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Weekend Christmas Scavenger Hunt…wanna join?

SCAVENGER -  somebody who seeks or looks through discarded items in the hope of finding something usable { isn’t that a cool definition? }

Necessity is the mother of invention right?

What do YOU do when life isn’t the way you thought it would be at the holiday?
well here is what I am doing
IN REAL life the floor really does drop out from under you…often unexpectedly…through no fault of your own…you find yourself in the middle of Christmas…with kiddos…no money…and we really know Christmas is not about the gifts…and skin and heart wrestle…lots of sweat and tears…moments of insanity
the heart wins

Time is ticking … only 7 more days till Christmas { your welcome:) }
I have
let’s turn our frown upside down and put on our thinking caps shall we?

it can defeat me and spiral me into a depression
it can challenge my creativity ( I”m choosing the later with MUCH humbleness )
OK. ENOUGH of that and on to the fun stuff
AND here is what popped in my mind
ENTER the Weekend Christmas Scavenger HUNT idea

GO TO THRIFT STORES-closets-basements
attics-tool sheds..wherever you store “stuff”
 give gifts that cost little to no money
have to be hand much as possible
kids involved
and we have one weekend
{ discuss and make your own mission }
they don’t have to be anything alike:)
picture frames
old vintage jar
treasure box
heart moving quotes…or words moved for each person
use felt around house to make lots of flower pins
things around house I don’t need….others would love
{ insert your own list }

as plan B…have a Christmas exchange with things you already have.  Not a white elephant one….one like this

Mom I have always wanted a Keurig…how about you give me yours and I give you something you’ve always wanted of mine…kinda like that?;););)
If anyone watches Kendra I would LOVE to insert a soundclip of her laugh right about here!

We’ve come up with some really neat ideas I can’t wait to share
Happy Searching!
Photo Credits : Country Home

What do you give?

Far away from this 

is this

” We cannot know the grief
That men may borrow;
We cannot see the souls
Storm-swept by sorrow;

there is a way it should be…a way IT WAS but
isn’t anymore…at least not yet.

but it’s coming
Father IS moving…that is all I can say
it is not the way I think or want it..even…to be
you see
He’s showing me
that I’ve loved something more than Him…something not itself
the dream of a family

When the time of year is here when it seems to about 
trees, gifts, food, travel, credit…you may think your missing
what if I could give you a family so much greater than the one
your dreaming of?
what are we doing
what am I doing
turning toward
living loved and love

But love can shine upon the way
Today, tomorrow;
Let us be kind.
Upon the wheel of pain so many weary lives
are broken,

re-teaching me HOW a healthy, strong and trusting relationship looks like
without systems, ” church obliga
tions, traditions, leadership roles 
just to be wild and free within His boundaries…learning to live loved
every single day
and then love…all
don’t get to caught up in what the outside looks like…
buried beneath hurt,pain, addictions – lies a human heart
in need of Immanuel…God with US..

hands drawn in the air.knees on the ground.flying upward is the pain of letting go
once for all

so you can be seen for real…even in the most painful circumstances.unique to each
YOU are there
lazily breath breathed out on a chilly morning
gratitude envelopes my hands now lifted in
you give and you take away..and you give
I love you and I am grateful for the ” me too’s “

allow Him to be with you this season…
the season IS Immanuel..GOD with US
when it is your or my turn to be in the place of brokeness…it is often the best place to be
this is the place where the real heart work is done, the heart dirt is being turned
Why? so we’re strengthened…not shattered

We live in vain who give no tender token.
Let us be kind.


OIL to everyone I/you meet today with gladness…it’s free and it has eternal consequences:)

Photo Credit Period Living
Red letter words Streams in the Desert

Simple Cookie Exchange

Here is something SIMPLE that doesn’t cost much…that you can do to think of others this time of year
get a couple of study friends..and put your brainstorming caps on
and come up with creative ways to share LOVE this season.
It DOESN’T have to COST much!
When money is tight..God can REALLY move:)
I am invited to a family cookie exchange this weekend so
I have been looking at various recipes…don’t you just LOVE to
look, salivate and need I say…EAT cookies?:)

