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hiccups of my week and the original GRATITUDE chalkboard sign for sale…

i have fallen head over heels in love with this blog.  a house crash they called it.  the color of her home makes my heart beat a little faster.  i think i am slowly coming into my home skin so to speak.  i immediately ran to my home depot and got a sample of feather down and at this very moment i have about 7 color squares on my kitchen wall.

check her out…i’m smitten!  i know you will be too

My Old Country House….dump – that is what we call our house..a dump!

i am so inspired and proud of nikki.  she has stuck to a very low carb way of eating and has lost 30 lbs!  there is nothing like seeing your babies spread their wings and believe in themselves and go for it…and i am immensely enjoying her letting me come along for the ride. love you girl:)))

these crazy little juice glasses have gone crazy on IG..and my crazy sweet girl got the orange glasses…our Target only has the apple so far…crossing my fingers for the orange ones.  they are ONLY 1 dollar girls!!

doing little crafting projects trying to finish up the holiday nesting…

when your bed becomes the place you find yourself more often i wanted it to be more cozy so i succumbed to some aqua and cream striped flannel sheets from target and i LOVE them. period

…now i am going to layer other pieces for the winter months.  i haven’t gotten into my bedroom at all as far remodeling so i think i will stick with a grey/aqua/cream/white with lots of textures…something like this maybe?  then add all the planking and fun colors come spring..



i LOVE this girl – she makes me think i just could be a ROCK STAR so when I saw this…i knew i just had to have me one.

Hand Stamped Sterling Necklace - Rock Start

tinahdee jewelry

 rock stars wear makeup right?  i have been pinning makeup and nail polishes on pinterest..just looking for something new to make me feel pretty.  anyone use bobbi brown? is it good..worth the money?

this new big kid grilled cheese with ooy goey cheeses and applewood bacon..then grilled,, paired with creamy tomato soup
with croutons is OUT OF THIS WORLD heavenly.  it’s like i am going to have to go there three or four times this week kinda like
you know right?  i can feeeel the pounds waiting around the corner..ugh!

i am slowly working my way back girls…signs have begun to ship! we will work our tails off for the next 16 days and get them out before Christmas.

we are also putting out a new line called “Dare to Dream”‘ that i think will inspire your hearts.  here is a sneak peek…more info coming soon:)

for anyone that is interested we are selling our GRATITUDE chalkboard made from an old window.  this is what inspired our GRATITUDE sign!!  you can purchase it here.  I will spray a coating over the chalk prior to shipping.  It will arrive as you see it minus the old cheese box.  It has two hooks and a clip.  This is a chalkboard and you can erase the gratitude and create your own word art:)…we can have this to you by Christmas.


I have a busy week ahead as i’m sure you do too–but above all of the holiday noise and chaos lets help each other to find the God moments within each day.  we live in the midst of an exciting treasure hunt.  It involves following thin threads and hidden clues left by Someone who adores partnering with us in the exploration….

love you….tiff



i have a new friend and her name is moxie..have you met her?

I am a heart girl..i have tried to separate home and heart here on the blog and it just won’t work.  I can’t do one without the other.
they are magically connected..period.  ( for some weird reason Lucky Charms popped into my head…hummm)

i had to stop trying to take the heart out of the girl and just let her evolve you know what I/m talking about?

I am going to whisper this…come is such a precious piece of truth..sacred no doubt..i want to treat it with the honor it deserves

and dare I say ever so humbly that I am  figuring something out…

you want to know what the difference is in someone who makes beauty from ashes ..
someone who refuses to not see thier dream come true
the underdog become the top dog?
those stories that have you on the edge of your seat holding your breath that she will be the heroine of
her story?

—– they make it their own —–


just like our sweet Ann Voscamp.  She took the truth of gratitude and made it hers.  An intricate part of her authentic real life with its painful stories, hard places, raw emotions…everyday.

