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I’m GIVING away one of our Isaiah 9:6 Christmas Mantle sign…& shop closing

thinking of Christmas this year we knew we didn’t want to do lots of Christmas signs but one for sure we wanted to recreate was our Christmas mantle sign from last year.


It is meaningful to me because God has shown Himself to be all of those names to my family over the last years.

It is painted on a 2 foot x 4 foot sign on a black background with white lettering and a white frame and we both thought it would be

super fun to give one away.

Now here is the kicker….We are only making 10 of the Isaiah 9:6 sign not including the giveaway sign.  We’ve listed 10 in the shop and thats it.  You are welcome to use the

15% code that Farmgirl Paints has going on our signs right now.  Use the coupon code HOUSEOFBELONGING when ordering

***REMINDER–you can order your sign customized just for your home meaning…color of lettering/background/framing

and a different size if needed…as long as the wording will look right:)  Just leave in the notes on your order:)

Super Simple!

 :::SHOP CLOSING @ the end of OCTOBER :::

We will be closing the shop until the first of January at the end of the month due to the overwhelming sign orders we have.
We are beyond incredibly blessed and thankful…pressed down and overflowing with gratitude for all of your support this year as we stepped out into the 
unknown and dared to dream big.  We have an exciting new year planned that I think will knock your socks off!!  We know each and every order and those of you
who have Thanksgiving deadlines etc. we are aware of those as well.  

SO…be sure to place your orders by the end of the month to receive them for the holidays!!

…to WIN THIS SIGN simply enter your email below (if you have not already) to receive updates via email and leave a comment letting us know your favorite Christmas memories/traditions…

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PSSSS…our sweet friend Becky @ Farmgirl Paints is giving our readers 20% her cuffs all month long!  Go get a few and give a few for gifts as well….wink wink!



currently I am…more info than you want to know;)

Eating to Live not Living to Eat

Currently I am eating way processed stuff than I should…like two bowls of cheerios and a poptart before going to bed last night kinda eating and it isn’t even the holidays

which brings me into my health..I have fallen hard of the workout wagon..for two reasons..1) my crazy colon kept me sick for so long I just couldn’t and 2) I am now working and

don’t have the kind of time I used to have.  I am feeling better…thank you colon and I know I need to make time to do some walking.  I still do pushups, squats and ab stuff almost everyday..

and yes I can still rock out 20 man push ups;)

Monday I began a detox of sorts….I am keeping it simple with things like

–eating more whole foods and minimal processed ones

–a sweet treat is now just that…a treat…once in awhile…not after every meal

–water – a gallon a day…I will do an unsweet tea occasionally

Nikki’s lunch at Chipotle’s…a salad with corn and fresh tomato salsa and chicken.  Guacamole for dressing.  VERY good!

Starbucks Shaken Black tea..unsweet for our snack while perusing Target

aren’t these sweet?  I thought they would be good for keeping my food journal in

For the {heart} of Baking

mini apple pies:) I made…

Currently I am  really loving to bake.  I think that originated with Sasha and that fear of piping moment...thank you girlie:)  Did I tell you I am making my sisters wedding cake, cupcakes in November?  I am!  We went shopping for her dress a couple of weeks ago and I think she picked the perfect one.  YES to the DRESS!

I made the best pasta salad … EVER ever EVER please try it… over the weekend.  YOU have GOTTA try it!  Amazing!

Here is the Recipe..

I made those muffins on Pinterest with just two ingrediants ..I am not a fan.  Sorry:(  but hey…it maybe the cook

This creamy Kitchen Aid…for two weeks now I look:)

Time for a MAKEUP change

Currently I am wandering around ULTA to shy to ask for help picking out a shade of new makeup…geesh!  I finally pushed back the fear…excuse me..

and let her try various shades on me.  I have been a faithful MAC user for almost 10 years.  I have cystic acne and have bad skin .. some scarring and such so

I really don’t lie when I it is hard to find a new makeup.  Honestly – nothing looks amazing on my skin…just the way it is but I was hoping to find something that I really liked..

and I did.  I also bought the brush she suggested and I am really happy:)  I am pushing myself to keep changing it up…once your past 40 one can get stuck in a rut and not realize

they are living in the 1980′s still:)

p.s.  she did tell me to wash my brushes in Johnson’s Baby Shampoo? I am ashamed to admit it may have been a year….eek!  but I did do it last week:)


Currently I am chillin at night with my girlies all piled on my bed watching our DVR shows…here are our favorites right now  Dance Moms, Kardashians, X Factor, The Voice, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are a few I can think of off the top of my head…oh and Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice just started up last week!  One of our new favs is Married to Jonas…they are adorable.  in a whisper voice i share that we do watch Here Comes Honey Boo Boo…I know.  I just can’t eat when I watch it.

