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we chose an artificial tree this year!

i grew up with real christmas trees and i will always love them.

there is nothing like the nostalgia of a real tree to remind me of my childhood.

with last years incessant vacuuming up pine needles from our lab bella’s tail swooshing past the tree didn’t help
and watering!  oh my, i am so thankful i don’t have to do any of that this year!

balsam hill tree

but when i was able to receive a balsam hill artificial tree i was eager to see if it was really as awesome as i’d heard

it arrived beautifully packaged wrapped in ribbon.  much like a fine piece of china.

putting it up was super easy and the lighting is amazing how it runs down the center nipping in the bud the fighting
of plugging in lots of plugs

it evoked lots of ohh’s and ahh’s from the kids and i.

the year before was an artificial tree and i honestly have to say that if i were to buy another artificial tree i
would definitely buy a balsam hill.  you won’t waste your money AND you will have a keepsake to hand down to your children!

last year we went with the live tree

2013 LOVE christmas mantle with a live tree

the year before an artificial tree

2012 rustic message christmas mantle with artificial tree

and we CAN’T WAIT to share our balsam hill tree with you this year…see you soon!




a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do

hello everyone!  it’s me tiffini over at house of belonging
i will be short and sweet because if any of you are feeling frantic being torn by being a working mom & just a “mom” mom like
i have been lately

i took this last weekend and inserted some rest time for me
one of the things i wanted to do was have a sit-down dinner with the kids

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i wanted a SIMPLE PUMPKIN CENTERPIECE for the table
i wanted it to be FALLish not HALLOWEENish for this occasion
i remembered seeing a flower filled pumpkin on the cover of a magazine a few weeks back!

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

here’s what i did

i ran to the local grocery store looking for creamy white flowers.  mind you we are in rural missouri so there isn’t markets everywhere
and the flower selection was scarce

mini roses were all they had in a white.  CHECK

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i had a pumpkin from our visit to the pumpkin patch with the grandkids.  CHECK

i hallowed out the inside
filled it with water
trimmed the stems down
and arranged the flowers in the pumpkin

we had leaves already so we made a little “blanket” of leaves to sit the pumpkin on
added a couple of our small pumpkins around.  CHECK

simple and pretty

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

at the end of the day it is those faces that matter
it’s not how fancy or expensive or perfect it seems

just taking a little extra time to make the table pretty
to be thankful to be able to sit around a table of food and enjoy one another


-you could use fall colored flowers or leaves

-you could use a white pumpkin or the brighter orange

various size pumpkins

-you can paint the pumpkins

-you could setup a little vignette of fall goodness and add in some halloween touches for the night

it will take you through until thanksgiving..just keep changing it up a little

have a fun and safe halloween…i think we are having a little fire pit time with smore’s and hotdogs
what plans do you have for halloween night?

see you next month:)


oh be sure your following our INSTAGRAM @houseofbelonging
we are getting ready to open a newly re-stocked t-shirt shop and ALL shirts will be ready to ship!
perfect for holiday gift giving:) image credit @honeyholden and @lydialovesmarcus



words can do what medicine can’t..our christmas home

it is simple.  book pages.  WORDS.  it just kinda fell into place.
















” i wanted to peel off my hat and mask and the name that wasn’t mine, and sit in the middle while the misfits fell and piled
up like pick-up sticks around me.  then we’d crack open a worn cover and i’d read, and the words would do what medicine can’t
won’t and never will.
–charles martin’s book unwritten

” STORY is the bandage of the broken.  sutures of the shattered.  the tapestry upon which we write our lives”
–charles martin’s book unwritten

each morning when i sit under the twinkling lights as the days as the dawn is breaking
words give me hope.  i am reminded that while the world is throwing parties ..i want to be so engaged to the One who knows my pain…who offered to cut out my take my bruised, bloodied and broken heart and

bandaged it with love

be willing to walk the battlefield…rescuing the wounded
letting the WORD do what medicine can’t, won’t or ever will

while it is just a silly mantle in light of eternity
if practiced–LOVE..offering our story to others can & will help others to take

all the million broken pieces of their hearts and let the healing begin


i will be back wednesday with the heart behind our christmas decor…the ALABASTER BOX sign and PRE-ORDERS
oh…and the WINNER of the our new collection contest coming out january 2 when we re-open our new store!!