Solomon really is spot on when he wrote there is nothing new under the sun.
It isn’t something only for the Ann’s of the world as I am sure she would want us to know.
It is for the YOU’s and me’s…too.
and what is really blowing my mind is this applies to all truths not just  gratitude

Ann made gratitude her own forever changing her hiSTORY..

and you know what?  there are millions of biography’s just like hers!

i will be sharing so much more on this…but this moment..right now
this season of celebrating life-family-friends-heart & home

here is one thing I am making my own ::  making sacred connections in my heart and home

to take what I have where I live right now..not in my dream world
my home.. as enough (verb)  and create it ( verb ) into a place of true belonging for my family.
right where we are and I am taking YOU sweet friends with me because I am bound and determined to show that this is for anyone
who is teachable.  I want to show you how I do it so you can do it too!!

because girls I have found a new friend and her name is moxie..have you heard of her?

—————- MOXIE means

the ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage…don’t you just LOVE that?

reminds me of fried green tomatoes…tiwanda..what was it she said?  that is the spirit I am talking about!

so while I can’t take the heart out of the girl I can implement the moxie in her and get down to business turning this house into a place of belonging by looking for the sacred connections each and everyday as daily markers guiding me along the journey.

there is SO much to share about our new blog is coming–just SO much but today I am content to chew upon making things mine..this is what changes my heart and re writes my STORY!

love you friends…so much…thank you coming alongside me.  I do SO look forward to the next leg of the journey…wherever that takes us and I am humbled to have so many uniquely created hearts to help lift each other up.

to moxie! and less steroids…for crying out loud I almost ate a whole medium pizza in bed last night!


holiday bi-polar – and happy balls!

have you stood calf deep in the ocean and when the big wave comes you have to brace yourself?  you can feel the force of the water and tighten you leg muscles? and then the relief when it subsides out to sea again– only to come once more?  that is how my emotions have been the last two days.  moments of panic-overwhelm to not asking for help to feeling alone to focus Tiffini and boo hooing in the bathtub for God to help me…rather fickle isn’t it?  we all go through it..this journey of life.   I am slowly getting better…

a plus:: didn’t eat SO much junk this eat so much carbs and meat that all you want is THAT sounds good!

 a few snapshots of some of our CHRISTmas decorating we have been doing each day…I will do a full post on down the road once I am feeling up to it.  Right now it is a crazy hot mess…the house

 make a happy ball garland for someone and I guarantee it will bring a heart smile!

 i am obsessed…

i too thought my thanksgiving week would be way different.  soooo didn’t happen that way so we are making the best of it.  I sit and delegate..not a bad deal right?

another plus to being laid up in bed I found another new series that I am OBSESSED with…Made in Chelsea…have you watched it?  i have been practicing their “‘cheeky’”…it is like listening to Adele in 10 different people!

I have went down to my concentration look and am now looking daily for the moon face to appear…i crave anything bad for me and NEVER feel full…i am eating lots of sugar free jello, snack pack pudding, white bread, eggs, mashed potatoes, macaroni and yes..cheese please…bland and residue I am:)

come over here and give me a hug–thank you for loving on me.
we are watching White Christmas together on my bed…each with our electronic device


do you INSTAGRAM?  I can follow me @houseofbelonging…I am just SURE someday business will return to normal!
what about you?  any new shows..series you could share with me?  I love the UK;)
any crazy boo hoo stories from the bathtub…!  am I the ONLY one?:)
when things go south from what you dreamt them to be what are some things you have tried that helped?  I’d sure love to hear…

moon face over and out…xoxo


hospital stay-poopbag-heart-shopnews

————————MY hospital stay

It is in YOU that I move, breathe, write, create, dream, feel and have my being. I honor YOU today .our CREATOR .. my ALL..when nothing is going the way I think it should- when all is falling apart .. or maybe falling together..when letting go is the only thing left to do so one doesn’t fall completely apart.
I am so full of high dose inravanous steroids and pain meds that it has my nerves and emotions all over the place.  It is like PMS on SPEED. I’ve been sent home on a no taper high steriod until we can get into the surgeon  for a consult on having a colectomy.  I think I am done fighting and it is here I hold up the white flag.  Just another place to stop and build an alter to God–how gracious He is to let me find my own way there.


HOPE you girls are ready to follow me along getting a poop bag…I know! but it is what it is and you have to learn to talk about hard things right?:)  I will fill you in on more when it isn’t a holiday…I just want to let you know I am home and doing as good as can be expected:) thankful for your prayers and love…..

