began morphing the house into a simple christmas.  we will share it with you next monday.  do you remember last years mantle…it was colorful wasn’t it?


but real quick i wanted to update you on the SHOP opening.

we shared a sneak peek of one of our signs in our first collection on instagram on black friday.  in case you don’t follow us on instagram i wanted to have this sign up for our family thanksgiving.  this year has been one of the hardest of my life.  these words have been my lifeline and i wanted to share it with you in the way of a sign for your walls.  we took pre-orders for shipping when we open on january 2.

it comes in white background with gold lettering – black background with white lettering & black background with gold lettering ( not shown yet)

photo (3)


we will have a new way of doing things so turnaround will not be so long.

we will only have so many custom spots open at one time.  when one goes out another spot will open up.  i think that will help..worth a try anyway:)

we will have several new lines of ___________ ( tBa)  we are soooo excited to share them with you.  we KNOW you are going to love them as much as we do!

i am having miss heather design a whole new logo.  have you seen her printable advent kit 



we would LOVE it if you would help us name our new sign collection?  the STILL GOD sign will be in the collection.  it will be creams, blacks & golds….some hints:)

ok…so think on it…and then leave your ideas in the comments.

photo (2)

for the WINNER

for the one we choose YOU will be sent your choice of the new signs in the collection you named

SO..put your thinking hearts on and let me have it…i can’t wait to see what you come up with.  remember it is a new season K?

i can’t wait to see the jen rizzo’s holiday house walk again!  does anyone else look forward to it?  i am always so inspired by each home and the hearts that live there.

later this week i will share our “new” table scored off craigslist the day before thanksgiving.  my ig friends all voted cream to paint the chairs and so today nikki painted


if you don’t follow us on instagram be sure to — as we near the opening of our shop we will be giving sneak peeks and a few instasales and who knows what else:)

i would love to hear how your thanksgiving was..and it is totally ok if you had christmas up already…really:)  ..i mean really it is no judging here..we love the kardashinans after all

ok…they are getting ready to show their christmas card…speaking of….this weekend is our photo shoot!

love love each of you….



your chance to get an I Am His sign & a few tidbits

I AM HIS - 18" x 36" ( new size )  this would be so sweet a girls room.  can be customized in any color too!

THIS is what blogging is all about.  for me  COMMUNITY.
when i heard of this sweet little boy and his family from my “lover of all things plaid” friendoh & i love her purple sweater.  swear when your done with it
you will send it my way?… i knew i wanted to GIVE to this sweet sweet little guy.
our shop is closed while i have some surgery & it is undergoing some major renovating currently ( you can click here to be notified when we re-open january 2 )


nikki & i donated our I Am His sign to help raise money for Miracle for Maverick.  CLICK HERE to go BID!!
if you WIN it you can choose your color by the way K?


here is a opportunity to give what i LOVE does–this is something i CAN do to LOVE.

“My friend’s son, Maverick, has gone through 13 operations.
He is four months old.
His family has been told countless times that they will lose him–and countless times, God has kept Maverick alive.

Congenital Heart Disease is the leading cause for infant death in the world.
One in 100 children has it.
Maverick is one of those children.”
{taken from Emily’s blog}


my new read is LOVE DOES by bob goff?  have you read it?  i was hooked on the first page!!  it is infectiously inspiring..but do you know what i felt after reading a couple of chapters?

i don’t love very challenges me to not let fear draw my boundary lines.  once again it is turning upside down things right side up.

go GO go pick up this book this weekend.  a perfect fall read.  if you don’t want to get out click here to order online


contrary to my commitment to take weekends off..i am working this one just cause the surgery is less than two weeks away! BUT don’t fret
i am going to see that baby finlee on saturday.  nikki is taking her newborn bending her in all sorts of crazy scary ways.  i remember just going to
SEARS and taking a simple picture…boy have things changed.

anywho….you know you will be bombarded with posts when i am laid up in bed right?  so just hold’s coming..enjoy the reprieve

i hope YOU are doing something carefree and audacious this weekend…hugs to all of you.  love love





a daily practice is a must these days…

remember my little mantra?



this is the anecdote to the HOW?  it is in the doing.  it is a verb. it requires our energy.



i am doing brene brown’s ecourse if for nothing else than for my own research.  the student in me can’t help but to take all i learn back to the bible to see what i find.
i will share all i learn here on the blog….ha!  in a couple of weeks i will have more time on my hands than i am used to

are any of you taking brene’s ecourse?

i am chomping at the bit to move into this next phase of my life…to be past the next two surgeries…to write more…research more…to open the new business and put all of the business
to rest.  i am on overload with two weeks ticking in my ear as i check off a long to do list before i am down for a few weeks

but instead of running away and delving into numbing myself

i am making a daily practice of split second choices..ok well i still numb myself like with sugar..and technology and procrastinating and well…it is a process right?
you all must know i am not perfect in anyway right?  ok.  just so we are clear.  i am a beautiful mess just like you!!

choosing to see the pain/problem/interruption as gifts–opportunities even

to do thankfulness
to do love
letting go
living within the day
finding routine again

i am grateful that we have a choice.

:::::she’s here:::::

photo (61)

we spent all night at the hospital waiting on miss finlee beth.  she announced herself at 12:38 am and was perfect in every way.
we finally got to see her around 4am…arriving back home at 5:15 am where we all collapsed into bed.  it was a tiring but beautiful weekend