I ran across this adorable blog and the colors drew me in.  I wish I could create 
treats that looked that good!  ask my family…we don’t have the best of
luck in the kitchen ..wink…wink!
Keep your fingers crossed for me ok?  seriously!  I wanna rock this 

just stinkin adorable…the packaging just makes it

I LOVE addicted SWEETS….happy dance

Are you participating or hosting a cookie exchange this year?
If so – what is the yummy recipe you will be using?
Here is my recipe { that I’m taking } from Picky Palate
{ btw a scrumptious place to visit…often:}

??wondering if I could cheat and use a roll of sugar cookie dough??
I will let ya know:)

Enjoy ALL the sugar now…cause January 1 it is going BYE BYE !!

Just found this cookie exchange! Pleasant Home

the frog prince paperie is a really cute site as well.  They have a double chocolate chunk cookie recipe with a free printable recipe card…super duper sweet!


Looking like Christmas ::: Coffee Filter Topiaries

 I want to take just a moment and thank all of you that take time to hang out with me from time to time…it has been a fun journey thus far and I am enjoying meeting such
lovely women AND kindred spirits…thankyou:):)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
everywhere you go…
at my house it is starting to look like this

We made music sheet paper page chains and coffee filter flowers and placed them before putting on the ornaments
I purchased Jones Design Christmas tutorial here for some ideas.
I will show you the whole tree later this week…do you see the ONE white tissue flower??  that is before i changed it to coffee filter flowers…lol!

I had two topiary’s sitting around and since I am working A LOT lately with coffee filters I just thought ” what the heck ” and glued them on!  I painted the pots in chalkboard paint…nothing original:) 
Here is my tutorial on how I do coffee filters…:)

Here is a picture I took of one of the coffee filter flowers I made…this one I glittered the edges.  I just make about 30 and stuck them randomly throughout the tree.

Here is a sneak peek at the two chalkboards we cut and painted and hung to the right of the fireplace.  I will do a post on this very soon.  I will show you the whole wall.  I am still tweeking a few things.  I am going SIMPLE this winter.  Nothing to much…just enough:)

Here is a picture of the topiarie’s outside…before putting them on mantle and tying some ribbon on..

="font-family:Georgia, 'Times New Roman', serif;">

and another… I got fresh evergreen for the mantle and front door.  I am still looking for another candle holder for  my candle.  Gosh –that surround sound stuff REALLY bugs me:):)

I’ve also been working on some lampshades…what do you think?

We got Grace’s room painted and trimmed and finished the formal dining room walls that I am posting this week too!!  I can’t BELIEVE the change in her room with just what we did!! Amazing!!

Intentionally Brave Monday will be tomorrow…then back on Monday next week:)
The 30 day Challenge I am moving to begin on Monday December 6…due to I have been sick and it just didn’t coincide with my plans…go figure?  can’t control when your sick…lol!

Have a beautiful day…I am LOVING looking at all the Christmas decorations…it is my FAVORITE time of year!



Dreaming of a Red or White Christmas?

or maybe both;)
This is what I’m working on this weekend…
Our Saturday morning chocolate chip pancakes…it is 6 am and Grace has to be at gym at 7:30 and she has a friend spending the night and they want PANCAKES!  Their wish is my command of course:)
decisions – decisions
pulling out the trees
making the ornaments
preparing for the week of thankfulness
there is definitely a hum in the air
getting excited…what about you?
What colors are you using this year?
Here is just a little eye candy I found for my decorating inspiration this week!


I am doing those pattern stockings…they are adorable!  I LOVE working with paper and old paper at that!
Old patterns are everywhere at the thrift stores…cheap decorating…:)
Who doesn’t love all white…sigh
I LOVE this bed and bedding and the headboard…I love it all!
sweetness is glass wrapped in organic material – red berries…the wreath and even a K!   
another fav…simple…organic…might do something like this??
BLACK LETTER M Vintage Style 2 ft tall Wood Cut Out Signs Shabby Cottage ANY LETTER A - Z
I know it’s black but I love letters and black:)
Pillows…who doesn’t love them??  Especially with words…yep
Have a blessed Saturday…I’ve gotta go paint and hang a mirror:)
Source: all else  Country Living – Southern Living