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a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do

hello everyone!  it’s me tiffini over at house of belonging
i will be short and sweet because if any of you are feeling frantic being torn by being a working mom & just a “mom” mom like
i have been lately

i took this last weekend and inserted some rest time for me
one of the things i wanted to do was have a sit-down dinner with the kids

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i wanted a SIMPLE PUMPKIN CENTERPIECE for the table
i wanted it to be FALLish not HALLOWEENish for this occasion
i remembered seeing a flower filled pumpkin on the cover of a magazine a few weeks back!

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

here’s what i did

i ran to the local grocery store looking for creamy white flowers.  mind you we are in rural missouri so there isn’t markets everywhere
and the flower selection was scarce

mini roses were all they had in a white.  CHECK

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

i had a pumpkin from our visit to the pumpkin patch with the grandkids.  CHECK

i hallowed out the inside
filled it with water
trimmed the stems down
and arranged the flowers in the pumpkin

we had leaves already so we made a little “blanket” of leaves to sit the pumpkin on
added a couple of our small pumpkins around.  CHECK

simple and pretty

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

a simple pumpkin centerpiece anyone can do - so you can concentrate on the most important thing - who is around the table

at the end of the day it is those faces that matter
it’s not how fancy or expensive or perfect it seems

just taking a little extra time to make the table pretty
to be thankful to be able to sit around a table of food and enjoy one another


-you could use fall colored flowers or leaves

-you could use a white pumpkin or the brighter orange

various size pumpkins

-you can paint the pumpkins

-you could setup a little vignette of fall goodness and add in some halloween touches for the night

it will take you through until thanksgiving..just keep changing it up a little

have a fun and safe halloween…i think we are having a little fire pit time with smore’s and hotdogs
what plans do you have for halloween night?

see you next month:)


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a “fast” fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

happy almost fall everyone! fall is my favorite it yours too?
if you don’t know it yet i am tiffini..from the house of belonging next door
hoping you’ll stop by soon for coffee and pumpkin donuts so we can talk about
our hearts for our home..our family..and one another

that is my favorite thing EVER…being inspired hearing your story and encouraging you by sharing my story within God’s story

that is my heart for this little post on a fall wreath..that it would encourage you to do just one simple thing to
make your home say ” come in – you belong here – you are LOVED!


-a pre-made fall wreath

-add-ons like leaves.pumpkins.pine cones.ribbon whatever

**wait for hobby lobby or Michael’s coupon for 40% off.  i got all of this for around 25.00!

-hot glue gun


glue it all on in whatever way you want.  it is THAT easy

( before )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

my main complaint about pre-made wreaths is they are sparse.  you can pay 60 plus dollars for a stingy wreath.
i love FULL wreaths which is why this project makes perfect sense!

we chose this wreath because we loved the muted fall tones with touches of gold

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

the leaves made ALL the difference in giving the wreath the fullness i wanted

( after )

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

a "fast" fall wreath tutorial
a "fast" fall wreath tutorial

this project is not rocket science PLUS we saved at least 25.00 compared to buying a pottery barn wreath
so we went to Five Guys and had cheeseburgers, fries and a soda
it was worth every.single.penny

now go make a wreath. buy a wreath…or not...or maybe go have a greasy cheeseburger but whatever you do KNOW you are awesome
just the way you are.  wreath or not:)  i just hope this gives you just a little bit of fall encouragement

you can find me on instagram @houseofbelonging daily…that is my hangout place:) where you’ll be the first to know all of our new
signs and tee’s and upcoming NEW stuff that we have in the works…so come on over…we can’t wait to see you there!

1 way to celebrate fall with kids   {this is an awesome popcorn recipe btw}


love people everywhere fall table






a ladder, a frame, leaves…& calling it good


i love my grey ticking comforter.  especially on the first night the temps fall to 50.
windows open and i snuggle down deep.  the sleep is good in the crisp night air.


SIMPLE – natural - not fussy …something that will carry us through until christmas is my gig
i am slooowly transitioning our home to feel more cozy & warm



here is a little peek–before we get into more serious matters of the heart later this week…;)


sending you each love & peace is a brand new day–be present..xo


let’s get some grandma’s cooking going on…& a recipe

gotta love me some grandma cookin!!


you know those people that are like paula deen and the neely’s all rolled into one?  they can just can cook?  when you are around them they start sharing about what they cooked for dinner
and it is what i call grandma cooking…you know the kind right?  well – my sister in law works with me now and unknowingly gets me all salivating and the rest of the day obsessed with
fried chicken!