At the Closet

Currently I am in need of clothes that have NOT been painted in…I realized I have not one hoodie that isn’t painted on…so I am in need of a small clothes shopping spree..I want to get some Victoria Secrets boyfriend sweats..ever tried them? they are wonderful!  some Frye Veronica Slouch boots in black ..will need leggings..note to self


these cute little Sanita clogs that are sold out in my size!!  Heard about them from Kel Hampton…and for 25 dollars!  I have no idea where I would wear them but just sayin!

I am on the email list for notification in my size though

some really fun dresses .. like this one below.  Target girls..just in.  I am really really liking the comeback of the 60 and 70′s

and I am really using my Pinboard Big Girl Clothes to put outfits together since I have no natural ability whatsoever!

You are welcome to stop over and take a peek at mine…I would love to follow yours if you want to leave your name and such:)

Candle {LOVE}

Currently I cannot bring myself to burn an 20 dollar candle so I have found some in the 6 dollar range that don’t smell cheap

and I can afford to burn everyday.   I have two favorites that just came in at Wal Mart…the one above and another that is

Caramel Pecan or something…I got this one first and then sweet Janie over at Janie Fox Talks told me of the simmering Apple Cider!  Fabulous…thanks miss Jannie:)


Quotes, posters, thoughts / Gifts


Currently I am making out my Christmas list  - I haven’t figured out what to get everyone yet but I am thinking as much as I can  rom Etsy…  I want to momma’s who have their own businesses.

Did you see this pin?  I thought it was a good guideline to follow?

I am praying for a good Christmas for the kids this year.  Not meaning presents but drama free!  filled with peace and love.  That is what I am praying for.


Currently the  dining/living areas is where we are concentrating on for the most part right now.  I have a few projects in the works that I will share soon.  I distressed all four of the yellow chairs this weekend and

am working on a plan for shelving on the wall where the green dresser is to hold our white dishes we have been collecting.

A Bit of BLOG news

Currently we are having the blog redesigned by Evenpar Solutions!  They are working on it as we speak!

We are SOOOO excited!

Nikki has done a fantastic over the moon job up until now but she is telling me she is ready for someone else to take over:)

I keep telling her she needs to design blogs for people…maybe if you all tell her!:)

well — there are a few quirky things that are currently going on in my life

now your turn…tell me ONE..or more things currently about you

 PS….don’t forget we announce the WINNER of the GRATEFUL sign winner on MONDAY! 

PSSdon’t forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM @ houseofbelonging…it really is a fun way to connect with each other!

and as always you can like our FACEBOOK page to stay in the loop on giveaways, new signs and specials and SUCH.

love ya all…have a wonderful Sunday and see you tomorrow for the winner:)



love people everywhere fall table:)

Hey ya’ll…we are eeeeasing into fall around here.  Learning to savor the season.  I am not feeling overly holiday’y’ this year more like…an organic pull back to family-simplicity-living and loving

that sort of thing?

( this is our OLD HOUSE..we moved into our new home February 2014 )

our gratitude sign can be found in our SHOP

You know we just sanded the original hardwood floors in the living and dining room and took off all of the paneling that went halfway up the walls

put a new door in

which leaves lots of holes to fill, trim and a door to paint

 and lots of final touches so instead of leaving it all undone we pulled together what we had in the basement

and mixed it up with some of our new decor we have been saving up and sprinkled some handmade love in to make our dining room all cozy.

Today we thought we’d share a couple of pictures of the genesis…or beginning of our eeeeease into fall home and later on this week I will go into more details….cool?

We are on the cusp of the season of fall joy..where colors are changing our landscape everywhere

just beckoning us to come out and play.

I am in the season of fall joy..where colors are changing my landscape everywhere

just beckoning me to come out and play…

because when I practice gratefulness it really does turn what we have into enough

He chose to die for ALL people ( the whole world ) everywhere and that is all I need at the center of my home to

say HeLLo AuTuMN…

and what about you?  what are you thankful for right now?  I would love to hear…:)

You can follow me on INSTAGRAM (houseofbelonging) to see sneak peeks of more of our fall decorating…

sharing our joy over at The Lettered Cottage:)


My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia


7 must try fall recipes

 Football ‘s football game was event full..we got spit on..meaning rain.  Dakota played offense and defense and ended up becoming dehydrated and the trainer and doctor were out there ripping his pads off and jersey off after the end of the game while Nana and I nervously watched.

Scared this momma but he is good…and he played good.  Isn’t that what they and then let everyone know something isn’t right?

 Football sets an alarm of in me that Fall is just around the corner.  The high today maybe 93 but in my mind it is a perfect 55 with clear blue skies a light breeze


I’ve been pinning some Fall recipe’s so I am prepared for parties and get togethers.  I want to taste test them first AND I want them all in a convenient place with the click of a mouse.