(yes..the white things were on BOTH sides of the socks..this was a funny.  I sat the alarms off…oh geesh it was hilarious)

——————————MY HEART

the two most important days 
in your life are the day you
were born and the day you
figure out why.”
mark twian 

I feel as if I have let so many down with signs
all kinds of projects for Grace and I to do to
decorate the house on Friday for Christmas
going to the nursery to get our fresh greens
cooking Thanksgiving together
black friday shopping
and I am being rawly honest I am groping to find the gratitude tonight.  I know steroids are powerful and I am trying to give myself grace but I am so disappointed and feel as if all my plans and dreams for this holiday are just crashing down and then I think– I don’t have cancer, I am not homeless, I can move and on and I KNOW in my head what my heart struggles to catch up too.
and this is where I am… life right now is maybe a new opportunity for me to listen…God wants to speak to me and I can be to busy to hear.
Maybe it is another leg of the journey I need to get briefed on maybe it is a new leg of the journey..a change in direction or maybe it is just a place of rest and trust…watching and seeing how HE will work on my behalf and how I am going to handle the changes..the letting go.
but can I share one more thing before I go?
how much i love each and everyone of you?  if you could see me you would see real tears rolling.  I am over abundantly blessed to have all of you walking with me.  I feel it everyday.
Most of my life consists now of online…why?  don’t know yet.  Time will tell –but I pray each of you a thanksGIVING blessing: that you find JOY peaCe and TRust this holiday season…no matter where you find yourself sitting today…KNOW we are not alone and HIS PEACE really is available.  I love you…and eat lots of food for me will you?

———————————————SHOP news! BLACK  FRIDAY

we are opening the shop out of love for our customers.  we’ve had many ask for a sign and we are participating in a black friday round up of sorts.  FYI – these orders will not begin until the new year..we are finishing up all of the patient friends who have ordered and are shipping out for Christmas.  The orders on black friday and on will begin production on January 7and shipped 4 weeks from the date of production. We are finishing up our new blog design & Etsy shop design so things will be changing soon….super excited for that!  … see I DO have things to look forward to! We do have new signs to share so be watching for those….a wee bit behind:/

FOR our sweet friends enter BLACKFRIDAY for 15% off and a free gift with order.


printable Gift Card & my new crush…Chrissie Grace

  Hey:)  a happy Friday–I need coffee…a new brain…to be cloned…my toenails painted..uh yeah..forgot I’m not alone–my brain is always making lists

I was at Target last weekend and the mood was quite festive.  I heard children squealing ” mommy…and running to the bling”y” clothing ” and couples sharing that would make a nice gift and another rather harried shopper telling her companion this is a Christmas gift. is upon us.  I have vowed to shop earlier and handmade as much as possible.  I thought I would share with you my new handmade shop crush with you.  I LOVE love LOVE shopping from friends and small handmade shops because I know first hand what time and love they put into their work.  It makes it SUPER me:)

**See the end of the post for our printable House of Belonging Gift Tag to slip into a stocking or under the tree**

In His Grace

 my new friend..I LOVE her heart for God..for home..for her gift
she is bursting with joy and it spills out all over her makes me smile
it makes me inspires me…in turn it makes me want to inspire others..kinda like ripples
yes…you will love her too:)  Oh..she opened for just two week..until November 15
I believe…so not much time!

HOW TO USE this Printable Gift Card

(This is just one way to support handmade businesses if you do not know what to have created for your special person)

~Go to Etsy and purchase one of their gift cards.
~Then send us an email at and let us know
~and we will do our part and email the gift certificate to you.
Easy peasy!  Or if you have any questions or need us to create a gift certificate with more specifics all ya gotta do is ask.

***I am slaving in the kitchen today making over 100 cupcakes and a small wedding cake for my sisters wedding tomorrow…I can’t wait to share it with you next week
***we have deactivated the shop for two weeks to catch up but have some exciting news around watching our FACEBOOK page and follow us on INSTAGRAM
@houseofbelonging to be the first to know:)

with all my love….tiff