this recipe in particular i thought the kids would really love-

confession:  last week she shared she made friend chicken ( friend is a typo but i am leaving it cause it made me smile.  i kinda like it…friend chicken…ha!
…from scratch…i was craving it all day and even went out that night and bought the chicken
breasts and potatoes ( the kind in a box but they did say 100% real potatoes )  

and i had two solid days of endless errands so what does any modern day mom do?  she runs through kentucky fried chicken.
i eventually did cook the chicken.  i didn’t want it to go ba but it wasn’t fried it was baked.

anyway…on with the story

carissa made these on our summer family vacation ( the one i was not at this and she was recreating the scene of how everyone
loved them.  and yes…i did buy all the stuff and i did make them.

confession:  yesterday was my first clean eating day and i am not eating bread.  go figure

but dakota loved them and on my first cheat meal i will have to make them.  wouldn’t they be fabulous for football games and chilly fall evenings
while playing a board game or with some friends..a little twist on pizza and you can pair it with chips, fries, a salad or all three:)

and ya gotta have the cold pickles!  we like vlasic — a must at our house


carrissa’s pizza hoagies

::fyi – these are originally made with the big ol link of sausage  & you slice it to lay on the hoagie.
( see image at end of post ) ( or similar ) and carrissa says they are best made this way.  but if you or your
family don’t like that then do whatever you like::

a package of your favorite sub rolls
a can of pizza sauce
a link of eckridge sausage or pepperoni, ground turkey, hamburger, veggies…see what i mean?
a block ( not shredded ) of cheddar and mozzarella

cut sub roll in half and spread sauce on each side.  i like mine saucy but do whatever you love.  then i put four
big slices of pepperoni and sliced the cheeses putting oh…about 4-5 slices of each.  slap them all together and
tear off a big piece of aluminum foil and wrap them up like a burrito.  pop them in the oven at 350 for at least
20 minutes then check to see if cheese all gooey.  if not..cook a little longer.  that’s it.

and that is it!  

warning::  grandma cooking is known to cause the pants to fit a wee bit tighter if eaten every night but i sure do miss that kind of cooking.
we might try adding in one grandma cooking meal a week where we all sit around the table Walton style and the other 6 days…chicken strips

if you have favorite grandma cooking recipe’s i would love to try them and share them with all of you.
just send them to my email at

this girl hasn’t been a paula deen for years…well before technology but i would like to put a little down home family cooking and table time
back into my life.  just a day…can’t be that hard right?




homemade breakfast pumpkin butter…


rather on purpose today i took time to make 2 recipe’s
ONE because i am #fallingforfall and it is my favorite time of the year and in a blink it is gone
so in this 90 degree weather i cooked…on the stove top some homemade breakfast pumpkin butter
to slather on hot muffins or toast in the morning


and TWO — pumpkin coffee creamer & coffee + being still before God each morning is enough to drive me from my slumber
and blurry eye my way to the coffee cup.  it is THE reason i wake up every morning…authentic statement

i pinned this pumpkin spice creamer on my fall pinterest board so click on over if you don’t want to by the refridgerator kind this week.  yes it is more work but restorative

i shared my new gooseberry patch hometown harvest cookbook on my instagram feed a couple of weeks ago and found this little gem of a recipe in there
it really is good!

breakfast pumpkin butter

29 oz can of pumpkin
3/4 c. apple juice
1-1/2 c. sugar
2 t. ground ginger
2 t. ground cinnamon
1 t. nutmeg
1/2 t. ground cloves

now…combine all ingredients in a large saucepan; stir well.  bring to a boil over medium heat; reduce heat to low.  simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring frequently,
( don’t step away to long it splatters everywhere…this is tiff speaking ) until thickened.  transfer to containers; cover and keep refrigerated.  makes about 3 cups


when i say intentionally here is what i mean…

being intentional .. for me.. means doing what is a priority { one } and {two }what i can manage within that day and still have a quiet mind
not being driven all day but able to do simple small things to bless my family..and others.  it means that has boundaries and i have to fight for them.
not yesterday.  not tomorrow or even next month.
but simply TODAY


and not just my priorities but what i feel in my heart that God is putting back on my plate

i am letting go really is in the doing of the letting go.  really!
practicing it until it becomes automatic friends = acting until it becomes auto…ha!

yes–there are many things that don’t get done lately and i am learning to be ok with that
it is the season of grace i am in and i must be teachable if i am to be taught…soooo


i am choosing daily to step off the merry go round or maybe i should say tilt a whirl would be more precise.
and this letting go ..this stepping of is looking like fresh coffee and muffins with homemade breakfast pumpkin butter

how about you?  what are you being more intentional about at the commencement of fall


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thank you soooo much all of you who took time to comment and tweet and pin.  please consider taking the course anyway…i think it will be restorative and down right FUN with a capital F!!  thanks jeanne!!