Not asking for much am I?

I broke down and bought a Ninja blender yesterday and couldn’t wait to try the Pumpkin Smoothie.

It truly is easy and fast but what stopped my eagerness to throw it all together was you have to

FREEZE the pumpkin pie filling.  DRATS!

That being said it is all downhill from there.

“Thanksgiving all wrapped up in a jar”…it really is a must try.  Not overly sweet which I loved.  A perfect blend of pumpkin and cinnamon and frost.

Pioneer Woman’s Pumpkin Smoothies



and ours…wouldn’t you just figure the photo uploaded sideways and it reminded me so much of how life works that

I just left it this way.  It doesn’t have to be perfect .. sideways pumpkin smoothies rock! (I fixed it mom… love Nikki)

You really do have to try the recipe’s.  I have made some that have been yuck….

It gets Grace’s seal of approval or can’t ya tell from those eyes?:)

Makes ya go “oohhhh”

Here are the other 6 recipes that are next in line.  

side note:  I am making the slow cooker applesauce today.

 Fall gifts - crockpot apple butter - 1 dozen apples, peeled, cored, cubed; 1/2 c water;  1/4 c brown sugar;  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon;  1/2 tsp all spice. Gotta make!!!

Crock Pot Apple Butter.  She got the recipe from The Cake Student

Fall Treat - Easy Mini pumpkin pie croissants!!!

Shaken Together

This recipe had me at lust…

Sweet Treats and More

this is the original source of the recipe Pumpkin Spice pull apart bread.  Willow Bird Baking

The photo I pinned ( it is a pretty photo:) is from The Farm Girl

Mommy Makes it Better Crock Pot Applesauce

mini pumpkin spice donuts!  I have never made donuts before but these look

like little bites of pumpkiny heaveness

Blue Eyed Bakers

Have you tried any FALL recipes off Pinterest yet?  Choosing 7 to start with was HARD!

We are being inundated with pumpkin”ness” on Pinterest lately aren’t we?

I know lots of you are FALL girls…let join hands and pray for some nice fall weather which brings to mind

( and I have no idea why ) Sandra Bullock and Betty White chanting around that fire in the movie ” The Proposal”

I know the song Sandra’s character sings is inappropriate but I laughed so hard

anyways….I pray your Monday is what it is.  My new favorite saying from the Disney movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green.

that we are going to see this Friday.

much love….xoxotiff




conquering my fear of piping…

My smile was ear to ear….

Now I know it really pales in comparison to Sasha’s…but I DID it!  I conquered the fear of piping!  I have never piped in my life and I was filled with fear and trepidition

begging someone to help me but since

there was no one I threw caution to the wind and squeezed the bag.

And away I went.  I admittedly got carried away and made it a little top heavy and on the sides I went up and down but who cares right?

oh…and the best part was the cake mix.

I used this cake recipe and it was out of this world good.  I got the French Vanilla like she suggested.

You need two boxes for a three layer cake.  I used Wilton 8″ cake pans.

How do I know this you askf?  At first I baked up one box and one layer was itty bitty.   I baked up a second box and used just one of the two layers

equaling three.

Grace LOVES aqua so Sasha’s icing color was perfection! and she is correct when she says you need a tiny tiny amount to color.

I also used Sasha’s frosting recipe.  OH my goodness..WONderful:)

I purchased the piping bag and coupler she suggested as well.  AND the edible stars:)

our little star HAD to have the stars;)

I had to wing the 13 though as I only had little time since we were packing and leaving for the lake.  I used glitter glue and freehanded the

numbers and used icing to hold them onto the straws!!  It was all we had…I forgot tape or glue…lol!

 I am officially crowned baker and cake decorator of any family function from hence forth..{ I nominated myself….shhhhhh}

the piece de resistance is my sisters wedding in November…bet ya can’t wait for THAT post…hee hee!  That oughta be something to behold for years to come!

now for a pinapple cake for this Sunday.  It is my stepdads birthday and he LOVES pineapple.  Any suggestions?

The Lake and Cake and a 13th birthday with family was the best birthday so far miss Grace shared.

Cake Boss I am not but you know what?  I had a blast doing this.  AND I found something else I enjoy doing.

Walk through that wall of fear girls…you never know when you will fall in love with something new.

Even though I had a fear of measuring up to Sasha’s and often we just won’t try because we feel we are

not as good as someone else { and that may be true in this case; } but we don’t know until we try and practice

makes us better!!

Now go ahead and tell me how awesome I am….lol!  You know I’m kidding right?  My weird sense of humor..I might have

had to much of Keurig’s Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate K cups this morning….oh well.

Now go out and have a splendid Tuesday OK?

Seriously Sasha – I am so grateful you shared this with us.  It made it easy to replicate and it was so pretty and Grace loved it.

You rock!!:)…xo

big hugs