shop news & a contest

i am laying in bed drinking hot apple cider .. i swear 5 lbs heavier ..  watching the kardashian christmas.  don’t judge.  we dvr all things kardashian around here
i am trying to get out of my head and into my heart to share about our thanksgiving and it just.isn’t.happening

photo (1)

(gold strength & dignity sign)

we wait until after thanksgiving to put anything christmas up.  i am glad we did.  it helped me to focus and stay in the now.  we did get down the tree and decorations yesterday and began morphing the house into a simple christmas.  we will share it with you next monday.  do you remember last years mantle…it was colorful wasn’t it?


but real quick i wanted to update you on the SHOP opening.

we shared a sneak peek of one of our signs in our first collection on instagram on black friday.  in case you don’t follow us on instagram i wanted to have this sign up for our family thanksgiving.  this year has been one of the hardest of my life.  these words have been my lifeline and i wanted to share it with you in the way of a sign for your walls.  we took pre-orders for shipping when we open on january 2.

it comes in white background with gold lettering – black background with white lettering & black background with gold lettering ( not shown yet)

photo (3)


we will have a new way of doing things so turnaround will not be so long.

we will only have so many custom spots open at one time.  when one goes out another spot will open up.  i think that will help..worth a try anyway:)

we will have several new lines of ___________ ( tBa)  we are soooo excited to share them with you.  we KNOW you are going to love them as much as we do!

i am having miss heather design a whole new logo.  have you seen her printable advent kit 



we would LOVE it if you would help us name our new sign collection?  the STILL GOD sign will be in the collection.  it will be creams, blacks & golds….some hints:)

ok…so think on it…and then leave your ideas in the comments.

photo (2)

for the WINNER

for the one we choose YOU will be sent your choice of the new signs in the collection you named

SO..put your thinking hearts on and let me have it…i can’t wait to see what you come up with.  remember it is a new season K?

i can’t wait to see the jen rizzo’s holiday house walk again!  does anyone else look forward to it?  i am always so inspired by each home and the hearts that live there.

later this week i will share our “new” table scored off craigslist the day before thanksgiving.  my ig friends all voted cream to paint the chairs and so today nikki painted


if you don’t follow us on instagram be sure to — as we near the opening of our shop we will be giving sneak peeks and a few instasales and who knows what else:)

i would love to hear how your thanksgiving was..and it is totally ok if you had christmas up already…really:)  ..i mean really it is no judging here..we love the kardashinans after all

ok…they are getting ready to show their christmas card…speaking of….this weekend is our photo shoot!

love love each of you….



jeanne oliver hit the nail on the head

hello everyone!  well jeanne i don’t have my tree up either and if i am truthful i am fighting this very thinking with my girl..

who is 14!  she wants to put up the tree and decorate her room.  there is absolutely nothing wrong with that in and of itself is there?
but hold on…

our subject is living in the NEXT vs. living in the NOW right?  living in the next  is the very mindset that the media wants us to have and when they suck our children in they have us right?
if i am even more truthful…they are watching us..their parents aren’t they?  uh oh..this stings a little

so instead of succumbing here is what i have been practicing

remember my mantra?

prACTice doesn’t make perfect…prACTice makes change

here is a little how it goes…

i say, ” darling, let’s live in today.  it isn’t even thanksgiving yet.  christmas will come and has a joy all of itself
i want to extract all the sacred moments from today and thanksgiving.

but mom…there may even be a wee bit of eye rolling and pouting involved.  but i am sticking to my guns.  period
i am sure i act like that when i don’t get to indulge myself.

i honestly believe…the older i get…that
thanksgiving is the real deal.  gratitude IS grace and that is what carries me each and everyday.
this has been one of the hardest years in my memory and gratitude and grace oh and a big ol’ heaping spoonful of trust have gotten me through each day.

so miss jeanne oliver,  i loved your post..your heart..and YOU!  praying you have eyes to see the sacred within each is most always in the small things…winkxo

high five!

and here are a few of my favorite pins the last few days…i pray… you too..are practicing change by sharing & showing those watching you to be present.  little eyes are watching.

FARMHOUSE 5540: Thanksgiving Keeping Room

( source )

no link to source?

Fall Fashion  skinny pants, ankle boots, long pea coat


Industrial Shelving Design,



Old School J. Crew


winter cabin



( source ) no link to source

i need to do this / Hilda Grahnat


Good advice.


today i want to live with my eyes wide open!…xotiff